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How has your belief changed your life?

I am curious to know how many OV members truly believe that the New Earth or the New Age will arrive by the end of 2012? And if you believe this, how has your belief changed your life? Has anyone decided that it's pointless to save money for retirement since we won't need money after the shift? Has anyone changed their educational or professional goals because you realize those particular skills will no longer be required? Has your belief changed any of your relationships with significant others who do not share your thoughts?

As for me, I am writing a book that I think would help some people to prepare for the shift, and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to keep it brief and get it finished before it's too late! I'm tempted to take out our IRA money to buy the trike my husband is pining for, but that seems too radical, especially since his main fear is that we won't have enough to live on when he retires. He has mixed feelings about my decision to write instead of working at a "real" job that would bring in a regular income. I say that I wasn't able to find such a job because it was not my soul's purpose to do that kind of work. He has said that people work to earn money even if it means doing something they hate. But he also believes in my writing and recently said that it MIGHT be part of his purpose to support my work. Since I've been feeding him my spiritual thought bit by bit over the 34 years we've been together, he is gradually growing to understand them better.

Is anyone else willing to share their decisions and/or experiences resulting from their knowledge of the coming shift?

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Comment by Mary Guariglia on November 5, 2010 at 7:36
Great Question Emily as everyone has acknowledged here. I feel that the shift is the "awareness" of our consciousness and it has started already on a grander scale than ever. What we think today, without any doubt, without a hint of doubt...then will manifest in our tomorrows. This word is super important...without doubt! Manifesting will happen faster as our doubt disappears. When we focus on no doubt no money system in the future, so be it. It is tricky cos we have our own thoughts and will create our own realities due to that. What one may experience another will not. There is no rule as to what will be. We are creating it as we go within the guidelines of what we set up before we came here to play this game this life time!

This is all my interpretation for me! I feel that it is exhilarating as we play our game of life and see what our thoughts are creating tomorrow. Others see this as anxiety and want to control what is. Well we really do, but we created our today from years of yesterday's thoughts! All we can do now, and i love the Journey, is to control what we focus on in a positive way NOW which will create our tomorrow as we want it!

That, my friends, is what I believe will happen and I see this happening now in my life as I learn how to have more love for myself, keep joy in my heart at all times and put out love energy in absolutely EVERYTHING I do and BE!

We all have our own right to the pace we choose and what thoughts we choose to focus on.

I have the love and respect of ALL for whatever they choose to think about and BE as I expect that in return. But ya know that does not even matter cos I am creating my reality and that is what I choose to see. And the funny thing is...All I need is LOVE of myself and it is showing up in all around me!

Oh My, What fun! Namaste! and IN-JOY it ALL!!!
Comment by Bert Herrman on November 5, 2010 at 6:41
This is a great question, Emily, and is eliciting some wonderful answers. The fact is that “the truth surpasses all understanding.” OV postings describe a fascinating variety of wonderful futures, but we have no reason to believe that the same future awaits even every lightworker. We are each co-creators of our reality. The Seth writings describe how we all have many choices as to which of many (or infinite) futures that may lie ahead of us.

The correct answer lies in the intuitive knowledge to which each of us has access. We know, if we are paying attention, exactly what we are to do in each moment. For many of us, this means proceeding in what appears to be two separate realities: an everyday reality and a spiritual reality. But each reality is a metaphor of the other. Both realities require us to live in compassion with the world as it unfolds in front of us. Our beliefs and actions in one reality go to shape the other. Is 2012 coming? Of course it is, but what it will be for each of us will be shaped by our dedication to our own truth in each and every now.

