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  • Stimulating Your Powers Of Intention

    219 members Latest Activity: 16 hours ago Can I create something just by the power of thought? Yes you can! You can change energies around you to create a more healing environment, protect…

  • Portal of Peace and Light

    165 members Latest Activity: 3 hours ago

    Welcome to this Group!

    A group for messages from light to help you get peace in your lifes

  • Animal Encounters

    127 members Latest Activity: 16 hours ago

    Hi all.  This group is for all the animal lovers out there who wish to share their experiences with animals big and small, wild and tame, beloved…

  • Space Brothers

    174 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    A group for all those of you who believe we are not alone in the Universe.

  • Walking the Labyrinth

    1 member Latest Activity: 20 hours ago

    What is a Labyrinth?
    Meditation In Motion

    Lesson one knowledge of the Labyrinth
    The Labyrinth


    52 members Latest Activity: 16 hours ago

    Cryptozoology (from Greek κρυπτός, kryptos, "hidden" + zoology; literally, "study of hidden animals") is a pseudoscience involving the search for…


    85 members Latest Activity: 19 hours ago

    Universe -
    All existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years…


    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 16

    This is the NEW "OV GUARDIAN HUT" for the OV Guardian Staff of this website...

  • Spirits of The Mist

    75 members Latest Activity: 36 minutes ago

     with the …

  • The People Voice

    37 members Latest Activity: May 23

    The People’s Voice Five-Hour Special Now Playing And Repeating Until We Go To Air Permanently

    The reaction has been fantastic and…

  • Goddesses--Embracing the Feminine Divine

    84 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago

    I have been studying and sharing information about Goddesses and their emerging presence during this time of global transformation. The title of…

  • Lightcasting and How Astrology Can Help Us to Grow

    111 members Latest Activity: 20 hours ago

    Information on the best way to Lightcast our reality.  Opening up the pitfalls which stop us and what to focus on in each transit according to our…

  • Crop Circles in-OVation

    364 members Latest Activity: on Thursday A celebration & exploration of a global modern mystery : The Crop Circles phenomenon. Administered by Omnitheus Oneironaut &…

  • Creator's Corner

    9 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

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Creations to manifestation ~ The parcours of energy from Source to Planetary level

*NOTE: Apologies is spelled wrong! * Whenever information is given to us from on High, what we receive, perceive and conceive is information that is tapped i...
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