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Whispers From The Divine ~ July 31, 2012 ~

     Only when
        you reclaim
            your sovereign rights
              of choice,
                 can you also reclaim
                    the throne
                       to your personal kingdom.

     It is never about…
         having power
             over others.

     It is always about…
        having your rightful power
           to make your own choices
              and live out
                 their experiences.

     This is …
        what expansion
           is all about…..

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 30, 2012 ~

     When you perceive
        the outside
           as your cause
             of any dilemma,
                it will immediately
                   shift you
                     out of your Heart Space.

        in this belief
           is one that limits you
              and your choices
                 and power to choose.

     It appears
        that choice
           has been taken away            
               by someone...
                  or something...
                     outside yourself.
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 29, 2012

     When you
        take up residency
           in the Sacred Space,
              in your Heart Space,

     You are HOME…                                                  

     This is the space
        of ease and grace…                                                                                           

     This is the place
        you were in-tended to BE…

     Abundance IS…

     LOVE IS…

     Access to ALL
        can happen
               the only time there is…
                  is here in the NOW.         

     Beloved …Well Come HOME.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 28, 2012

      Your body has...
        a major energy centers
           named Chakras...
              You think of them
                 as being energy wheels
                    of light
                       in your body.

     Your Body is a Universe...
        composed of
           trillions of star systems...
                 with suns...

     You are the God
        of your Universe.

     The spark that you are
        is the spark-le
           from the greater whole...
              the ALL THAT IS...
                 and you are the microcosm
                    of that whole.
                       These vortexes of energy
                          that you call chakras
                             are star gates
                                into different realms
                                   of being.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 27, 2012 ~

     As you move thru
        the ever increasing
           shifts of energy
              into higher
                 and higher frequencies,
                    so do you also
                       go thru releasing
                          the old
                             that was a part of
                                the lower frequency.

     These shifts are
        also releasing
           your inner children
              that were created by you
                 to hold the emotional density
                    of any unresolved trauma
                    with it’s memories
                       so that you
                          might progress
                             in your growth
                                until a time
                                   when you could process
                                      and release
                                         these old pains.

     This now gives rise to 
        integrating these aspects
           of your selves.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 26, 2012 ~

     Love is the flow – er
        into the NOW.

     It has many aspects...
        petals to its’ nature,
           layers of be-ing-ness
              to explore...
                    and embody.

     You are EM-bodied...
        in Light and Love,

     Truly a Magical Being... !

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 25, 2012

        is an aspect
           of the Realm of the Heart...
              the way the Heart knows...
                 and sees...
                    and creates on inner landscapes.

     These scapes are real.

     They have their being
        in ALL THAT IS.

     Enter into this event...
        for the experience is priceless.

     The only way
        you can enter
           is through the Heart Space.

     It is truly
        the access
           to the Divine
              in each of you...
                 the portal to be-ing home.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 24, 2012

     Here you are ...
        A drama
           is being played out
              upon a stage of becoming.

      When you view this
         thru the lense
            of fear...
               and believe that fear
                  as the truth,
                     that is what is seen
                        and experienced.

     When you view it
        thru the lense of Love,
           you see it
              as a place of re-birthing
                into a new dimension of reality...
                  ONE within the WHOLE...
                     ...and peace reigns
                       no matter how things appear.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 23, 2012

     Your body
        is a
           of your personal Universe.

     As this new adventure
        into consciousness
              moment into moment,
                 you feel in-live-nd
                    and exquisite
                       in the Joy
                          of the re-new-ing.

        like an iridescent bubble
           of light,
              this way of Be-ing
                 moves you beyond
                    living the 3D
                       world experience,
                          where you are
                              still in it,
     NOW Awake,
        but no longer of it.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 22, 2012

      How blessed...
        and what grace

The Divine ~
© 2012                                       




Whispers From The Divine ~ July 21, 2012

     Without your earth mother,
        you could not be here...
           as it is because
              of her loving generosity
                 that  she shares of herself
                    and her dreams...
                       and provides you
                          with the elements
                             used to spin
                                a garment of light
                                   for your use..

     Take time
        in gratitude
           and appreciation
              with and for her...
                 daily setting aside time
                    just to BE
                       with her.

     Gaia embraces all
        of life upon her.

        you are blessed
           to be experiencing
              with her...
                 especially during this passage.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 20, 2012

     You poise
        upon the portal...
           the threshold
              of the Ages...
                 ready to take wing
                   into the NEW WORLD.

     So much
        is now coming
           into newness.
              Have you noticed?

