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Insider "Drake" Freedom Reigns Update 12 April.

More questions are answered in this interview with insider Drake, Deatra Loomer and Teri Lynn Hinkle. 

Drake stated that everyone who is associated with anything that is detrimental to the public will be held accountable for their actions.  One caller asked if the mass arrests will include the people who spray chemtrails in our air, those who place fluoride in our water and those who abuse animals.  Drake stated, “You might want to include everything you can think of in terms of making things right.”

Drake has been revealing a new movement regarding a mass arrest of all corrupted politicians, banksters, etc... which possibly might involve the selection of Ron Paul as an interim or temporary President of the United States until formal elections can be held.

If you look at the massive number of banker resignations since September 1, 2011 (450 and counting) it makes sense that these people are quitting in the hopes of not being persecuted for their crimes against humanity. According to Drake, everyone will be held accountable whether they are employed in their current positions or not.

Regarding reimbursement for fraudulent income tax collected by the IRS, Drake stated, “All of these things are going to be rectified.”

Question: Due to the magnitude of this operation, are people being arrested now and then, the big announcement will be made once they are all rounded up?

Drake: Not exactly.  You’ve got people behind the scenes who are taken into custody and/or put under house arrest that’s not going to be in the mainstream news.  The basis of what’s going to happen is very simple.  We have set the country free through the notification process.  The secondary part of that is that the military has assured its backing to us for the backing of the mass arrests scenario.  The mass arrests scenario is going to be primarily all of your celebrity or well-known figures.  You’re going to recognize a load of the names.”

More highlights:

“The first that happens is the central banking system is going to be required to repay each and everything that they borrowed.  Not us, them.  This will bankrupt that corporation.  Second part of this is a load, and I mean a heavy load, of criminal charges.  Those criminal charges are not limited to anything. They contain just about every crime you can think of.  Following that, a reorientation back to the original de jour founding document government that was originally set in the United States will be implemented.  Within all of this process, you’re going to have people taking care of, in terms of trying to make sure that the lights are all on, etc… If there’s a food shortage someplace, they will break out emergency rations and will make sure people don’t starve.  In other words, everything that you can think of in terms of maintaining a general lifestyle is going to be as preserved as possible.  This is going to be done with the least amount of chaos and as peaceably as possible.  Some people will probably want to shoot it out.  That’s their problem.”

“There’s going to be a worldwide reevaluation of currencies from a debt instrument to an equity instrument and that will facilitate considerable changes.  As far as I understand it, the plan has changed.  They were going to have a new currency which would allow for an exchange program and they decided that it could be done in terms of the currency that we have now, except that it says Federal Reserve Note on it.  I’m thinking they’re going to bring the newly printed money back, bleach the paper and reprint.  It will go from a debt instrument to an equity instrument backed by assets.”

In regard to HAARP, the controls will be taken over so it won’t be used as a weapon against innocent people. “There are a lot of good things that that can be used for."

Regarding Benjamin Fulford:  “I am not going to confirm anything Fulford says because he is not in the inner loop at this point.”

Regarding televised coverage: “There’s going to be a nice little public display of people going to jail.  Basically you’re going to see people being stuck in the paddy wagon being taken to the FEMA camps they built for us.  This is going to be one each and every last channel that they can acquire.  My understanding is that the military can access any and all channels so it will probably be on each and every channel and you won’t be able to change what you’re watching.”

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Comment by Reginald Reeves on May 7, 2012 at 11:23

The german scientist who where working on this project, where the same ones who found out how to use it back in the middle to late 30's.

They already knew how to create it as well as developing a vacine for it.

Its not rocket science Dany. It is what it is.

All of the research and developement procedures as well as grant certificates etc...

has very little to do with something that might have been brought over from a foreign country under a cloud of secrecy.

THe Europeans are light years ahead of many so called advanced countries in the world.

THey don't have to check in with this authority or that authority and have endless paperwork drawn up for permission for this and that, they just do the research and show the results to whomever and it is done.

It takes us years before we can even get a cure out of the box, because like our system still does, it is packed with enormous amounts of paperwork and beaurocracy and holds back everything from one end to the other.


Comment by Dany Pellerin on May 6, 2012 at 15:50

HIV is allegedly a virus, AIDS is the consequence of the infection from that HIV virus. AIDS is NOT and was NEVER a virus! So let's say you mean that the government SECRETLY funded a scientific project with our money... The HUMAN BEINGS, educated scientists, were secretly working on this project and willing to create a virus that can destroy the entire population, their offspring included. Not only they were able to create a virus that can destroy the human immune system, but they were able to make this virus spread in specific places quite easily with a specific purpose. And they were able to do that with very limited knowledge of the immune system (it was not really well understood in the 70's)... And they were able to do that while the genetic science was really not advanced at that time...

Just think about it...!

If you are not aware, modifying a virus (bio-engineering) is not too hard, but you don't know what you will end up with. It's a lot of trial and error. Like getting different versions of the FLU (influenza) is not too hard. But trying to create a virus that would destroy the immune system is, in my view, almost impossible... And now you have to do that in the 60's - 70's (with very limited knowledge of the immune system and genetics), secretly, with people that are the best scientists and minds of the world. And you must be able to motivate these people to create something that can destroy their own offspring and wipe out the entire human race... And make sure that they don't talk about it!

