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Hello, and welcome to 2011.

This is the year in which awakened ones and those who are now awakening, are being asked to stand in our truth. We all have great creative power but we are so used to giving it away to others or doubting ourselves through fear-based thinking, that it is difficult to recognise our personal power, claim it back and hold on to it.

I do not usually write blogs, get involved in forums or such like and have left that to those who I thought were more enlightened Beings than myself. I have enjoyed, like many of you, hearing about the energy changes that are taking place and what events are going to unfold for us in our world, written by those people who have already stepped forward to speak to us of the changes that have been and will be occurring during the Ascension years.

I am grateful to all who have provided us with uplifting messages, given us insight, knowledge, guidance and those who have kept us moving forward with their channelled information, their intuitive abilities and wonderful web-sites.

I have worked as an Energy Healer and Counsellor since the late 1990’s helping many, many people and it has been interesting for me to see trends when a particular energy change has come in and then becoming aware of a succession of people experiencing the fall out from that new energy as it swept across our planet.

There is no difference now, in that there are powerful energy changes taking place throughout this year and the theme for 2011 is to “Stand in your Power”.

That is why I am writing this. I have stood on the side lines waiting to hear others’ interpretations about what is going on and then after reading some of the articles thinking, “I could have written that!” I am sure that many of you feel the same, even about what I am writing here.

I sense that there are many people out there who like me, have been quietly serving our Creator, having our own uplifting experiences, successes, miracles even and keeping them to ourselves or perhaps just sharing them with the few people we trust or who have had similar experiences to our own.

The year, 2010 was about new beginnings, people being brought together in the realisation of the many connections we all share. Some who had been serving quietly in the background on their own, started connecting with other like minded people.

Many of us quickly realised what a small world this really is, for connecting with known people brought further connections with others of whom we were previously unaware, and yet who were now to become so important to our future growth.

Many relationships ended or had to adjust to the new energies which were guiding us to be with the right people in the right places at the right times. It was a time of going within our Hearts and becoming empowered, preparing us for the co-creation that was to follow in 2011 and beyond.

This year is different. It is about stepping forth and being the ones we came here to be. It can be difficult to bring our Light out into the open for all to see because as our Hearts open we become more Loving, humble, more grateful and do not look for fame, fortune or recognition, we just wish to serve our Creator in ever greater ways.

The rollercoaster ride that we have been on since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 followed by the Harmonic Concordance in 2003 and the continuous onslaught of planetary activity ever since, has reached a point now where we need to put all that we have learned through experience, to good use.

Many of us who have awakened sufficiently enough to be of service to others in their awakening, may have found ourselves surrounded by people who are unaware of the changes that have taken place. In many cases it can be our loved ones who are struggling and if this is the case it proves so difficult for us to be the way-showers that we are, when our loved ones are in fear causing us to feel that we are unable to be our new, true selves.

We may have held back, waiting, hoping that our loved ones will start to awaken also and be with us in the same higher vibrational consciousness that we have been fortunate to claim through our hard work and soul searching over many years.

This year however it is time to be our true selves, as we are being asked to step forward and live the lives we are supposed to be living, in service. We may come up against fear from our loved ones and others. They possibly will get angry and tell us we are being selfish, that we have changed or are talking nonsense and that we are not the person who they loved.

Difficult situations could present themselves for us but it is so important that we stand strong through this last bit of intense pressure that we may experience as we approach December 2012 when the Ascension energies will accelerate.

If you are experiencing the above, know that our loved ones need to step out of the old third dimensional consciousness based in fear and as long as we continue to give in to their demands or need to control us and our environment through fear based thinking, they will remain stuck. Our gift to them is for us to set an example by standing in our power and return only unconditional love to them when they direct their unkind words, thoughts or actions towards us.

Once they realise that their mind games do not serve them any more and then subsequently have worked through their fear based emotional thinking, they too will awaken to their truth and will be free to find happiness and joy in their lives in the fourth dimensional consciousness that is here, waiting to be claimed by everyone.

The gap before the next major energy shift in 2012 is diminishing and the times of putting things off until another day are gone. We have to put what abilities, gifts, blessings or whatever you wish to call them, to their best use. Yes, our loved ones might complain, there is always fear when change comes in but they will adapt as we have adapted and they will benefit from those changes eventually.

