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There is a very old story that goes something like this:

Many centuries ago, there was a very powerful Egyptian Ruler who wanted a pyramid built for himself and his family.

He told his generals to gather up all the people they could find and make them slaves and work commenced.

A few years later, with the pyramid only one-quarter completed, The King was getting a bit worried about how long it was taking and complained to his generals about this. The generals replied that there was little they could do - they had conscripted everyone - young and old from all corners of the empire were whipped and threatened with all sorts of horrible punishments if they didn't work hard enough and there seemed to be no way to build the pyramid any faster.

Then one general suggested that maybe they could get some better results, if instead of punishing the slaves, they offered some sort of incentive to them.

After some meetings, the King and his generals came up with an idea. They would issue a gold coin every week to every slave that worked hard. With this gold coin, the slave was able to buy food, clothing and other essentials for himself and his family.

After issue of the gold coins (which cost the King very little, as he owned ALL the gold in the empire), work proceeded at a much faster rate because the slaves were much happier to put more effort in and the pyramid was constructed on time.

Now here's the clincher: NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE THAT DAY.

The Brainwave.

If person A has a bag of apples and person B has a bag of oranges, they could SELL them to each other to get what they want. In both cases, each would need to PAY money.

But if they simply exchanged their fruit with each other - both STILL get exactly what they want AND IT COSTS (monetarily) NEITHER OF THEM ANYTHING!

Let's just examine this for a moment;

We all have things to offer - God knows we have to because those who don't end up with exceedingly poor lives.
Some of us have talents and abilities, some of us have goods, some have services and still others have stock.

At the moment though, we have this so-called "economic crisis" wherein money is just simply "not easy to come by" and things that were worth lots years ago are worth very little now. It's like the King in the example above has run out of Gold coins or has too many slaves to give each one enough.

So we all suffer.

But we still NEED the same things we have always needed, regardless of their monetary value.....

So Person A ends up sitting on all his apples and person B sits on all his oranges because neither of them can get enough money to buy each other's goods.

BUT IT'S STUPID! - if the MONEY were to be taken out of the equation, the exchange would be viable and benefit both!

Our problem is that we have let MONEY become the standard means of exchange and when it becomes short in supply, exchange grinds to a halt and we all end up going without, even though we still all have the same value to offer others.

My idea is to construct a website where you simply go and input what you HAVE and what you WANT. The computer can now scan all the available entries and suggest a trading scenario where everyone involved gets what they want.

Ok, I can almost HEAR "the taxman" cursing this whole idea because it seems like he has nothing to offer, but that's not true! Tax money is supposed to be for helping the community. And even THAT can be done by trading.

When you look at ALL the effort, paperwork and time we spend with handing money, it seems crazy! - we could do ALL the things we struggle with now far more easily and save all that messing around.

The notion of a Star-Trek type civilization where money is obsolete is within our grasp.

Let's "make it so" (Captain Picard, StarTrek New Generation)


It is not necessary to even get rid of money entirely! - we could still use it where trade is difficult for some reason... but if MOST things were carried out without money, we would ALL benefit - the taxman included!

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Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on December 29, 2011 at 21:52

Well money does not spoil. One can have it for as long as one wants and then use it but now it devaluates.

So the federal reserve has the printer. They also have the monopoly. So they give the slaves paper and take it back again with interest. This insures the slaves will keep working for them forever.

Comment by Joni - OV Guardian on December 29, 2011 at 13:49
Comment by vicci mclaughlin on December 29, 2011 at 10:44

good idea, lol

Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on December 29, 2011 at 6:53

