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      Whispers From The Divine ~ March 31, 2012

           Your body resonates...
                as the magnificent instrument it is
                     when you live
                          thru your heart center.

          IT is the center
               of your personal Universe.

          As this new adventure
               into consciousness
                         moment into moment,
                              you feel enlivened
                                   and exquisite
                                        in the Joy
                                             of the re-new-ing.

          Emotions shift
               from ego expressions
                    into deepening expressions
                         of primary feelings
                              of spirit,
     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 30, 2012

           What is...
                really possible

          This new NOW,
               brought into the newness
                    that truly IS,
                         is a kind of
                              spring board
                                   to any
                                        and all

          They ALL exist
               in the NOW.

          When you awaken...
               into this NOW
                    and leave behind
                         the world
                              of linear man,
                                   anything is possible
                                        for you to dream...
                                             and create...
                                                  ANYTHING !

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 29, 2012

         NOW Is...
               different from
                    present tense
                         of linear time.

          It has no past,
                    or future
                         for those are linear constructs
                              that your mind
                                   has created
                                       to navigate
                                            in your 3D.

          NOW has
               its’ Be-ing-ness
                         in the NOW.

          Wonder about
               its’ possibilities......

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 23, 2012 ~

          To enter into the NOW,
               you must leave much behind...

          Limiting beliefs...
                    values and judgments,
                         hamper your ability
                              to remain focused
                                   in the NOW.

          As you begin
               to have clarity
                    of vision,
                         unhampered by
                              these old filters,
                                   remaining awake
                                        becomes easier
                                             and easier.

          There is less in thought
               to draw you
                    into the mind.

          True peace comes
                when the mind
                     is clear
                         and you dwell
                              Heart Space centered.

          This is truly
               the space
                    and place
                        of Open-ness...


I will be away without computer till the 29th.

See you then

     The Divine ~

     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 22, 2012 ~

           As you enter into
                     through your heart space,
                          rather than
                               thru the many lenses
                                    you create in 3D,
                                         about what is real
                                              in your world,
             you enter into the NOW..


     The Divine ~

     © 2012

    Whispers From The Divine   ~ March 21, 2012 ~

        You flow
              from now ...
                   to now ...
                        to now...
                             it flows into
                                  the Eternal NOW...
                                       such a concept
                                            is beyond linear mind.

          The NOW
               is multi-dimensional...
                    and expands
                         in all directions
                            way beyond your 3D world concept.

     The Divine ~

     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 20, 2012

         Move into the sheer,
                         of the Divine
                              wrapping your essence
                                   in magic and miracles...

          THIS IS THE DAY!...
               and you are coming
                    into deeper...
                          and deeper awareness’s
                               of just how intricately
                                    ALL is orchestrated.

           Everything is ALIVE...
                and anything
                     that is happening
                          can only happen NOW.

     The Divine ~

     © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine ~ March 19, 2012

          Love IS...
               all around you...
                    flowing thru you... 
                         and to you.

            It is the only thing that really matters.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine ~ March 18, 2012

          Breathe deeply
               of your true essence.
                    It is who you really are. 

          Give it space
               and place
                    to BE.

               in this NOW moment...
                    holding each NOW
                         as sacred.

          Connect with your Divine-ity...
               and dance with the Divine.

          It Is True Life...
               being it...
                    Be-come-ing more aligned in it.
      The Divine ~
      © 2012



    Whispers From The Divine ~ March 17, 2012 ~

                has brief moments
                     of connection...
                          and it is
                               during these brief moments
                                    that their codes
                                         become updated
                                              to take in
                                                   the new possibilities.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 16, 2012

          An aspect
               of what you refer to
                    as evolution...

          More is written
               upon the DNA,
                    than the blueprint for life.

          The DNA
               is the written code
                    of possibilities...
                         and can be changed ...
                              and added onto ...
                                   and subtracted.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine ~ March 15, 2012

         You can create...
               well being.

