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Dare We Keep Our Hearts Open? By Zen Gardner

Funny how things evolve in the pursuit of truth. We’re emotional beings. That’s why the matrix makes everything out to be so cold and scientific.

When I watch certain movies or musical presentations or see a touching human moment I get emotional. I can’t help it. People are emotional, I’m emotional, and I feel them.

When we stop feeling we’re through. Empathy is what separates us from the reptilian mindset that is destroying humanity and our planetary home. We must never be like them, consciously or subconsciously.

Why Feelings?

Like you, I’m just observing and empathetic. It often hurts but it feels good at the same time. It’s the stuff that life is made of and we need to feel alive and not be ashamed of it.

We just need to connect. It’s fundamental. I don’t listen to a lot of music as it affects me so strongly. Especially unknown tunes, I don’t trust them. Same with movies, I don’t like to be overwhelmed or taken places without my permission or knowing the purpose. But, like you, I still do at times. And sometimes it’s a great experience, or at the least a good learning one.

Way more important is the drama of life itself and what is playing out in the world around us. How do we react, or should I say handle our reactions? Do we agree to shut down our empathy for those who are suffering or in need? Do we just stand idly by and suppress the natural outrage that tries to surface when we see cruelty and injustice all around us?

Are those kinds of feelings prompts from our consciousness that need heeding and expressing instead of suppressing?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Keeping Our Lights Burning and Chins Up, In Spite of the Outlook

There are a lot of choices each of us make everyday, like our diets and other “habits” and their eventual consequences. The bigger challenge is our thoughts, emotions and resultant actions. And in the world we live today, a lot of very unsavory news is coming at us all the time and it takes its toll. It can get us down and discouraged if we’re not careful.

The good news is we’re always potentially in control and can take the reins any time we see fit. We just have to raise our consciousness levels and respond accordingly.

I know, easy to say. But it’s true.

When I look at the horrific effects of DU (depleted uranium) on the children in Iraq and Palestine (and I make myself look…we need to see it for what it is) and the white phosphorus dumps on innocent Palestinians, or the long term Dow and Monsanto chemical warfare deformities of the violently assaulted Vietnamese population, or see another autistic child knowing it was induced by vaccines, my heart goes into overload.

You don’t want this reality in your world.

The rows of coffins (many lined with or simply carrying drugs from Afghanistan, don’t be fooled) of sacrificed American young men and women returning from an engineered deliberately unwinnable war arena makes me nauseous as well.

Then you get into chemtrails, GMOs, Fukushima and the rest, never mind things like mind control and ritual abuse, and you can really lose it.

But I’m not going to close my heart. In fact, I need to do the opposite.

There’s strength in empathy.

The Agenda is to Desensitize

Feelings are powerful motivators. They’re also transmitters. We can’t afford to shut down, no matter what the barrage of degrading information the PTBs throw at us. That’s why information and knowledge are so important. When you understand the “who, what, how and why” it’s happening you can intelligently distance yourself from the wrong type of impact and maintain your conscious awareness.

But it’s OK to let it hit home. It is grievous, and that’s part of our experience here. We also know there’s much more beyond all this that keeps us bouyant.

They say many nurses become callous having seen so much suffering. They no longer feel as they once did, they think they can’t afford to. I don’t know, it wouldn’t be easy seeing that kind of suffering day after day. But getting hardened is another thing.

Much of the World is Traumatized

Remember that whole countries live in that condition of seeing suffering constantly. How would you like to be an Afghani, an Iraqi or a Libyan, watching your people be slaughtered and the world around you trashed by people saying they’re saving you? How would you like to live in Iran or Syria knowing you’d done nothing wrong and the bullies of the world were spreading lies about you and threatening to invade and destroy your nation and possibly your family?

Meanwhile the terrorist charade continues its march subduing whole populations through media fear campaigns and staged terror events. Even those not at war are suddenly also in the arena with phantom terrorist bogeymen around every corner to justify fascist clampdowns.

The reality is the bad guys are the ones pointing the finger at the innocent whom they want to rule. At home and abroad. A total and complete lie and reversal of what the world is being told.

We Cannot Succumb

We have to keep our loving touch. We have to keep our sense of humor. We have to keep our sanity in this wicked, insane environment.

