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Flight of Mind in the Universe – some questions

We may notice that the seasons are shifting a bit. A research report from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology at Pune projects that this region could be 4 degree hotter by 2050. We are taught that once upon a time the Earth was a ball of fire. The life appeared gradually as it cooled down slowly, slowly. There are reports of ice-ages too occurring on earth.

We talk of life on the Mars in some distant past, or a possibility somewhere even today. May we think of our lovely Earth becoming like Mars someday having been depleted of the life-giving ingredients? Are we destined to decay, or face a deluge/Pralaya/Kayamat in language of the poets and prophets? The climate readers warn. Let us look into logical possibilities.

Every body/system decays with time. The decay period is characteristic of the body or the system. External forces too have secondary effects, not necessarily small always. What it may mean for our Earth and the solar system?

Sun’s fuel, giving the spectrum of its radiation, may exhaust in course of time, as per available knowledge. Earth’s climate may not hold that long due to our misuse of its natural resources, or due to man-made threats from thoughtless innovations in pursuits of ego or greed. For example, threat of a nuclear holocaust setting-in a nuclear winter looms upon us. In addition to massive losses of lives, the life-forms may undergo changes as part of evolution or adaptation!

Moreover, as the Life is of migratory character, the life from a planet may migrate to another planet having more hospitable environment at a point of time within the solar-system, or from a solar-system to another, and so on, maintaining an unending dynamic equilibrium in the Universe! Jain philosophy considers the Universe as Anaadi-Anant (having no beginning-no end).

Hence, history of distant past in our solar-system, and around other distant stars across the galaxies is very much relevant. If validity of such fundamental-looking possibilities could be established through the Space ventures, we may be able to infuse greater satisfaction in our existence on the Earth, promote ecology, reduce conflicts, and enjoy the bliss of Life in harmony as part of the Nature’s cycle!!

At present, Physics is in a great flux. Great quantum theory explains atomic physics while Einstein’s theory of relativity explains the Big Bang and the expanding universe. But, they fail at a ‘black hole’ that can give a deadly punch to a passing galaxy billion trillion miles away from us. A friend, Anjez Winkler exclaims that the Big Bang may be relevant in understanding our Planet's galaxy! But, we may see 'beyond' the Big Bang, see Infinity.

That means, the spirit of scientific inquiry in the fundamental realms must not be looked as waste of human energy, time and resources.

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Comment by Vinay Jain on September 19, 2008 at 2:44
Hello Anjez!
I should accept your statement that in science "truth" necessarily has to be limited because pursuits in science depend on observable; the theoritical predictions too must be verified within physical laws. However, you may enjoy the following quote:

“People like you and I, though mortal of course like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live...[We] never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born”, Albert Einstein wrote in a letter to Otto Juliusburger.

Curiosity drives search, re-search, adventure and joy all so dear in childhood. Incidentally, it fuels pursuits of progress and life! I admire your curiosity.
Comment by Vinay Jain on September 3, 2008 at 2:33
Thanks friends for the lively comments and observations.
The fact, people opening up to share all their experiences about the universe, the video is apt, Heli! Thank you. Flight of mind may well be the universe, Paul! We can't remain narrow minded.

Free bird and Free mind are alike,
both thrill the heart with joy.
The free bird spans the skies,
the free mind fills the lives.

Oscillator at heart of the matter
vacillates to offer treasures of Nature.
Oscillating mind holds pleasures and Bliss
when vacillates between science and religion.

Stay cool,calm and balanced and know that what we can't change ... . Learn to think in our world, knowing we're within worlds upon worlds upon worlds of endless imagination and possiblity. It is more than imagination, i think.
Thank you friends. ... Vinay
Comment by Christopher OV Admin on August 26, 2008 at 21:46
These are not apocalyptic end days, but the end of 3D is the rapid build up to renewal of the Planet and to the evolution of humanity to a higher level..........Earth is changing and we are changing with her......pole shifts and removal of the 4 degree "wobble" means a period of weather adjustment. Melting of the Polar ice caps and the expansion of the Earth's diameter is Earth undergoing her physical changes........and yes higher CO2 is necessary for our evolution, so don't fall into the "greenhouse gas trap"......we need this higher level of CO2 to affect our changes. Stay cool,calm and balanced and know that what we can't change now (e.g.pollution), we can change later. Now is a time for celebration of our evolution to the next level.
Comment by Rick Jordan on August 26, 2008 at 16:02
exactly! when people talk about the Big Bang they are assuming, 'of course that's why we're here. the beginning was the Big Bang, end of discussion'. This level of thinking is so very limiting. Yes, something we refer to as the Big Bang happened, but that WAS NOT the beginning of everything. We live in a particualr world, within a particular galaxy. we are tiny, so very tiny. we must learn to think in our world, knowing we're within worlds upon worlds upon worlds of endless imagination and possiblity. Who knows what marvels of creation and destruction existed and exist before and beyond our Big Bang concept. We should let our most powerful tool as beings, our Imagination, to lead us into a state of unending possibilty

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