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One Month Into 2012 & We’ve Been Solar Fried!

Did your DNA get sunburned during January 2012? Does your head feel like it’s three times larger than normal…whatever “normal” is at this point? How’s your digestive tract been working, or rather, not working? How’s your Pituitary and other brain glands feeling lately? Do the tops of your eyes feel like they’re being pressed from above by the amplified Light energies in your brain/head? Is your body swollen, retaining fluid and/or bloated? How’s your inner antenna—you’re spine feeling? Sore, stiff, tight? How about your entire head and crown chakra? How about your tailbone, hips, pelvic area? How about your heart? Has your heart suddenly been pounding and having thudding palpitations in your chest lately? How about that nearly constant ringing in your ears and head from your brain, brain glands, and DNA being further evolved now?

When my biological Ascension Process started in February 1999, my body reacted to the 1999 (and later) solar energies with those lovely “Ascension Flu” symptoms; body and bone aches, chills, headache, and the occasional sudden stabbing ice pick-like pains in certain bones for a couple of seconds that literally took your breath away. From the mid-1990s on I’ve been periodically incapacitated by solar energies (solar flares, CMEs etc.) and was forced to rest and/or nap if I could while I had chills, severe body and bone aches and pains, and numerous other ascension symptoms. Over the years these solar triggered ascension symptoms have lessened and become more easily dealt with, not because the energies being transmitted have lessened since 1999 because they’ve steadily increased, but it’s the way they affect our bodies and why that’s changed.

These Cosmic and Galactic Light energies being transmitted to and through our Sun are rapidly evolving us, our bodies and consciousness. As we’re increasingly altered and evolved by these energies over the years, the pain we feel from them, the areas of our bodies, brains, DNA and everything else changes and feels different to us. The ascension symptoms that felt like they’d kill me five, ten, thirteen years ago are today both much less painful or non-existent because I’m carrying more Light and less density within me which means I’m vibrating faster and at a higher level now as we all are. However, with our entry into 2012, these solar transmissions have amplified tremendously so we’re once again dealing with what feels like different and more potent Light energies bombarding us, our bodies, brains and consciousness now. Because of this many people are currently feeling the solar energies in different body-parts; our heads, brains, and brain glands primarily. (Please remember those Stair Steps and that every person is not standing on the same step or level or timeline with this Process and because of this everyone experiences these solar ascension symptoms in slightly different ways and in different body-parts.)

With the start of 2010, the solar Light Energies caused pains and pressure in one area in the left (from the old 3D system of duality–female) side of my head/skull. My entire scalp and skull felt bruised and was sore constantly. The previous and familiar “Ascension Flu” solar symptoms had eased considerably with some of them gone entirely, but in 2010 it was painfully clear they were now focused in my/our heads, brains, and brain glands (Pituitary and Pineal primarily). With the larger solar flares/CME in 2010, 2011, and 2012 my body still experiences chills like when you have a fever, but my head has hurt with tremendous inner pains and pressures (not “headaches”) nearly constantly. Even though this head pain and pressure is constant it increases and diminishes in waves. The head pain is always there but sometimes much more painfully so than at other minutes, hours, days and nights.

Since 2010 I’ve felt these energies more in my spine, the left side of my head, and my Crown and Brow chakras. With the start of 2011, these solar transmissions caused my entire head, skull, eyes, jaw and into my sinuses to hurt and feel bruised and sore constantly. There were many months in 2011 when the pain was focused primarily on the right (from the old 3D system of duality–male) side of my head. Eventually the head pain and pressure was everywhere and would move from the whole head to an area on the right side, then back to the left side, then to the back of my head and neck, then to the top, then the front and down into the forehead and Brow chakra. I could feel my Pituitary being changed and connected, Rewired, in more complex ways with my Pineal and other brain glands. Literally our two brain halves have been Rewired to function as a (from the new 5D system of polarity integration and resolution) unified organ. Along with that our Pineal and Pituitary glands are being Rewired, connected, evolved into far more complex unified systems that can perceive much, much more.

