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Regarding The Galactic Federation Of Light Petition By Chris Thomas

There is a petition being passed around on the internet from aliens who call themselves "The Galactic Federation of Light" where they ask people to make an affirmation to invite the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL) to come to Earth.

Think about that request for a second:

If the Earth felt that an alien organisation such as the GFOL would help people during this time of major transition, they would already be working with us as the Earth, Herself, would have invited them in. The fact that the GFOL is not working with us shows that the Earth considers that they are of no use either to people or to the Earth.


The GFOL, as well as many other alien organisations such as The Galactic Council, Ashtar Command, Arch Angels, Angels, Annunaki, Hathor, Ascended Sirians, Arcturians, etc etc are different names put together by an alien race who are more properly known as the Velon.

The Velon first arrived outside our solar system in the early 1700's - the Earth did not allow them access at that time and She has resisted ALL attempts by the Velon to enter the solar system ever since.

Despite these efforts, some Velon did find a way to enter the solar system and have been causing problems for the Earth and for people ever since. The primary human organisation that is controlled by the Velon is the Illuminati and, in turn, the Illuminati control earth governments. In the GFOL petition, it is stated that governments are against allowing in the GFOL to the Earth which is a very contradictory comment as governments are controlled by the Illuminati who are controlled by the GFOL/Velon.

In other words, the petition asks people to go against the GFOL/Velon's directives and invite the GFOL/Velon in, which makes no sense.


However many people respond to this petition, and make the affirmation asking the GFOL/Velon to come to Earth, it will not work.

We do not live in a Universe of democracy. Nor do we live in a Universe of consensus. We live in a Universe of freedom of choice - every soul that was created to live in this Universe has the absolute freedom of choice to choose their actions. What we cannot do is to choose to act in such a way as to remove the freedom of choice of another.

Humans exist because, and only because, the Earth exists and the soul that is the Earth has chosen not to allow the GFOL/Velon into the solar system.

In coming to Earth, all of the souls that have built for themselves human bodies, have agreed to abide by the Earth's choices. In return for accepting what the Earth has chosen, the Earth provides for all of our needs whilst giving us a home where we can explore what it means to live in a physical body.

Those of the souls of this Universe who have chosen to come to Earth, and take on a human body, can only do so if the Earth agrees to them being here. Once that choice is made, the human soul connects itself into the Earth's soul through the root (1st) chakra. It is this soul to soul connection to the Earth that allows us to become human. Once we have made that soul to soul connection, we have made the choice of abiding by the Earth's choices which She must make in order to safeguard human existence.


In helping humans to explore the potential and possibilities offered by taking on a physical body, the Earth has allowed many other non-human races to come to Earth and study human activities in order to help us in our explorations. The Earth has not had any problems in allowing in these other races into the solar system or onto the Earth Herself until it came to the Velon (GFOL).

In attempting to force their way on to the Earth, and many other actions they have taken, the Velon/GFOL have broken the one law that exists within this Universe - freedom of choice. As the Velon/GFOL have broken this law, as a race, they have been evicted from this Universe. Those Velon/GFOL that remain can only do so because of the number of humans who have been misled into believing that the Velon/GFOL (and their other organisations) are here to help us. By fooling people in this way, it has allowed the Velon/GFOL to implant energy devices into people and into their homes which provide an energy source for the Velon/GFOL to use to hold themselves close to the Earth.

If people stopped inviting the Velon/GFOL into their lives, the remainder of the Velon/GFOL would join the majority of the Velon race in being evicted from this Universe.


Since the petition made by the Velon/GFOL was launched onto the internet, approximately 17,000 people have responded. These 17,000 are made up of the following groups:


# The vast majority are people who have been misled into believing that the Velon/GFOL are here to help humans "ascend to a 5th dimension". Approximately 500 of these people have had Velon/GFOL "djed pillars" embedded into their homes and other energy devices embedded into their bodies. These djed pillars and other energy devices are used by the Velon/GFOL to defy the Earth's choices and remain close to the solar system. The remaining 16,500 people would have had djed pillars implanted into their homes if the action taken by the Earth's guardians, detailed below, had not been taken.