     Leave focusing
        on the old
           to those
              who want the old.

     Let your focus
        be NOW...
           on the NEW...
              and use
                 your precious power
                    of focus
                       and Heart energy,
                          BE-ing ONE
                             in your earth Mother...
                                go thru
                                   the transition dance

     It is
        a light ceremony
           and dance celebration
              as Hearts join...
                 as ONE.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 19, 2012

     The more
        you move into…
           and hold
              this wonder-us vibration
                 as your new living space,
                    the more
                       the old will fade away.

     You will find
        more and more
           joining you
              as your vibrations
                 each rise
                    into this new consciousness
                       where life is joy and play ..
                          and everything is Possible.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 18, 2012

     Living Sacred Love
        holds all as Divine
           and as such,
              life flows
                 in New ways
                    to you
                       and thru you.
     The abundance
        and flourishing
           in this new world
              comes thru
                 every living being
                    which is ALL.
     There is nothing
        in this newness
           that is not life itself
              showing up
                in such de-light-fuly
                         for ALL.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 17. 2012

    When you hold
        everything as Sacred
           in your consciousness
              as a deepening knowing,
                 the richness
                    of Love’s Blessings
                       comes flowing thru,
                          filling your Heart Space
                             where the magical
                                and mystical
                                      moment flowing
                                         into moment
                                            in the NOW
                                               of your NEW Be-ing-ness

The Divine 




Whispers From The Divine ~ July 16. 2012


     As you Focus
        and live your days
              you will see
                that what is showing up
                   is a greater match
                      for you than ever...
                            are forming...
                               new ideas
                                  whose time has come
                                     are springing into action.   

     It is like spring has arrived!

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 15. 2012

      The Sacred
        is the way
           of the new world.

     Holding All
        in every moment
           as sacred and Divine,
              brings you into
                 the heart
                    of Heart Space Living,
                       where everything,
                          every kingdom
                             is acknowledged
                               as Sacred and Blessed.

     When you live
        in this consciousness,
           ALL IS TRULY WELL!

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 14. 2012

        is much easier
           as you release
              the need to compare
                 your present
                    with past events.

     Your NOW
        that has its’ being-ness
           in the infinite
              is showing you
                 new ways of Being present,
                       and in great gratitude
                          and reverence
                             for you are now living
                                on “holy ground".

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 13, 2012 ~

     The deepened cleansing
        is making space
           for clearer vibrations...
              and releasing the old...
                 so spirit
                    can move more freely
                       to and thru you.

     Life is Be-coming
           and more magical!

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 12, 2012 ~

      Focusing in the Now
        holds a new way
           of choosing.

     Matching vibrationaly
        is bringing in
           greater abundance
              for everyone
                 on the planet…
                    in all ways.

     More will be available.
        Love makes it so !    

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 11, 2012 ~

     Where do your dreams
        and desires lie?

     These are keys
        to your expansion
           and growth,
              for they speak
                 of great passion...
                   and out of great passion
                         the birthing of the New.

The Divine ~
© 2012



 Whispers From The Divine ~ July 10, 2012 ~

     When you acknowledge
           you are holding
              and granting space
                 for it to Be
                   in your reality
                      and allowing it
                         to have presence.

     With your acknowledgement
        it comes into
           its’ Being-ness
              in relationship to you.

     This holds true
        for emotions as well.

     You think of emotions
        as just being
           chemically created feelings.
              They are this and more.
                 Feelings allow you
                    to experience
                       your body’s experiences
                           thru the language
                              of sensations
                                 on a visceral level. 
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 9, 2012 ~

     When you choose
        Heart Space
           for your home,
              the Earth scape
                 echos with de-light...
                    and Love nestles within...
                             and with a strength
                                beyond all strengths.      


The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 8, 2012 ~

        to trust
           your Heart
              for it operates
                 on truth...
                    and is your Unique
                          with the Divine.

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 6, 2012 ~

     Be Blessed
        Be-Loved ONE
           in this time
              of preparation
                 for the NEW.

     It is worthy
        of your patience.
           Cherish each moment..
              and savor
                 every nuance and flavor.

     Life is so richly
        endowing you
           with its’ many blessings
              of experiences.

     The buffet
        is heavily laden
           with opportunities
              to taste ...
                 and delicacies to sample.

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 5, 2012 ~

     The allowing…
        the accepting 
           of what is present…
              clearly free 
                 of resisting energies
                    is what allows you
                       to experience
                         and ride upon
                            and within 
                               the flow of abundance…
                                  freely playing
                                     in the magic of it all.

