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I know that you cannot interfere with a lot of what happens on earth, because we have free will to make our own decisions and mistakes, and learn from them, etc. That is part of the plan, and it is 

a good plan, a strong plan, a valid plan.

However, in recent months and years Galactics have been telling us that they have been helping us clean up chem-trails and nuclear waste, etc. (or so it is claimed) so why can't they, using their vast technologies, direct deliveries of rice and wheat and milk powder to the poorest villages on earth? These places where humans are daily starving are not near air-force installations, or highly secretive test sites that might be compromised or react in violent ways.

I cannot understand why the Galactics can't use their technologies to make sure people eat. It is so basic. Getting food into people's bellies HAS to be more important than cleaning up chem-trails, doesn't it?  I mean, where are their priorities? Surely they know about Maslov's hierarchy... how, until our basic physical needs are met, we cannot be expected to evolve in more spiritual ways.

It is things like this that cause me to doubt much of what is being channeled. Benign Galactics have supposedly been in our airspace for at least the last 50 years, and increasingly more each year. They are highly-evolved, compassionate beings, and yet they are watching some of their 'family' starve to death? Or watching them die from cancer and malaria, from infections and malnutrition...... and doing nothing except to track down members of the greedy elite. The Galactics are apparently able to justify contacting our various leaders in government, and members of the elite, to talk about MONEY, and to threaten them with financial collapse, but they can't talk to the people in Chad and Niger about how to distribute food. Do they really not understand that doctors and farmers are our leaders too? I feel there is something very wrong with the picture I am being asked to accept.

Either Galactics are choosing to interfere or they are not. Or do they get it both ways? Is it simply their free will to choose which problems they will help us with and which they will not? And if so, have they forgotten what it is to be hungry, or cold, or ill? Maybe they never knew? I have read that ETs and Higher Beings know already what is in our hearts and minds. None of you have to look far to see what is in mine. My life is an open book. No matter my failings and shortcomings, I have ALWAYS wanted EQUALITY for every man, woman and child on this planet. So I ask them to find a way to deposit a large sum of money into my bank account, and every cent will go towards the purchase and distribution of foods and medicine to those in need, and in the most efficient manner possible. If they don't fully trust me, they can put the money is another's bank account and make me available to help.

I'm sure I am not alone in this. I dare say that 92% of the people on this site would be happy to do the same. You ALL know this. If the Galactics and You have only been waiting for us to ASK, I hereby ASK on everyone's behalf. PLEASE. NOW. Make this happen before another child dies unnecessarily, before another woman bleeds to death in childbirth, before another soldier kills his brother, before another human becomes disabled by blindness or MS, Lupus, Malaria, Diabetes, hunger or AIDS.

To Sananda and SaLuSa, to St Germain and Metatron, to Gabriel and Michael, to Gaia, Horus, Telus Sekhmet and Ashtar, I say, PLEASE ....

Help us to help one another NOW. We are ready. I am more than ready! I do not want one more man,
woman, child, animal or plankton on this planet to suffer a minute longer. Let me (let us) help you to bring the suffering to an end! Now. Help the Galactics to get their priorities straight. Help them to see that bags of rice and beans are far more important that dollars and rupees in Swiss Bank accounts. Yes, we understand the need for transparency and honesty in banking and government, how that will bring about positive changes for all, eventually in a very big way, but right now our brothers and sisters in poor countries (and too many within not-so-poor countries) are in desperate need of our help for the most basic supplies. PLEASE, if it be God's will that we have resources to help one another, give us those resources before the end of April 2012. And thank you for listening to my heart. 


Star Flower

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Comment by Illumination OV Admin on April 26, 2012 at 2:39

Well done Star Flower! It would be wonderful if these so-called 'Ascended Masters' and 'GLF' would 'put up' or 'shut up'. Stop giving these meaningless messages so that we stop depending upon them to save us. After all they are just another 'elite' with their titles. We're the ones we've been waiting for! I do hope they step up to the plate and make real their promises Star Flower and I send my energies and blessings in enabling this to happen but I won't hold my breath.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on April 26, 2012 at 2:03

Bravo to you Star Flower for standing up and challenging the Galactics and Ascended Masters to either put up or shut up.

It's no secret that I don't believe the above mentioned entities even exist. But, just for the sake of argument, let's say they do. What good are they?

