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Benjamin Fulford's Latest Blog Mirroring Information Said by Drake/Wilcock.

Ben’s report this week mirrors what is being reported by others, including Drake. Very likely we are at a “tipping point” where once the tip-over has begun, nothing will stop what is coming. In any event, read on and enjoy this week’s Ben.

“In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California. This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation aimed at draining the corruption out of Wall Street and Washington D.C. in order to restore the US to its former moral and economic greatness.

“Another sign that something big is about to happen is that a European CIA source asked the White Dragon Society for the names and addresses of members of the following organizations: the committee of 300, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission. These have been forwarded.

“Message to the members of this group: ‘please do not get in our way.’”


  • …the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner.
  • In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China…
  • In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California.
  • This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation…
  • Any new treasury dollar will initially have much lower international purchasing power than the US dollar now being used.
  • …it will take a couple of weeks to set up the 1000 trillion yen fund.
  • …there are no goons available now the [to(?)] Kissinger, Nakasone, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Koizumi old world order people so their removal from power in Japan is a given.
  • …the new international economic planning agency…, tentatively named LIFE (Long Term Investments for Everyone) will finance European and US economic restructuring as well as promote massive development projects in the rest of the world.
  • The BRICs nations will, for their part, set up their own, independent fund as announced at the BRICs summit last week.
  • Getting back to China,… Premier Wen Jiabao, President Hu Jintao and Le Keqiang are being prominently featured. No doubt he was promised the job of dictator of China and the world in exchange for his cooperation.
  • We also know from various sources that the Chongqing party boss Bo Xilai was backed by Henry Kissinger and the old world order cabal he represents.
  • Memo to Kissinger and the committee of 300: the world does not want a dictator.
  • When the dust settles, the world will have harmonious collective leadership.


"This week’s newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others. The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report. However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner. The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create.

In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China because Xi Xinping, the man widely assumed to be the next president of China has not appeared on the official Chinese Xinhua news site since March 31st, while his erstwhile rival, Li Keqiang, is being given massive coverage. This is only one of many signs of massive changes in planetary governance."

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Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 5, 2012 at 2:53

Thank you Gary.

I agree with your observation to some degree.

However, I do think that all if it needs balance to some degree.

Yes, it could all be a ploy and a social experiment as well.

Here is where I start to bend and become a little bit uncomfortable though.

Those who have the Golden Key (control over us) would be very unwise to expose their position or agenda in such a way that gives even the slightest rise to the thought that there is any such thing as a Cabal or NWO or Illuminati etc...

Yet are we to think that such a well developed plan would be jepordized for the sake of finding out who is with the good guys and who is with the bad guys ?

They already know who they are.

This world economy being upset as it is would become even more crippled if the powerful and the rich where to implament such a screwy topsy turvy approach to collecting data on a people who have been conqured for centuries anyway.

Are you saying that they are practicing the Art of War backwards ?

Control of a population takes extremely careful planning and stradegy and many times takes decades to impliment.

If those in power are trying to find out what we think and use that information against us, all they need to do is go to Facebook and start reading.

It would take about 2 weeks to be able to access what the little zombies are thinking.

They would not need to spend any money at all to get such information when it is right on the internet already to grab up all day long.

They may be planning something but believe me, no economic Czar would ever expose themselves in hopes to gather information on us when they already have all of the information on us that they want.

All they need to do is look at our FBI files that J Edgar kept on most of us and they can get that info for nothing.

Experiment, maybe.

I tend to drift more towards the thought that something up top has happened that is upsetting the economic apple cart and because of the laws of thermodynamics everything up top is falling apart because of it.

We have been programmed to be sheep for the most part.

Why would anybody that had us hypnotized so deeply want to wake us up from such a very convincing sleep ?


Drake could be fake and so many others as well, but you have to admit that there is something happening all around us that is different and kind of amazing even if we dont want to admit it.

UFO's, Sashsquash, Worlds arriving, Worlds leaving, Star travelers, Mayan Prophecys, Hopi Predictions, WOrmholes, Open DImensions, Remote Viewing etc...

They might all be full of you know what, but I tend to think that there is something big happening across the universe and our earth is just a little spec of all of it.

We love to centralize ourselves in our world pretending as if the world revolves around us and Beings who come to earth should be required to check in at our consolates and ask permission before they do any testing or pick up a few stray human test subjects.

If there are any aliens on our planet, you better believe that they are the ones who are giving the orders, and not us.