# 787 people knew that by making the affirmations asked for in the Velon/GFOL petition did so in full knowledge that they were acting in favour of the Velon/GFOL and against the Earth - they knew they were acting against the choices of the Earth.

The Earth has disconnected the root (1st) chakra of all of these 787 people from her own soul and all of these people will be leaving the Earth (dying) over the next few days and returning to their place of soul origin.

# The Earth's guardians are hard at work destroying all of the connections made by people making the affirmation in favour of the Velon/GFOL petition. There is also a "clean-up squad" travelling around to the homes of those who invited the Velon/GFOL into their homes to remove and destroy the djed pillars and other implants. This clean-up is being carried out with the full knowledge and approval of the higher selves of the people who responded to the Velon/GFOL petition.


The Velon/GFOL have their own agenda, as far as the Earth and humanity is concerned; they are not here to help us but to further their own aims. By fooling gullible people into believing that the Velon/GFOL can help us, they are causing distractions and problems that neither we nor the Earth need at this time of change.


Human history is vast and complex but there was a time in our history when we had the whole of the soul contained within the physical body. For various reasons, we were forced, 7,000 years ago, to divide the soul into the higher self and the physical self. In order to investigate the reasons why we had to divide the soul into two, we embarked on living a series of lifetimes - something the Akashic calls "The Human Plan". This Human Plan was worked out with the Earth and we allowed ourselves 7,000 years to find our answers.

During this 7,000 year period, the Earth has been working with us, and nurturing us, every single step of the way. Regardless of how much damage we have done to each other or even to the Earth Herself, She has stood by us and ensured that we had everything we needed to ensure that we had every opportunity to find our answers.

The Human Plan was given a 7,000 year time limit and this time limit ends on the 21st of December 2012 (21/12/12).

However, with the Earth's help, we have found our answers and for the last couple of years we have been slowly bringing those answers together to begin the process of bringing the whole of the soul back into the body - soul re-integration. This soul re-integration we will achieve before our self-set deadline.


The Velon, however, have other ideas. They have observed that humans have a tendency to depend on others to find their answers for them and have exploited that weakness by offering their services to ascend humanity to the 5th dimension.

The Velon/GFOL have been attempting to mislead people in this way for many years and every promise of action that the Velon/GFOL has made to people has failed to materialise.


There is only one way in which The Human Plan can be completed and that is by humans achieving it for themselves.

Nobody is going to step in and do it for us.

Nobody can step in and do it for us.

It is our responsibility and our responsibility alone to fulfill the promise we made to Mother Earth 7,000 years ago.


What the Velon/GFOL are doing is attempting to distract us and mislead us away from our chosen goals and away from Mother Earth for reasons that are their own.

These reasons do not benefit Mother Earth or humans in any way.


Whether you take part in this Velon/GFOL petition is a choice only you can make - you have full freedom of choice. Try to remember that if you do choose to join the Velon/GFOL, you are acting against the Earth and humanity.

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Comment by Illumination OV Admin on May 12, 2012 at 8:26

The only beings we should be personally involved with first and foremost, is our Higher Selves. Once you are absolutely sure of your connection, then your HS will introduce you to significant others. WE are the ones we have been waiting for! Blessings

Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on May 12, 2012 at 7:01

Well said, Sharlene...we are all just trying to find a way to end this paradigm

and move into something that will be loving,positive experience for ALL life forms

on this planet, and for the planet itself. We are tired of this manipulation. I would

like to clarify something however... the GFOL, FOL, Great White Brotherhood, 

Hierarchy of Perfected Men and Women, Ascended Masters, etc.....whatever "label"

one chooses, they are the same and the real ones are not bad.

Comment by MICHAEL on May 12, 2012 at 6:38

Re: Discernment with Channeled Information :


Anyone who EXPECTS for another person/Source/Being to give them FREEDOM, truly does NOT deserve it.

All 'things' take Action. Whether they are controlling your Thoughts, healing your Emotions or taking physical measures to obtain more 3D Freedoms.

If this Earth is current a chunk of coal, including all of our Systems/Paradigms, it is going to take our Collective Focus to turn them into a Crystalline Form.

