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MESSAGE from Drake:
I have been requested/asked to contact everyone I know, now it is your turn.
Because of the many places that can be hit by the bad guys, I have been asked IF you all would like to help out?
IF so, there are several things that are needed.
1- Deploying scouts as best you can. These need to have radio com to someone who is listening. Yes, cell phones are ok, but if a cell tower goes, the phone is worthless…a radio is suggested.
Infrastructure is The target.
-With enough eyes, any funny business can be seen, reported, and the militia can be back up. Unless, it is obvious that those acting funny are a demo team.
Then a quick deployment is critical. At the same time as you deploy, be sure the local Sheriff/law enforcement is notified AND that a group of you are enroute and will meet up with them or effect action.
2- You may be asked to secure certain places, power substations, etc. You will be contacted, most likely by a field officer in this event. A local patrol or other standing military…
3- See if one of you can obtain a military band radio. This will allow you to know what is going on and respond accordingly…
I am hoping that this is a peaceful event, BUT I would expect everyone to be ready in case it is not.
I am posting this to all groups I have contact with.
A Blogger’s comment:
Optimistically, we will have to wait only a few days from this post; pessimistically, we may have to wait unti mid-May for the arrests to commence.
I personally think that the sooner, the better, as any additional delays just gives the bastards more time for tactical positioning to create chaos (like blowing up bridges, infrastructure, etc) while they go down fighting to the bitter end.

The Federal Reserve was given a Notice of Lien on April 11th; they have 10 days with which to respond to the lien, so now, as of today, April 22nd, as far as I know, they have failed to respond.
The Notice of Lien was done under Common Law, as far as I know, so there is no color-of-law process that can stop this process, other than the application of FORCE by the barrel of guns.
So that gives a green light for additional, specific moves to be made now against the Fed, but I cannot say what next moves will be.

I cannot say publicly about whether or not the arrests will be en-masse, or to be one at a time. I’d prefer the en-masse model.
I would prepare ASAP, if I were you, to:
1) Keep your vehicle gas tanks topped off at all times.
2) Most of you are well-stocked with food, so you’ll be fine.
3) Get in touch with ham radio operators locally — they may be needed if local communications infrastructure is hit.
4) Stay calm and appreciate that decisive moves are being made to defeat the elite.
5) The vast majority of infrastructure — power grid, etc — will be fine.
6) Those of you who are in big cities — your calmness, alertness and information to help the confused masses may go a long ways in helping things out. So try to find ways to connect with people locally and help them out.
This applies world-wide, not just in America.

April 22, 2012

Here is the recording of today’s show on Freedom Reigns:…**********

MESSAGE from Drake:

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Comment by Suzanne Reynolds on April 24, 2012 at 2:42

I'm with you Reginald Reeves..............good to hear your words...hope you are well <3 

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 24, 2012 at 2:26

One more thing.

It is necessary for all of us to see with our third eye now.

Open it up and you will see the truth and no one will be able to misguide you or deceive your reality.

This is very important now for all of us.

Trust your third eye only.

Everything is not as it seems.

In deep thought.


Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 24, 2012 at 2:23


I need to think this one thru all of the way.

There are many sides to action, and if there is no premise for making a move, then if we move without thinking who,  what, when, where and why then that move becomes a mistake.

I will react accordingly when I see more proof of these so called transitions.

Until then, I will be closing observing everything in the Matrix so that I don't get sucked into something mindless like reacting incorrectly or at the wrong time.


Above all, it is necessary at this time to think deeply before you make any moves on this very tricky chess board called life.

Think my people and then do.

Love you all

Comment by Tom Czternastek on April 23, 2012 at 21:23

Has anyone seen this article regarding the court case ? Keep an open mind and don't hang onto everything that Drake, Wilcock and Fulford are saying as being the gospel truth. David Wilcock recons that Obama is a good guy. Well he has a strange way of showing it. He's just carrying on where Bush left off.

Comment by andreas botsaris on April 23, 2012 at 19:05

I,m watching this issue,through different channels,for long time.They all keep saying the same things.The big changes is a matter of months,weeks,days! At the end we don,t see enything

happening,either for the financial changes,redistibution of wealth,National debts,bankers,and the

IMMINENT Arrests of Cabal.NESARA also is been for a while,the big issue,and the name of Master

S.GERMAIN was involved,as the mastermind behind all these changes.Master S.Germain,though

his channelled messages,directly refused for having any involment,or relation of any kind,with this issue.It seems,that many parts of the pussle are missing.Why the official administrations,

KNOW NOTHING,and only these underground societies,knows everything ?What is the intention

of the people behind this issue,by releasing  this kind of information ?

If it is something good for the people,why they just LETS GO DO IT ? DO they need us,to be awake,in order to applie all these good changes to the system ,for the benefit of Humanity ?

Can we give the benefit of doubt ?Selling another dream,is another way to live things dedorading

into a havoc situation,which is not for our benefit.

Everything is a play of time.WHO NEEDS MORE TIME ?YOU ? US ?or THEM ?

Comment by Suzanne Reynolds on April 23, 2012 at 12:43

Thank you for posting Debby.........<3

Comment by Debby on April 23, 2012 at 12:42

DRAKE: Rothschilds are giving up 99% of ALL their wealth!

DRAKE: Asset based currency will replace the debt-based currency! 
(USA owes 1.4Trillion, not the amounts all over the place.)

DRAKE: Individual will become their own creditor via birth certificate! 

DRAKE: Most all federal government will disappear!

DRAKE: Once again, states rights will become PRIMARY! 

DRAKE: Bankers are the problem, and they will be held accountable for the debts, NOT the people! 

DRAKE: “Foreign entities” will be removed, and IN PROCESS! 

Comment by Debby on April 23, 2012 at 12:39

Drake and company covered quite a large range of topics, from what is going on currently, to Fukushima, to clones, to Native Americans, to what will happen with our currency during this transition, banks, why the “saving” of the United States is important to the world, etc. I was quite drawn to this show, so I felt it essential to get the word out. I will continue to do this as long as Guidance tells me to.

One reason I feel Drake’s information in these recordings is important is that it can assist us, and inspire us, to envision, in a very concrete way, what our next world will be like.

Note about the recordings: I left in the Native American music (4 minutes) at the beginning of Hour 4 (Part 5) as I got Angel bumps (chicken skin, goose bumps) when I heard it.

MP3s Links

Part 1 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 2
(30 min., 5 MB)
Part 3
(30 min., 5 MB)
Part 4
(27 min., 5 MB)
Part 5
(30 min., 5 MB)
Part 6
(30 min., 5 MB)
Part 7
(30 min., 5 MB)
Part 8
(31 min., 5 MB)

The Complete show, Hrs 2-3 (117 min., 20 MB, contains Parts 1-4)
The Complete show, Hrs 4-5
(121 min., 21 MB, contains Parts 5-8)

Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on April 23, 2012 at 12:37


Comment by Helen Hutton on April 23, 2012 at 12:05

what is this article talking about?

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