With the start of 2012, it’s felt like we’ve lived six months worth of life in only the month of January! This is a clue as to how fast the rest of this year is going to unfold. The solar transmissions have shifted into final year mode and are quickly integrating and transforming our heads/brains/brain glands like never before. In late 2011 and all of January 2012 I’m feeling the energies in the tailbone and hips area too. It seems we’re feeling these energies at both the top and bottom—the head and base areas primarily with the occasional heart expanding palpitations and poundings as it becomes our new ascended base of operations. It’s going to be like this throughout 2012 so rest when you need to and don’t try to push yourself during these tremendous blasts and waves of higher dimensional energies altering us. I’ve tried pushing through the head pains and pressures to work and/or to write which only cause me to become nauseous and forced me to bed. Lesson learned, now I rest and/or nap when these amplified solar energies are doing what they are and I suggest you do the same.

Here’s a list of some 2012 ascension solar symptoms I’m experiencing and know you are too:

  • severe head and skull pains and pressures—not traditional “headaches”
  • severe eye pains and pressures, blurred vision, sensitivity to light
  • sinus pains, pressures and soreness
  • head pains and pressures radiating down into the temples and side jaw area
  • constant ringing in the ears
  • dizziness, sense of tipping or falling, feeling ungrounded
  • exaggerated sense of smell
  • ultra-sensitive hearing
  • hot flashes, cold flashes
  • vivid weird dreams, psychically dreaming other people’s dreams (collective)
  • sore, bruised, tender scalp
  • hair loss and/or thinning hair
  • Crown chakra – top of head pains and pressures
  • Brow chakra – forehead pains and pressures
  • pain and stiffness in spine
  • body and legs/feet swelling and/or fluid retention
  • pain in tailbone and hip area
  • heart palpitations, heart pounding while at rest
  • easily becoming breathless or winded
  • exhaustion
  • feeling like you only have an 1/8th of a tank of fuel (energy) in you & once it’s gone you’re exhausted again
  • seeing brilliant white light or light flares emanating from around your head and/or upper body
  • seeing brilliant colored lights or balls of colored light
  • increasing knowing over linear thinking
  • perception of linear time further disintegrating into increasing spherical “NOW” consciousness
  • growing happiness, joy, confidence, peace



2012 Ascension Symptoms & the Global Sound Phenomenon


 I hope you will enjoy these articles as much as I did packed with tons of information much confirming what my inner knowing is telling me.

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Comment by Sunflower on February 19, 2012 at 14:37
This changed me n my family's life for the better, esp me n my dad, we both no longer need medication for our high blood pressure after decades on it n my dad's psoriasis has improved so much he NO LONGER NEEDS to go for the punishing twice weekly Uv booth treatment.
Treating Blood pressure, lowering heart rate and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression:
A small study in Japan found that blood pressure was lowered by the Schumann resonance, with the effects on human health needing to be investigated further
The full study here:
By Division of Neurocardiology and Chronoecology, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Medical Center East, Tokyo, Japan
Schumann Resonances, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of Geomagnetic Activity.
A large number of studies have found significant correlations between Solar and Geomagnetic Activity (S-GMA) indexes and human health and biological effects for mainly high but also for low activity levels. These studies therefore support the proposal that S-GMA may be a natural hazard. The studies also suggest that this might relate to loss of homeostatic equilibrium in vulnerable people. Effects identified include reduced melatonin, increased blood pressure, and increases in cancer, neurological and cardiac disease and death. A plausible mechanism between S-GMA and mammals would advance this proposal. The loss of synchronization in many of these health effects suggests the involvement of a timing mechanism such as the inability to detect and respond to an ELF Zeitgeber which provides synchronization of neurological, cardiac and cellular functions. Biophysical communication systems use oscillating calcium ions that are shown to be altered by external ELF signals. The Schumann Resonance signal, as a natural globally available ELF signal, is proposed as this biophysical mechanism. Its intensity varies diurnally, seasonally, with GMA events and with sunspot activity. The SR signal is extremely highly correlated with solar and GMA indices. Physically this occurs because S-GMA systematically changes the D-Region electron densities so that this systematically alters the upper boundary of the SR resonant cavity. The D-Region is the upper boundary of the resonant cavity in which the Schumann Resonance signal is generated. There is strong evidence that human brains can detect and respond to the Schumann Resonance signal. Hence there is considerable support for the hypothesis that the Schumann Resonance signal is a plausible biophysical mechanism for the observed health effects of S-GMA. Hence there is also strong support for the proposal that S-GMA is a natural hazard. A strong link between the SR signal and tropical temperature implies that increasing climatic extremes will generate increased extremes of SR signals especially around periods of sunspot maximum.
This is the larger paper of Schumann Resonance study which was peer-reviewed
Suicide and Solar Activity linked through the Schumann Resonance Signal.
Monthly suicide rates in a New Zealand city, Christchurch, are found to have a highly significant adaptive homeostatic relationship to the monthly sunspot number. A reasonable scientific question is ?how can sunspots on the sun cause suicide on the earth?? The answer to the question is ?through the Schumann Resonance signal which is modulated by the solar activity and is detected by the human brain and modulates the Melatonin output, which is related to serious depression and suicide.? The Schumann Resonance signal provides a homeostatic control of brain activity. Therefore increased and decreased Schumann Resonance intensity, produced by increased and decreased solar activity, is shown to produce homeostatic relationships with c
Comment by Star Flower on February 19, 2012 at 13:59

