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Man claims he's been chosen to stop the Galactic Federation of Light

Some of you know my take on the GFOL and NESARA and the whole "Ascension" scenario. Basically (1) I don't believe there is a GFOL, (2) NESARA is huge scam, and (3) I don't believe any kind of planetary "ascension" process is taking place. I'm simply intrigued by these things as social/cultural phenomena. I find it all very fascinating.

Now I've come across a bit of a new slant on the GFOL scenario. Here's a guy who claims he was chosen to stop the GFOL from arriving on earth. There's some great detail to his story and he comes off as quite sincere. Does anyone here happen to know who this fellow is? At the end of the video, he says he won't make any more videos. It made me think maybe he'd made some previous videos. If so I'd be interested in seeing them but I don't know who he is. If anyone can point me to other videos this person has posted anywhere on the net, I'd be grateful.  Here's the video:

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Comment by Dany Pellerin on March 17, 2012 at 7:53

@Astari: I did not say that I'm not able to wrap my mind about the terminology "ascension", what I said is that I can't wrap my mind around a "physical ascension". I meant I don't see how it can work, there are things that do not add up. The terminology ascension is so different from one person to another, that when I hear someone talking about ascension, I first ask them to define exactly what they are talking about. Most of the time, people are talking about an ascension in "higher dimensions", and when I ask them to clarify what these higher dimensions are, they have no clue or it is very vague. And often times if they talk about it, again it is something that they read or heard, and they don't even have an experience or evidence to support it. Sometimes ascension refers to raising the vibration, that I can wrap my mind around. When it is talking about a new cycle, a new beginning, yes I can understand this one too. But a planet that is going from a physical 3D world, with all it's inhabitants, and ascending to another reality (5D), I have a bit of difficulty with this version of ascension!

I know other dimensions do exist, because I went in the astral realm, and my understanding is the astral is part of the 4th dimension, and if I take the model of George Kavassilas, the 4th dimension is huge and is divided in many different octave, or layers, and some beings that are coming from layers that are above some others are saying they are from the 5th, 6th, or 7th, but the are only in different layers of the 4th.

That being said, I don't see how the planet with all it's inhabitant will go from a physical state of existence (3D), to a dimension that is even higher that the highest of the astral realm. I'm not saying it is impossible, only that it seems very unlikely to me and I can't see how it can happen.

Comment by Dany Pellerin on March 17, 2012 at 7:37

@Gary, I had an OBE, and if you want to see it for yourself, maybe you should try it. You'll realize that your physical body is an apparatus that is very limited compared to your consciousness! I can indeed tell you that YES we can see when out-of-body, because I experienced it. Can you see in your dreams? In your dreams you are not looking with your eyes, but it is happening in the brain. Vision is not only about light, it is about the brain interpreting the light frequencies and putting it in images for the consciousness to see. And so it is limited by the capacities of the eyes to perceive light and the capacities of the brain to decode the light.

I do have different ideas as to how it works, but it is only speculation. If you don't want to spend time trying to be out of body, you can read thousands of books on OBE and you will realize they are all saying the same thing,  you can SEE when you are out of body!

My favorite video about OOBE-NDE is this one, it's funny and quite accurate :

Comment by Dany Pellerin on March 17, 2012 at 7:26

@Victoria, I'm am sorry but your comment is only a personal attack to Gary, and has absolutely no substance. We project our reality onto other people, maybe you should look at what you are projecting onto him. My perspective is that it seems you are not accepting this part of yourself that is down-to-earth, discerning and well-grounded. Can I remind you of the fact that he just said what he believes is true? Can I remind you of the fact that the "good" and the "bad" is only a mental concept, and that it is not absolute but it is relative to every single individual.

It seems to me like you live in a world of "the good guys" and "the bad guys", and you've put those who are saying words of love and light without any demonstration in the box "good guys", and all the others that are asking question and trying to discern where the truth is, in the category of "the bad guys", without really questioning anything. 

Because that's what Gary is doing, he just wants to know the truth, as all of us. Saying this he is part of the Illuminati and is dark is well... It shows that maybe you should start to think for yourself and question, and don't rely on what you see at first sight. You don't know him personally so the next time, before making statements like that, I would suggest that you make your homework. This was a personal attack with statements that are just not supported by any evidence, and well I'm pretty sure Gary had a good laugh after reading your comment.

That being said, I'm sorry if my comment hurt you, maybe you just can't hear it and it was useless for me to share my perspective with you because I will find myself in the box of "the bad guys". But maybe I planted a seed, and that from now on you will start to think before judging only at first sight with only very limited information.

Much love and light!

Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on March 17, 2012 at 5:15

Gary, you are so pathetically sad..... you have this anger.. this hatred for 

beings who HAVE Ascended and who are from our future timelines and you

also FEAR that they may just be real.... you kid yourself into believing they

are not... yet you support someone who foolishly thinks he can "stop" the

FOL. Personally, I think YOU work for the Illuminati and you are a dark person.

ANYTHING that is of the Light and that brings HOPE to this world upsets you.

You have shown yourself for just what you are.

Comment by Phoenix on March 17, 2012 at 3:40

Gary, I had to study vibrational medicine with Radionics in order to

understand it scientifically.  It was the way that I came to understand

spirituality, not the other way around.  I learned about the subtle bodies

and how to send frequencies for healing to each one specifically.

If you would like I can see if I can find some information on it.

Also I would suggest that you look into Walter Russell and his

explanations about science.  It is very different than what we

have been taught to believe.  Here is one of his videos and there

are many more on youtube.

Comment by aida alm on March 17, 2012 at 2:48

sorry i just saw the last part by mistake, when i saw the video from the beginning, i realized that he did refer to george k and mentioned that he didnt believe him in the beginging.. i feel what he is saying is real

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on March 17, 2012 at 2:37

@Phoenix - I'll just have to take your word for it. I still wonder how it works. Someone please explain the physics of that to me. :-)

Comment by Phoenix on March 17, 2012 at 2:24

Gary, when we leave our physical 3D body, we have another more

subtle body which most definitely has eyes (including our third eye).

Our sense of color is much more heightened and clear in vision.  We

are able to see colors outside of the visible light spectrum that we

have in 3D.  The etheric body is still considered a physical body, even

though our 3D science does not know or recognize it as such. 

Many of us have experienced this vision and I have it at night when

I close my eyes.  I can "see through" my eyelids and feel another

set of eyes that can be opened or closed.  I can also "see" with

my third eye in the daytime, when I nap and at night as well.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on March 17, 2012 at 1:47

@Astari - "Nesara" isn't even really a literary "term". It's nothing more than an acronym, N.E.S.A.R.A., which stands for (or stood for) the National Economic Security And Recovery Act. It was proposed by Dr. Harvey Barnard (an engineering consultant) back in the 90s and had to do with replacing the income tax with a national sales tax among other related but rather mundane things. It was nothing like the current conspiracy-laden rip-off version. A woman named Shaini Candace Goodwin (who called herself the "Dove of Oneness" simply latched onto the acronym and created this whole fantasy scenario around it. There's a long, annotated and extremely detailed history of how this all came about and who the major players were:

It's fascinating and kind of sad at the same time.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on March 17, 2012 at 1:00

@Dany - Interesting about that guy you met. If you see him again could you ask him how it is that he could see colors when he's out of body? If I'm not mistaken, colors only exist in so far as there are physical eyes to absorb the varying wavelengths of light and a brain to translate that information into what we call colors. If he's outside his body, I presume he didn't take his eyes and brain with him. I'm not inferring that he didn't see the colors. I'd just like to know how that works without the physical apparatus that we usually need to perceive the phenomenon we call color.

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