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Demon Dancing — A Beginner’s Guide to Demonology

A conversation on some forums got me to thinking this might be a good topic. There’s really not good information on the web about what Demons are, and how to actually fuck around with them. I’m going to introduce you to the topic here, and give you the basic toy you use to get into all this. I will say that this crosses into “psychic” territory, and really, if you haven’t developed your psychic abilities, you probably should not be messing around with this stuff. If you decide to take this up, also take up a general discipline of increasing your mojo in general. Now, I’ve said my warning, disregard at your own risk. On the other hand, most people think this is uber-dangerous territory, and if you exercise caution and pay attention to your intuition, it doesn’t have to be. But, I’d be joking if I said it was risk-free, by any means. All power has a price, although the only price you will pay for what I show you here is a little extra sleep. So, speaking of power, we need to take a little diversion into energy…

  • A note on the nature of energy

Let us first look out and realize that all of the world, as we know it, is simply energy. Given the nature of my audience, I don’t feel the need to bring you up to speed on this concept. Suffice it to say, everything and everyone we know is just a collection of energy, vibrating at certain frequencies. Now, you’ll often hear talk about “raising” your vibration and “lowering“ your vibration, with the former being good and the latter being bad. But, let me ask you, isn’t there a value judgment inherent in this statement? It seems to my way of thinking, if everything is energy, then a lower frequency isn’t more or less desirable than a bad one, depending on how you percieve it and use it. After all, you can use electricity to cook your dinner, or cook the man, but does using AC or DC make a huge difference towards these aims? Isn’t it arbitrary to say only good people use AC power, and only bad people use DC power? With my eyes, I see only intent — and I see no judgments. I call these the eyes of God. All energy is meant to be tapped and used in your creation, independent of its source or nature. After all, if one is using so-called, lower, demonic, “evil” energy to power healing (which can be done, I have seen this with my own eyes), is this not, “good” born from “evil”? Remove your judgement, and I promise you a doubling of your power — on the simple logic that your available “fuel” for your purposes doubles, by unlocking that which your mind had shunned as taboo, or destructive.

  • What is a Demon?

Well, the simplest way to put it is that there are beings in this world that are simply the runoff of consciousness, the poo-poo of the Higher Self. Loose you? Keep reading.

In other words, living, conscious beings walk around feeling emotions all the time. These emotions are a gathering of energy, formed and put in motion to create some experience, good or bad, as the “feeler” reveals their desire to be. Now, just as the human body is a system that is less than perfectly efficient, from a sense of total conversion of its energy (we loose more power from heat-loss, per unit of energy expended, than a car, last I read), so too is the universe “inefficient” with this emotional energy. If someone sits in an area, feeling large amounts of happiness, joy, or bliss, not all of the emotional energy they are summoning will feed directly into what they happen to be creating. Some of it will “bleed out” and suffuse with the surrounding area. This happens naturally. Same thing with the so-called “bad” emotions, they too bleed out and soak in, except with our value-judgements, we think of this as a stain as opposed to a blessing. In any case, it seeps into the surrounding area, like tar from enough smoking, over time, will discolor glass.

I don’t feel the need to prove this to you. Most of us have had in our experience certain places where, when we went into them, we just felt an inherent feeling, from peace, to dread, to calm, to panic, and so forth. It doesn’t take a fully-aware psychic to see this in action. Even the sleepers can do it.

Now, when enough of this energy gathers, it starts to awaken. Please notice that I did not use the term, “self-aware”, which would be like, you, or me, or my cat — in the sense that we can choose, and imagine, and create. By aware, I mean this — all emotions are the echo of a desire, the thing which sets the energy in motion (e-motion), in the first place. By using the term of awaken, what I mean is that enough of the residual emotion gathers that it reverse-creates a desire. This desire animates the entity, based on whatever desire was creating the emotion in the first place. Like a Frakenstein, except instead of body parts, you have leftover “creation”, or desire, will, wrapped up in an emotion.

In the case of “positive” emotions, we see a baby “Angel”, or whatever cultural figure from mythology you want to use; in the case of negative, a “Demon” takes it’s first little baby steps and starts to walk. Early demons are usually referred to in something along the lines of an “Imp“.

