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      Whispers From The Divine   ~ May17, 2012 ~

              for birthing
                 your dreams
                    and playing joyously
                       in their reality
                         in the HERE
                            and NOW,
                               grow abundantly on
                                  the TREE of Self LOVE.

                  of its’ essence
                     is the ambrosia
                        of the Gods
                           and Goddesses,
                              bringing forth
                                 in ease and grace,
                                    the brilliant
                                       FLOW of Abundance
                                          in ALL in forms  
     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine   ~ May16, 2012 ~

          If what
             you dream
                and have longed for
                   in your life
                      is out of alignment
                         with your beliefs
                            about yourself...
                               and what
                                  you can allow yourself
                                     to experience
                                        in your reality,
                                           for whatever reason,
                                              the birthing process

          Your dream
             will either
                   in the dream world
                      shaped by
                         your imagination,
                            awaiting alignment...
                               or it will expire
                                  and be no more.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



    Whispers From The Divine     ~ May 15, 2012 ~


          When ushering in change,
             any presence
                of resistant energy,
                   deeply affects
                      the birthing process...
                         either totally blocking it...
                            impeding it...
                               or shaping it differently.

          The birth
             of anything
                must have
                   a place
                      of ALIGNING
                         with ACCEPTANCE
                            and ALLOWING...
                              to be in the Flow of RECEIVING.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 14, 2012 ~

         When you ACCEPT
            All that is in
               this NOW moment...

             in its’ Beauty...

          Feeling deep Gratitude
             for its’ presence
                with you...

             every aspect
                and nuance
                   of its’ presence
                     with you,

          from it’s conception
             into imagination, 
                to its’ birth
                   into the physical
                      world around you...

             and only then...
                are you
                   in the space
                      and place
                         to ALLOW
                            in the NEW. 

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 13, 2012 ~

          It is
             such a wondrous
                    to know...
                       uniqueness is...
                          born of love.

                from love
                   as the eternal Goddess,
                         as essence
                            in all the Divine Feminine
                                  of manifested form.

     Happy Mother's Day!...
     to those who are celebrating the Divine Feminine  

     today !   


     The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 12, 2012 ~

           As Alignment
              into Allowing occurs,
                 on this flow,
                    great Abundance
                       out of
                          All Possibilities
                            comes to you.

          The Choice
             is Yours...

                to Believe...
                  and Receive...  


     The Divine ~

      © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 11 2012 ~

           When you make
              your life choices,
                 you also choose
                    your play ground
                       of activity.

            ALL of it
               is about expansion...
                  expansion of
                     your consciousness
                        that translates
                           into the expansion
                             of the whole. 

      The Divine ~

      © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine ~ May 10 2012 ~

           Your earthly
              space suit
                 is designed
                    for Life on Earth.

          It has you focus
             into this reality
                   all your senses.

          From birth
             you know this.

          You move
             and delight
                in touch...

          You seek out more
             and expand
                your horizons.

          Sounds delight you.

          The more you expand
             into this awareness,
                the more
                   the joy
                      of playing enters...
                         giggles and laughter...
                            the magic
                               and miracles
                                  of your new world
                                     fill your days
                                        and nights.

          You are Be-Coming…    

      The Divine ~

      © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 9, 2012 ~

            Your exquisite form
               has taken eons
                  of fashioning
                     in earth time
                        to allow you
                           this now.

            Your body
               is like
                  a tiny
                     space capsule
                        with every element
                           of equipment
                                 from consciousness
                                    that has experienced
                                       in the ever expanding
                                          newness of
                                             the Universe-sal ONE.

          You are
             totally new...
                yet in that newness
                   is ALL THAT IS...

          Hold the wonder
             and magic
                of this
                   in your Heart Space
                      and let it expand
                         into all knowingness
                            in your being.

          Let every cell
               with the joy of
                  being here NOW. 

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 8, 2012 ~

          When you were conceived,
            the opportunity
                to grow
                  with the seed
                     of the human...
                        and experience
                           the expanding consciousness
                              of the cells
                                 was a total delight
                                    for you.

         You co-created
            your form,
                  shaping playfully
                     into the new beginning
                        this life experience

         Even though
            it is a chapter
               in Your LIFE...
                  it holds
                     a life
                        of its’ own...
                           the play of it all...
                              and the joyous
                                    to the new.

The Divine ~

      © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine ~ May 7, 2012 ~

         You Witness
              Your YOU-niverse
                   within the macrocosm
                        in a mirror
                             as your body.