While all reason has been turned on its head to give us this Orwellian nightmare, we cannot succumb to their barrage of twisted lies, inferences, intimidations and tricky false assumptions and deductions. We must stay alive and awake.

We cannot sleep like the masses who’ve refused to see the painful truth. Ours is to see, feel, express and empathize.

True consciousness cannot do otherwise.

And wise, loving actions that make a difference will naturally follow.

Keep on daring to love.

Much love, Zen

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Comment by Donna Thompson on August 26, 2012 at 10:43

This is so true and I have often felt the same way, being emotionally overcome and horrified by what is going on, especially when most folks won't believe it if you tell them and they don't want to know it anyway. But then I realize that I must keep love and joy in my heart if I am to help the shift come about. As hard as it is, we must have the courage to uncover the evil all around us while staying in the vibration of love. It helps to imagine that you are God looking down on His creation and feeling how much love He has for each of us. Guess this is what it means to be in the world, but not of it.

As what we see in the outer is a reflection of the inner, we must look deeply at what has been hidden and then acknowledge it so that we can forgive it, love it and accept it as part of who we have been. In this way will we heal by reintegrating the whole self. It takes strength to have the willingness to examine what we don't like. Growing, most often, is painful. And the topsy-turvy characteristics of life in 2012 are evidence that we are in the process of evolving.

To make this whole procedure easier, we can change our perspective to a higher, more positive way of viewing the illusion we live in. And that is to wake up and tell yourself that you are living in an illusion, a game of what if. Then, remind yourself of who you really are and why you are here. Shifting gears a bit, with no disrespect or negation to those who suffer, here's a passage from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland:

      If I had a world of my own,
     everything would be nonsense.
     Nothing would be what it is,
     because everything would be what it isn't.
     And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be.
     And what it wouldn't be, it would.
     You see?

I think that describes the world we have today as everything has become crazy, chaotic or uncertain. We have forgotten we are playing parts in a play and that the characters we are portraying are not our true identity. As sparks of God energy, we came to 3D Earth to experience and learn, but have become lost in the illusion thinking it is real. It certainly seems real, because that is how we needed it to be. We couldn't truly feel the experience if we knew it was just pretend, so we have temporarily limited our knowing and abilities. We need to lighten up as we are living a pretend game that seems to have no end. And if we "die" on level 3D, we transform to another level, maybe where we were before we came here.
Always, we are safe and never truly die.  

We have become way too serious as we uncover the extent of evil seemingly controlling all areas of our lives. The horror of what is being done seems beyond the worst thing you can imagine because everything is allowed in a world of duality and free will. It had to be that way or it wouldn't be free will, would it? So, as we are in a pretend world, like in a computer game, if we don't like what is happening, we can choose again. We have made this world what it is and we can change the game if we just awaken to the understanding that there is a greater reality beyond our current perception.

As you know, we change the world, positively or negatively, with our thoughts and intent. The delay of the reaction to our thoughts hides this fact. So if you want a better world, imagine how you want it to be. Purposefully send out good vibes. Meditate on love, integrity, compassion, courage, giving, kindness, joy, bravery, fun, awareness, knowledge, understanding, happiness, learning, forgiveness, gratitude and wisdom. "
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Remember to feel gratitude in your heart before you ask, before you thank God for giving you what you want, because you are already visualizing it as you desire it to be.

So again, the good guys and the bad guys are playing a game, as both are needed to play in a world on a continuum from very good to very evil. What kind of a play would it be if there were no villains? Not a very good one, I'm afraid. The best stories have the best villains. So we are having a really great game as our villains are extraordinarily malevolent. But now, it is time for this show to be done. The curtain is coming down, game soon to be over, so rouse yourself awake and imagine how you want it to end. The good guys win, right? YES! Love the evil ones to death and forgive them, and imagine everyone waking up so this depressing game can be over. All you need to do is remember who you are - a child of God who is coming into his own, a potential God or Goddess.
Be gentle with yourself and give as much love to yourself as you give to others. Now, go to YouTube and listen to John Lennon's "Imagine." 

Hope this doesn't sound preachy, because I wrote it to myself as I sometimes need a pep talk.

Comment by Charles Magus on August 24, 2012 at 23:33

Thank you Christopher for this poignant and insightful post!




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