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Overview of The Moon Matrix (new David Icke material)

Overview of The Moon Matrix (new David Icke material)


  • The moon is an artificial ‘space-station’ that acts as a ‘mission control’ for the Reptilian agenda, brought to Earth by these races somewhere between 300,000 and 10,000 years ago (most likely). The number most attributed is around 200,000 years ago.
  • Many cultures of the world remember when the moon had not yet come to Earth, and they abound with stories of how the Earth changed when the moon was first brought here. Some of these cultures still existing today include the Zulus of Africa, the Mozces tribe of Columbia, and the Yuezhi of Central Asia. In ancient times it was common knowledge in Greece as well as Babylon as well.
  • “Before the moon came, there were no seasons and the planet was permanently surrounded by a canopy of water vapor. People did not feel the fierce glare of the Sun, as we do today, and they could only see it through a watery mist.”
  • The Statue of Liberty is really a representation of Semiramis, the Babylonian moon Goddess (another name for Lilith), given to the USA by Freemasons in France who knew exactly the meaning of the statue.
  • Even though the Reptilians may seem “male-oriented” and “macho”, remember, at the very top of their hierarchy is always the Queen, the same as with ants and bees, and the Queen of the Moon is Semiramis.
  • The moon and sun appear to be the same size in the sky (to us) although in reality, they are much different in size. This is not coincidence. The probability of this being natural is beyond reason. It exists because of design, to lock us into the “system of the moon”.
  • The moon is “hacking the system”, and re-coding the codes of creation found inside photons emitted from the sun (units of light energy), re-wiring the system for the benefit of the Reptilians.
  • There is a primal Moon-Earth-Crystal link, since crystals are naturally transmitters-receivers of energy. Crystals are not good and not bad, they are neutral. What is important is what frequency you are transmitting, or what frequency you are receiving, but beware because most frequencies beamed down to Earth are based within the moon, as part of the grand brain-wash program.
  • Lei-lines are actually following underground “rivers of crystal” (literally) and all the large standing stones, pyramids, etc. are really used to block the powers of the moon, not enhance it. They are like the acupuncture needles on meridian points, blocking a certain flow to free up other flows
  • The reason there are more lei-lines in England and Ireland is that there are large deposits of crystal deep underground there. “The United Kingdom is in so many ways the hub of the global conspiracy at the operational level because the black magicians of the Illuminati want to control the ‘heart of the pattern’ to hijack the Earth’s energy to harness that energy for their own purposes…”
  • Pyramids are the “calling cards” of the Reptilians…
  • There was a time when the oceans were fresh water (also remembered by many native tribes around the world). The Reptilians introduced salt to the Earth (and to the oceans) at around the same time as they introduced the moon. The salt helps the Moon’s ability to “harness us in”, as well as help to calcify our pineal gland, and keep up from awakening to our true Multidimensional selves..
  • Even in the biblical writings, there is talk of a covenant between Man and God based on salt. Here is but one example: “The Hebrew term ‘melakh’ (covenant of salt) relates to the ‘mal’akh’ (the angel or shining king).”
  • Dark matter is NOT DARK!! It vibrates beyond the speed of light, therefore to our current sciences ‘it doesn’t exist’. That’s the only reason they call it ‘dark’. They should call it “Godlike Matter”, because it’s just that much more “Godlike”….resonating with more possibility, not less…
  • There is always a rise in crime during full moons
  • There was no menstrual cycle before the moon came.
  • This was another way if reinforcing the system of duality. Men and women had recently been ‘engineered’, so why not now ‘Night and Day’?
  • The moon keeps up in the illusion of a ‘time loop’, perpetual day and night, when really we live in a Reality of Timelessness…
  • (another entire Blog could be written to describe why the first moon landing were a complete hoax….look up: The Stanley Kubrick Conspiracy)
  • Hundreds of imminent scientists have dismissed the moon as being a natural object. There are so many scientific reasons why it is not natural, once again….we need another blog….it’s just that much more info….



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Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 6, 2012 at 7:03

Yes my young lion.

You are everybit of what you say that you are.

I was waiting for the correct response and very few do know it.

Your mind is quick and your thoughts are even quicker.

I will rest this expression for now until the fire that comes from your blade quickens the steel and finishes testing your brow.

You are the candidate par excellent.

I watch as you sleigh every dragon and defeat every foe, until you pile them all up in front of you by the mountains full.


Then I will show you the better way to hold back an entire armys advance while you sit in front of a tree and eat an apple as you vanquish each danger and foe with a smile or a nod or a twitch of your finger.


Life is very much made of the adventure that you manifest for you and only you, but you will learn this one day and save the sharpness of your blade for the big battle of life.