Equal exchange is how its done in the rest of the Universe....remove all the

greedy power hungry individuals on this planet, and we would have equal


Comment by Suzanne Donald on November 16, 2010 at 19:17
Thank you Chewbit, for your suggestion, I do appreciate that. I have had a quick look at the site you suggested but didn’t feel I could take all that info on board. I have moved on since then to ‘simplicity’ which I think is the key. I remember years ago hearing about Ra. In my understanding he was the one who allowed the reactivation of the primitive emotions – that had been suppressed under a previous ruler in Atlantean times, by putting the human vehicle through a flame and by-passing the emotional body, or some such thing in the misguided belief that by suppressing the emotional body that would help progression of the human species. But Ra recognised the error of this; and in doing so changed the whole course of human history. Whether this is true or not, doesn’t matter. What matters, is that we are multi-dimensional beings: meaning we have many bodies – and it is not until all our bodies come into alignment (balance), we have not - that word again – ASCENDED.
Comment by Love IS the Answer ~Admin~ on November 16, 2010 at 12:18
Throughout history there have been those that feel threatened by a raising of the consciousness of the masses, as they are not [at all] so easily controlled when they are truly aware. Hence the preponderance of measures designed to "keep us dumb". The saddest thing about it all is that it actually works in many cases - the average person is deluded into the belief that toil and heartache are "normal" in this world and the concept of "Heaven on Earth" is a fairy tale.
I beg to differ!
Comment by Suzanne Donald on November 15, 2010 at 19:23
Great that you are thinking like that Michael. The more people recognize the power the money-god has had, and still has on this planet the sooner we will see some changes. And it has to change. And it will. But it is a process – but if we continue to not recognize it I believe there will be Divine intervention that will give us a wake-up call. This planet is running behind time – not the planet, but the people on it. Spirituality is about balance and this planet is very out of balance with the ‘have and have not’. I wish I could source the information I read about a year ago that showed how, from memory, a few hundred of the very rich in America held more wealth than the remainder of the population (and that would not be just poor old America, but worldwide). Maybe a Google search could find that! That has to change, and I believe master souls are here now and will be coming through to be in positions of power to make those changes. I believe we are definitely in for a double dip recession unless changes are structurally made to the financial systems. In my view, nothing has been learnt from the subprime mortgage collapse.

My belief is, that initially money was a neutral energy when first introduced, and as we gave it more and more power to solve the solutions to our earthly lives, instead of contacting our higher inner knowing, it has become a negative entity – sadly, a devil.

There are exchange system like Barter Card, Green dollar, that are worldwide systems, but you need to be in business to benefit. You may be interested in this New Zealand site that is very community involved.

Everything is a process, and the more minds like yours that instigate change all add to the greater whole. Good on you, and I wish you well.

As an aside – and I know it is not part of this discussion. Though I appreciate the analogy of the pyramid construction you gave, and the reason why, I believe the construction of the pyramids was done with sound technology that NASA is just discovering (not with reference to the pyramids, but I have seen videos where they were levitating objects with sound). And further to that, I think it is a misconception, in the western mind, that the pyramids were the burial tombs of the pharohs. My feeling is that they were secret initiation temples into the scared sciences, clairvoyance, telepathy, and, yes, teleporting (Star Wars stuff). Utilizing those innate abilities - though I am sick of hearing the word – I’ll have to say: That’s Ascension. Becoming, who in reality we really are. We have been so indoctrinated to believe we are a nothing with no power at all.
Comment by Love IS the Answer ~Admin~ on November 15, 2010 at 17:07
Peter, I cannot see anything "New Age" about Love for God... this is a concept that goes back to the dawn of consciousness itself and I did not say that all that is involved is "simply loving others" - for that only represents the AWAKENING of love in the human heart, not its fulfillment. What I am talking about is devotion to the PRINCIPLE of Love and evolution towards an awareness of it.
The problem is that the word Love is usually dragged down to it's physical aspect whereas Divine Love is something that we cannot even comprehend, far less enact here on the material plane.
Another typical delusion is that an awareness of Love will bring happiness and contentment, but that is simply not true, for those who have attained any measure of enlightenment will be the first to tell you that it is not all roses... the realm of happiness and contentment belongs to the ignorant.
I agree however that we cannot just jump to the level we wish to be at - it takes great suffering, perseverance and effort to make significant steps towards the desired goal.
Comment by Love IS the Answer ~Admin~ on November 15, 2010 at 16:01
This is where education comes in, I think.... life on this planet is not an easy thing to master and it is only in ones later years that one starts to become aware of just how much one needs to know to avoid being caught in any one of the zillions of traps awaiting them.
Sure, there are people who try to advantage of others, but if one is prepared and aware of this, one does not get so easily caught. I really believe that we have a better chance of sorting all this out in a cashless system as those who are able to contribute and do not will simply lose out and be forced to change their ways...
Comment by Love IS the Answer ~Admin~ on November 15, 2010 at 14:59
I think this is where simple compassion comes into play - which would be easy to implement "economically" if we had a cashless society... at the moment, the disadvantaged are simply plowed under and left for dead..

In an ideal system, those who HAVE would simply give to those who have NOT.

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