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      Whispers From The Divine   ~ May17, 2012 ~

              for birthing
                 your dreams
                    and playing joyously
                       in their reality
                         in the HERE
                            and NOW,
                               grow abundantly on
                                  the TREE of Self LOVE.

                  of its’ essence
                     is the ambrosia
                        of the Gods
                           and Goddesses,
                              bringing forth
                                 in ease and grace,
                                    the brilliant
                                       FLOW of Abundance
                                          in ALL in forms  
     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine   ~ May16, 2012 ~

          If what
             you dream
                and have longed for
                   in your life
                      is out of alignment
                         with your beliefs
                            about yourself...
                               and what
                                  you can allow yourself
                                     to experience
                                        in your reality,
                                           for whatever reason,
                                              the birthing process

          Your dream
             will either
                   in the dream world
                      shaped by
                         your imagination,
                            awaiting alignment...
                               or it will expire
                                  and be no more.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



    Whispers From The Divine     ~ May 15, 2012 ~


          When ushering in change,
             any presence
                of resistant energy,
                   deeply affects
                      the birthing process...
                         either totally blocking it...
                            impeding it...
                               or shaping it differently.

          The birth
             of anything
                must have
                   a place
                      of ALIGNING
                         with ACCEPTANCE
                            and ALLOWING...
                              to be in the Flow of RECEIVING.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 14, 2012 ~

         When you ACCEPT
            All that is in
               this NOW moment...

             in its’ Beauty...

          Feeling deep Gratitude
             for its’ presence
                with you...

             every aspect
                and nuance
                   of its’ presence
                     with you,

          from it’s conception
             into imagination, 
                to its’ birth
                   into the physical
                      world around you...

             and only then...
                are you
                   in the space
                      and place
                         to ALLOW
                            in the NEW. 

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 13, 2012 ~

          It is
             such a wondrous
                    to know...
                       uniqueness is...
                          born of love.

                from love
                   as the eternal Goddess,
                         as essence
                            in all the Divine Feminine
                                  of manifested form.

     Happy Mother's Day!...
     to those who are celebrating the Divine Feminine  

     today !   


     The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 12, 2012 ~

           As Alignment
              into Allowing occurs,
                 on this flow,
                    great Abundance
                       out of
                          All Possibilities
                            comes to you.

          The Choice
             is Yours...

                to Believe...
                  and Receive...  


     The Divine ~

      © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 11 2012 ~

           When you make
              your life choices,
                 you also choose
                    your play ground
                       of activity.

            ALL of it
               is about expansion...
                  expansion of
                     your consciousness
                        that translates
                           into the expansion
                             of the whole. 

      The Divine ~

      © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine ~ May 10 2012 ~

           Your earthly
              space suit
                 is designed
                    for Life on Earth.

          It has you focus
             into this reality
                   all your senses.

          From birth
             you know this.

          You move
             and delight
                in touch...

          You seek out more
             and expand
                your horizons.

          Sounds delight you.

          The more you expand
             into this awareness,
                the more
                   the joy
                      of playing enters...
                         giggles and laughter...
                            the magic
                               and miracles
                                  of your new world
                                     fill your days
                                        and nights.

          You are Be-Coming…    

      The Divine ~

      © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 9, 2012 ~

            Your exquisite form
               has taken eons
                  of fashioning
                     in earth time
                        to allow you
                           this now.

            Your body
               is like
                  a tiny
                     space capsule
                        with every element
                           of equipment
                                 from consciousness
                                    that has experienced
                                       in the ever expanding
                                          newness of
                                             the Universe-sal ONE.

          You are
             totally new...
                yet in that newness
                   is ALL THAT IS...

          Hold the wonder
             and magic
                of this
                   in your Heart Space
                      and let it expand
                         into all knowingness
                            in your being.

          Let every cell
               with the joy of
                  being here NOW. 

      The Divine ~

      © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 8, 2012 ~

          When you were conceived,
            the opportunity
                to grow
                  with the seed
                     of the human...
                        and experience
                           the expanding consciousness
                              of the cells
                                 was a total delight
                                    for you.