Good day to you my Warrior Apprentice.

When your blade dulls, let me know, I have a whole castle full of dull swords and bent up armour.


For now, I conceed to your strength and vigar, as I wait patiently for the sound at my castle door that becons and calls to me asking me if I have room in my castle for a few wagon full of dull blades that you will not have room to keep in your castle.


Respect and freindship to you as a friend.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 6:03

Agreed young apprentice.

You are close to finding the Stone and its powers.

Concentrate on the task at hand and follow your nose and see if you can see with your mind the rest of the way to complete the task.

It is all around you, and yet you can not see what is right in front of your eyes.

Tell me what the answer is and I will grant you a final key.

You are so close and yet your ego may lead you astray.

Almost there and yet so far.

Find it and possess eternity.

Do you know of what I speak of ?

Less words and more mind are necessary to bring gold to your doorstep.

Hoping you finish this quest quickly.

I will see if you are worthy of such knowledge when you respond.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 1:57

Well said my young and talented friend.

However, we most always remember that during the time that we cast our shadows across perception of this hologram that we call life, that quantum physics is always in affect on either side of the coin.

You are wise and very intelligent and it would be even wiser to hide such wisdom.

Those who observe you are friends and foes alike.

It is the sheep that lives who gives the wolf the impression that it is prey.

I have seen many sheep eaten by wolves who follow the basic understanding and rules of predator and prey.

However, there are other times when I turn away just ever so slightly to tempt a quantum outcome, and low and behold, I get the opposite reaction that I expected.

It is known and understood in and on other worlds, that many times the wolf is actually the prey and most of the time we never see it from our trained state of perception.

ANd it is understood that the wolf is actually the prey and the man is persued by the woman and we rest knowing that one is the other and the other is the same.

Look and see with your mind my young friend, and know that very few things in this life are what they seem to be.

Those who have ruled over us for centuries understand this law and basic rule of the universe and subscribe to its mystery.

THis is another secret of how they attain greatness over those who perceive that the banquet before them is to be eaten and the wise know that it is to be observed and not consumed.

Bring your mind to the table and we will see if what we are seeing is meant to be.

Tell your soul to be still and learn what it is and discover the secret of this worlds real biz.

Know that know and think that you don't and all will be well as things develope won't.

The mind has the answer to all that you know.

The real trick is in hiding and never to show.


You have been gifted with secrets of the Stone, but know that you know you are never alone.

On the stone is the key and the key can open all that you know and all is awoken.

Welcome my friend, the Matrix is a distant past memory for you now and is percieved as only a bad dream that never happened.

You have returned home at last.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 4, 2012 at 13:30

You are a younger me and I am a an older you.


You even have my snese of humor, and thats scary.

Keep driving your mind at the speed of light Vlada.

Believe me, your mind can take that and an endless amount more.

I am very proud of the way that you question everything.

This is the apex of genius my friend and if you push your mind hard and long enough, only great things can come to you because slow things just cant catch up.

Actually, as I am looking at the joker clap his hands, like me, I can see that you can be quite a smart ass sometimes.

And thats a lot like me.

I wonder if we are duplicates of each other that are existing on 2 seperate and yet fused dimensions unilaterally swinging in and out of each others dimensions, and yet we remain dimensionally unconnected.


I am going to have to give ethat some thought.



Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 2, 2012 at 6:03

Thanks Vlada.

It is so funny to look into the night sky and think that everything is changing so fast now.

At first I thought that it was just my imagination, but now, I know it is really changing to a new configuration that I have never seen before.

Who, What and Why is almost explainable to my minds eye.

I feel like all of it is being redesigned all over again, and this time, nobody is going change it to what they want it to be ever again.

The stars are so bright and shiny as well as distant planets that could not be seen clearly before.

Now I look into the night sky and it is lit up like a christmas tree on steroids.

Clouds are nicer and light is brighter.

I swear it looks like someone is painting a completely new sky and I am getting to watch them do it.

What the heck is happening up there is anybodys guess, but from my vantage point, I am watching Picasso and De Vinci and Michael Angelo do some wild things in the sky that I feel has not been done before.

This is all so beautiful to watch with all of its spectacular rearraingments and settings.

Love every minute of it.

Glad to be here to see it.

Waiting for all of it is over, it comes like the roar of a lion and still quiet as a lamb.

My eyes are opening to a brand new horizon that my mind has created and nothing can stop its shine and glimmer no way no how.

I am that, that I am and will be so forever and ever.

So I am as you are and we do this dance together rather we like it or not.

Coming home.


Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 2, 2012 at 3:21

So true Vlada.

