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Beyond The Law Of Attraction By Scott Rabalais

There is much abuzz these days regarding the Law of Attraction, noted in the popularity of "The Secret" movie and book as well as other Law of Attraction publications. The general premise behind such works is that we attract into our lives that which is sourced from our thoughts and our emotions. And to a degree, this is true. But there is more to the picture!

From unified consciousness, all is energy and all is interconnected. It's a unified field of infinite possibility. We are all and all is us. So where does this idea come from that we could possibly experience a shortage or lack of any sort? If the whole world -- and beyond -- is at our fingertips, how could we be in a state of want?

The separation consciousness does not recognize the unified field. Instead, seeing existence as a divided field, what's yours is yours and what's mine is mine. The separation consciousness sees what I am now, or what I have, and what I want to be, or have. This creates an inner chasm, a sense of want, a tension between what is and what is desired.

"Want" is a quality of separation consciousness and does not exist in unified consciousness. In biblical terms, the passage "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want," can be interpreted to mean that in unified consciousness (God consciousness), there is no sense of want or lack. The mere thought of want is an acknowledgment that there is lack, thus the chasm and inner tension.

Our culture is ever-ready to respond to this sense of want or lack, advertising that we can be fulfilled by a particular object or idea, or that which will satisfy our sense of want. However, in separation consciousness, once a want is fulfilled and the chasm apparently filled in, that state of separation will create another chasm, as the inner chasm is its nature. So, we keep on wanting and wanting in an endless cycle.

This is why we live under such an illusion that if we can just get that higher status or newer car or bigger house or faster boat we can be complete. And while we experience a momentary high when obtaining our latest prize (temporarily filling in the chasm), the sense of want soon returns and the chasm reappears.

Modern capitalism exists and thrives with the sense of want, or separation consciousness. Those with lots of money and resources are seen as the "heroes" of the capitalist culture, as if they can close the chasm with their financial power. However, those with great resources typically just have larger chasms to try to fill, unless they have learned to serve as a positive channel for their wealth.

So how do we overcome this nagging sense of want? Our unified consciousness acts as a magnet for all that is needed and necessary in our lives. This is not to say that we should live with either paltry funds or exorbitant riches. Instead, it means that all that is required for us to live and function as fully-realized human beings is there. It's the inexorable breath of life - we give out, it comes in.

The Law of Attraction, then, is as much a quality as a law -- that we are human magnets by our nature and as a magnet attracts only by its being and its very nature, so do we. This statement can be misunderstood to mean that we can just sit in a chair all day and the world will come to our doorstep. Yet, part of our innate "being" is a joyful, flowing and natural expression of ourselves through action and creativity.

The magnetic attraction of our being brings to us what is rightfully "ours" based on consciousness and vibration, be it people, ideas, money, goods, energy, shelter and so on. It is only the conditioned mind that believes we don't have enough in the moment and that we need more to be complete. From the unified state, wherever and whatever we are, we are complete.

But why do we feel incomplete so often? Just as a foreign object can disturb a magnetic field, so can our thinking disturb our magnetic force. If we think negatively or create poor self-esteem, our field may be blocked and the abundance that is rightly ours can be blocked. It's a matter of mentally/emotionally "getting out of the way" so that life in all its forms can flow through us. Another blockage can occur when we (from separation consciousness) compare that which others have and do with our own personal status. The unified consciousness does not compare (yet another inner chasm) and is fully accepting and deeply appreciative for that which is.

The universe is most efficient -- it does not waste. While the conditioned mind wants for more and more, the universe will provide that which is sufficient to one's purpose and being. It's much like eating a meal -- one feels best when the hunger is just satisfied. But when the mind wants more and one overeats (inefficient), the body does not feel well. The additional food was just not necessary. Perhaps this explains to a degree the high levels of obesity in America, higher than any country in the world. We want more, more, more -- a reflection of the separation consciousness at work. We are trying to feed the insatiable hunger of want that is created in separation consciousness, and yet we can expand to unified consciousness and the sense of want dissipates.

Imagine having all that you will ever need, having great joy in any given moment and situation, being most appreciative of it all, never having to ask for anything and being infinitely content. That's unified consciousness. That's the kingdom of God, as in "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you." Once you experience unified consciousness, the rest will take care of itself.

Copyright © Scott Rabalais - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the author’s name and URL are included with the article and that it is distributed freely.

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Comment by Jeff on September 26, 2008 at 10:36
I used to get mad when people would say we need to start wishing or working on creating small things first, but now I have changed my tune. We have spent many years, some of us, working on living a certain way and looking at life a particular way and being brainwashed and worrying about our peers for a long time and this new way of life cannot happen suddenly. You have to learn to trust and have complete faith in this process and working on small desires to me, is what will lead you to the promised land. Like I said in the above statement, you cannot feel good deep down, when you Know you only have one hundred dollars to your name. You cannot feel like you are part of the WHOLE enchilada and that anything you want is ALREADY yours. The underlying VIBE will take over and that Vibe works off of what you KNOW to be the TRUTH of the situation, which is BROKE. Let's get this thing turned around by having small victories after small victories and then move on with complete confidence and KNOWing that ANYthing you wish for is already Given unto you.

We Can Do It,

Jeff - I Love mySELF
Comment by Jeff on September 26, 2008 at 4:46
Great Article! This is all very well explained in what I believe to be the Greatest Book out there regarding Deliberate Creation and the LOA, Happier Than God. I was totally shocked to learn that this book is all about the LOA. And it goes deeper and explains completely all the points mentioned in this article and I would suggest that book to every human being for sure. The Deep down feeling of lack or of wanting something shows that we do not feel we already have it, so this is our Vibe, no matter what words we are speaking or how much we are trying to have good feeling thoughts on any subject. It is the Underlying Vibe that moves out and mingles with all the universal Energy and brings us back corresponding results. If you know there is only a hundred dollars in your bank account, then no amount of good thoughts or positive words is going to change your bank balance or bring about abundance! You really have to FEEL deep inside that you are most definately a part of the WHOLE and ALL of it is yours for the taking and this must be your underlying VIBRATION, No Lack Whatsoever! Plain and Simple.


Jeff - Get'n To The Meat of IT
Comment by Christopher OV Admin on September 26, 2008 at 0:49
It reminds me of the on a roof, surrounded by water......God will save me, he said..........A boat arrives and he God will save me......then a helicopter arrives and he God will save me.........then he slipped, fell and drowned. When he met God he asked ....why didn't you save me? God replied..........well I tried.... I sent you a boat and a helicopter !!

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