          Most of the human race
                    that is
                         who they really are
                             “I AM BODY” they think.

          Where in actuality...
               You are AM-bodied
                    in Light
                         and Love.

          You twinkle
               and glow...
                     oh to have
                          the eyes to see
                               your true nature.
     The Divine ~
     © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine      ~ May 6, 2012 ~

          No longer
              do you place
                   a foot on the floor
                        in the morning,
                             without the recognition
                                  and acknowledgement
                                       of the miracle
                                            you truly are
                                                 and the miracle
                                                      Life Is.

          Move into
               the sheer,
                         recognition of
                              the Divine
                                        your essence
                                             in magic
                                                  and miracles...

          THIS IS THE DAY!...
               and you are
                    coming into deeper
                         and deeper
                                   of just
                                        how intricately
                                             ALL is orchestrated.

          Everything is ALIVE...
               and anything
                    that is happening
                         can only happen

      The Divine ~
      © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 5, 2012 ~

          Living in
               your Heart Space
                    fills you with
                         an incredible
                              Lightness of Being...
                                   where Being
                                        in your Heart Space
                                             floats you on Love...
                                                  and in-Joy ...

          All things
               take on
                    a magical essence...
                         and Beauty IS...

      The Divine ~
      © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 4, 2012 ~

                It is intended
                     that you live
                          in the flow
                               where you feel  
                                    highly energized...
                                         and filled with
                                              the joy of well being.

          When living
                in a disconnected state,
                     You draw upon
                          one another's
                               energy resources,
                                    using up
                                         your body's supply
                                              that allows life.

          When this energy
               is blocked
                    to a high degree,
                         then illness
                              and imbalance  
                                   begins to occur.

          What you have forgotten
               is that ...
                    You direct
                         the flow
                              of energy
                                   with your thoughts
                                        and feelings !

          You were
               never intended
                    to be ill
                         or without
                              life force.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012




     Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 3, 2012 ~

          The breath of life
                    thru the heart space.

          It is that
               delicious breath
                     that breathes
                               into the BE-ing...
                                    that you call
                                         life force.

           When you are
                     from your
                          True Self,
                               this Breath of Life
                                    flows only
                                         with a trickle...
                                              and all of life
                                                   around you
                                                        becomes your
                                                             Source of energy.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 2, 2012 ~

           Now that you
                are practicing
                     living in your Heart Space
                          and including
                               your body
                                    and its’ beautiful consciousness
                                         in your realm
                                              of bei-ng,
               are finding
                              both in your
                                   feeling experiences
                                        and learning
                                             to live
                                                  in the k(now).

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 1, 2012 ~

           When you live
                your focus
                     and activities
                          from this place
                               in mind,
                                    you begin
                                              your bodies’ energies
          for maintaining
               its’ state of well being,
                    for managing feeling
                         and extending
                              energy to others.

          This has caused
               your bodies’ reserves
                    to become depleted.

           You have falsely
                     that eating
                          will replenish
                               this void.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


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Replies to This Discussion

I love this picture , Lyndy. Children are so light-hearted...just like their giggles...and the bubbles  they have such fun with.

Amen, Bruce--about presence, and being present--absolutely--Love and Light, always, Dot

Such delicious whisperings going on, my Dear Whisperers...I am away for today...and will add my replies on my return.

Love's blessings to you all ♥ Carol


Wow! This is a very synchronous whisper to my recent experiences. Lately, I have been drawn to meditate within my body, to just feel INSIDE my body. I realized as I did this, how little I knew about this territory! Talk about the undiscovered country. I found that just by focusing my attention on my feet, for example, and keeping the focus neutrally there, all kinds of energy began moving in my body. First, I noticed how much my teeth ached and then I started having a few pangs here and there, but I stayed in my feet, and all pangs disapppeared, as I forgot about them. I was so interested in feeling love into my feet. It was like feeling a smile into my feet.

Where one's focus is, energy follows. I had never thought of doing this before, but the result was I became extra energized, incredibly productive and renewed...and my balance scrambling up and down my mountainside garden became magnetic, I am consciously connected to the Earth (because I felt/knew it through my feet) and just can't accidentally fall. It feels like God just said, "and let there be feeling as thought".

I think we enter our own unique constellation of bodymind, through heart fulfilling insight. Our heart centers experience and from there, entering our bodies with loving awareness is all it takes for natural healing. Loving feeling into ourselves makes us whole inexplicably and uncategorically, undefinably and frees us of our prejudices against ourselves.  I am absolutely amazed to read your whisper, and whisper back, oh yes! Yeeha! Yes!


