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Arrival Of The Universal Timekeepers By Lauren C Gorgo

Arrival of the Universal Timekeepers

A great shift in perception, precipitated by recent global events, has created an opening for a new wave of energy to permeate the planet and by which a new group of enlightened souls can now be born into it.

This has great and timely ramifications for the planet and her people, for these souls are the gatekeepers of ascended consciousness. They are the universal timekeepers of new earth and hold the frequency of exoneration for all who are aligned with the new ways of being and existing.

Essentially, this means that the energy of freedom...the kinship with now wholly available in and around your sphere and holds the fluid field of potential for the bio-energetic ascension of the human form.
Biological Ascension

Those who are activated and aligned with 5th dimensional frequencies and higher are settling into position, preparing on a cellular level to transcend the limitations of earthly form. The cells of the human body, which are mostly water, contain the genetic blueprint for biological ascension. This blueprint is activated when enough of the cell mass is bathed in the light of higher consciousness and the energy vortices have opened sufficiently enough to sustain it.

For those who have adequately increased their light quotient by eliminating fear, this will be a time of transference. What we mean by this is you will be transferring your carbon-based blueprint to the ascended crystalline blueprint necessary to hold and contain the higher dimensional frequencies that you are now operating within.

This moment of transference is one by which the physical body will adapt to in order to upgrade to the workings of the new human form. For those in the process of this biological restructuring, we understand that it is rather taxing on the body to make the changeover, however, there is much more to this than meets the eye.

From a deeper, energetic perspective, what is happening is quite miraculous, for each of you are changing over to an entirely new way of existing and operating within the multidimensional matrix of your holographic realities and points of perception. This new operating system will offer you the ability to do many wondrous and seemingly miraculous things, those which will also be present in the high vibrational children being born on the planet this day and onward.
Birthing, Raising & Teaching the New Children

The purpose of your awakening is not only to clear the way for humanity to follow in the footsteps of the great harbingers of peace, but to be and represent the future of the earth as physical guides to lead the new children who call for you.

The physical activation for those hosts who will be birthing, raising, and/or teaching the advanced souls from this new ray of light will be recognizing an increasing desire for, and connection to, children. This increasing desire marks the clarion call for all those with contracts to care for and protect these precious and openly loving children from the harsh ways of the old dismantling world. In some cases you, the guardians, will introduce these fully connected beings into physical existence on the earthly realm for the first time.

This is not only a great honor given exclusively to those who have earned the level of spiritual maturity to guide these masterful souls, but a great responsibility as well, for their gifts of the future must be well honed and protected from outside influences of negativity and fear. Those with activated contracts to care for these children will intuitively feel a fierce sense of guardianship over these souls, and this is for good reason.

The vibration of earth has risen sufficiently enough for these souls, teachers, and parents-to-be, and you who will be guardians are now safely at the dimensional border waiting at the gate of ascended consciousness to welcome more of your soul family to the earth. This is a joyous time of great celebration, not only for the caretakers of these new children of light, but for the entire human family. These children bring with them many enlightened gifts for the evolution of earth and humanity...rejoice in your accomplishments dear way showers!
The Wisdom Keepers

Furthermore, we would like to make it known that those who have increased their vibration to the advanced level and crystalline bio-circuitry have reached a planetary activation level which was the result of the first and second waves of light who incarnated to clear the grids and to anchor and carry the 5th dimensional frequencies. This planetary activation made possible by this group of souls warrants a true celebration, for it will be because of you that these new children, and thereby the new frequencies, are available to all.

For this great feat of accomplishment, the first wave warriors of light will retire and move up to maintain the collective consciousness as the wisdom keepers. This group has seeded and sealed the planet with light, maintained their soul integrity through great hardships and now that critical mass has been achieved, these masters in disguise will be seen and acknowledged for who they truly are.

At last, those with their soul lights turned on will no longer fear extinguishment in the face of great darkness and resistance to truth.

And finally we would like to make clear that the arrival at biological ascension is something of great magnitude. For those who have followed their inner guidance to this moment, you are the way and the light. There are no words to define your experience, no words to fill the amount of gratitude that is held for each of you by the keepers of light. We would like to extend our heartfelt love and thankfulness for your selfless dedication and service to the One, and we look forward to rejoicing with each of you in the fulfilling lives you are soon to lead.

Indeed, blessings and virtue follow great honor.

Until next time, we are the Pleiadian High Council, bidding you farewell and good tidings.Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo
Copyright © 2008-2010 Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission/article on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), link is provided to author(s) website and that the information is distributed freely.

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Comment by Illumination OV Admin on March 17, 2010 at 5:25
After seeing my 1 week old grandson a few days ago and marvelling at the way he was turning his head to look at everything out of the window and around him, I can really resonate with this. Apart from being just a very proud granny, I had a strong feeling he was having a good look at this new world he had arrived in! Blessings
Comment by Vimala Emanuel on March 16, 2010 at 2:45
What a wonderful Telepathic Transmission! This is such good news! I have been awaiting this information! I am a midwife and for the last fifteen years I have only been called a few times babies came in the 70s 80s and the first four years of the 90s...a couple have made their way in through my hands since....this Transmission resonates with my soul , I look forward to these good tidings and the opportunity to welcome these great beings into our world. Thank you
Comment by Pamela Heyen on March 16, 2010 at 2:43
Onederful message Chris!
Comment by nettis_ on March 15, 2010 at 6:57
Comment by Janet Aldridge on March 15, 2010 at 4:40
I feel t his is a message being filtered down to all... I have read a few interpretations, plus I have felt it myself.... . If you look deep, I feel you will find this message with in your own blue print...Are we right on schedule, or are we just barely making it....?
For me, this last burst of energy that has been released it incredibly powerful... hard to ignore....As everything comes together once again.. Love Rocks Janet
Comment by Harry Beam on March 15, 2010 at 4:20
Hi Christopher,How do we contact Lauren C. Gorgo ,I've been pulled in the direction of wanting to teach the young for the last few years using Win Wengers work and then a few months ago I had a strong desire to produce art work for that purpose I have two art projects I know needs to be produced , maybe thats why I,m reading this now I'm at a stand still and I feel I'm loosing kids everyday that would go in the right direction with this work ,Thank You for Your Time ,Harry
Comment by Christine on March 15, 2010 at 2:35
This is fantastic; thank you.

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