I think I am a little older than you are so if I resonate at a little different frequency, then you.

However, we Older Indigo have been here for a while and a lot of us have come to the conclusion of live and let live.

We take this stance because we have become wise enough to be able to decipher many of the Dark and Light sides and realize that everything has its own frequency and we like to pick somewhere in the middle.

This is a learned balance that can not be taught, but needs to be experienced.

In my deep youth, I listened to all kinds of music but leaned more towards loud and expressive musical expressions that reflected my mood or taste at that time.

My cosmic engine then was amped up to a level that many people older then me often told me to turn it down for God's sake!

I turned and looked at them and wondered why they may have been offended by the loud bass's and ear peercing twanging of a lead guitar. pied pippering all of us young bucks to the beckoning of a music source that only we heard.

The funny thing about all of it was that I did not realize it at the time,but all of us young folk wanted to be heard and some of our protest music and loud rythm's and lyrics expressed it all to well to a generation of oldsters who just did not seem to get the message.

Later I found out that many of them did get the message, and that is why the guy next to me was telling me to turn it down.

Of course we did not have the kind of boosting power and cosmic amplification electronic equiptment that your generation has access to, but none the less it was all loud in any case.

Once an old timer told me that all music is beautiful, the only difference is the listener.

So thinking back, I feel confident when I say, all music is great, but I tend to ask people who are sitting within range of my music, if they minded if I played my music while they are near me.

Most of them ask me if I have earphones, and would I mind putting them on ?

Music is the true reality of every living being in the Universe, and its song is magnificient to hear as long as we think of others needs and moods while we are playing it.

Our world is a endless series of wave patterns and sounds that preface who and what each one of us truly is.

Finding peace and truth in a world which has no defined catagorical displacement assigned to it, for all of it is an illusion.



Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 1, 2012 at 14:53

Thanks William.

Jupiter and Venus is lighting up the sky from my vantage point in the north east sky.

I also noticed that recently the moon and venus and jupiter are doing some kind of dance together in the night sky and I can't help but notice it when I see it.

Their dance is starting to get brighter and brighter every week or so or maybe it is every month.

Our planets seem to be changing their original formations and soon I will start to chart these changes even closer.

You are the only person who answered my question my friend.

That means that you are also noticing the changes in the sky.

I believe that soon many will start to notice these magnificient changes.

Thanks for answering my question, hopefully others will start to look up and know.


Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 1, 2012 at 14:43

Thanks Donna.

Since I was a little kid, I have had the notion that I am some kind of knight on a constant mission to help and save people sometimes. Haha

Whats funny is that many times, I find myself getting help from them after I may have extended to much lance or sword, and have found myself on the short end od the stick many times for it.

You would think that I would have learned that to much lance given can sometime lead to a very short stick.

But I keep fighting dragons and wizards no matter what.

I call it dumb knight syndrome.

If I showed people how many scars and bruise's I have accrued it would be enough to fill 3 dungeons in the largest castle.

When people need help, I seem to stumble into their lives to help and assist as best I can.

I try to help any and all who ask.

I expect nothing in return other than to see that they are doing well.

Recently, I have found that all of my knightly attempts to save people sometimes back fires because some people take advantsge of my help, by thinking that I am their personal soldier of fortune.

Thats when I get on my horse and quickly ride off into the sunset like in the old movie "Shane" (Allen Ladd).

Honestly, to me it feels good to help people and that is why I have done it.

IN real life, I am just a guy who has a lot of respect for the underdog because there was a time when I was the underdog, and I never forgot it.

Respect and kindness is what we all need and one day we will all understand that to.

Comment by Donna Harcos on March 31, 2012 at 15:59

Hi Regg: It really made me chuckle in a happy way when I read your comments - you do know how it is and has been - life that  is - Love these two sentences...

*When people see you they already know that you are different.

*We who are blessed have that presence about us all of the time.

My aunt told me when I was 16 I was different that I had an air about me and called it a name I have forgotten but never forgot the fact that I was different. It's true - never quite fitting in...and still to this day just a little faster than some in waking up.  Your words are very supportive and I thank you for that. 

My seatbelt is fastened and am holding on tight enjoying the ride through this time - looking forward to all that is coming with excitement and wonder.  I find your words very supportive and I am beginning tounderstand how when we need someone in our lives that right person shows up.  I know I have done the same for people recently and so I double thank you for this encouragement you have given.  Much apapreciated.  Blessings 


Comment by William Farmoon on March 31, 2012 at 13:20

fyi in response to Comment by Reginald Reeves on March 23, 2012 at 11:40am: the bright "stars" in the western sky @ sunset (northern hemi) are Venus and Jupiter :)

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