lift-off.   :)

Comment by Star Flower on February 19, 2012 at 13:59

I have a recurring dream wherein I'm on a cargo plane with just a few others, never more than a dozen. The plane lifts off and touches back down several times, as if life-off is difficult, and it comes down quite often in the middle of a city.  There is an element of concern for me because there are no seat belts to fasten and I feel vulnerable. The plane always makes it to either Africa or Australia in the end, without any problems. I haven't had this dream in several years though. Now I dream I'm on a mothership, being shown its many levels.

Comment by Belinda on February 19, 2012 at 13:43

I hve High blood pressure Star flower, and am on meds for it. I am not sleeping much but when I do  I know I have dreamed because they are vivid, I just cant recall them or if I can get little snippets they dont make any sense. I have a feeling I am meant to be going on a plane somewhere, as somel of my dreams I have been on a plane with lots of others, but I never know where I am going whereas everyone else seems to know.


Comment by Star Flower on February 19, 2012 at 13:20

Heaviness in the legs is a symptom that should be reported to your doctor, Belinda. It can be the fore-runner to cardio-vascular problems. Is your blood pressure normal? 

I am mostly sleeping -- 14 hrs at a time with vivid dreaming -- but I thought I was just being lazy. The dreams are sometimes more real than waking life. Sometimes I don't wish to awaken from them. 


Star Flower

Comment by Dorothy Peer Promiscuo on February 19, 2012 at 12:56

Yep, I have many of these symptoms, Sally Jane--especially the exhaustion. Thanks for sharing--Love and Light, always, Dot

Comment by Lola Reinhart on February 19, 2012 at 12:55

I have had ALL of the above too!  Just thought it was getting older.  Maybe i'll be young for a few years longer!  Hah!  Seems I work really hard a couple of days then rest all day for the next.  Feeling alot better thought with the SunShine we've been getting.  Don't get much of that here.  Rainbows of Love and Light

Comment by Belinda on February 19, 2012 at 11:48

I am having lots of these symptoms, so glad to know its not age catching up with me, like I thought it was :)   long with the symptoms listed I also have insomnia, nausea, and  feeling I have weights attached to my legs.  Are these also  ascension symptoms, does any one else have these ?


Comment by Art Bosman on February 19, 2012 at 11:35

. Sorry . Sally Jane  .. I have discovered . All the goods of the new light . Bombarding us  .. But have not had any of the discomfort . that are mentioned here . None at all ..  Art . 

Here is the light .  We are all feeling  . This is how heaven shows us . how it is coming into us and the earth  

Comment by Faith Lubitz on February 19, 2012 at 11:21

actually now that I see that long list of annoying symptoms, I feel lucky, I only have fatigue, and cold hands and feet! I love that finally at the end of the list, we get...'growing happiness, joy, peace..


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