The channelings from Sananda and SaLuSa, St Germain and Metatron, Gabriel and Michael, Gaia, Horus, Telus Sekhmet and Ashtar, and all the others over the many years, have only provided one thing: failed predictions and failed promises delivered in flowery, sugar-coated prose that reads like a parody of a stack of Hallmark greeting cards from the planet La-La.

Dear Ones of Planet Earth,

Know that you are loved. We treasure each and every one of you. Every year 15 million children die of hunger on your beautiful planet. Oops. Apparently we don't really love each and every one of you equally. Mostly we love the ones whom we have tricked into channeling our messages and who have expended so much time and effort delivering the messages to those enlightened souls who are primed to believe what we say. We have many more messages to pass on to you. Many, many more. Enough to go on like this for decades upon decades. We've already been at it for at least fifty of what you call years in your time. If we didn't love you so much, we wouldn't continue to bring you these messages year after year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year. This is not easy for us but we do it out of profound and unconditional love. May all 15 million of those starving children find comfort in knowing we had plans to provide food for all of them but the Dark Cabal on your planet prevented our White Knights from carrying out the plan. Nevertheless, a new plan has been devised and this time there will be no stopping us. The time is near. Again. Sort of. Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see. Wait for our next message. NAMASTE

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh but c'mon. Star Flower has put it all out there, boldly with conviction and good intention. How much longer does this channeling charade have to continue before we "get it"? Either those Galactics and Ascended Masters don't exist or, if they do exist, they're remarkably inept, considering their miraculous technology and awesome level of enlightenment. Just my opinion, of course. No offense intended.

Comment by Rosemary Gabriel on April 26, 2012 at 1:15

I agree with you Lyndie. It would be wounderful if we were able to help the poor and needy.

I am with you all the way.

Comment by Rev. Kisharblaze on April 26, 2012 at 1:07

Understand that there is no one who will fix the problems you made for you.  When your children are little and they mess up their rooms, do you clean the room for them or do you allow them to grow by learning to do it themselves?  Remember the saying, "You made your bed, now lie in it."  I am not speaking from some abstract place here.  The vessel I am confined to has lived in the harshest conditions since I descended 43 years ago.  As it stands, I have lived in poverty for much of it and find that humanity is less than caring when you are hungry.  There are few people who truly think of others when it comes to the necessities.  It is as if you cannot seem to find the motivation to selflessly help others unless you can be somehow noticed by others for your deeds.  Let me ask you all something.  That homeless man who hangs out in your town unwashed, do you ever stop on your day to day travels, get him a prepared meal from the store or a restaurant and sit down with him and eat and talk?  If you did, you would find My child under the unwashed exterior.  You would find that my child has been beaten down by the greed of others and is really meek and gentle and mostly scared from a life of hardship. 

How many "must have" devices would you give up to provide food for the family down the street who is struggling?  When you donate to a food pantry, do you give your unwanted, out of date foods or do you buy the same nutritious foods you would serve your own family and make sure they get to where they are needed? 

It is up to you to take care of these problems because they are of your making in the first place.  It is not Our place to become involved in any way but to walk the path of the meek and downtrodden to evaluate how you treat them and frankly, you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting.  It is up to you to fix these things, for you cannot ascend until you understand what is truly important. You must understand individually and on your own.

Comment by VibrantStarlight on April 25, 2012 at 23:34

SO heart felt and true I AM with you Star Flower.. XOX

Comment by Joao Troples on April 25, 2012 at 21:42

Very true Star Flower!! So be it!

Comment by Tom Czternastek on April 25, 2012 at 21:36

Brilliantly put Star Flower. The mess that we are in we have to sort out ourselves and I see that the only way to do this is by waking up humanity from their induced hypnosis of reality. The so called channelings from ascended masters serve to comfort and pacify people into thinking that everything will be ok, someone will come to save us. There is a war going on for our minds.

Comment by Jennie Bryant-Eveleigh on April 25, 2012 at 21:33

I am totally with you.  I do think that because some earthlings are trying to clear up the mess of the elite then they are being helped.  Perhaps someone with some money out there could form  a group of us to help feed the world, then we might get the same help.  I think they said they cannot interfere unless we do something ourselves in order to get started, and there has to be enough of us.

Comment by John Paul Lavigne on April 25, 2012 at 21:20

~Well Said,Star Flower!~

Comment by Christiane Morin on April 25, 2012 at 21:11


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