We would be very ignorant to think that we are the only beings in this world who have Mc Donalds or Disney Land or COSCO's.

If we think about our existance just a tiny bit, we will find that all of the beliefs that we where taught and all of the education that we have received has actually come from someone who also did not have a clue as to what is really going on in the world, and never took a moment to try to figure out what is true and what is a lie either.

Our minds preceed our ignorance.

The only way to correct this tremendous educational error is to start to question everything from the moment that we where born right up to now.

By re educating ourselves, we can start to unravel some of the true mysteries of this world and maybe even some mysteries that we thought where not possible.

So my plea is this.

With all of the mis information that has been fed to us for thousands of years, we need to first clean out that wonderful part of our mind that says "we are wise and intelligent"

Nothing could be farther drom the truth.


I have people telling me of all of the wonderful things that mankind has invented or made and that is proof that we are so great.


As if the masses where responsible for all of these so called great accomplishments ?


Nope! I dont think so.

YEs Gary you are right about the fact that we should be thinking about if we are being jerked around again.

If I where one of those people who you think may be manipulating us to get information about our habits or who we are, save your worrying, they knew who we where from the day that we where born.

Everyone knows that sheep herders always know where their sheep are at.

DO you really think that they don't know who we are and what we already do ?

My suggestion to all of us is to completely re educate ourselves because what we have been taught from day one was all designed to keep us inside of a big giant sheep pen.


Love and high expectations from everyone that I know.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on April 5, 2012 at 0:21

Incidentally, this mysterious "insider" going by the name of "Drake"? Of all the names he could have chosen to go by, why would he choose that name? Here's the etymology of "Drake":

From Middle English drake (dragon; Satan; male duck, drake; gander), Old English draca (dragon, sea monster, huge serpent), from Proto-Germanic *drako, from Latin dracō (dragon), from Ancient Greek δράκων (drakon, serpent, giant seafish)

Just sayin'.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on April 4, 2012 at 23:57

I'm with you, Star Flower. This isn't much different from the B.S. that various groups and individuals have been spewing for at least 20 years that I'm aware of (NESARA, anyone?). None of it ever happens. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that this stuff Fulford has been talking about, for months now, is part of some sort of well-organized disinformation campaign, a social experiment, if you will, and that Fulford has been sucked into it hook, line and sinker. In fact, now that I think about it, Fulford was a perfect dupe for such an experiment. He was a respected financial journalist based in Japan. How convenient is that?. Any conspirators behind such an experiment would view his established credibility as a major asset, the perfect voice to spread the disinformation. All they would have to do is find a way to convince him that the information they're feeding him is true. 

What would be the point of such a social experiment? Hard to say. Maybe it could be a trial balloon to see what sort of reaction people would have and how many people would be attracted to it. It would be easy enough to monitor the reactions and the people via the internet. If you simply type "Ben Fulford" into a google search you get over a million and a half hits. They could use that information to draw up a profile of the people who are following Fulford's updates, who believes it, who doesn't, and who's on the fence and, more importantly, why people are taking those positions. I can imagine that sort of data could be valuable information to some group that has some nefarious agenda up their sleeves. Just sayin'.

Comment by Star Flower on April 4, 2012 at 20:02

Reg, I wholeheartedly agree that thoughts are energy, and capable of manifesting what we desire, but we must also remain honest. We cannot claim that the Japanese government has promised X amount of money that they don't have, or that the Pentagon is recommending a 72 hr emergency supply when in fact it said no such thing. That is simply telling lies. What we should be doing is reminding one another to concentrate our thoughts on economic justice, social justice, on abundance, on peace and well-being for all. I have far more than a mustard seed of faith myself, but not in lies and exaggerations. Our better world must materialize from truth, not lies, or it won't be any better than the one we're currently in. 


Star Flower

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 4, 2012 at 14:01

Actually Star Flower, I believe that thoughts are energy, and since thought energy has been proven to be able to make many changes in our holographic world, it is easy for me to think and imagine that we are being freed from economic tyranny.

In many levels of science one must think of something first and if many join that one persons thought process and follow thru with belief, an amazing thing happens.

The thing that the first person thought of starts to come into existence because so many other people joined to help manifestation to excelerate even faster.

I will use one example to help prove my point.

2000 years ago, someone had a thought or should I say a vision.

That person told another person and they told someone else about seeing a man rise from his tomb.

Well, before anybody knew it, the story got bigger and bigger and someone wrote the story down what the first person saw.

2000 years later and hundreds of different religious denominations rising from almost nowhere we now have a planet almost over loaded from religions representing similar religous beliefs.

