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Insider "Drake" Freedom Reigns Update 12 April.

More questions are answered in this interview with insider Drake, Deatra Loomer and Teri Lynn Hinkle. 

Drake stated that everyone who is associated with anything that is detrimental to the public will be held accountable for their actions.  One caller asked if the mass arrests will include the people who spray chemtrails in our air, those who place fluoride in our water and those who abuse animals.  Drake stated, “You might want to include everything you can think of in terms of making things right.”

Drake has been revealing a new movement regarding a mass arrest of all corrupted politicians, banksters, etc... which possibly might involve the selection of Ron Paul as an interim or temporary President of the United States until formal elections can be held.

If you look at the massive number of banker resignations since September 1, 2011 (450 and counting) it makes sense that these people are quitting in the hopes of not being persecuted for their crimes against humanity. According to Drake, everyone will be held accountable whether they are employed in their current positions or not.

Regarding reimbursement for fraudulent income tax collected by the IRS, Drake stated, “All of these things are going to be rectified.”

Question: Due to the magnitude of this operation, are people being arrested now and then, the big announcement will be made once they are all rounded up?

Drake: Not exactly.  You’ve got people behind the scenes who are taken into custody and/or put under house arrest that’s not going to be in the mainstream news.  The basis of what’s going to happen is very simple.  We have set the country free through the notification process.  The secondary part of that is that the military has assured its backing to us for the backing of the mass arrests scenario.  The mass arrests scenario is going to be primarily all of your celebrity or well-known figures.  You’re going to recognize a load of the names.”

More highlights:

“The first that happens is the central banking system is going to be required to repay each and everything that they borrowed.  Not us, them.  This will bankrupt that corporation.  Second part of this is a load, and I mean a heavy load, of criminal charges.  Those criminal charges are not limited to anything. They contain just about every crime you can think of.  Following that, a reorientation back to the original de jour founding document government that was originally set in the United States will be implemented.  Within all of this process, you’re going to have people taking care of, in terms of trying to make sure that the lights are all on, etc… If there’s a food shortage someplace, they will break out emergency rations and will make sure people don’t starve.  In other words, everything that you can think of in terms of maintaining a general lifestyle is going to be as preserved as possible.  This is going to be done with the least amount of chaos and as peaceably as possible.  Some people will probably want to shoot it out.  That’s their problem.”

“There’s going to be a worldwide reevaluation of currencies from a debt instrument to an equity instrument and that will facilitate considerable changes.  As far as I understand it, the plan has changed.  They were going to have a new currency which would allow for an exchange program and they decided that it could be done in terms of the currency that we have now, except that it says Federal Reserve Note on it.  I’m thinking they’re going to bring the newly printed money back, bleach the paper and reprint.  It will go from a debt instrument to an equity instrument backed by assets.”

In regard to HAARP, the controls will be taken over so it won’t be used as a weapon against innocent people. “There are a lot of good things that that can be used for."

Regarding Benjamin Fulford:  “I am not going to confirm anything Fulford says because he is not in the inner loop at this point.”

Regarding televised coverage: “There’s going to be a nice little public display of people going to jail.  Basically you’re going to see people being stuck in the paddy wagon being taken to the FEMA camps they built for us.  This is going to be one each and every last channel that they can acquire.  My understanding is that the military can access any and all channels so it will probably be on each and every channel and you won’t be able to change what you’re watching.”

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Comment by Star Flower on May 1, 2012 at 11:05

Wow! I'm going to check into this. (The origin of AIDS). Of course, just because one man signed an affidavit, doesn't make it so, but it's certainly worth investigating. Thanks, JJ.

Comment by JJ Smith on May 1, 2012 at 7:01

Dany P said:  ".... HIV does not exist and AIDS is mainly caused by malnutrition...." Interesting thought BUT:

Comment by Star Flower on April 30, 2012 at 9:17

ACTUAL NEWS happening today with Chino-American relations and a ton of money hanging in the balance. Watch CNN for best coverage (so far). I look forward to listening to the BBC tonight (tomorrow in UK).

Comment by Karma Yeshe on April 16, 2012 at 23:17

So, the White Knights are going to swoop in and get all the bad guys, then give us back our newly cleaned Republic?  Does this seem realistic to you?  I say, don't sit on your bum waiting for the good guys to rescue you. 

What you should do is participate in real public service.  It's not as easy as watching the revolution on the TV (will the revolution really be televised?  I doubt it), but your/my participation is the source of our real true rights and freedoms.  Educate yourself about important issues. Write your congressman.  Stand up against unconstitutional laws.  Sign and collect petitions.  Join societies.

Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on April 15, 2012 at 15:11

Oh my god Victoria    Love and light to you         

Comment by Harry Beam on April 13, 2012 at 15:07
We don't belong to any groups,we have nothing to do with any of this we don't know those people. OK we know these people are not guilty of anything except bullshit.You don't go out and tell the Drug dealers hay listen to our radio show so you'll know when were coming after give me a break.I listened to about 2 min.Thanks I always know I can come back here for a laugh.Bur I seriously someone makes me eat my words.But its like the little guys flying around up there I say come down and visit me and its like this stuff we'll be here tomorrow, ans like they say tomorrow beverage comes.

Comment by Dany Pellerin on April 13, 2012 at 4:38

Well, let's see what happens... Because we rarely see a plan playing out perfectly, and let's not forget that there might be a hidden agenda behind these arrest. The day I will know things are really happening is when the following truths are revealed on TV: There are underground bases and what their purpose is or was, the terrorist for 911 are not those the media told us, we have free energy technology, the Tsunami in Japan was a false flag like 911, HIV does not exist and AIDS is mainly caused by malnutrition, the true history of mankind, the existence of UFOs with their non-human pilots or passengers. There are probably other things we have to uncover, but that would already be pretty good! 

As long as there are secrets, humanity is not free.

Comment by Darryl Schoenstadt on April 13, 2012 at 4:35

Very compelling and creative.  If I may play 'devil's advocate' for a moment, it seems that a lot of emphasis is placed on what Drake says and what Ben Fulford says.  While I hope they are correct, it seems very unlikely that this operation could be successful in the current day's rigged scenario.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 13, 2012 at 4:28

Christopher, if they can pull this off, I will give you a high five so many times that the palm of your hand will to as red as a beet.

It is hoped by all of us that all of the madness of this world will end finally.

We are a species that have endless potential, all we need to grasp and hold on to that potential is just a little bit of light to shine thru a dark hole that has kept us blind and ignorant for ages.

Lets see what God's Universe has to offer once we are able to see with our minds and not with our eyes.

We are a very lucky and fortunate species and I believe the whole Universe will rejoice with us once we are joined into the Collective Consciousness of a Universe that is waiting for us to join it in all of the ways that are intended for us to evolve to a new and exciting level of understanding and wisdom.


Thanks again for the good news.

Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on April 13, 2012 at 4:26

Oh please God.... let this be the opportunity to get Ron Paul in as President!!!!!

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