Self-Government IS Christed Consciousness, here on Earth. When you have Christed/Avatar Consciousness - whatever label you want to attach for this level of perception/understanding - you are fully in control of your 'Creations', such the Words you speak outloud, the actions to express, the plans you design. When you have this level of Consciousness you WILL Know how to Act... how to BE... which Words to say.

As a contrast...

3D Ego Consciousness is when you do not 'calculate' the 'Being' of anyone but your Self into your 'Thought/Will-Process'. It is like driving while texting.

4D Heart Consciousness is when you are learning how to make sure you not negatively affecting the Emotional Body of Others when your Express/Create in 3D. You can Feel what your Possible Actions will CAUSE for those around you to Feel. You are trying to Learn how to use Express your Energies (Thoughts, Emotions, Ideas, Desires, etc) in a way that does not have a negative emotional affect on others.

On it goes...a new lesson each Level. One level you learn how your Words will affect the Consciousness of those listening... each is unique.

Christed Consciousness is different. Every Time you make a Choice, you think of more 'Dimensions' than I can begin to list, and it all happens quickly... sometimes visually, like Synesthesia. You KNOW Exactly how you Words, Actions, etc are going to change the Consciousness of those around you. 90% of the Time you simply 'go with the flow', but the 10% of the Time that you want to 'direct the Energies around me', you ALWAYS do it in a Positive way, which everyone will have enjoyed and benefited from. Can See/Feel/Know/Understand how every Possible Action available to you will affect those in a large radius around you.

Per Lux Lucis of Deus

"Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all." - Alexander The Great

Comment by Sharlene Trumet on May 12, 2012 at 3:53

Thank you for sharing your views.  I have had a variety of doubts about the level of integrity of some of the channeled information. The confusing part for me was the seemingly intentional similarity in the names Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light. I have not felt in alignment with the writings that say they will take care of everything....I fully agree with you with respects to that.  We relinquished most of our personal empowerment when we fell for "social security" and took the seemingly easy way out and look at the stringent controls and fear based boundaries we live with daily ...To think that "space brothers" will clean things up for us feels much of the same relinquishment.  BUT...with all things connected I choose also to believe that there are members of our cosmic family that do have our well-being and our evolution in focus to ASSIST us in raising our frequencies. My sense is that there IS a War in the Heavens and that we may be viewed as pawns to one and partners to another. 

I feel that so much is being wasted on the game of power plays and that the potential for brilliance in every person's life would supersede all this sh''''t. I will admit I am tired of the manipulation, the limitations and the struggle felt by the majority of humans on this beautiful planet. My focus is for us all to wake up to the love of who we truly are and that THAT frequency overrides that of the illusion we have accepted for way too long.  My thanks go out to all of within this community of seekers.  I appreciate the connection ;-}

Comment by sheena ann baker on May 12, 2012 at 2:29

I would like to know what Chris Thomas, thinks, knows about crop circles, where do they come from, who are the messages for.


Thank you Sheena

Comment by Illumination OV Admin on May 12, 2012 at 1:27

During my mediumship training I was aware of beings wanting to work with me who were masquerading as beings from light. One group said they were the 'sons of Abraham'. I decided I would not work with them preferring only those that were brought by my higher self. They are very clever and can say all the right 'honeyed words' but fortunately I resisted. Others have not and have had to be extricated. There is absolutely no way I would sign this petition, this is a strictly human way of operating, why would they want us to sign away our 'free will'? The Creator endowed us and this planet with free will, the Velon have worked against this and at one point succeeded in contacting the Elite, who are now in their thralls. Never sign away your free will to anyone, star being or angel or whatever, this is not the way true light beings need to operate. Blessings

Comment by Lola Reinhart on May 12, 2012 at 0:53

I was taken back by this~~Arch Angels??  Guess I have more research to do!  Thank You Anyway for this Christopher.  Rainbows of Love

Comment by MICHAEL on May 12, 2012 at 0:25
Comment by Debby on May 11, 2012 at 23:54
May 11th, 2012
Dr. Steven Greer & Amardeep Kaleka
Conversations With Dr. Steven Greer
Comment by Debby on May 11, 2012 at 23:47

Urgent Call for New Witnesses, Whistleblowers and Evidence!


Steven M. Greer MD

I can't wait to see this film ,hope it's done soon ;0]

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