I am a scientist myself, I have a background in biochemistry and I've been working in this field as a lab technician for about 10 years... I've worked in R&D, in schools and mostly in Quality Control for kits that are used in hospital for rapid diagnosis (PCR - Amplification of DNA) of infections like MRSA (The company is BD Diagnostics). If you would really think about it and have enough knowledge, you would realize that it just doesn't add up. It's not as easy as you would like to imagine!

Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on May 4, 2012 at 12:56


Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on May 2, 2012 at 13:58

Right on Danny!!!!! That's    HIT

Comment by Dany Pellerin on May 2, 2012 at 10:13

@JJ Smith, I took a lot to the website. I used to think that it was a bio-engineered virus, but not anymore. You see, the fact that they were killed does not mean that they were right... But the fact that they were interested in the question of AIDS and forcing legal authorities to investigate might be the reason of their death, because what they would have found would have been a crime against humanity, whether because it was engineered or because it is a not causing AIDS. And if it is not causing AIDS, can you imagine the financial loss of the pharmaceutical companies that are selling lifetime pills? Money = GONE! And it's a lot more money than the compensation claim... Fear of the virus in the population = GONE. We have to remember that this would is and was driven by fear and everything that can maintain this fear factor will be kept in place at any cost. That is certainly a good enough reason to have them killed! I like to stick to the facts, and the facts are, there is no demonstration that there is a link between HIV and AIDS, and the HIV virus was never really seen by anyone except the one who allegedly discovered it! And the medication that they used to give was destroying the immune system... All the pieces of the puzzle match!

Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on May 2, 2012 at 9:19


Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on May 2, 2012 at 9:16

Thanks again for putting the TRUTH out there. Some will believe it others won't for example, like me, I do not believe the witnes statement for 1/2 of a second

Comment by JJ Smith on May 2, 2012 at 7:02


Have a look through I tend to believe him but because he was successfully launching a case against the Government a couple of years back, due for hearing in Summer 2009 in 9th Circuit San Fran Court. He suddenly died. My friend John was also pursuing similar lines and he was murdered in State custody - both died on the same day 20th June.

Can you imagine the compensation claim? It was cheaper to bump them off methinks


Comment by Reginald Reeves on May 2, 2012 at 3:52

Very interesting.

At the end of world war 2, we (united states) and Russia (USSR) gathered up all of the Nazi Scientist who worked for Hitler.

We took half of the German scientist and the Russians took the other half.

Then we divided these scientist up into seperate groups once we got them back to the US safely.

Mysteriously, one by one they started to dissapear into our most inner sanctum goverment funded science programs.

All of them had specialities that made them extremely valuable to our goverment.

One of the biggest goverment sponsored programs would become NASA.

Almost immediately after the second world war, Russia and the United States became so called enemies.

I laugh about that now because it was all bull.

The Russians and United States where friends then and still friends today.

It was all a world wide act to make people think that they where enemies.

Suddenly, both countries had a windfall of great scientific brain enlightenment and low and behold both countries had ex german scientist working for them.

Makes you kind of think a little bit, does'nt it ?

Before the war neither country had that much interest beyond airplanes, now after the war was over, Russia and the US started looking beyond the sky and into the skys, right ?

Yeah Right!

THe truth be told, both sides now had german scientist working for them and the scientific yields where huge.

There was also an equal set of biological warfare german scientist that each side had aquired.

Do you wonder what they where working on for the last 60 or so years ?

When AIDS raised its ugly head into our world, there where very few people that I know who believed for one minute that the HIV virus just suddenly appeared in the world by chance.

There is not a continent that a group of people have not been experimented on for the sake of scientific causes.

HIV was not created so that it could be used to exterminate masses of people either.

I believe HIV was created a a biological weapon to be used at some time in the future to control world population rises.

HIV is an ancient dirivative virus extracted from The Black Plague which makes it a relative of one of the oldest natural viruses ever developed by nature.

The German scientist discovered this in the 1940's and that is where the story begins.

At the close of world war ll , biological warfare had reached an all time high in terms of knowledge awareness.

Guess who was working on biologicial wonderfulness in our labs in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's up till now ?

Its not a hard question.

Little children can answer it from all around the world.

What a world we live in.

What cruel beast is standing over a test tube right now asking how long it will take to kill a group of people some where in the world who don't even know that they are going to die for the sake of science ?

Sending love and reflection to all of us who know and do it anyway.

There is a time of atonement and it comes to all of us now.


Comment by Dany Pellerin on May 1, 2012 at 12:36

Thanks Star Flower, you said exactly what I wanted to address. The problem is, some people may pretend there IS evidence, because many people died who were diagnosed died. The problem is, this is evidence, but this is NOT evidence of the HIV virus and the link to AIDS. If you take the time to research it, you'll realize that the cause of death of the people who allegedly contracted AIDS is the medication they are taking and not the HIV itself. I suggest you watch the documentary "House of Numbers" available for free on youtube. If you do more research, you'll find more evidence pointing in that direction. =)

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