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Two Messages of Future Things to Come

From My High Self on the Convergence of Timelines on 12/21/12, Gaia’s
Birth ~ Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 1/26/12 January 26,
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Jan 26, 2012

Prilon, my High Self

[Hello Prilon!] Hi Suzy, I have stepped back into the heavenly
dimensions so that you can concentrate on the matters at hand. [Yes,
we had been working on the modules for the Ascension Class.] Yes but
in your dimension of 3-D, things are changing very rapidly.

In your messages are coded frequencies that assist the readers to
prepare for the convergence. [Can you explain to me about the
convergence?] Yes, the convergence is the melding of timelines and
this belief is what will occur on the date of 12/21/12. It will plunge
the Earth into darkness for a period of 2-3 days. In this time the
Earth’s axis will shift, the poles will move, Gaia will be born into a
higher frequency and the inhabitants will ascend with her.

In this time of darkness, some who choose to leave their bodies will
continue on in another 3-D reality. This experience in some cases will
be very similar to the current Earth reality.  It will be as if they
have woken up from a long nap, to find everything pretty much the
same. It is their wish to continue in this way.

Others will imagine themselves back in the frequency of heaven. These
souls prefer to release their bodies to continue their paths.

Only those who wish to ascend with Gaia will awaken from the slumber
and be in their bodies but with an evolutionary upgrade. This upgrade
is how you will experience the higher fifth dimensions as Gaia’s first
generation. In this experience, duality will be non-existent. There
will be a group energy that will assist inhabitants to make decisions
based on the greater good of all. Individuals will automatically make
decisions that will support the whole, not the one. This will make
life for everyone much easier. No more greed or corruption as it
simply will not be able to co-exist with this frequency. A new system
will be in place for assisting all aspects of daily life. This may
take some time to get up and running, but this is seen as a few hours
to days. Be certain all is well during this transition.

The planet is ready and this shift is supported by all levels of
vibration. Give this message to the tribe first, then to the masses.
The tribe, other channelers, speakers, voices of discontent are all
trumpet blowers to this birth.

From Suzanne: The days of darkness may be metaphorical, literal, I
have no idea. Also, I think this event is truly indescribable. I am
sure this message and others like it are only scratching the surface!




from Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot

BREAKING NEWS! -- from a Camelot supporter: "Periodically I take care
of a baby relative of mine -not so much of a baby anymore; a toddler
now and growing up fast. Last night we were sitting in the dark by the
wood burning stove enjoying the fire. Out of the blue she said, "the
ocean is coming." She got up went to the door and looked outside." She
lives 50 miles inland at about 4000ft. in San Diego County."



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Comment by Louise on January 27, 2012 at 3:32


I'm right with you about this kind of professy.  It brings NO JOY with it, all due respect to the messengers.

I AM the creator of my reality.  I determine the power that I have to put into the playing of this tremendous game.  The only necessary ingredient is for UNITY amoung us, so we can implement our HEARTS' DREAM.  All possibility is ours.

We need only to make our committment to the Gaia project.  It doesn't matter if each individual can remember their own mission for this Earth-life, or not!  It only matters to reside in our Hearts and feel the Heart beat of One Heart.  Thinking about it can lead us astray, as these kind of professies can also do.  We must not waiver in our intention to be the Light Weavers.  We are ever so strong, and capable beyond our understanding.  All we need, each of us, will come to us, when we are residing in our heart, in the present moment, in the power of our Mighty I AM.

We are the creators of our reality. We bring Heaven On Earth!

Comment by Harry Beam on January 27, 2012 at 3:28
I see things maybe falling place the business I have been a part of for over suppose to sale soon and I will get the new Truck,And alot of money, When this happens, I keep seeing myself in New Mexico near my the mountains with supplies to ride out the storm.The reason bringing prepared and knowing I am somewhat prepared will give me peace of mind that if we are meant to shrine. I will be ready.
Comment by Sally on January 26, 2012 at 19:24

I have actually dreamt of the time of darkness think I posted it on the forum sometime last year

can you imagine a wave that goes inland that far the death toll would be in the tens of thousands

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