         You co-created
            your form,
                  shaping playfully
                     into the new beginning
                        this life experience

         Even though
            it is a chapter
               in Your LIFE...
                  it holds
                     a life
                        of its’ own...
                           the play of it all...
                              and the joyous
                                    to the new.

The Divine ~

      © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine ~ May 7, 2012 ~

         You Witness
              Your YOU-niverse
                   within the macrocosm
                        in a mirror
                             as your body.

          Most of the human race
                    that is
                         who they really are
                             “I AM BODY” they think.

          Where in actuality...
               You are AM-bodied
                    in Light
                         and Love.

          You twinkle
               and glow...
                     oh to have
                          the eyes to see
                               your true nature.
     The Divine ~
     © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine      ~ May 6, 2012 ~

          No longer
              do you place
                   a foot on the floor
                        in the morning,
                             without the recognition
                                  and acknowledgement
                                       of the miracle
                                            you truly are
                                                 and the miracle
                                                      Life Is.

          Move into
               the sheer,
                         recognition of
                              the Divine
                                        your essence
                                             in magic
                                                  and miracles...

          THIS IS THE DAY!...
               and you are
                    coming into deeper
                         and deeper
                                   of just
                                        how intricately
                                             ALL is orchestrated.

          Everything is ALIVE...
               and anything
                    that is happening
                         can only happen

      The Divine ~
      © 2012

      Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 5, 2012 ~

          Living in
               your Heart Space
                    fills you with
                         an incredible
                              Lightness of Being...
                                   where Being
                                        in your Heart Space
                                             floats you on Love...
                                                  and in-Joy ...

          All things
               take on
                    a magical essence...
                         and Beauty IS...

      The Divine ~
      © 2012


      Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 4, 2012 ~

                It is intended
                     that you live
                          in the flow
                               where you feel  
                                    highly energized...
                                         and filled with
                                              the joy of well being.

          When living
                in a disconnected state,
                     You draw upon
                          one another's
                               energy resources,
                                    using up
                                         your body's supply
                                              that allows life.

          When this energy
               is blocked
                    to a high degree,
                         then illness
                              and imbalance  
                                   begins to occur.

          What you have forgotten
               is that ...
                    You direct
                         the flow
                              of energy
                                   with your thoughts
                                        and feelings !

          You were
               never intended
                    to be ill
                         or without
                              life force.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012




     Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 3, 2012 ~

          The breath of life
                    thru the heart space.

          It is that
               delicious breath
                     that breathes
                               into the BE-ing...
                                    that you call
                                         life force.

           When you are
                     from your
                          True Self,
                               this Breath of Life
                                    flows only
                                         with a trickle...
                                              and all of life
                                                   around you
                                                        becomes your
                                                             Source of energy.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012



     Whispers From The Divine         ~ May 2, 2012 ~

           Now that you
                are practicing
                     living in your Heart Space
                          and including
                               your body
                                    and its’ beautiful consciousness
                                         in your realm
                                              of bei-ng,
               are finding
                              both in your
                                   feeling experiences
                                        and learning
                                             to live
                                                  in the k(now).

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ May 1, 2012 ~

           When you live
                your focus
                     and activities
                          from this place
                               in mind,
                                    you begin
                                              your bodies’ energies
          for maintaining
               its’ state of well being,
                    for managing feeling
                         and extending
                              energy to others.

          This has caused
               your bodies’ reserves
                    to become depleted.

           You have falsely
                     that eating
                          will replenish
                               this void.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


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Replies to This Discussion

Hi Dorothy ~

We all have a life to live !

I am so grateful to you for your willingness to share your knowledge. Thank you for being supportive. Your encouragement is much appreciated. In watching you go thru the stages of welcoming in/back your gift, to an active place in your life, it has given me encouragement to expand what I am doing as well.

Thank you dear Heart Sister, for your gifts and life shared with us here.