I love the way you've described your meditation, Lyndy--very meaningful--thanks for sharing--Love and Light, always, Dot

Lyndy~ The microcosm we are is so magnificent !...and entering into our body in the way of   focused meditation is an amazing experience. I have spoken to a single cell thru feeling and I think it was just as amazed as I was with the contact. That may sound funny when a cell seems so minute to us a we have trillions of them that make up our body in a constant dance...and community. We can expand inward as much as we can expand outward as that expansion is by consciousness. Life becomes a conscious dream...and the play ground only limited by your imagination. Imagination is where we allow anything to come into our personal arena of is not just imaging or using a creative faculty but far more. I have been playing with believing this evening in a new way for watching how limiting and focusing our belief are two different things. If we believe something is true, we may be limiting our experience within a limitation of the belief  here without realizing it. When the belief is something expansive eg here would be... I believe that anything is possible. That would allow anything into our sphere of possibility. If we believe in fairies we allow them in but are we creating them so that they can come in??? I have always believed in fairies so I have seen them. Do I just have a great imagination? Maybe I do but I have then made them real for me. I have had the joy and play of it so to me that is wonderful ! Does it matter, I wonder if it is only real because I have made it so for we group together because we have allowed or created common beliefs? I am getting that we create our reality to a far greater degree than we realize....and if I have created fairies does that give others an opportunity to enter the play as a fairy? I wonder if there is  a way of knowing the answer to any of my musings?

Sweet dreams to allof you if you can indeed sleep during this super moon vigil.

♥ Carol

I know I read your asking if I remember the alphabet soup, Carol--unless I'm imagining things. But I can't seem to find it. Yes, I sure do remember it. Everyone loved a nice, hot bowl of vegetable soup. My goodness, that was a long time ago--once again, Carol--thanks for the memories--they make me smile--Love and Light, always, Dot

Yes, I did ask you, Dorothy, about alphabet soup....and was just wondering if you ever began writing your stories with the letters in your bowl...just a very fanciful :) :)

♥ Carol

I probably put some words together, Carol--but I don't think they became sentences--gee whiz, that's such a long time ago. Awhile back I got an email showing how one could look up various houses--I was so excited--I could look up the house in Cincinnati Ohio where I grew up (from around two or three to around fourteen) Well, it literally no longer exists. Just gone--zip--just a grassed over lot. At my daughter's house, where I was visiting with other family members today, we were using a similar program to look up houses where we previously lived in Calif--one in Santa Maria and one in Orcutt. My youngest daughter, 46 was born in Calif, so it's fascinating to see how things have changed (or not much) in so many years. We also looked at the vacent lot that used to be my home in Ohio. Interesting--so very interesting. Maybe one of these days I'll find out what happened to it. I know I had a lot of good Campbell's soup there--Love and Light, always, Dot  

I received one of those emails too, Dorothy. I did as you did and went to the house I had grown up in...and yes there were changes. It was a huge red brick house with a full accessible attic...and full basement...and two car detached garage. It is all still there and I could see that it had been made into many apartments. I had thought that the attic would make a great apartment and I was right as I could see that they had added a fire escape from that level. I just wonder if they used any imagination designing it. Probably not. It was my play area of choice on a rainy day. There were trunks with wonderful costumes that I loved to dress up in and play magical things. They had changed the verandah and front door and window as well. I also checked on the house I had lived in during my marriage. That had changed too...and so had a later doesn't change my memories of those places for me. I Still feel warmth and deep appreciation for the walls and roofs of all those buildings...and the home they were to me and my family.

The memories that have faded for me are one's that had a negative emotional attachment. Mostly, I am focused in the NOW more and more.

Love's rich blessings to you all ♥ Carol

Yes, Carol, so very true, as you say in today's lovely Whisper. LET EVERY CELL RESONATE WITH THE JOY OF BEING HERE NOW. No matter where we lived before, or what happened in our lives, the now is all we have--all we are guarenteed. I will hold the fond memories close to my heart, and let the negative ones go. I find that the more negativity I can release (yes, there's still some negativity floating around in there) the more room there is for the positive--and the happier and healthier I feel. Blessed be, dear heart--Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

Thank you for this post.

When you draw that phrase out of the Whisper, I can see the empowering it has on our whole system - You-niverse, as each cell is a unique being of within our whole within the greater just keeps resonating !

Love's sweet sounds reverberating across our You-niversal One ♥ Carol


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