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Dreaming Or Near Death Experiance?

I've been wanting to ask someone about a dream I had when I was 16 years old. I've only told a handful of people because the reaction I got was one of harsh judgement.


I'll have to give you a brief back ground on my situation at the time of this dream first. Ill spare you the personal details.

At the time I was extremely depressed and wanting a way out of my life...right down to a plan to get out. I was in an abusive situation. And this one particular night I was bagging "god" to help me... ( I came from a Roman Catholic up bringing) to give me a sign or something... the pain was to heavy to carry.


That night I had a dream that felt so real I was in a boat or car. either way it was sinking and water was filling up very quickly. I was panicing and screaming trying to break the windows. Before I could inhale the water that was now covering my face my soul was taken. Instantly I let go of my fear of dying. I accepted it with ease.

I never looked down at the reck below me I just looked up and this beautiful light surrounded me until I was part of it...And I knew what was happening. Every time I had a question it was answered before I could speak or finish the question in my mind...I knew everything...everything about life I was home. Ans I kept saying " Im Home, Im Home." I spent what felt like hours just sitting in this light just being part of it...thats when I heard a mans voice say " Dont Be Afraid." Instantly I remembered my life currently and was sucked down to my body and I woke up in my bed.

The Dream gave me determination to live my life...and I know now trying to escape wont fix my problems...because ill be back again doing it all over again. At the time I would tell my self it was just a dream...but I feel It was much more. Ill never forget it.


If anyone else has a story simalar to this I would love to read it.  

 Brittany~ Love & Light

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Comment by Arjan on July 22, 2011 at 10:17


Thank you for your response. I think I have to add this essential info as well I tend not to tell but here it should be Ok I guess. As I grew up I was convinced (beyond a shadow of doubt) that we had a ghost/spirit in our house. Why? Light bulbs burning out, so loud it made a bang and always after dark.  Movement in the hall way, which was always cold. When you moved through the hall way at night, you would always feel haunted. Not just me, even my father admitted as much as that. Still I felt I was the only one that was really seeing things.

Hypoxia I have never considered before, I will certainly ask my father the next time I see him. I actually never saw the creature that was trying to force its way in, woke before it succeeded. The connection to a ship is also possible, as I had many very scary about them as well.


Comment by Arjan on July 22, 2011 at 8:30

Dear All,

As I am new here I feel the need to tell something about myself. I am from The Netherlands (W-Europe) and therefore English is not my mother tongue. I will try my very best to type correctly. On topic:

This is a most difficult experience and yet a beautiful dream. Sorry to say that I never experienced such a overwhelming moment of release. All through childhood I had terrible nightmares, almost every night. So one night, I was maybe 14 or so, I found myself in a basement. Much like a swimming pool but then underground. It felt cold and empty, with light blueish tiles. Suddenly a pounding on floor. Rather quickly this pounding increase and the floor started cracking. Water poured in from underneath and a huge shark like creature seemed to be attacking the floor. Overcome with fear of dying I tried to escape and woke up.

When writing this I still feel the intense fear.

So not quite the same but still I wanted to share. Any thoughts here?

Comment by Hohongwitutiwa on July 20, 2011 at 16:05

Naangu'a Brittany, Land is Life,

I'siwa, dreams are very important to native people. They learn to interpret their dreams from a very young age, and use them for guidance throughout their lives. As you are asking about this dream, I will give you an interpretation. It is good to understand that the symbolism of dreams, as we understand them, are multilayered, having different levels of meaning-- one symbol can mean many different things; and it is for the dreamer to make the final interpretation. Your dream is very clear at the most obvious level: you were at a very critical moment in your life, and you were praying for help.


Your dream raises you to a higher level of awareness, where you experienced the ongoing journey of your soul, where life and death are natural and part of the interconnected growth of life in creation. In becoming aware of this, you lost your fear of death, and also received a more insightful understanding of the events that were depressing you, so you could deal with them and continue on with your life. Your prayer was wonderfully answered!


We believe that suicide never betters any situation; and that following suicide we must be reborn into a life where we will face the exact same conditions that we tried to avoid by suicide.