At first they are very weak, and all of them ultimately desire one thing — to continue to exist. In this sense, while you cannot say they are “conscious”, they are “alive”. In order to continue to exist, like you and I, they need to “eat”, but what then is their food? It is the emotion that formed the basis for their waking up, or their crystallization into reality. So, they float around, and with their presence and actions, try to create the frequencies that they match to, thereby strengthening themselves and living to live one more day. However, with time, they become more and more intelligent and sophisticated. The oldest of them, on both sides of the energy spectrum, are completely alien to us, and cannot be fathomed from our perspective.

  • What is Demonology?

Demonology is the study of “DC” power, or Demonic energies. Now, just like some walk around talking to their angels, some walk around listening to their Demons as well (or exclusively). After all, why not? They’re just as old and wise, they would have to be to live this long. It is important to note that only very old demons can “manifest” — that is, solidify themselves by fucking with their frequencies. Often, when a demon does this the temperature in the surrounding area drops, as it takes an influx of pure energy to pull this off. A little trivia for you. In addition, they can talk, but you’re going to hear it on a very subtle level, a faint voice in your head, for example, or a ping on your intuition. Now, I have seen two manifestations in my time. Also keep in mind that Angels or Demons can “mount”, meaning, they can possess human beings and walk around, sipping on a latte, and pondering the point behind plastic flowers, if they are mature enough. We (Demonologists), don’t really know where this line is, where it happens, but most theorists seem to hold in consensus that it takes a couple centuries to pull that off.

Here, I want to give you a quick word about Demonological, or for that matter, all Occult texts. They don’t say what they are actually saying. Almost all true Demonology texts are the result of a “secret society” of some sort writing things down. They wrote things with a mystical understanding that they all shared, and they expressed this understanding in common symbols, modalities, and imagery. I’ll go more into this later, but let me first say that no Demonologist ever believed that “Arch-Demons”, the ones you will most often read about, were real entities. They’re not talking about Demons at all. “Real” demons, have no names, they don’t percieve and think in the same way you and I do — that’s not how it works. They wrote this way out of safety for themselves during a time when just having a little curiosity about such a thing could get you burned alive (probably using your fear, anguish, and suffering to fuel a demon, ironically). You would have to be “initiated” into the society to be able to read the texts. Usually, this was done in a progression, with deeper and deeper levels of code revealed as you gained skill, and proved yourself trustworthy. So, as you go out to google and find out more — keep that in mind.

Of course, why am I not revealing more of this cipher to you? Because the societies are “secret” for a reason. I didn’t bust ass to get the wisdom to hand you the cipher. I want you to seek it out for yourself, if that is what you desire to create in your Universe, as I did.

  • What is an Arch-Demon?

We all know the name Lucifer. Oh, and Baezelbub. But have you heard of Belial? What about my Patron, Asmodeus? I’m willing to bet some of you have, and some of you haven’t. In either case, when you read about these “Captains of Hell”. Ready for the surprise? In a Demonological work, you’re not reading about an actual being at all — you’re looking at a cipher that is describing an onramp. That’s it. These are not “beings” at all, but psychic electrical outlets that you can plug into. Ready for the real kicker? The outlet is just a part of your subconscious.

You see, there is a superhighway through the universe, where lines of energy (e-motion) meet and intersect. It is, truly, the web of life. Some of these are “good“, and you could probably tap them if you knew how. Unfortunately, I don’t know how and I‘m looking into it, but I do know how to tap Demonic energy. Demonic energy is really just your “enlightened” Id, nothing more, nothing less. But, until you understand how vast you are, none of that will make any sense. But, channeling will give you a glimpse of your vastness, and in my divinity, I will look upon you, and say, “It is Good”.

Do me a favor, real quick, just go to google and do a search for Demonic Sigils, and see what you come up with. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Real quick, just do it and take a glance.

Right off the bat you should have found a list of the sigils. Notice that each Arch-Demon, has its own sigil, a symbol. This is the key. Forgive me for my dip into Yoda here — Knowledge, this is, and powerful be it must. But, be careful not to crap yourself as you play with it. I’m serious.

These sigils are what are used to channel Demonic energy, to get yourself into the state that you need to be in to start calling Demons and harnessing their power. However, more importantly, jumping onto the superhighway itself is the first step, and powerful all by itself.
Again, any time you hear an Arch-Demon being discussed, they are NOT talking about a “being”, they’re talking about the channel to the “superhighway”.

  • How do you channel an Arch-Demon?