♥ Carol

Bless you Carol for your kind words. I'm honored that I could give you encouragement to expand what you are doing--that's great. As I was just saying over in my other response, I do have my "down" periods, but I know they'll pass. I think I'm most happiest when I can be the most useful, like critiquing my friend's manuscripts, and discussing agents, publishers, etc. My writer friends and I haven't been getting together much lately for various reasons--distance is a consideration, also, available time--one is a high school teacher--she has lots to do, the other has been dealing with an ill husband, but things are looking up, and I think we'll be starting to get together again more often. I love sharing information--love how all of us are anxious to talk about our work, etc--it's exciting, and that excitement carries over to my work when I'm alone and gives me a little extra zip. It's all good. If I can be supportive to anyone in any way, or share information that helps them, or makes their life easier, I'm a happy camper. Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

You must be a happy camper around here ! :)

Well click the heels of your sparkling red shoes, dear heart, for we are back in Kansas !...writing up a storm !

It is wonderful to hear you have a small group that gets together to share work and info and inspiration! I know just how important that is.

Thank you for all you do and share here ! ...and for inspiration...

Love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

Oh, what a beautiful, picture, Carol. The flower looks kinda like a hibiscus. My daughter, Di brought me a hibiscus tree with gorgeous red/orange blooms for Mother's day and put it out on my patio, I was enjoying looking out at it during the week, or going out and sitting close to it, like I did, today, but alas, It got blown over a couple of times in the high winds and I wound up bringing it into my office. It's right in front of the big sliding glass door (the side that is stationary) and seems to enjoy being in here with me. If it thrives, I'll just keep it in here--it's so pretty, I truly enjoy looking at it.

Yes, Carol, I do treasure the times that my friends and I have been able to get together to talk writing. We were in a little group that broke up some years back, but the three of us have managed to stay friends and to email and call each other, and to get together every once in awhile. But the high school teacher will be on summer vacation soon, and the other's husband who has been very ill seems to be doing better, so, hopefully, we'll be able to start getting together more often in the near future. It is wonderful to share--in fact, I do believe it's what life is all about--being willing to share with people, and to care about them. I don't really do much of anything here, Carol, but enjoy my visits, and let you know how grateful I am for your kindness and your words of wisdom. I am truly blessed to be able to come here and enjoy these Divine Whispers and the glorious pictures that are such visual delights. Thank you so very much, dear heart, blessed be--Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

Had to use this reply thingy !

I find this picture fascinating. When you look at the hand, it is holding the stem of the flower that the angel is sitting on. The flowers do look like hibiscus, but for me the    color was reminding me of morning glories. or pansy colors. It is as though someone is reaching into the dream world and touching its' reality. Fanciful thinking but isn't that what we do when writing stories or painting pictures??!! I love the two turtles pulling the boat that lovers are in, being serenaded. The background of the city in golden hues reminds me of Florence ...and times gone by. I don't know what to make of thelion being in the picture. Maybe the artist loves lions. lol

I find it so curious how we discount ourselves so eaily while appreciating others. We think about our contribution as just being ourselves..and nothing could actually be lovelier than that anyway...and just to thinkof being aboe to contribute by being. Wow !

Love's sweet blessings to being ourselves and being the gift in so doing ♥ Carol

Reply thingys went bye-bye again, Carol. Yes, it is truly amazing how the artist combined all these glorious images in one picture. The colors are awesome as is the subject matter. I imagine there are layers of symbolism here which would be unique to each person enjoying the picture. I hadn't thought of the hand reaching into the dream world and touching its reality--what a beautiful thought. I love lions, too. To me they represent pride (yes both being proud, and a pride of lions) strength, honor--the king of beasts. They are beautiful creatures. Extraverts.

The turtles are introverts, digging into the sand to submerge themselves and lay their eggs, pulling themselves into their shell. These two creatures are totally opposite, yet the artist has combined them in the same awesome picture.