Emily, you and your husband need to nurture each other’s realities. Keep a vision of the Golden Age in front of you, but also keep investing in the future. Investing in everyday reality is also an investment in spiritual reality. Following the path of integrity and compassion on both planes will take you exactly where you are supposed to be going.
Comment by Pamela Heyen on November 5, 2010 at 3:42
Well Emily, this is the question of the decade! If you haven't asked yourself the questions you propose here then you aren't aware of what is going on around you. I don't know that there is "one answer". I believe if anything this time in our history is forcing us to look deep within ourselves to find our power, and choose to empower ourselves. I don't know that there will be one huge event that will happen, I feel it has been a process over time. The awakening is just that, people waking up to the fact that as spiritual beings, they have the power to change whatever it is they want to change in their lives. They can be, do and have anything without the permission or say so of anyone else. The realization that peace and love and positive thinking can and is changing their lives. Experiencing the loss of "possessions" and adjusting life's priorities are being forced on some people. The talk of the monetary system failing, civil unrest and food shortages and all the doom and gloom that is being reported by forcasters is un-nerving at times. It does all get to be overwhelming but I try to keep myself focused on what my purpose is here at this time right now. I keep my eyes, ears and heart open and connected to source, which for me is my intuition. I ask and then I listen and I watch consciously for the people and things in my life to guide me. Do I need to stockpile food? If so, something will show up that offers me that choice. Do I need to get a "regular" job? If one is offered to me out of the blue, then I would probably see that as a path I should investigate. I see all these fearful predictions as an "awakening" tactic by Universe. Some people have to be JOLTED out of their slumber, or slapped upside the head in order to see the bigger picture! The laws of the universe never fail.....especially the law of attraction! What you think about is what you are going to bring into your life.....ALWAYS think the good thoughts!
Comment by Eileen Coleman on November 5, 2010 at 3:35
Hi Emily, I'm writing a second book and am wondering if it will be published in time to help those who need to read it. I've been married for 35 years and we did have some savings that we are spending now to make our home more comfortable while we are here. When my husband was made redundant he helped me to self publish my work even though he is skeptical about what I believe is coming around 2012. Both my daughters have had their first babies this year, the last one was born on 3rd November! I believe they are being given this experience while we are still living in the 3rd dimension. I was worried my husband, who works so hard, would miss his experience of retirement as he is not due to retire until 2017. Two years ago he was made redundant and has now experienced a year without working; we used his compensation to relax and he is now back in the workforce again but in a less demanding role on less money. We really live each day as it comes and know that somehow we will get by in this reality, but in our future reality I believe in a most wonderful and vibrant future for all mankind.
Comment by Emily VanLaeys on November 5, 2010 at 2:07
I'm glad to see such a variety of responses here. It shows that we are all thinking for ourselves! And yet, we all know that something wonderful is happening, even if we aren't sure when and what it will be. We are spreading our positive light throughout the world, to give hope and faith to others!
Comment by Illumination OV Admin on November 5, 2010 at 0:43
Great question thanks Emily. I suppose being a Libran I'm all about balance and although I am certain something is coming, I don't know what! The thought of spending all my savings does not fit well with me but, I can't say that I'm saving that hard either. If something comes up that I really want to do, and that I believe will further my spiritual development, then I will go ahead regardless of the finances. I too am delighting in seeing people 'waking up', I am also experiencing the speeding up of things. I'm pleased to see that more and more conspiracies are being exposed to the light, something which I felt was coming a long time ago. They can run but they can't hide! There does seem to be a move in the media towards disclosure but like others I have been disillusioned in the past so have now adopted a 'wait and see' policy. Above all, I aim not to dissolve into fear but to actively look forward to our wonderful future, whatever it may be. Blessings
Comment by paul francis maupin on November 4, 2010 at 21:04
These are very good questions. Speaking with some experience for looking to furture changes with expectation, I was a J.W. for many years. As a member there was always a furture date to look forward to . When these dates did not materialize and to keep members from losing faith word would come down that," new light" or understanding had been received from God and the date would be adjusted and moved forward. Members that left were described as weak and faithless. In expectation of these calculated " end dates" many quit their jobs , sold their homes to dedicate full time service in the door to door preaching and evangelizing work. You can imagine the disappointment and frustration when things did not pan out as expected.
So what is my point? Only that whatever decisions we make we want to, "use the spirit of a sound mind", realizing the consequences of our decision.

In regard to 2012 and the shift of the ages, I believe we live in very momentous times with the realization of our true identity and purpose to co-crate a new heavens and a new earth, " and to keep growing in unconditional love and light each day toward each and everyone.

By the way the reason I left the J.W. organization and am here today with
fellow lightworkers, LOVE !
namaste !
Comment by maya on November 4, 2010 at 20:59
Very good questions you have asked.

As for me, I am not putting my hopes, expectations or life choices on a radical change that is supposed to happen by 2012 , though I've been hearing that this date will bring a "shift." It's good if it does and I am gladly and excitedly looking forward to see what happens on that date. However, the changes I made in my life are mainly based on the inner urges I have felt (inner shift) which is not connected to a certain date or deadline.

Just like you, I am not working a "real" job to earn the money to survive. For four years now, I didn't work. For the last two years, I commenced writing a book. I don't know how I survived until now without a job, husband, or any other consistent support from anybody. But I can say that I have been magically supported as I am still here, writing and doing all the other things that excites me. I'd like to believe that the New Age is already upon me.

I am no longer plugged in the Matrix yet here I am, existing, living. I did not disappear from the world out of starvation, though I am not working. My challenge is maintaining high-consciousness as I believe that this state of mind was what sustained me up to now. Our state of consciousness will see us through this transition times, whether we have illusory jobs, money, or not.
Comment by Suzanne Donald on November 4, 2010 at 20:24
I have seen many ask the question you are asking. Like Dianne Murray said, the shift has been happening for some time now. I agree: the shift is happening all the time – and, I believe, will continue for some time yet. The only way that shift is going to occur is when enough light is anchored onto this planet – meaning, individuals can absorb and anchor the light - truth. I believe it is years off. Maybe 10 years before its effect is noticed and 2050 before it is stabilised – i.e. anchored.

Look back on history, no prophecy has ever eventuated on a set date: we need to see that life is a process. How do we know that this is really November 2010. Researchers now know that Jesus wasn’t born in AD1 and that it is more likely to be BC4-6. There have been so many changes to the calendars – the Julian, the Georgian, the Roman, so how can you set a date. I am not comfortable with any teachings that advocate this. But that is me!

The alignment of planets for the date suggested, to me, can be seen as a harbinger, not an absolute deadline.

In truth, I want to go on record to say I can’t wait until January 2013 so, that once and for all, all this hype is put into ‘got it wrong’ basket and we get on to what this time is all about. To me, it is as simple as understanding that this a transition time. We should be learning that we are leaving the old Piscean energy behind, where everything was secretive, hidden and the individual was dominated, to the Aquarian energy where everything is being exposed and a time for individual belief; a time for indivudal power. It’s no longer time be a follower. And I have to say, this is what most of humanity find the hardest. For eons we have been followers, myself included; I have had lifetimes in religious orders where I followed rules, but now it is the time for individual belief. And, as individuals we are all at different levels – none better, none greater: just levels. Everything is levels – who wants a cloned humanity? Don’t buy into the December 2012.
Comment by yhin briite on November 4, 2010 at 14:26
I think you will look back on these times forever and say they were some of the most exciting times. I don't want it to hurry up at all. The task of waking others up is so much fun. At first they think your nuts. Then they argue for science and the like. Then they can't get your ideas out of their head and then BOOM! They call you up going oh my god you're right and now they're a crazy one too. It's awesome!!!

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