Remember that when we step forward to do something in service, we receive all the help we need from our Creator through the Company of Heaven. We are very much loved and supported, there is great respect for us from Spirit, especially at times like this when we are being asked to stand firm, even when those we love the most may be affecting us in so many negative ways as they continue to struggle with their awakening process.

It does not matter if the relationships in question are between partners, brothers, sisters or children and their parents, for we have all been conditioned over a very long time and have all been involved in fear based co-dependant relationships at one time or another.

We also at some point have been the perpetrators of such thoughts and actions, so are more aware now of what is happening and can find compassion and understanding towards those who are still stuck in fear based consciousness.

When we Love ourselves unconditionally, our world reflects that to us as
“Heaven on Earth” and to Love ourselves unconditionally we must be true to ourselves. The time of putting up with anything for the sake of peace or of accepting unacceptable behaviour in others, rather than hurting their feelings, has ended. We are not serving anyone by letting that continue and they will not overcome their issues unless they become aware of them.

When making TRUST and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE the main focus of our attention, everything will fall into place. All will be Healed. By TRUSTING and consistently giving UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, we will develop a deeper understanding of knowing that the situations in our lives and the lives of those dear to us are just “perfect” at any given “now” moment.  

Remember also, we chose to be here in these times, we are the strongest of the strong and we volunteered our services knowing that it would be a difficult journey but a journey that we can talk about for aeons. Never before has a planet evolved through three levels of dimensional consciousness, third, fourth and eventually fifth, within one generation of life.
You may ask yourselves ” Why do we doubt ourselves so, when we have already endured so much and are still here struggling on?” Inside of us all, we have a vision of how this planet is meant to be, a new paradigm, “Heaven on Earth”. WE WILL achieve this and do just that by standing in our power in this NOW moment. We all have so much to offer and should not hide our Light any longer.

Remember to treat one another with the greatest respect for when you look into each others eyes you are looking in the eyes of God and nurture one another every chance you get for you are helping yourself when you do so.


I wish you God’s Strength as you step forward now into your own unique, powerful way of Being, co-creating by bringing our Creator’s Love to this ever evolving changing world, to make it the Loving place it is meant to be.



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Comment by Dorothy Peer Promiscuo on April 10, 2011 at 19:02
Wonderful post, Timothy--I am standing in my power, and Loving every minute of it.  Love and Light, always, Dot 
Comment by sagenhoney on April 4, 2011 at 21:06
Lovely post - thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Comment by Jan on April 4, 2011 at 9:31

Thankyou Tim for your wonderful message, beautifully written from the place of Unconditional Love. I hope this is  the first  of many more posts from you, as you have touched my heart as I'm sure you have many others .

In the Energy of Love


Comment by Kim Pember-Thomas on April 3, 2011 at 21:57
Thank you Tim for these powerfilled loving words XX
Comment by Bruce on April 3, 2011 at 21:29

To be in the moulding hands of the Creator's Love oft is diametrically opposed to reason, diametrically opposed to human nature, it transcends the realm of the intellect and of the emotions, and many is the time we are greatly humbled by it on bended knee


Comment by Bridget Glancy on April 3, 2011 at 20:41
Thank you Timothy for sharing this wonderful post. You answered so much that has been on my mind for some time, the answers to my prayers. Couldn't agree with you more.  God bless you. Love & Light. Bridget.
Comment by Timothy Pope on April 3, 2011 at 19:44
Hello and thank you all for your Positive and Loving messages. To those who have brought the subject up of E.Ts and the Illuminati, I respect your point of view and I do not necessarily disagree with it but I feel that it does not resonate with the message that I have wished to bring across here and I would suggest that they should create a blog of their own and publish it so that others might comment on their message. The Unconditional Love that I have discussed here is the Creators Love not personal human ego Love and the Creators Unconditional Love is more Powerful than Anything in exsistance, please let us remember who is ultimately in charge of ALL THAT IS.
Comment by John Paul Lavigne on April 3, 2011 at 11:45
...Great Stuff...Our True Selves are becoming Lighter...thank You...
Comment by Su on April 3, 2011 at 5:47
Thank you.  Be blessed.
Comment by Darshana on April 3, 2011 at 5:05

Thank you SO much Timothy, I can feel the "heart" of your message it takes

heart to stand in your Truth  Namaste'

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