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How Do You Know If You Are Ready For Soul Integration By Chris Thomas

A day or so ago I wrote to my friend Chris Thomas because I had been chatting with a number of people about whether or not we are ready for soul integration, a name some people call the shift or the great leap in consciousness. To me it is all about higher self connection and really knowing it exists for you and I did wonder if he might be annoyed by the rather long e-mail I sent him where I expressed my views and those of others I know.

Here is his reply..........

No, I am not annoyed your response; in fact the exact opposite. It shows that people are finally able to see that what happens outside of themselves is not important - it is the inner sense that counts.


I was asked recently if "one needed to be perfect in order to re-integrate?"

The concept of perfect and human going together is like military and intelligence - they are both oxymorons. The concept of what is "perfect", in human terms, has changed with each and every generation throughout history. So no, nobody is perfect. Everybody is an individual; especially when it comes to the state of readiness for re-integration.


I can understand people's confusion over if they are ready or not and why-doesn't-the-higher-self-put-it-in-writing-please-so-that-I-can-actually-understand-what-"it"-wants-me-to-do.

And yes, in that respect, it is easy for me as I have been working closely and directly with my higher self for 50 years.


There are two ways in which it is possible to work out how "ready" one is - there are obviously more but these are two that are readily accessible.

1. Since October 2010 - when the energy acceleration began - those who were in the process of getting ready, found that all sorts of emotional situations came up to be cleared. For many people, the 18 months since then have been one of constant trauma but also one where they found that emotional situations they had ignored for years, if not all of their lives, repeatedly came to the fore and would not go away until action was taken to clear them. This situation became much, much worse since October 2011 when the "final" energies for clearance kicked in.

Those who took the opportunity to actually clear these old emotional situations began to take on more and more of the energies of their higher self. Those who ignored these emotional situations found that they felt under increasing pressure to do something about it.

As we entered 2012, those who had found the courage to face up to their emotional past found that their lives became less traumatic and more peaceful.

So this is guide number one: if your life became one long emotional turmoil after another and has now cleared, or at least, eased off considerably, then it means that your higher self is satisfied with the work you have done and you are ready for the next phase of re-integration when the time is right.

There is another aspect to this and that is for many, there were ready, and did not have much emotional debris to clear. This period of time has also been traumatic for them as they see everyone else undergoing these clearances and they have had nothing, or very little, to do themselves. If you have not undergone this kind of emotional trauma over the past 18 months then the chances are that you were already clear and ready, you were just waiting for everyone else to catch up.


An awful lot of people have done everything they can to ignore the elephant in their living rooms and have worn their shoes out walking around the elephant doing their best to ignore it. They know that it is there - the emotional situation they need to clear - but have done everything they can to deny its existence.

For these people, the last six months or so have felt like they are under a ton weight of pressure to sort something out but have refused to acknowledge that their elephant exists.

It is these people who are holding back the time at which we are all ready to re-integrate. After all, all of these people said that they were ready to re-integrate back in October 2011 and have done nothing since other than complain about why can't they move on.


This is what your higher self is looking for - a readiness to look at your life and properly deal with those issues (emotional situations) you have ignored in the past. If you continue to ignore them, the chances are that at some point in the very near future, your higher self is going to give up on you and you will be left behind.

There is an energy boost to come very shortly which should help these people to finally deal with their elephants but if they still refuse to sort out their problems, they will become lost.


2. We all have an ego. It is a part of our fundamental make-up and defines who we are within our own estimation. There is nothing wrong with an ego, it is a question of how realistic and honest we are being with ourselves. Most people get it wrong - their ego's are either too big or they are too small.

Too big means that we are not being honest with ourselves and are attempting to make those around us believe that we are more than we actually are.

Too small means that, again, we are not being honest with ourselves and are denying our true selves to those around us.

What our higher selves want from us is that we are honest with ourselves. Once we become honest with ourselves we also become honest with the those with whom we share our lives. By being honest with others, it allows them to be honest with us in return and once we have honest relationships, emotional traumas do not occur.


The best way of working out if you are honest with yourself is to look at how you react to criticism.

If someone criticises you and you become angry and defensive, it means that you are not being honest with yourself.

If someone criticises you and you think about what it is they are saying and look at what they are saying honestly and your response is more along the lines of: "yes, I see what you are saying and you are correct" or alternatively: "no, you are not correct, that is an unfair comment" then you are being as honest with yourself as you can be and that is all that your higher self wants you to be.


So to re-cap.

If your life has been emotionally traumatic but is now, or is becoming, more peaceful, then you are just about ready and have listened to your higher self.

