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debra kelleher-sullivan
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  • Lakemont, Altoona
  • United States
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debra kelleher-sullivan commented on rose's video

A Greatly Inspiring Video - India

"bows genuinely carrying about all of humanity no divisions warmth and thoughtfulness is a way. let me serve whoever comes . take me where the need is I will go has been a communion daily . how can I serve"
Jul 3, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan joined Cindy Meadows's group

Animal Encounters

Hi all.  This group is for all the animal lovers out there who wish to share their experiences with animals big and small, wild and tame, beloved pet, pictures, videos, uplifting stories, funny stories, scary stories, unique stories, etc.  I love hearing stories about animals!  Will you join me in lively discussions and fun sharing?See More
Jun 20, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan commented on Dr. Paul Haider's blog post Whole Foods/Plant Based - Grilled Veggie Sandwich - Full of Nutrition
"grilled? not great for the health. bows"
Jun 3, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan commented on Lux OV Admin's video
May 4, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan joined Love IS the Answer ~Admin~'s group

Music Videos

A place to post and watch the most inspiriing and beautiful music videosSee More
Apr 17, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan joined Arizona Flame's group

Spirit Writers

Though my hands type, the Spirit writes through me. Often I will have a dream I am driven to write down, or I am seeing a vision as I am writing it. I do not know what I am about to write, only that I am being called to do so. The messages all have important meanings whether they are written poetically, in story form or even musically. They are meant to pass on. I invite you to spread the beauty of your writings.See More
Apr 12, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan joined Dragon Chimes OV Admin's group

Ancient Civilizations, Technologies Lost to Modern Day Earth

Lost Ancient Technologies , 10,000 years + ago that we have forgotten''If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.''  Nikola TeslaWelcome to the forum of lost Ancient Technologies, Cities that existed in our past, our Golden Ages, forgotten by modern day man, why? We don't really know, earth catastrophes, who knows, magnetic pole shifts that erased our memories? How many times has man lost his memories, only to restart once again from…See More
Apr 3, 2013
debra kelleher-sullivan commented on Lux OV Admin's photo


"thank you"
Apr 2, 2013

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At 16:32 on February 5, 2013, Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy said…

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Buddhist at Heart Group. There are some discussions and will be more.

At 13:54 on February 1, 2013, Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy said…

I appreciate your friendship and being able to share our interest in Goddesses and the Feminine Divine. We are all sisters of the light and my spirit sings whenever more of us connect.

Bright blessings,


At 0:38 on January 30, 2013, LavenderRose said…

At 9:30 on January 29, 2013, IamAnotherYou said…

... :) ...

... :) ...

At 13:16 on December 27, 2009, Omnitheus said…

Halo debra,

How are You my dear friend? We haven't spoken in awhile. Just stopping by to wish You : Happy Mass-Christ Consciousness...all the way from sizzling, sunny down-under (it was a scorching 40 degrees Celsius the other day here in OZ)!

Hope you had a Blessed December Solstice & a Merry Christmas. Wishing You the happiest of New Years! May 2010 be filled with many ONEders! Here's to a new decade - To Infinity & Beyond!

Blessed Be & Happy Holy Days!
Another (sunny) Point ov You : OM...

At 4:29 on November 8, 2009, Prospector said…
Hi Debra,
Thank you for your recent 'cast the circle' post. You sing with such a beautiful voice I wanted to let you know.
At 10:46 on October 27, 2009, Omnitheus said…

Halo debra,

Thank You for your recent, heart-felt comment. Much appreciated my Friend. Keep shining & spreading the magick!

"The YOUniverse is a mirror...Reflect on that."
~ Omnitheus Oneironaut.

May Today in-Joy You!

Blessed Be,
Another Point ov You : OM...

At 22:45 on October 16, 2009, Omnitheus said…

Halo debra,

Thank You for your recent comment on my post, "This Too, Shall Pass..." Much appreciated. Thought I'd drop by and leave you this too...


"Where Is The Water?"

My favourite myth/parable of all time is a quaint yet profound story found in the Vishnu Purana (a Hindu text) about a sage - Narada, asking Lord Vishnu to explain to him why people are deluded into living a life of illusion when all along they could be living in Truth, Sacred Time, and in ONEness Awareness...