In fact, that one event help to fuel a seemingly endless paths to future religions with no end.


And all of this came from one person telling another person etc... until we are here now discussing and thinking about ending economic tyranny in the entire world.

Star Flower, I believe more than ever before because it is something we need to think about and discuss and pass new info back and forth until we and them and those special someones experience tremendous energy coming from everybody in the world, and maybe, just maybe, we can pull up out of the Matrix that has been built for us and flip things around to where those who ruled us with an iron fist replaces us in the Matrix.

I Believe Star Flower, and if "We have the belief the size of a mustard seed, we can move that mountain"

It is a belief and a fact and a thought and an expression that has freed people since the beginning of our time here.

All I ask of you is to believe and lets see what happens ?

Our reality is far more than we understand.

Our minds are remarkable to behold and everything everywhere is mind.

We will all be seeing this one truth in just a little while.

Bless you and ever thought that you think. 

Comment by Star Flower on April 3, 2012 at 18:56

I can't believe any of you are taking this seriously. I can't believe that Ben Fulford would make that statement about the Pentagon telling us to stock up for 72hrs, and ESPECIALLY I don't believe that anyone with an IQ of 100 or above would believe that the Japanese can come up with ONE trillion yen, let alone one THOUSAND trillion! Do we have ANY Japanese people on this site? If so I hope they will step forward and re-explain the imploded economy of their homeland to us one more time.  Last, and by no means least, someone extremely close to me who has Q clearance with the DOE says NOTHING unusual is coming down that anyonethere  is aware of. The DOE has succeeded in recent weeks in collecting large amounts of uranium from around the world and placing it in one safe depository at the Savannah River Site in S.C. but this has been  public news for at least a week or more.  It is ALWAYS a good idea to have a couple of weeks worth of dried and canned foods stored, and a months supply of fresh water. The part I CAN believe is that we need to be told to stay out of the way, LOL.

Comment by ANGEL IRENE CRIM on April 3, 2012 at 12:07

If this is taking place, you can bet the media will hide it as long as they can. They've never been allowed to speak any truth of any importance to our needs. They're excellent in keeping truth and evil deeds they're doing from us.  I hope this is happening and I hope it will be broadcast soon. Let us send our energy to this happening               Love To All

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 3, 2012 at 6:20

From what I can remember about inside Pentagon info, there probably are certain people inside of the different groups of Pentagon Personel that know about all of this, but it is very unlikely if everyone at the Pentagon knows about it.

Would you tell everyone at your job about this ?

No of course not, because you don't know what lines everyone at your job is standing on.

Would you know who is an alien on your job ?

Would you know which people on your job are spys  for the Banking System ?

Everybody thinks that the Pentagon is one big unified place where everybody knows everything.

Not true.

Just like in everything else in our lives, there are hundreds of different levels and categorys there also.

The only people at the Pentagon who are aware of any of this are those with a security cleareance that is very high.

The rest don't have a clue just like us.

If and when this all happens, you can bet that the only people who will know are those with a security clearance on a very strict need to know basis.


How do you think the Pentagon has been able to keep so many secrets in the past ?

Everybody here needs to think before they act.

Remember the little warning at the top of the page that says " Please do not get in our way"

That means you and I.

That message is not meant to scare you as much as it is meant to make us THINK.

It does seem as if huge things are starting to happen and I feel like it is all natural and is directly connected to our Universe.

This financial mess is just a small piece of an incredible large mess that some have been charged with  to start a clean up.

It is not necessary for any of us to do anything for now but "STAY OUT OF THE WAY"

We will be notified by the correct authorities if our expertise is needed during this readjustment period.

Keep calm and read a good book or meditate or something else that will help to keep calm during this transitional period.

And for God's sake, do your own homework and search and see if any of this is really happening before you commit to anything.

It seems as though we are here now.

Cool your jets and be calm.

Rest up, because when the dust does settle, I have a feeling that there is going to be a mountain of work to get things to where they need to be for now and the future.



Comment by Donna Harcos on April 3, 2012 at 5:50

We may have to wait a couple of weeks to see if any of the above takes place. Sounds like it would be an answer to many of our prayers.  Does cause a bit of hopfulness and a little anticipation of change coming though.  Love to think that change is in the air and so close...Blessings All Remember - Anything is possible..Hugs

Comment by Sally on April 3, 2012 at 5:10

Let me say this Jane if the pentagon was really doing this husband works for the department of defense and he hasn't come home and said, squat........

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