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     Whispers From The Divine      ~ February 29, 2012 ~

           First awareness comes
                into the thoughts
                    as a tiny ray of hope...
                         and that hope,
                              when focused on,
                                   holds a space,
                                        where hope ignites
                                             the fire in your heart
                                                 of spirit dwelling within you
          that fire
               will ignite inspiration...
                    and that inspiration
                         will move you into
                              inspired action
                                   on the wings of spirit
                                        from a heart
                                             afire with passion.

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 28, 2012

          I AM here with you.

          I hold deep Love for you...

          Let it flood in
               surrounding every aspect
                    of that hurt...
                         letting you know
                              that all is truly well...
                                   and giving
                                        the place of hurt
                                             a space of releasing.

      The Divine ~

      © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 27, 2012

          Deep in the darkest moments,
               I AM here with you.

          Allow yourself
               to feel
                    my presence
                         within you...
                              in your Heart Space.

          Feel the compassion
               of my love for you
                    as you share
                         your pain and fears with me.

               is an energy
                     that encompasses
                          in a passion

           The Love
                I hold for you...
                    filling you to overflow.

     The Divine ~

     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 26, 2012

          Hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                   within your Heart Space as…
                        you move through the
                             transitioning stage
                                  which will complete
                                       for many within the year.

          This current transitioning stage
               takes you from
                    levels of awakening
                         into living your Heart Space
                              out into your reality.
     The Divine ~

     © 2012


    Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 25, 2012

          You hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                    within your Heart Space when...
                         you live in the NOW,                            

          A whole new reality
               is forming
                    and with each new shift
                         has been bridging us
                              into the new.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ February 24, 2012

          You hold yourself
               in continuing alignment
                    within your Heart Space when...
                         you live in the NOW,
                              building a foundation
                                   for the new
                                        in your heart
                                             that is beginning
                                                  to show up
                                                       in your outer world.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



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Grabbing a reply thingy, Carol. I understand what you're saying, and it does make sense. Staying in your Heart Space is the key to receiving clear knowing. I'll admit, things do seem to work out so much better when I feel that I'm in my Heart Space.

Okay, I'll see you over in the March Whispers, Carol, Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot


I love the song of this whisper: giving and receiving. Receiving is giving when you allow your heart to feel the love you are, being poured out simply for your delight. And giving is receiving when you let yourself be the vessel of love that pours. I come awake (off and on) recognizing that my obligation is only to love what comes and worthiness is a slight mistake of forgetting there is only One out there.

There is a delightful picture you once posted, I am reposting because it fits this whisper so well.

We embody the power of being; yet, only true love endures in God's eyes,


Lynda ~

So lovely to hear the giving and receiving  song, sung thru your Heart flame. Thank you for re-posting that picture. I agree the artist has captured the resonance exquisitely....of being an exquisite part of the flow. Each of us is that even as each of us is a unique reflection of the ONE.

Worthiness and obligation are only energies that come up  when we are forgetful in our ego selves of our true nature. Otherwise they don't exist. Thank you for the unique you , that you dance in so beautifully...and share to the blessings of all.

To all of you Divine Whispering Beings of light and Love...I acknowledge your unique beauty...and the sweet essence you are in the exquisite flower garden of the Divine.

Love's sweet blessings of remembering our true self ♥ Carol

Such a beautiful picture, and such beautiful words--thank you so much for sharing all this beauty, Lynda--your true beauty shines through--Love and Light, always, Dot

             May the same return to you many fold !

                                           ♥ Carol

Hi Everyone ~

If you are   wondering where the whispers are for Feb. 1 - 14, 3012, I have had to place them in a separate discussion in our archive area as the new way Ning is set up only allows so many characters.

Back to WHISPERS FROM THE DIVINE ~ Discussions

clicking on this link will take you inot the Whispers archive for all the messages from this forum from the beginning.

Love's blessings to everyone. It is the only way I can think of to keep our discussions with our current messages. so sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause any of you.

Love's Blessings to each of you ♥ Carol

Hi  Colleen ~

Thank you for this wonderful photo of nature standing tall in sacred self....sharing space of freedom and grace of such beauty. Thank you for you kind words of appreciation. You are so welcome.

Love's  sweet blessings of freedom ♥ Carol

Beautiful picture, Colleen--it's serenity speaks volumes--thanks for sharing--Love and Light, always, Dot

Dear Carol,

I love the emphasis on power in today's whisper. We are all "conscious energy" and our power is in what we witness, for our witness creates a vibrational relationship that is recorded and passed all around eternity. You are so right we can choose to empower ourselves or, believe we are not good enough.

In my witness, I wield more power in silence and gentleness than in any pushing forward, but that is the wielding of power my soul story wanted to develop and experience. And all souls have grand ways they wield the energies. Sometimes, I think those who play dark roles are actually the ones who understand the stories of compassionate love, and draw this evolutionary experience onward by voluntarily presenting as the opposite of lovingkindness. We are all, immensely powerful beings, playing as our values, together.

Here's to the unlimited power of love,


Sweet Lynda ~

I so enjoy Your responses as they are always refreshing insights into an aspect of the current message topic...and today is no exception to that.  I love your speaking out as witness to life. I am in total alignment with what you say on this power we each hold. It is  in the witnessing from our unique perspective that brings expansion into reality here for us all, especially when we are in alignment with our Heart Space.

I agree with your take on the dark roles...and it is only when we are living aligned in our Heart Space that we get to witness this as only then are we without the filter of judgement. It is indeed a heavy role to choose... Living in 3D has us doing our learning through polarity. As we are shifting into the next dimension, that will no longer be true.

I love the picture. It has so many elements being portrayed...water of spirit...the witness. spheres of the spiritual realm... Lovely ! Thank you for posting it.

To the Power of Love !

Love's blessings to us all ♥ CArol


What a beautiful story about making a choice to love, and the transformation that others make in response. This loving site is truly an oasis for love to grow. And, reading today's whisper, I feel  the choice to live as our presence, to take responsibility for the quality of all our perceptions, causes one to see we are simply the power of love inside these biology suits; and our stories are the expectations we walk upon and display as the world.

The world is uplifting within its lovestory. There will be changes, hurray! But there will always be our values of friends and creative harmony, only I think the power we each will walk on, will work and play as, will be more natural in partnership with dear Earth and the many kingdoms. Lots of new elemental friends to make!

To our never-ending choice to live as love,


Hi Lyndy ~

How beautifully you present your unique perspective. Choice to Love does bring amazing transformation to all who are involved.

"... to take responsibility for the quality of all our perceptions..." What a lovely phrase...and an interesting way to perceive responsibility...we usually think in terms of responsibility with our actions rather than our perceptions. I love that thought. It is so uplifting.

The picture is one of celebration of joyous and playful ! I, too, look forward to engaging the different kingdoms more fully. Thaqnk you for this lovely, uplifting comment.

Thank you for your sweet words of appreciation about this site. I may have begun this space and add to it daily but as each of you come and read, and write your comments and post pictures, the feelings that come from you entering your Heart Space and feeling the love just keeps adding to the love that is here for all.

May our choice to live as love be truly unending.

Blessings of the Heart Space to you all ♥ Carol


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