Lord Vishnu offers to do so, but asks Narada in the meantime to fetch a cup of water.

Narada goes to the nearest house and knocks on the door to ask for the water. A beautiful and attractive young woman opens the door. Narada is completely captivated by her beauty, forgets about his fetching a cup of water for the Lord, forgets that he is an avowed celibate; and he woos and wins her hand.

They live together in a house after getting married and in due course, two beautiful children arrive in successive years. While they are living in contentment, suddenly a flash flood engulfs their neighbourhood and even their home. They have to try to escape as the flood waters rise and the current becomes stronger.

It becomes so strong that first one child, then the other, and finally his wife are swept away by the raging waters. Narada himself is barely able to maintain a precarious hold on a tree and is feeling terribly shocked by the tragedy that has befallen him.

While waiting thus, he hears Lord Vishnu's call asking him, "Where is the cup of water?".

Narada suddenly realizes that he was all the while standing on the firm ground and only a few moments had passed...

Lord Vishnu said, "Now you see how easy it is to fall into Illusion - as easy as going to fetch a cup of water...which itself is just a product of your imagination".


Blessed Be,
Another (fluid) Point ov You : OM...

ps(st) : So, how is that cup of water coming along?

At 3:34 on August 26, 2009, IamAnotherYou said…
BOWS !!!
At 19:39 on June 22, 2009, Omnitheus said…

Halo Debra. As requested & promised, here is your personal reading...


debra kelleher-sullivan : Numerological Vibration ~ 24/6

In this life, you are destined to be active, radiant & powerful (all this done with clarity of mind!). You have clairvoyant powers that you will learn to harness. Family, the home, love & justice are very important to you. Your sense of personal strength (physically & mentally) will be an enduring inspiration to many and you will master attainment on three planes of consciousness.

Your Tarot Reading : Your past shows me that you have a direct link to your subconscious - your receptive/intuitive side (that you have been cultivating this since you were quite young). You've always been able to pierce the veils of reality and balance the power between pairs of opposites. Since childhood, you've gained access to the Akashic Records (though you may not have always known this consciously).

The Present has been an ongoing series of awakening after awakening, coupled with surprising bolts of awareness. Do you feel as if stucture is crumbling down all around you? In the back of your mind however, you are always aware that what inspires fear in the ignorant...liberates the enlightened. Flashes of lightning will surface in your dreams and life...the Kundalini/electrical serpent force raising its power through your entire being...

Your Higher Self is whispering that the values you learn are to be shared. This also goes for material wealth. You understand this and have no problem following through. You are incredibly giving. And this can only speed up your life's mission/purpose.

Mentally, you are now leaving all that you know behind; embarking on a new thought-scape adventure; contemplating hidden mysteries & responding to your inner urge for something higher. Meditation will aid you at this time.

Emotionally, you are feeling greatly loved, wealthy, abundant, luxurious, secure and at ease. Your 'emotional garden' is currently lush with fruit. If you are not feeling this right now, look around you and focus on the things you do have, rather than brooding over the things you don't have...

On the physical plane, you are responsible for dispensing life, upliftment & inspiration to those around you. To others, you are highly inventive & spiritually powerful.

The 'bridge' to your future will see you holding the 'world in your hand'...with unlimited achievement in any line. Physical desire & spiritual unfoldment will be blended harmoniously.

The future is showing me a great reversal in your life. You will come to understand that things are not as they appear to be on the surface. You will look even deeper; become poised in consciousness and have perfect control. You will know that all problems of the world (that people will seemingly be entrapped by) will be because they see everything 'upside down'. You will see The Truth because you will finally be seeing everything 'right-side-up'. Others will think you're crazy but you'll have great peace of mind. And you'll be a living example of someone who has moved on from living egocentrically to someone who gives selfless service to others.

The Tarot Card for you to meditate on is : The Queen of Wands.


I hope this reading has helped. I've combined numerology with my own personal Tarot spread method (one I call the 'As Within, So Without' Spread). If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to ask.

Blessed Be,
Another Point of You : OM...


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