          You can
               reshape your body
                    that aligns
                         with who you are

          The impossible
               becomes possible.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 14, 2012

          In your choice
               to play with this field
                    of consciousness,
                         you can ...
                              bring about

                                   instant change
                                        and miracles.

       The Divine ~
       © 2012

       Whispers From The Divine ~ March 13, 2012

           It is by your direction
                using the Divine Language
                     of the Heart Space
                          that realigns the cells
                               in their individual wholeness
                                    and dance
                                         in the stream
                                             of well being.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 12, 2012

          Each cell
               has its’ own connection
                    with its’ Divinity...
                         and Light...
                              and Love.

          It has
               its’ own Being-ness
                    as a Light Being...
                         and lives
                              in the community
                                   of other Light Beings.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ March 11, 2012 ~

           This aligning
                with your cells
                     allows you to...
                          create your body

           There is no judgment
                in this alignment.

           There is only love...
                and the flow
                     of well being.   
      The Divine ~
      © 2012


    Whispers From The Divine ~ March 10, 2012 ~

            As you take up residency
                 in your Heart Space...
                      not only do you align ...
                           and connect
                                with your Divinity...
                                     you are aligning
                                          with every cell
                                               in your body
                                                    in a whole new way.
      The Divine ~
      © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine ~ March 9, 2012 ~


          Paying Life Forward
               happens when
                    the indwelling Divine
                         inspires you
                              into action
                                   that supports the NEW.

     Today's message arising in me
     is directed to you, the reader.
     If you have benefited in any way
     from reading these daily messages,
     I am asking you to pay this energy forward.

     We are in a year of great change
     and much can come about magically
     as we each participate
     in living out inspired actions
     into the world.

     I am asking you to do something life changing
     for three people (just like in the film).
     When you give them their life changing gift,
     they are to pass this energy/action forward
     to 3 other people....
     and they, in turn, are to do the same....and so on...
     You will know who ...and what to do. It will arise within you 
     just as this message is arising within me.

     We are Divine conduits for change in our world.
     The time for being the observer in life is over.
     The Divine ~
     © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 8, 2012 ~

          Each cell
               has the capacity 
                    to give...
                         and receive
                                   and has a heart
                                        that directs
                                             its’ life course.   

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 7, 2012 ~

          You see within
               the developing
                    of a body,
                         there is ...
                              a constant dance
                                   with the  Divine...
                                        and newness
                                                  into be-ing-ness..
                                                       the birthing
                                                            of each new cell
                                                                 and its’
           indwelling consciousness.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 6, 2012 ~

          The embryo
               is in the act
                    of co-creating...
                         with you...
                              and The Divine,
                                        shaping and building..
                                             as the consciousness
                                                  in each new cell
                                                       is brought
                                                            into birthing.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 5, 2012

          In the time
               you are forming
                    a beautiful body
                         in the womb,
                              you are a creator,
                                   in the divine dance...
                                        creating You...
                                             out of star dust...
                                                  and possibilities.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 4, 2012

          You come...
                     to co-create.

                of the elements
                     for creating
                          are present
                               within you.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 3, 2012

           Fountains everywhere
                of passion...
                     shaping the dreamscapes
                          of inner dimensions...
                               and flowing freely
                                    into the outer dimensions..

           Can you imagine this?...
                then you have begun
      The Divine ~
      © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 2, 2012


               is an energy
                    that  wants
                         to be passed on...

          Can you feel
               just how much
                    that energy
                         of wanting to be shared
                              is present
                                   in passion?...

          The loving to do...
               and sharing that loving to do ..
                    whatever it may be.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine  ~ March 1, 2012

              wants to be free....