If you can be as honest as possible with yourself in all situations then you are just about ready and have listened to your higher self.


If neither of the two above statements apply to you then it means that you still have work to do as you have not listened to your higher self.



There are, of course, millions of people who have no concept of what is going on and they have chosen not to be a part of this soul re-integration. The choices these people have made have to be respected and, more importantly, you have to realise that you must leave them behind.

It does not matter what relationship you have with these people, they have made their choices and no amount of encouragement or cajoling on your part is going to make them change. You MUST walk away from these people or they will prevent you from fulfilling your choice of re-integrating. This situation is the elephant in many peoples' living rooms.



There are many people who are now waking up to the lies and propaganda spread by the Velon (Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, Hathor, Annunaki, Angels & Arch Angels etc) and are rejecting ideas and concepts that they were once totally convinced by.

These people might require some help in their re-adjustments but it is your choice as to whether you help them. Just because they have been misled and misguided in the past does not mean that they are ready to move on as they will still have their own emotional situations that have been ignored and so remain uncleared.

You cannot do the necessary clearance work for these people, they need to do it for themselves. Be aware that you could get dragged back down to their level so understand that it is best for people to ask for your help than it is for you to offer it. Once they have asked, you must evaluate very carefully just what it is they are asking for. If they are just asking for guidance, that is fine. If they want you to sort their problems out for them (one of the main reasons why they turned to the GFOL etc in the first place) then be very wary of how far you go down that route as it could be damaging to you.


I appreciate that so many people have had to be patient, particularly since November last year. It was anticipated that we would be able to move forwards more quickly than has been the case. There are, of course, those who refuse to herd their elephants out, but there have been other problems.

Since we reached energy parity with the Earth at the end of October 2011, the Velon and the cabal have done everything they can to build energy patterns that disrupted the Earth's and human plans. The cabal have been working from the ground using haarp whilst the Velon have been using energy patterns from outside of the solar system.

In many respects this has been a "war" but one which is now coming to its conclusion and its outcome never was in doubt. We are not at the end of this "war" just yet but the Velon/cabal could never have won and that is the current situation.

ALL of those who are ready to undergo re-integration have taken part in this "war", in one capacity or another. For almost all, it has been your "night job" so you might not be consciously aware of what you were doing you just know you wake up knackered.

There is a new energy building and that will sweep away these energies that have been holding us back during the next couple of weeks.

Whatever happens, re-integration will occur before 21/12/12.


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Comment by Astraldreamer on January 11, 2013 at 22:20

I have re-read this article and found it inspiring.  Its a good article to revisit at this time.

Comment by Astraldreamer on July 25, 2012 at 19:24

Thank you Chris for sharing this email from Chris Thomas.  I have read some of his books and watched some of his interviews and resonate with what he says.  I have been on a journey of soul integration and emailed Chris Thomas for advice a couple of times and had some very helpful answers.  I like the fact that we must take responsibility for our future rather than relying on other beings to save us.  This approach rather weakens us and is similar to the general dependence on government or malaise with corrupt ones.  My journey has been an interesting one where I have felt what it is to be truly human although my soul is not always comfortable with the way of human beings at this time.  I don't understand lying, corruption, the fronts and faces people layer on.

Comment by studabak : Don R. on July 22, 2012 at 0:30

Howdy James,

Comment by James on July 19, 2012 at 0:49

Hi studabak : Don R. - Usually the higher self starts coming and going to the baby around the 2.5 months mark.

Often OUR higher selves (bearing in mind there are 50) sort of bribe us with gifts etc to come if we don`t want to come into the chosen body - remember that body`s DNA can  dictate the problem experiences that the soul will or wishes to have :)

Usually, when we WANT something we are pushing it away from ourselves so the trick is to try "requesting" what you want and then pass this request over to your guides or higher self to work out how they will get it to you remembering to leave it with them even though your ego self may be putting things into your head as to why you won`t get your request :)

Perhaps you should think about not requesting from the Akashic Records as you must have seen your file many times and address your requests to your higher self as he is the boss.

When a problem crops up, acknowledge it, then ask "what do I have to learn from this"!

Universal Love, Blessings + Gratitude, James

Comment by studabak : Don R. on July 18, 2012 at 21:25

Howdy James, Contract? what contract? I was sent here.... I didn't even get a choice to come here, when requested to know what my being here was for, i was told it was " need to know only ", and when I stated " I NEED TO KNOW NOW! " I was laughed at, I even refused to get placed into this body, it was already born, and in the hospital nursery, before I could finish spouting my objection.... I was bonded in..... since then things like going astral travel, off limits, can't even go to the Akashic Records, I have to lay in my bed, and repeatedly request info from the Akashic Records..... and only when they are ready do I get an answer delivered, some times before I wake up, other times.... some still haven't been answered yet decades later.... contract*******

     Breathes..... another need to know wall...... got it....