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ July 4, 2012 ~

     You are constantly choosing...
        Love or fear...


     Choosing Love

          brings you
             into the Flow 
                of You.nity consciousness 
                   in your Heart Space, 
                      where you
                               in its’ wholeness.
                                  It is your place
                                    for creating
                                       All from Love,
                                          in the NOW.

     Choosing Fear
        holds you
           in polarity consciousness
              living in your ego,
                 where you are
                    constantly dealing
                       with opposites
                          and resistance energy, 
                             as that is
                                what holds
                                   polarities in place.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine      ~ July 3, 2012 ~

     Life is about change...

     It is when
        you seek
           to keep your life
              in a static state
                 that you run
                    into problems...
                       with your health...
                          with your wealth...
                             and with your relationships.    

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine  ~ July 2, 2012 ~

    Well Being…
        is not a static state.

     When you are
           Well Being,
              you are in
                 the flow of
                    its’ constant,
                             of becoming !

The Divine ~

© 2012



Whispers From The Divine                ~ July 1, 2012 ~


     You are NOW,
        into your passage...
           from living,
              in your ego self…
                 with it’s third chakra lessons’
                    of learning self empowerment...
                       and self love
                          and appreciation...                          

                            into the SHIFT…
                                of moving into Your Heart Space...
                                   allowing your ego self
                                      to take its’ right-full place,
                                         of co..operating
                                            with the consciousness
                                               in your system,
                                                  that has always been
                                                     its’ function.

The Divine ~
© 2012

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Replies to This Discussion

I had a great time with my family, Dorothy. Thank you for asking.

It was my second daughter's 50th birthday...and it turned out to be a family reunion as well.

It was fun, having people come up to me and say didn't this make me feel this I replied, actually no...I am  finding it fun seeing my kids pass me. I am only 45... and now watching my grand kids moving closer. That began some interesting conversations !

Here's to celebrating every day for the pure joy of living it !

Love's blessings to each and every...ONE ! ♥ Carol

Family is so wonderful, Carol--my youngest daughter is in her late forties and my oldest daughter is in her mid fifties, the other two are in their early fifties. I had to smile at you saying that your kids are passing you by. Awhile back I was saying how old I was and a totally wrong age flew out of my mouth. I don't remember how old I said I was (I think it was around 20 years younger than I was) Of course, we all had a good laugh over it after I realized my goof. I don't know what I was thinking--how I could have said such a thing--it wasn't intentional--but it sure was funny. Love and Light, always, Dot

The thought occurs to me...What if you made it intentional??? What if you made a choice to be a certain age because you love that age...and you feel good about how you look and feel at that age..

Time is a linear model in the 3D world. As we move into living in the now, we live spherically and no longer does this old model of time/age apply.

I have always felt that age only applied to the number of years of experience we have had here this time around. Where our body is concerned, we replace every cell every 7 years...and some of them more than once in that time, so our body is never more than 7 years old!

45 feels like a good age to me for now...that is my story and I'm sticking to it...until I don't ! lol

Love's blessings of no longer chasing that white rabbit and his big ben of a watch ! ♥ Carol

CHOOSING. Yes, indeed, Carol--why shouldn't we CHOOSE the age we want to be? I'm going to give some thought to what would be my perfect age. When I decide, I just have to make sure I don't blurt it out like I did before. Maybe I blurted it out on impulse because I was unconsciously thinking of it as my perfect age. I'll have to ask my daughter Gina (who was there when I made the goof) if she remembers what I said. I'm sure, whether she remembers or not, we'll have another good laugh just talking about it. Here's to making happy choices, Love and Light, always, Dot 

...and just maybe it was no goof at all. Dorothy !...but the intention of a part of your being-ness to actually choose ...embrace and live that perfect age for yourself....and it was your way of focusing light into these areas of thoughts and beliefs.

When I was 45, I decided to try an experiment.  I decided to pick  what I thought was my perfect age (33) and go around thinking that age for myself. I didn't say anything out loud...just in my thoughts. Before I knew it a very curious thing began to happen. My body began to believe that too and I began looking, feeling being much so that guys who were 29 to 33 began asking me for dates. I actually dated and had a relationship with one of them. He was 33 years old too!

