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The Ninth Wave Continues After October 28th By Carl Calleman

In earlier articles I have promised to get back to the issue of how the energies will continue and what Mayan calendar, if any, to use after its “end”. What the October 28, 2011 “end” means here is that the thirteen baktun Long Count and the other eighth sequences of thirteen heavens have now all been completed. This “end” also means that the climb to the top of the nine storied pyramid has been completed and that the cosmos is not offering a higher level to go than this one of unity consciousness. The seventh day of the Ninth wave, October 11- October 28, 2011, was the first time in cosmic history that all the nine waves were activated in a state of light and in fact an excellent opportunity for integration of their total energy field. October 28, 2011, 13 Ahau in the tzolkin, was the fundamental shift of the ages and now for some time the composite of these energies will be playing out in our individual lives as well as in the history of our planet at large. There is no turning back.

So what is the nature of the energies that currently maintains the energy field of the planet? To begin with it seems clear that we do not now at this point live moment by moment by moment, but experience a continuity with the past. This means that all waves and cosmic energy cycles have not come to an end, but some remain in existence creating an experience of an ongoing flow in our lives. The question is then how these waves continue. After discussions with people, who like myself, can actually feel the energies of the Mayan calendar, and by observing how these energies are now manifesting in the world I feel that I have now got clarity about in what form the cosmic energies are creating continuity. I would like to share this very briefly in this communication. The full consequences of the shift of the ages will have to be dealt with later, maybe in book form. There are many consequences of this in the form of leaving past traditions that are no longer relevant to instead enter something entirely new.

Most important in this moment is that the Ninth wave is continuing! As of November 16, 2011 we are now in what we might call the eighth day of the Ninth wave, a day that will continue for a total of 18 days and then turn into a night. The Ninth wave will continue indefinitely, and, if you like, “grind” the new unity consciousness into existence, but since the Ninth wave is open-ended the same can be said about our future. Logically speaking this implies that the same is true for the other waves as well, which on October 28, 2011 also all turned into nights (Hence the calmness that many experienced after the shift). The other waves we will however not have to concern ourselves with until October 23, 2012 when the Eighth wave again turns to a day.

The fact that the Nine waves seem to go on indefinitely, indicated also by some Palenquean dates deep into the future, means that several metaphors that we have previously used to describe our world at this time may not apply. There will for instance not be any “birth” of a new world as I may have worded it previously, because a birth is something that happens within a defined time-frame. Rather, as mentioned above, the new world will be grinded into existence in a way where the scenarios can no longer be scripted in time. What happens depends totally on what course of action human beings choose. What this also means is that the seed-to-fruit processes that characterized the world before October 28, 2011 are no konger in operation. Put in other terms, with the October 28, 2011 shift of the ages humanity is leaving behind the 7 + 6 = 13 scheme that has been at the heart of creation stories in Abrahamic religions, the holy seven of many other spiritual traditions and the number 108 of Hinduism and Buddhism. These numerological definitions of divine creation processes were not false of made up. They were real until October 28, 2011, but do not apply after this shift date. Looked upon in this way maybe we can begin to understand how big the shift in fact was even if it will take some time before it lands in people more broadly. What has happened is not only a conceptual or calendrical change, but a fundamental shift in the reality that we are living and which calendars should describe. The end to the actual applicability of the religious creation stories and their numerologies coincides notably with a shift where the divine (God or Goddess) are now completely to be found inside the human beings themselves.

This change applies just as much to Mayan religiosity as to any other and is also directly linked to the applicability of the tzolkin at the current time. In an article written before the shift I raised the question whether the tzolkin would still be valid after the shift. I now realize that this question was not correctly posed. What now seems to be the case is that the twenty glyphs are still valid to express the diversity of the energies of a twenty-day uinal (After all, the nine waves are still in operation and differ in frequency exactly by factors of twenty). Yet, as far as I can tell the number thirteen and the trecena has now lost its energetic power as the cosmos broke through the limit of 13 energies (We are now in Heaven 15 of the Ninth wave) and the waves will continue indefinitely. We may still count days and nights, but the limit of thirteen has disappeared. In practice this then also means that the tzolkin of 13 x 20 = 260 days no longer is a relevant matrix of time, since only the twenty day signs retain an energetic meaning. Needless to say, this is a means of approaching the Mayan calendar in order to recognize the truth and is only partially consistent with tradition. It is about finding a calendar that gives a meaningful understanding of the ongoing course of events in light of the presently dominating cosmic rhythms. We should keep in mind that the Mayan calendar is not static, but has undergone dramatic change several times in the past three thousand years. The reason is simply that the energetic reality of the cosmos has changed dramatically over this period of time.

I hope some may now better realize how significant the shift of the ages actually was. What happened was that the energetic basis for all the world’s religions, or at least for their creation stories, has now disappeared. Until October 28, 2011 the limiting constraints of 7+6 = 13 still existed as a cosmic reality and many of my own presentations were also based on this fact. As this energetic basis has now been broken through, and the waves continue endlessly beyond thirteen, the divine outside of ourselves disappears and is moved entirely within ourselves. Not as a choice, but as a necessity. The ramifications of this are much too far reaching to develop fully in an article like this, but before ending I would like to comment on the continued political-economic crisis in the world.

