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From My High Self on the Convergence of Timelines on 12/21/12, Gaia’s
Birth ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 1/26/12 January 26,
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Jan 26, 2012

Prilon, my High Self

[Hello Prilon!] Hi Suzy, I have stepped back into the heavenly
dimensions so that you can concentrate on the matters at hand. [Yes,
we had been working on the modules for the Ascension Class.] Yes but
in your dimension of 3-D, things are changing very rapidly.

In your messages are coded frequencies that assist the readers to
prepare for the convergence. [Can you explain to me about the
convergence?] Yes, the convergence is the melding of timelines and
this belief is what will occur on the date of 12/21/12. It will plunge
the Earth into darkness for a period of 2-3 days. In this time the
Earth’s axis will shift, the poles will move, Gaia will be born into a
higher frequency and the inhabitants will ascend with her.

In this time of darkness, some who choose to leave their bodies will
continue on in another 3-D reality. This experience in some cases will
be very similar to the current Earth reality.  It will be as if they
have woken up from a long nap, to find everything pretty much the
same. It is their wish to continue in this way.

Others will imagine themselves back in the frequency of heaven. These
souls prefer to release their bodies to continue their paths.

Only those who wish to ascend with Gaia will awaken from the slumber
and be in their bodies but with an evolutionary upgrade. This upgrade
is how you will experience the higher fifth dimensions as Gaia’s first
generation. In this experience, duality will be non-existent. There
will be a group energy that will assist inhabitants to make decisions
based on the greater good of all. Individuals will automatically make
decisions that will support the whole, not the one. This will make
life for everyone much easier. No more greed or corruption as it
simply will not be able to co-exist with this frequency. A new system
will be in place for assisting all aspects of daily life. This may
take some time to get up and running, but this is seen as a few hours
to days. Be certain all is well during this transition.

The planet is ready and this shift is supported by all levels of
vibration. Give this message to the tribe first, then to the masses.
The tribe, other channelers, speakers, voices of discontent are all
trumpet blowers to this birth.

From Suzanne: The days of darkness may be metaphorical, literal, I
have no idea. Also, I think this event is truly indescribable. I am
sure this message and others like it are only scratching the surface!




from Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot

BREAKING NEWS! -- from a Camelot supporter: "Periodically I take care
of a baby relative of mine -not so much of a baby anymore; a toddler
now and growing up fast. Last night we were sitting in the dark by the
wood burning stove enjoying the fire. Out of the blue she said, "the
ocean is coming." She got up went to the door and looked outside." She
lives 50 miles inland at about 4000ft. in San Diego County."



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Comment by Reginald Reeves on January 27, 2012 at 11:54

I guess I am speaking of both Sally Jane.

You explained it well.

It takes me a few minutes to digest anyone else's explanation about some things because I really try to see if what I am hearing them say is what I think it is.

So I study their explanation for a while and then, I digest it better, because I think about it really hard as to make sure that I completely understand exactly what they are saying.


However it sounds to me as if you gave me a pretty good explanation, so all I need to do is ponder it for a few, before I store it away so that when I hear it again, I will completely understand the concept.


I rarely dismiss other peoples perception of their reality because I never know when I will need to use it.


All understanding is in a constant change of flux and we all need to comprehend everything that we can from moment to the next, because everything can change in the twinkling of an eye.


Peace is already with us because  of the way that we think.

Comment by Harry Beam on January 27, 2012 at 8:46
Where is Louise's Quantum Leaping tool,I had the Quantum Jumping program and had no sideswipe.
Comment by Sally on January 27, 2012 at 8:32

Even when we go /cross over into spirit we have a cleasing time , doesn't just happen in this reality , then we are taught on the other side until we are up to par.

these messages I read not because I believe they are FACTS but to prepare for any possible outcome....

once we ascend  /activate trans locating /jumping will be one of the many gifts we shall acquire

with our vessel this what you are speaking of Reginald or the astral

Comment by JJ Smith on January 27, 2012 at 8:31

I felt the power of this AND in perfect synchronicity I watched the Kerry Cassidy interview with an ex Navy Seal

The last half an hour is fantastic and gives real hope to the world, even though the first half reveals shocking truths. Our man Woods is a brave Soul even though forced to commit murder. Fear is dangerous to decision making?

Love and Light


Comment by Reginald Reeves on January 27, 2012 at 8:26

Oh !

By the way Louise, I am not sure if you realize that you are the creator of your reality, but if you are aware of it, you are so close to coming home that you should be able to smell it from where you are standing now.

Your statement is genius unfolding everywhere with everything all rolled up into one.

Keep thinking what you are thinking now and you will find that you have already arrived at your intended destination.


You are an extremely smart and perceptive woman.


Peace and happiness is within your grasp.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on January 27, 2012 at 8:20

Great news indeed!

Thank you Sally Jane.

I am going to try Louise's technique of Quantum Leaping out of 3D and into the next dimensional level.

I use a technique called Quantum Jumping already, and I like to use it because it works for me.

However, I have jumped so many times that if I did not know any better, I believe that I may have lost my original source of where I started.

Not to worry though, as it turns out, where I am now suites me fine.

The world or reality that I am in now, is a lot less dangerous and seems to contain a whole lot less drama and confusion.

Yes, the humans here still make noise and are very confusing some times, but all in all, it is easier getting from day to day.

Hopefully, if they start to act up here to bad, I can just Quantum Jump to another dimension and start all over again like I have been doing whenever they act up to much.


As strange as this may sound to anyone, it really works well for me.

Ok fellow tribes people, Continue to evolve and I hope that everyone is behaving in a cordial and respectful way because if you are not, I know how to turn the burners on in my mind and get out of here in a flash.


Developement of ourselves is one of the most priceless things that we will ever do.

Find your way thru you, and find happiness and peace forever. 


Comment by Louise on January 27, 2012 at 6:09

Yay! Victoria!

Jelila Starr put it succinctly when she was talking about parallel timelines, and the desire that some folks have to jump out of 3D by jumping (making a quantum leap) into another reality.  Well, her point was this:

Until you can integrate, through your heart, the portions of the dark which you find unacceptable, you will keep attracting them because whatever you resist will persist.  You just create them in another reality so there'll be another reality of war, so - You've go to do it here and when you're in a state of peace, then you can go into another reality and you will create peace there.

Go! Jelila!

It makes no sense to me, for us to speak of Ascension if we aren't going to do the emotional clearing and the integration work.  It's not possible to move forward without doing it.  Does anyone think they can take their own personal hell, whether it is to them conscious or unconscious stuff, into heaven?  It's absurd to think that if we don't look at it, then it won't be there anymore.  C'mon peeps, we're the biggest kidders on the block but we don't get away with a thing! :) :) :)

Comment by Sheila on January 27, 2012 at 6:08

I do not think there will be 3 days of darkness 24.12.12  there will be a pause, but people will not notice it.

All will Ascend, as there is no where else to go.

Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on January 27, 2012 at 4:59

Yes, I agree also, is a kind of a simplistic statement and it

would be an understatement to say DISAPPOINTING if you desired to

Ascend only to find you were still in 3D!! It's already occurring and its a

smooth,subtle transition into higher vibration.

Comment by Harry Beam on January 27, 2012 at 3:52
Good point Louise. This is maybe the reason I am so preoccupied with heart connection.

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