          It wants
               to shine
                    its’ brilliance...
                         and sparkle
                              into the world
                                   for all to share.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

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Replies to This Discussion

What a gorgeous picture, Lyndy. And I LOVE your magical word SOUL SIS-STARS. From now I am going to think of myself as a SOUL SIS-STAR. Thank you for the happy thought, it makes me smile, Love and Light, always, Dot

Ohhhhh, what a lovely picture, Lindy, and I love your ideas for gifts for creativity. I was being practical in my answer, stating simply appreciation--but of course, there are many other offerings that creativity would no doubt appreciate. I think we are gifting creativity when we invite it into our daily lives--I get the idea that it is a joyful element, anxious for us to call on it, and so happy when we do--it is delighted to assist us in any way it possibly can, and grateful to us for calling on it, as we are enabling it to fulfill its purpose.

I'm smiling at your rememberings of your magical moments in your secret place where you could hear your friends dream out loud--how absolutely wonderful. Yes, I believe that creativity hears us, and is also smiling as we talk about tossing it between us. It is so happy that we are recognizing it and appreciating it, and welcoming it into our lives. Happy creating, Love and Light, always, Dot   

I so loved all you said here about creativity, Dorothy.

Here is to creating more magical moments ♥ Carol

Here's to Magical moments everywhere, Carol, Lyndy, and all, L&L, D

I think creativity would be glad to come out and play, but I believe it would be pleased beyond measure by the simple gift of appreciation. Gratitude is attitude, and I believe we should thank our creativity for all it does for us. If we thank it, it will be delighted to do even more for us. And of course we will thank it even more. L&L, D


Oh my, I see you standing at the gate, arms open wide. And in one sincere deep breath, you have called out to eternal values to play. Gratitude, Creativity, Joy, Adventure, Mystery, are all peeking out from the forest and wanting to join the stories growing in the whispers garden. I look forward to making their intimate acquaintance and sharing their wisdom as we swing high and go as far as we dream.

Here's to being a magical child again,


Ohhhhhh, what a lovely picture, Lyndy. Actually, I'd been standing before that gate for years, and it wouldn't budge--not an inch. I demanded that it open, I said I was entitled to go through it, I had every right... Nope, it still wouldn't open. Finally, one day in despair, I lowered my head and muttered a barely audible, "please"  The gate opened--just a smidge. I literally vibrated with excitement. I pushed on it, expecting it to open all the way. It didn't--just stayed slightly ajar, as if waiting for me to get the message. I got it loud and clear. "Please." I said, loudly, and with a grateful heart, because I knew I had found the magic word. The gate opened, and I stood there knowing that it would always be open for me from then on. I asked and it opened. My gratitude was immediate, and continues to be to this day.

PLEASE and THANK YOU can work miracles.

So this is how it came to be that you now see me standing before the gate with open arms, Lyndy, welcoming all the gifts of creativity, and continuing to be eternally grateful for all of their many wonderful blessings. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot   


I am so glad that you could follow the feelings I was hoping to capture. Sometimes I feel like i am chasing fireflies when beautiful thoughts flash on the mirror of my mind. And it is such a joy to share the freedom in these feelings. Thank you and Carol and any and all for being a loving witness who brings out the joy inside.

To gliding on the wind and sparkling in the sun,


Thank you Lyndy, for taking us on such a fabulous, free flowing journey into magical realms, and sacred spaces. The joy is all ours, Love and Light, always, Dot 

I so love this photo, Lyndy. It brings in the magic of afternoon sunlight on my beloved Lake Huron as it dances it sparkles of radiance to me.

It is Jonathon finding the joy and power in his wings...and gliding into hte dance of light !

How wonderful sight is...such a gift and blessing !

Love's blessings in the Light ♥ Carol

Carol, Dot and All,

I love the magical brew of kindness you are always whispering. Thanks for opening the present you are and and letting your sparkles shower everywhere.

Here's to dragon story cookies and flying where our heart dreams take us.


Fragrant Starflower ~

It is such joy to open the present that I am and trail sparkles in great playful...magical... abundance...and I just know that everyone who reads this will feel themselves opening into all the Divine sparkles they are too ! Such Divine word play! Thank you sweet Soul Sister !

To a sparkling Universe ♥ Carol


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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