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     Whispers From The Divine      ~ February 29, 2012 ~

           First awareness comes
                into the thoughts
                    as a tiny ray of hope...
                         and that hope,
                              when focused on,
                                   holds a space,
                                        where hope ignites
                                             the fire in your heart
                                                 of spirit dwelling within you
          that fire
               will ignite inspiration...
                    and that inspiration
                         will move you into
                              inspired action
                                   on the wings of spirit
                                        from a heart
                                             afire with passion.

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 28, 2012

          I AM here with you.

          I hold deep Love for you...

          Let it flood in
               surrounding every aspect
                    of that hurt...
                         letting you know
                              that all is truly well...
                                   and giving
                                        the place of hurt
                                             a space of releasing.

      The Divine ~

      © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 27, 2012

          Deep in the darkest moments,
               I AM here with you.

          Allow yourself
               to feel
                    my presence
                         within you...
                              in your Heart Space.

          Feel the compassion
               of my love for you
                    as you share
                         your pain and fears with me.

               is an energy
                     that encompasses
                          in a passion

           The Love
                I hold for you...
                    filling you to overflow.

     The Divine ~

     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 26, 2012

          Hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                   within your Heart Space as…
                        you move through the
                             transitioning stage
                                  which will complete
                                       for many within the year.

          This current transitioning stage
               takes you from
                    levels of awakening
                         into living your Heart Space
                              out into your reality.
     The Divine ~

     © 2012


    Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 25, 2012

          You hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                    within your Heart Space when...
                         you live in the NOW,                            

          A whole new reality
               is forming
                    and with each new shift
                         has been bridging us
                              into the new.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 24, 2012

          You hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                    within your Heart Space when...
                         you live in the NOW,
                              building a foundation
                                   for the new
                                        in your heart
                                             that is beginning
                                                  to show up
                                                       in your outer world.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



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Reply thingys in short supply, Carol--I'll grab this one. Yes, our life is certainly about choices. Sometimes I wonder, though, do we really choose, or does the (person, situation, experience, whatever) choose us? I think our pets choose us. We think we choose them, but I wonder if perhaps, before they come into our lives, they choose us, and we simply are drawn to them, thinking we have made the choice. Life is so complicated, yet so simple. It truly is all about the NOW and the NEW. They are two wonderful words to meditate upon.

Yes, wouldn't it be fun to read fairy tales with really strong heroines. It's funny how these little fantisies seem to come to me as I look at the beautiful pictures displayed here. The pictures inspire me and uplift me, and make me feel like I'm all tucked in my bed, cozy with milk and cookies, and someone is about to read me a wonderful story that will take me into dreamland. Thank you so much for this wonderful place to learn and to dream, dear Carol--Blessed be--Love and Light, always, Dot 



I send you healing energies so you will get through this as quickly as possible.This is the first time I have been really directed to read the messages and the posts. There is so much love here and it was a feeling of love that pulled me here, today,  like a magnet. To those who talk to the trees,I also talk to trees and there is just a knowing that they are in resonance with my being.All of a sudden, a breeze will come up out of nowhere to acknowledge that they have heard me.I, too am not bold enough yet, to speak to the trees when there are other beings nearby, but the time will come when there will be openness about everything.

Love and Light


Hi Christine ~

Thank you for sending healing energies....quickly would be nice but I know that part is up to me...and how quickly I release this.

How fun to know that you, too talk to ...and hug trees. Me too...and Lyndy too. There is a stand of cedar trees in  my favorite park that when I approach them I feel their energy field reach out and enfold me....such a sacred hug. Trees are some of my best you are in the right place. I love playing with the breezes too and often have confirmations thru them.

I have learned a lot from my conversations with trees....about their journey as well as our own. Trees change species in their spiritual evolution. I have witnessed hemlock trees becoming blue spruce. It is a big topic.

WElcome and love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

The tree I talk to the most is a young green maple that we transplanted from the rear yard when we moved here almost 5 years ago.It wasn't thriving,so we moved it and replanted it on the front  lawn and it has grown by leaps and bounds.I didn't see it then, but now, I know it was sad where it was because the being who planted it there was of a low vibration and didn't really care about the tree.I place my hands on its small trunk and branches when the weather is warm and I talk to it.I had to trim some of the smaller branches low to the ground last spring so it would grow properly and I am sure it understood why I was doing it.I have grown to love this little tree.There is an old, rather large tree in the yard behind us and I have talked to it as well.I have gotten a sense that this tree is some 200 years old or more from talking to this tree .(of course,I only talk to these trees when no one else can hear me!)