Here's to making happy choices...yes ! ♥ Carol

Hey, Carol--you go girl--right on--sounds good to me--I had been wondering if concentrating on being a certain (younger) age might just start the reversal process--you've answered my question. Maybe if I concentrate on it hard enough, being fully confident of its arrival, I can change things. It's worth a try. I still have to come up with the perfect age, but I'll think about it. If I were (in real years) maybe fiften or twenty years younger and single, I would probably be interested in a relationship, but I've come to realize that relationships take work, and I'm actually very comfortable being alone--it's probably my true nature, and (as long as I get in some social activity with family and friends) I'm happy, but I sure would like to look and feel younger just on general principle. Gotta give this some more thought--thanks for the nudge. Love and Light, always, Dot

You are very welcome !

What we experience is a state of consciousness, not a state of reality. We are the ones who decide what is real for ourselves. We knew that as children but adults imposed their rigid values of what could be real to us...and unfortunately we allowed. The children coming in today no longer allow. They will say.."you aren't the boss of me" or some such phrase. Now it is the adults opportunity to regain their nature sovereignty. Our children have become the teachers and way showers.

Love's Blessings all ♥ Carol

Grabbing a reply thngy, Carol. You are so right--the kids coming in today (youngesters, teenagers, 20 somethings) have a different attitude than when I was young, and they instinctively seem to know more. Well, they probably do know more. Some of my friends are getting new baby grandchildren--it'll be interesting to see how these little ones develop. Each new generation brings with it new insight, as well as new inventions. I still marvel that I can sit here and communicate with people miles away via the internet--it so wonderful to be able to leave a friend a message, and they can answer whenever it's convenient--so different than a phone or scype, where both people have to be there at the same time--and I can look up information without even having to go to the library. I have a feeling that these new kids will make mind boggling discoveries (nothing is really new, as you well know, just the discovery of it) I imagine these kids will come in knowing things right from the start. It should be very interesting.

At any rate, I'm working on what I want to happen with my apartment--tying to figure what I can let go of to make room for the new. I brought way too much stuff with me, got sick and couldn't deal with it, now, I have to get serious. No more excuses. Even though I do need to make some changes, I am truly blessed, and ALL IS TRULY WELL. Blessed be dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot   

Hi Dorothy ~ (no reply thingy)

...and it is your marveling that sits in the core of gratitude and appreciation.

When we are born, we all came in with awareness and if our parents were highly programmed into ego consciousness, It doesn't take long for us to accept it too. The young ones today however seem to have a no button built in that they have no problem using. Part of it is the Age we are moving into, Aquarius, is very different energy than the Pisces energy of service. Aquarius is about being the individual within the ONE or Whole. The Pisces energy for children was being seen and not heard...sometimes not even being seen.

So you might say that the energetic environment for all of us today has radically changed....and is changing moment into moment now.

Love's blessings to you Dear Heart...and all ♥ Carol

Grabbing a reply thingy, Carol. Yes, I imagine we're going to be seeing many changes in the near future. I hope they're good changes, positive changes. But like you say, we have to make or own reality. I'm trying to stay in my Heart Space and FOCUS on gratitude and appreciation, and of course, I tell my daughters how very important is to be focused on these very things. So very true, Carol, what we FOCUS on is what we bring into our lives.

I've listened to quite a few of the Abraham/Hicks audios, and this is their message, too. Some of the audios simply showed pretty pictures, along with Ester speaking, but some actually showed her talking to a crowd, probably in a conference room somewhere or perhaps on a cruise. I had bought the Abraham/Hicks book years ago, Ask And It Is Given. I thought it was wonderful--a real eye opener. Even so, I just don't know whether Ester is really channeling, or whether she and Jerry (who passed on last Nov) had a good thing going for themselves. She seems very sincere--if she wasn't sincere, I can't imagine how she could remember all she speaks about in such a convincing way. I decided that whatever the method, the message was very enlightening, and uplifting. So, that's what I've taken away from their work. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

I agree that it is what is uplifting, energizing and bringing oneself into clearer alignment with our Heart Space that is of value to hold and actualize in our lives.

I see that there are many with the similar messages and where one is drawn to experience the receiving, is perfect for each person.

My way of knowing truth is going into my Heart Space and I will know.

Your daughters are lucky to have you for their Mom !

Love's sweet blessings to you ...all ♥ Carol

Thank you for your kind words, Carol, actually, it's I who am lucky to have my daughters--they love me unconditionally, and want only the best for me--they're always watching out for me. And we have such fun when we're together--I'm truly blessed to have them.

It would seem that, with these positive messages, such as the ones that Abraham/Hicks, puts forth, there are many messengers, but the ones that resonate with me as truth, are all virtually saying the same thing in one way or another. Yes, so very true, Carol, when we're in our Heart Space, we know what is truth. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot  



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