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Cancer/Candida: Why it starts and how to heal it

There is a BIG secret that the insider medical Illuminati dont want us to know.....It's true that Cancer is overactive cell growth/malfunction.....but WHY?


The answer lies with a naturally-occuring fungus within our bodies: Candida

The Candida fungus is the cause of all cancer.

What happens is that this naturally-occuring fungus is usually kept at low, stable levels.....thanks to our IMMUNE SYSTEM!


So it is a weakened immune system that leads to the spread of the fungus Candida. When the fungus starts to spread, the body quickly reacts by forming a 'barrier' of cells, to try to keep the fungus contained. This is the 'cancer', which is really just the body's natural defense mechanism against Candida.


What has caused this particular breakdown of the immune system in the first place? Why didnt the immune system keep the fungus at bay???


Here it is, the big secret: Emotion


Emotion is the first cause of any cancer. What is emotion? Emotion(e-motion) means 'to stop movement'. When we focus on one emotion (namely fear, hate, pride, etc...) we become 'glued' to that one specific 'frequency' of thought, whereas our natural state is a sliding scale of All Possibility. We werent meant to ever become 'trapped' by emotions....


also, "to stop movement" also applies to the internal transfer of information via the brain and neural networks, which in turn create a "blockage" in the immune system's performance.


So, here we have it. An 'addiction' to a (negative) emotion weakens the immune system, which allows Candida to spread, which creates the cancerous 'barrier', which spreads as the fungus grows....


So.....the CURE for CANCER? change your emotions, a good start would be to empty out your mind and then think long and hard about what you will fill it back up with again....


Love and Laughter, Ever After



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Comment by Gertrude van Voorden on July 21, 2013 at 6:27

Candida is just a gutbacteria we all have. Using f.i. antibiotics kills of a lot of good bacteria, that normally keep the candida in check, they then multiply fast, while the good bacteria sometimes cannot be reintroduced. Probiotics often contain only dead material, that does nothing. It is then that Candida can turn into a fungus and can even cause leaky gut. Then the mycelia of the Candidafungus can start to grow everywhere. Apparently the make a hard shell like cockroaches and diet does not cure the fungus. Luceferon is said to break this shell and cure the candida. There is a site online selling it. Normally it is used on pets to keep them fleafree. Often people in hospital die because of being vulnerable due to Candida, even officially recognized in the Netherlands. In baking soda is no aluminium, but in baking powder, which is mostly GMO there is, i read. There is  a lot to do about cancerviruses being created and about cancer monkey viruses being in vaccinations. A page on the official site recognizing that, was recently deleted. I just started on baking soda again  in a more serious dose then i did before. Saw in a docu it cured cancer. So check back in a week or so. It tastes disgusting and i put it in the freezer, finding it easier to drink that way. They say not to use salt on the days you use baking soda. Others say we get to little salt and we should use only seasalt.

Comment by Rick Jordan on March 21, 2013 at 14:41

wow cool, thanks for all the extra info everyone! I do the baking soda thing too, however now I am back in Thailand and they only have one brand, not sure if it has alluminum in it or not so I just gargle a ton. Back in the States I used the Bob Red Mill baking soda, miracle product.


about the emotion thing, the whole "Medical Establishment" is a self-perpetuating cycle of fear, beginning with the diagnosis. As soon as you're "diagnosed" you fall into the helplessness/ fear trap.


I live under the assumption that we all have cancer, because even if we dont, we eventually will, UNLESS we implement these cures/changes as part of our new lifestyle. As long as we sieze the moment and constantly practice good health through eating right, exercising right, and thinking positive thoughts, we are cured (or well on our way to being cured)


The "established medical system" is such a blatant lie it makes me sick

Comment by jeremy clifford on March 18, 2013 at 10:10

 i recommend m s m.....nothing short of miracle all round health aid. de calcifies pineal gland.allows cell membranes to soften(if you know diebetics who cant absorb sugar because their cell wall has hardened),calified joints to loosen and straighten,people with alzheimers .ms conditions...take virtually no pain prolongers once started daily for few weeks.....along with alkali diet and no saccarin/sweetners/aspartame sugar..check vibrant life site.....lots of testimonies off people

Comment by Guy on March 18, 2013 at 9:22

Check out the work done by a  Dr.Hamer.A controversial finding that shock and trauma are responsible for cancer.I read his book

and found it quite interesting.

And in response to Helen Hutton's post,check out the following site:

Interesting topic Rick.Be well.

Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on March 18, 2013 at 6:30

Thank You, I agree with this 100 percent. I wish everyone could grasp this information.Also 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day will keep the body's PH balanced and cancer cells CAN NOT live in a proper alkalined body

Comment by rose on March 17, 2013 at 21:35

A great little video to support those looking to start research on alternative or suppressed healing options

Cancer Solutions

Cancer Solutions

A terrific clip to help folk start searching for alternatives to Cancer Drugs More links to help below the vifeo.


Do you regularly experience headaches, fatigue, yeast infections or brain fog? If so, you might be suffering from Candida.


Comment by Rick Jordan on March 23, 2012 at 16:16

Thanks everyone for your comments! I agree with all of you! Our words and ideas are all each different sides to the same shape, yes, we are One!

Yes, I can clearly see that emotion is not the 'only' thing causing cancer, but lets just say that it's a "major player".

Also, I was reading that specific organs and body areas have to do with specific emotional addictions (take cancer out of the equation for a minute, this could apply to any illness in that body part)

 For example, anger is correlated to the liver and gallbladder, hence "venting your bile" and "galling", and fear is related to the kidneys. Also, envy affects the eyes, creating a greenish-blue hue, hence "green with envy".


I also forgot to mention another important aspect to this discussion....Salvestrols. These are enzymes naturaly found in some fruits and vegetables. Salvestrols are the body's natural fighter against the spread of Candida. Well.....the newest GMO food sprays do something where the salvestrols inside the food is not naturally 'opened' or 'made ready for use', therefore our body's natural defences, more and more, will not work against Candida..



Comment by Helen Hutton on March 23, 2012 at 13:05

Do you know anyone who has beaten cancer with or without a special healing modality,that was nothing to do with chemotherapy or radiation?

love to hear some good news

Comment by Sally on March 23, 2012 at 12:30

yes, it is true our mind over matter does wonders

Comment by Paula Botwinick on March 23, 2012 at 10:25

And just to add something else, studies have shown that parents exposed to carcinogens can pass predisposed cancer possibilities to unsuspecting children, so that could also be a reason for children developing cancer even though emotionally they are stable and loved. But I do attribute karma as well. I personally believe we choose our parents, our life situations knowing what lessons we need to learn this time around. I am a strong believer in reincarnation and although most karma is worked out within a life time I do believe we also bring it from previous lives. But hey that is just my opinion and belief system that I have carried since I was a young child, at least half a decade.

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