The bridge is also interesting--lots of symbolism there, as well as the type of buildings in the background. So many things to ponder--all so fascinating. Blessed be, dear heart--thank you so much--Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

We are sure playing hide and seek with the reply

I loved what you have said here...

" ... there are layers of symbolism here which would be unique to each person enjoying the picture...." It is so fascinating to me that that very idea describes how the expansion we each embrace and dance with different concepts and understandings. When I first began posting the Whispers, I found it so fascinating to read responses that showed such an array of concepts and awareness for the same Whisper. I love how seeing things so differently can bring growth and new insights.

I love how you speak about the lion and the turtles bringing them together in the same picture. I love lions too but somehow until you began to speak of a pride of lions that I began to see where the lion fit in. In the picture the man in the boat seems to be looking at the lion where the woman is looking at the angel. Isn't the bridge exquisite !t ! That part of the painting is a whole painting in itself. In fact there are three distinct paintings within the one painting. The deeper I look, the more there is to see.

Thank you for your shared insights.

Love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

Finally found a reply thingy, Carol. It certainly does seem like there are three pictures in one--even the perspective varies in the different segments. My first impulse at seeing the turtles (after you mentioned them--I missed them at first) was to think, well, I guess the boat won't be going anywhere fast, but then it dawned on me, those big turtles can probably swim pretty fast. Hummm. Very interesting.

Yes, the scenery is exquisite. The bridge is beautiful, and of course, rich with symbolism. It's almost a moonbridge, but not quite. That's the title of one of the books I'm planning to get back to in the near future. It started out being, Beyond The Moonbridge, but I've since narrowed it down to simply, Moonbridge. But for now, I'm working on a book titled, Finding Claire--about a woman finding herself. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

I love your book title ideas... truly romantic as well as the symbolism of the bridge representing moving from one space to another emotionally.

Finding Claire is a wonderful title as her name represents clarity and finding Claire represents finding clarity in herself as well as finding herself... Wow ! Great work !

♥ Carol

No reply thingie. Yes Carol, I do love the title Moonbridge. I've always prided myself on being able to come up with pretty good titles. The ironic thing is, one of the gals in the little writer's group that I used to belong to came up with the title, Finding Claire. It was one of those things that I just "knew" was right. (Yep--it resonated with me) Even the two gals from that group, whom I still get together with, and exchange emails with, also thought it was perfect at the time--and still do. Maybe because we all recognize on a subtle level, that, as you say, it is all about finding clarity in herself, as well as finding herself. Words are sure wonderful. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot 

Hi Dorothy ~

No reply thingie and am hoping this lands somewhere near your comment. lol

The whole idea of titling is such a fascinating thing as I find it such fun to dive deep into the many aspects of the words that bring to light the many faceted meanings. Writing to a title gives shape to a story and its' characters. Sometimes there is no title and yet the story is there...

When I am posting the Whispers message to my site, I always title each message and number them...The theme just jumps off the screen...such a  curious experience. Knowing seems to play a strong role.

Are any of your stories from night time dreams? One of my scripts was based on a dream that followed me thru my day....a dream that kept following me and inviting me to dive into it again. I called it " Because of a Wink " . There was a scene in the dream where a guy winked at the heroine making her blush...and the story arose from that moment.

In Love's sweet moments of recognition ♥ Carol

No reply thingys again, Carol. Yes, I do believe titles are so important. If you look at the T it is a straight bar, with a cross bar going across the top of it. There are two Ts in Title. The middle T would be at the top of the word. The title is at the top of a story. It gives a preview of what the story is about--a tip-off. 

I don't remember (at the moment) having any stories come to me in a dream, but I do remember a title coming to me in a dream. I was working on a novel years ago (which I didn't finish, but I do intend to one of these days) The heroine was a Wedding planner and her bridal shop was called Dream Weddings. I actually forget what the original title was, but a title (HOLD THAT DREAM) came to me in a dream. I took it that Hold That Dream should be the new title, as well as that I should hold on to the story and not give up on it. Words are so wonderful, and so are dreams. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot  


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