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What are the Akashic Records?

The word 'Akasha' comes from the Sanskrit word "kash" meaning 'to radiate or shine'.
It is also a term used throughout the various Traditions of Paganism to indicate the Fifth Element, sometimes called 'Spirit'.

Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufism see the "Akashic" as space, ether or the energy that permeates the Universe. Within the etheric plains of this universal space there lies profound knowledge for each individual that walks this earth. We all have recorded our lives in the "Akashic Records".
In many ways this can be described as an etheric library. Here lies the inner knowledge about all the lives we have lived before, living now and our future.
All aspects associated with our existance, lost cities and civilizations can be obtained from this etheric realm.

The interpretation of the Akashic Records was introduced to the West in the early 19th Century by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, cofounder of the "Theosophical Society" who compared the "akasha" to other interpretations of the "universal life force" by occultists through the ages, such as the "quintessence", that "luminous fifth element" (invisible to ordinary sight) which was seen as binding together in union or pact the other four elements. According to Blavatsky the "akasha" forms the "Anima Anima Mundi" and constitutes the soul and animal spirit of mankind.

Akashan WitchCraft is a new tradition in WitchCraft, based on understanding and respect for all living things. Akashan Witches work with the Elements to create positive change on the Earth, and through a series of deep meditations elicit positive change in their own lives. Akashan WitchCraft is holistic and teaches the student how to maintain their own physical and mental wellbeing, through ritual, yoga, meditation, and dietary fine-tuning. Akashan Witches are expected to have the deepest commitment to their life path.

The Akasha is also commonly termed as the "Book of Life". Rudolf Steiner, for example, claimed to have consulted the Akashic Records for his descriptions of the mythical lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Edgar Cayce a well known seer and healer also claimed to have obtained knowledge from the Book of Life.

Before achieving the connection to the Akashic Records it is important to be relaxed, calm and at a place of peace. Entering into meditation into this sacred place can and does release karmic issues connected within this life paralel lives and past lives. I also recommend that a meditation of this kind is beneficial within a group scenario or with a professional Medium/Healer that is able to assist you during and after the connection.

What I found incredibly fascinating in the connection to the Akashic Records, were the individual experiences that we noted at the end of the Meditation. While in the meditation my Guide or higher-self introduced the individuals to a spiritual guardian of the Akashic Records. Here he told them that they each had a soul name as well as the name they were commonly known as in this lifetime. The soul name is a name that is attributed to the individual soul.

When each person returned from the meditation, experiences were shared as well as the name received. Co-incidence or not, personally I feel there is no such thing, however, the names found were strikingly similar. Many had the letter "A" as the first initial or it was repeated more than 3 times in the name.
For example the name "Kabi" was received by one person. On researching this name derives from India as a Hindi name or name deriving from Nepal.
The Bunya Tree also derives from the word "Kabi" and flourishes in abundance in the Andean Mountains. The Kabi Tribe also existed in Australia and were Ancestral Aboriginis who bore the Temple of the Sacred spiral. Bhanu Bhakta, a famous writer from Nepal became known as "adi Kabi" meaning "First true poet". As you can see by just receiving one word from the Akashic Records, one can receive a wealth of information. Only the soul will feel the energy associated with what is received. If there is a bonding, an inner knowing, then you can be sure that what you discover is part of who you are.
Another name that was received that night was "Agata" The derives from Greek meaning "Good or honorable". Saint Agatha (Agata) was from the 3rd Century, a christian who refused to marry a Roman Consol and was eventually martyred. She became the patron saint of bell ringers. Agate also derives from olde French Origin, meaning semi precious stone. It is said that this stone carries magical and curative powers.

I will cover more of our incredible findings. I would like to add that I feel it is imperative that when you re receiving information from meditations, that you have received this information for a reason, therefore please research and find out origins and meanings. They are often reflective of what you are experiencing in your current life and are there to teach you a profound and enlightening lesson.

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