Love and Light


Beautiful story, Chris--thanks for sharing it. Many years ago, I remember hearing a guy (who had beautiful trees and flowers and was somewhat of an expert in the field) saying how when he had to trim a tree he would tell the tree, "now sweetheart, this is gonna hurt a little" That would obviously have been for a tree of the female species. Undoubtedly he also talked to the trees and plants who were of the male species.  Obviously his deep caring and consideration for the feelings of the trees and plants was rewarded with their loving him back and blooming profusely, or by simply being beautiful and healthy for him. Love and Light, always, Dot  

Hi Dorothy~

No reply thingy so am using this one. :) .... One of life's curious mysteries!

Choice is an interesting thing. We always do have a choice ..even to what comes to us and chooses us. We have the choice to accept or say no. Choice is always there even if it appears it is not at times. There is power in that choice. We may just be saying not now rather than no...and choose a more appropriate is always there.

If a person has not dealt with self worth issues, they may find themselves in a position, when someone comes to them of saying yes, when they really mean no, simply because  because someone chose them.

There are many kinds of situations where if we are not clearly in our Heart Space, we make choices for the wrong reasons. Life is certainly a dance ..and who and what we choose to partner is entirely our choice.

Blessings of discernment to you all ♥ Carol

Yes, Carol--I think that's the key with choices--to make them from our Heart Space. And to do our very best to stay in our Heart Space, so that when it comes time to make a choice, we can make a responsible one. If we don't make a choice when we have the opportunity, the choice could very well be made for us. but, as you so wisely say, we always have the opportunity to accept or to say no. When we understand this, it makes life a lot easier. Blessed be, dear heart--Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

Choice is one of the factors that is part of the expanding of the Universe.

You use the word responsible when speaking of choices. If you are meaning responding to the choice, I would agree, but often that word is used in it's ego value based meaning of taking on being.... responsible, as a weighty decision. We can always re-decide so let's have some fun with it. I find if I am into the seriousness of being a " responsible person ", I am often not in my Heart Space. Instead I am in my ego acting out my "Value" system. Being in my Heart Space has no area of concerns over this. I live it's freedom and Joy and love out into the world.

Love's sweet blessings of choice at the banquet of life ♥ Carol

Interesting, Carol. I hadn't thought about it that way. I'm thinking about the "responsible" choice as not having to do just with me--like do I want red walls or blue ones? or do I want chicken or beef for dinner? Yes, those can be fun, actually, and sometimes we can choose something we've never had before and be pleasantly surprised. What I'm thinking of is, the choices that concern others--like being offered a job in another place and knowing that by accepting, you will have to move your family to another location. Then, everything has to be considered, and one must make as responsible a choice as they can, given all the variables. Sometimes those choices are so very difficult, but I'm sure that the place from which to make any decision, whether it concerns others, or just the person making the decision, is the Heart Space. The heart is true and pure, and will tell us what we need to know, if we will only allow it to. Blessed be dear Heart--Love and Light, always, Dot 

Hi Dorothy ~

Decision making happens in the ego consciousness, where you go thru all the thinking about ....and drove yourself a little  'crazy considering every aspect and still not know the "Right " decision to make.'...where  choice is made in the Heart Space out of the pure joy for the new. Here there is no delving into all the difficult feelings and fears. The experience of choice is a happy one that feels life into loving the new.

Love's blessings of amazing opportunities ♥ Carol

I understand that choice comes from the Heart Space, Carol, and the right choice automatically feels good, but what about the choices where you have to consider others? Like I was referring to in the previous reply. Even if I'm living in my heart space, if others would be affected by whatever I choose, I would have to consider all aspects of the situation before trying to make a choice, wouldn't I? I can't just choose something that feels right for me, when it might be totally wrong for the others who would be affected by that choice--or it might be right. But I don't know what choice to make until I take everyone's needs and desires into account. 

Just trying to understand the concept of choices, Carol, as it relates to the Heart Space. The Whispers are so beautiful-I find that I'm especially resonating to the one for Feb 27th. Thank you so much for this wonderful forum where I can come and fill my soul with love before going nite nite. Blessed be, dear Carol--Love and Light, always, Dot  

Hi Dorothy ~

Have you ever recognized that when you go into considering, you are also going into your head and disconnecting? When you are in your Heart Space you receive clear knowing...and it is up to you to act on this in-spirit (inspiration). When you choose to go into consideration it is like you are not trusting your Higher Self that you were just in total alignment with in order to receive the knowing....and now you are going back into trusting your intellect more in a disconnected ego state. Our ego is in love with our intellect where it thinks it is in control. When you do your considering, how do you know that the "decision" you have reached thru your intellect is in the highest interest and well being for all? This becomes the problem. In your Heart Space, your knowing always has this as we are all One. Does this makes sense to you?

Love's blessings of clarity to you ♥ Carol


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