Comment by Airon[Marion Wilkins on July 15, 2012 at 18:14

 Think of the words you use,of actions taken and love given.Allow yourself to be who you are,you will become who your were born to be.  In Faith  Marion

Comment by James on July 15, 2012 at 7:29

Yes some of us have experienced losing our gifts at an early age often due to a parent that has been abusive or a drunken state - I was also one where due to my fears and dreams spirit took away my gifts at around 4 years of age as I would see what was about to happen and I though that I had caused it by my "dreams" that I was having.

Letting go of this is usually our own forgiveness and by sending Love and Blessings and to remember that everything that has happened to us makes us who we are today.

It is also what our contract was about, what we had to learn in this life time and what our soul wanted to learn by us being in certain circumstances along the way.

Our contracts can and do change along the way as mine have done and suddenly you find that your higher self has agreed to the new contract and that is the real you :)

Lemurian crystals when part of crystal grids are usually the best for energy - they don`t have to be all lemurians but are best used at the points or ends to show the shape = pink lemurians are better than the crystal rough points but these aren`t always used.

If you can get into a high energy group that does meditation and also provides Energy Courses that involve one night a week for a maximum of 7 weeks with a 3 week break this will help to raise your energy slowly as we can`t do this quickly and you will find that this group will attract the higher energies that will help with any problems along the way and help remove any obstacles that have been deep layered within :)

These groups are often harder to find so you are best to ask your guides for help to guide you perhaps - once you find the right group you will instantly know.

The breathes` I have mentioned previously are for you to discover for yourself.

Universal Love, Blessings and Gratitude James 

Comment by studabak : Don R. on July 14, 2012 at 23:54

Howdy, I have never seen anything to even hint this a perfect world, I lost my telepathy at 8 months old in this life, I had a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen, and I did cry, as nothing I said seemed to be understood by my parents, I remember him swinging his hand, and dark silence, when I did awaken my mother was crying, and rocking me in her lap, my Aunt Jane was there trying to calm her....

   the Indian is probably just a story.... though with checking it out its merits go unknown....

    This area of space, even if all the alien vessels are out there, is still a quiet spot when it comes to what I remember from my past life, some really bad vessel crashes.....

     I have been in 6, and 12 crystal layouts before...... 20 minutes in the 6 crystal layout.... and never feel any different, only allowed 5 minutes in the crystal layout is all I'm allowed, the session monitor says no one can handle longer....  others after 5 minutes are hot, and sweating, when I can sneak 8 minutes, I barely feel a light tingle, I think a forty crystal layout should work for a five minute quick load, for me anyway.....

       What sorta breathing do you mean? I'm not sure how to meditate?

Comment by James on July 14, 2012 at 19:56

Tingshaws, Singing Bells, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Vibration Forks, Sound, Colour, Orbs, Crystals are all high vibrational tools for us to use.

The Indian tale may just be that - remember, Crystals aren`t of the sea :)

Most of us don`t really know what it is that we have to let go of and often it can be the most simple thing which we would laugh at but it may have had a reaction on our cells.

If you have no pacific problems known to you,  just ask that "you now give permission for any emotions, negativity, fears that are not for your highest good be let go of" and pass  these things over to your guides to take care of for you and converted into light.

You would be surprised just how many space vehicles do crash for one reason or another - and we think they live in a perfect world :)

There are many Crystal grids that are very effective and powerful, especially when placed under a healing table or when sat inside one that has been activated.

Remember, we have to live in the NOW.

We are best advised to meditate daily, send Love and Healing to world events and people where they have suffered in some way (include yourself) and think about practicing the Sacred Breathe or Dragon Breathe once or twice a day.

Remember with the Breathe`s, we can be ask that they be dedicated to a pacific purpose before we start each day. 

The Dragon Breathe heats the body quickly so it is advised not to do this for more than

3 minutes at a time and be slow getting up afterwards :)

It is also advisable that we give Thanks and Gratitude each day for anything that we have or anything that spirit has helped us with - in doing so it allows more Gratitude to be given to you.   

Universal Love, Blessings and Gratitude James



Comment by studabak : Don R. on July 13, 2012 at 22:28

I just remembered a story an old Indian told me about the power in crystals, long before he walked the Earth, a warrior had taken a large crystal the the ocean, he climbed upon a large rock above the water, and let out a howl, and smashed the crystal onto the wet rock, a large flash was seen from other Indians, and the warrior lay dead.

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