My sister, the world, and all of us in it, have entered into a very special period. Accordingly, most of us have undertaken harsh karmic circumstances, so we may receive the wonderful reward awaiting us at the end of this cycle. Your dream gave you encouragement to endure unafraid through the difficulties you were then facing. All of us in the world will soon be facing very unexpected and difficult sitauations, where we, like you, will have to make serious choices. When that time comes, let us all pray as Brittany has done, so we may find the best roads to walk, as she did. Be stronghearted, and prayerful in the times ahead, my sister, just as you did when you were 16, and all will be well on Earth when the "day" is done.

With love and respect,

Upaava - your brother Hohongwitutiwa


Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on July 19, 2011 at 8:04

When one can understand symbolism then one will see a lot more than most people do. Oh don't worry on this site we know that no one really believes their version is the ultimate end all. So no need to mention it really.

It is this fact that gives us the freedom to speak out. We know people are not going to take us too literate thank heavens. So we say what we feel and we don't really concern ourselves unless someone asks for clarity.


This is a cool site don't you think?

Comment by Earth Flower on July 19, 2011 at 5:12
I would like to add that what you say also is very interesting. I have a person very close to me and the in the past attempted suicide many times, and I never heard that before.
Comment by Earth Flower on July 19, 2011 at 5:07
Thank you kindly . I dont mean to say that everyone else is not also valid though.
I just find dreams I understand. I really love to interpret them and Im always being asked by friends to find some meaning.
Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on July 19, 2011 at 4:42

Earth flower.

Pleased to meet you.

I really liked reading your point of view in this matter. It was a good one and I concur that this could also be so.


Comment by Earth Flower on July 19, 2011 at 3:11
It was a dream, BUT dreams do not get the credit they deserve.
I believe when asking GOD for some kind of sign you opened a door you shut because of your sad circumstances. Ive been there believe me. I have survived a very dysfunctional and abusive relationship when I was 18.
Anyways what happens is sometime when we dream we allow ourselves to remember. I believe it was very important to remember because you were looking for guidance and healing ..
So what happens when we are unhappy LIVING so to speak we dream of situations where we feel trapped and unable to break free.
Imagine that that car or boat is YOU, Your Body so to speak. It would make sense that you felt like you were trapped and drowning in yourself from your situation. What you came to realize is that the light is always there and waiting for you to step out.
You were able, with help from "the voice" to break free. What happened was you had an OBE which is the same as a NDE (You have OBEs every night)  but no death involved in a physical way. The death was symbolic of letting go and no letting your FEAR of whatever was making you so depressed and miserable to completely consume you forever.
"The Dream gave me determination to live my life"
Comment by Brittany on July 18, 2011 at 15:05

wow! Thank you for all your thoughts! Things I have never thought of! I'm so grateful to have you all part of my life...

I was feeling very alone in my feelings about life... learning new truths. I felt I didnt have many ppl to talk to but now... I have a whole family.  :)

Comment by Zora J on July 18, 2011 at 9:12

Brittany:  I have experienced similar things, on a regular basis.  These experiences are not "dreams", per se...they are trips back Home, to the Other Side.  That is the unconditional Love you feel, the blissful Light (in ``God``) where most of our real spirit and soul families dwell...and I feel the male voice who told you "do not be afraid" is your guide (we all have one - except for very dark entities).  What you should know is that you can ALWAYS go back there, it is merely a thought away....that's all it takes to get "there" again, a thought.  Sometimes it takes meditative states to get there...but this is what Ascension is all about:  it is easier and easier now to get through the "veil" between the worlds.  For some of us, there is NO veil, and we can get there in a flash (I am going more and more frequently, and you can too).  I know how you is tough to come back here to the heaviness, but take Heart...we are being more and more supported now, from the higher beings and from our loved ones back Home. 


Your story, to my view, is unquestionably a visit to the Other Side.  Otherwise known as Nirvana, Heaven, Home, etc.....and no wonder you feel so good when you are there - it is where you came from, and where you can go anytime you like.  It makes life here SO much more tolerable, because we can now remember we are here on a brief trip; an adventure, to experience the negativity in this school....and when we're done, we return.  Ascension allows us to return there whenever we want, WHILE WE ARE STILL IN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES, whenever we want. 


Keep that experience as a positive sign that your Home is merely a thought away....and enjoy your time here! 


With Love and Light.


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