In my article of November 8, 2011, I described some very significant events that accompanied the shift of the ages in the external world. I then also pointed out the necessity of keeping an eye on the planetary midline of the 12th longitude East for those that want to track the course of events, because this is where duality was originally introduced. (As an indication of the relevance of this, Berlusconi fell less than a day after I said it would happen). I feel this focus will be equally relevant when it comes to the continue grinding action of the Ninth wave. Thus, in addition to the reactivation of the Occupy movement in the US as well as the popular revolutions of Syria and Egypt, a clear deepening of the Euro crisis took place at the beginning of the eighth day of the Ninth wave. I am convinced that key European politicians now fully realized that there is no way that the southern European nations will be able to successfully find a way out of their debt crisis. (Up until October 28, 2011 they still thought they could find a solution to the situation.) As these nations also include, despite its shift n government, Italy, the third largest economy of the EU, they also now realize that it will not be possible to save the Euro and will start to act accordingly no matter what they say publicly. Thus, it remains true that it is the days of the Ninth wave that are carrying the unity consciousness and will serve most clearly to erode the old system of dominance. I do not want to make any timed predictions about the erosion of the world order of economic dominance, since this no longer seems possible. The point to realize is however that the Ninth wave is still in operation and that especially its days will continue to grind unity consciousness into existence.

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Comment by Zora J on November 21, 2011 at 15:53

While I have my moments of mind-wandering whilst reading Carl's stuff...I have to admit that much of it resonates with me.  Especially since 11-11-11, never mind the Oct. 28th time.  I can see that things REALLY levelled out after that time, esp. since I was heavily and consciously involved in opening the Stargate portal.  I see that "time" is no longer rushing crazily like a bunch of lemmings towards the cliff....but has now settled into the 4th dimensional frequencies.  This of course would explain his thesis/observations that the waves are continuing, but we are more "grinding" the knowledge down into every pore of our collective consciousness.  Harsh-sounding....but it's true.  It is almost like the Collective Mind has decided to take things into Hand, and do it FOR those who are STILL asleep and/or recalcitrant in their willingness to be a positive part of the Shift. 


These ARE amaaaazing times we are living in.  Tough and challenging at times, yes...but the rewards are simply beyond anything we could have hoped for.  How we accept these rewards is another matter.  Will we struggle against the unfamiliar, though it may be for our Highest Good and something that will make us happier in the not-so-long run?  Or will we TRUST, and have FAITH that we ARE now almost fully within the Ascension frequencies. 

I know which one I have chosen, and the few bits of ego that are still hanging around desperately clinging to the old....will have to go.  It's a foregone conclusion, and something I am VERY MUCH looking forward to.  I will exchange ego for "self esteem and self confidence" ANY day.  And for me...I'm choosing TODAY.  Love always.  Zora

Comment by Reginald Reeves on November 21, 2011 at 10:05

If that was meant as a response to my earlier response, thank you Bert.

I try not to play politics with who likes me and who agrees with me etc...

I only expect to not get led down the same tired path that we all have been on for ten's of thousands of years now.


Once again, if I have offended anyone, please find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I respect everyone here and love you all with a very strong and deep heart.


However, I do expect us to help each other thru this challenging time.

Confusion we get from the Matrix, day in and day out.


We all need to inspire and hold each other up and we will succeed with an enormous amount of cosmic energy.


I think we are still inclined to miss a few things here and there, because part of us is still aspiring for a brighter light and a far better reality.


I expect this new world to be incredible and it will probably take Carl or whoever many times before all of the pieces fall into place the way that they should for this new time that we are in.


I respect and admire each and everyone of you because you have all shown amazing and incredible kindness and good intentions.


VEry few slights that I have been on has been as wonderful as all of you have been.


SO once again please forgive me if I sort of vented a little to much about Mr. Carl.


I go back to an old bible saying that says something like "He who is without sin, let him throw the first stone"


Believe me, I am the last person that should or would ever pick up a stone even to bash an insect that was bothering me.


Thanks for allowing me to write this.


MAy all of you continue to find the brightness of  your many lives through out eternity.

Comment by Bert Herrman on November 21, 2011 at 7:32

Sadly, some people can't admit that they might have been wrong!

Comment by Reginald Reeves on November 21, 2011 at 4:24


Carl Calleman really takes my mind for a roller coaster ride.

I have tried to follow some of his insightful information but to be honest with you, he keeps leaving me on the Event Horizon of Huh !


Forgive me if I seem a little dense about all of it, but his reasoning is a little wild to say the least.


Hopefully in the future he will help to clarify some of his Nostrodomus type of verbal engagement.


I am a basic thinker and even though I have learned how to shift my thinking fairly well to befit some of the present day occurences, it is very hard  for me to wrap my hypocampus and hypothalmus around Carl's conclusions.


MAybe it is because I still have some of the old junk thinking mulling around in my head.

I am trying to follow Carls view of things, but he keeps leaving me in the dark.


It is my hope in the future or the present that all of it will come together for me and everyone else who finds Carls information somewhat stunning and at the same time befuttling.


I am not trying to be unimaginative or difficult, I am just trying to find my way like everyone else on this transforming planet.


 We have heard it all for the last 50,000 years, from "He has risen" to "Mankind has just walked on the moon" to " A new world is coming,and quite frankly, I feel that most of us have been awake for a very long time now and it is going to be hard to give us a lot of "Jive" and Hulla Ba Lu malarky and mumbo jumbo.


I am more than sure that none of us are in the mood for it now or ever again.


SO I hope Mr. Carl in on the level and is not just spinning our wheels, because we can think him away just like we can collectively think all of the other questionable things out of existence.


God bless you all and we all hope Carl is for real.





Comment by Patty on November 21, 2011 at 3:39

Christopher TY for sharing this helpful and factual update.  I was wondering if you might know why we haven't heard much from David wilcox lately? Or have i just slept through current ones. I've been sick and just trying to patiently get stronger so i can keep intouch more often with everyone.

Comment by Harry Beam on November 21, 2011 at 3:22
Question.There was alot of talk about the mayan's taking 13care crystals across the US then we heard nothing.The ones who reported it now ignore it what happen.was this more.B.S.Harry

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