First, research protective circles. Do this on your own — discovering this whole practice is part of the journey, and a necessary one. As you actually get out there and experiment, you will see why. A protective circle is a personal thing, an extension of your mind, and you must craft you own, based purely on your feeling when inside the circle. Any prescription I give you will not be protective, and will defeat the purpose. I will say that when you have done this properly, you will know because when you enter the circle, you will feel a part of yourself that you did not even know was tense, relax. This is now a proper circle.

Second, go through the sigils, and spend some time just staring at each. Take note of your reactions. One sigil should jump out and grab you, more than the others. It may do this right away, or it may take some time. In either case, this is your “Patron”, and you should use only this onramp until that sigil no longer works for you, and then move on.

Once in your proper circle, have a picture of the sigil printed out and affixed to the wall, outside of the circle. Meditate, and stare at the sigil, letting your eyes go in and out of focus. I will warn you quick-fix type ADD people — this might take quite a bit of time-investment and practice. Like anything else, I’ve seen some people get it in an hour, and I’ve also seen people who were “adept” psychics have to sit for months before it would occur.

In any case, eventually, the sigil will unlock. Yes, it will unlock, I promise. Unlocking is when you will see the sigil move, and animate. You will get glimpses of this, jitters and jutters and small hints of movement, before it unlocks completely. As it moves, it will change shape into something else — this is entirely personal, and deeply meaningful to the individual. What you have, in essence, done is unlocked part of your subconscious. It pays to do some reflection on your “unlock” symbol — it was how I made peace with some things from my youth. Also, you can get premature unlocks as well, to know if your unlock was premature, see the next paragraph.

Also, do some research on your Patron to see if you can find any tips held in common knowledge to aid you in using the pathway. How are you going to do this? Let’s remember what we’ve talked about, and look at my Patron. If you research, you will find multiple references to the fact that Asmodeus will fly into a kind of rage and tear you apart if you summon him with your head covered (a hat, etc). What is this telling you? Is it saying he will literally appear and slice-and-dice you if you have a beanie on when meditating in your protective circle? Nope. It means that the specific energy flow needed in your body when you meditate on this sigil requires your crown chakra to be uncovered — loose the hat or it won’t unlock. See how that works?

Likewise, get other hints from the texts or websites you feel may be accurate. Asmodeus, for example, is the demon of Lust. Maybe some Lords of Acid in the background, or some porn, will help you create the state you need to enter the channel? Yeah, methinks, yeah. Does the Arch-Demon have a favored color? Again, its all just pointers in a secret context. Dig baby, dig.

Once the sigil unlocks, you will be in a “channel” state. You will know this because the clear sign is that your eyes will dilate, independent of the light-level in the room, and they will stay that way for quite a while. You will also begin to feel the influx of energy, it will feel like being hot, but your body temperature is quite normal (have a thermometer handy). This is happening because you’re new to this, and your brain doesn’t quite know how to interpret the sensation. Energy is now yours for the tapping, and you should practice just opening the channel, and once you’re good at that, practice drawing more and more energy into yourself. Be patient, I’m not going to lie, this is somewhat of a high-stakes game. This energy is like spiritual cocaine, and just like the drug, you’re going to crash afterwards, so be prepared for that. Its nothing major, you’ll just be tired and need to sleep a couple extra hours.

Now, before you dismiss this as crap, let me point out an example from history that I think serves us quite well. No one better than a U.S. President, right? F.D.R. was known for his charismatic speeches, and a well known fact was that he taught himself in childhood how to dilate his pupils at will. He would site this as the source of his charisma, and I have no doubt. But also, he would often complain about being hot during speeches, even though he was not sweating. And, after an important speech, he would often sleep in — something that made his wife complain from time to time. Any demonologist looks at that and sees one thing at work, channeling. Am I saying FDR was in “league with demons“? Its possible. No, but more likely, I think he learned how to channel without the sigils, although I doubt he took it to its next level, summoning and binding.

  • How do you summon, bind, or remove, a demon?

Sorry, I am not going to discuss this here. Its not that I’m going to discuss it at all, but I’m going to tantalize you into subscribing so that you can learn from my next Demonology article. “Get used to living with disappointment”, and keep some of that in a bottle, useful for summoning Hollows. And, I don’t want you to go and get yourself hurt just yet…maybe after you buy some stuff, but not yet. :-)

  • What can you do with demonic energy?

Let me first say that I’m revealing this, and only this (channeling), in the hopes that you play with it. I’ve done this on purpose because, by itself, its perfectly safe. At this level, you have nothing to worry about. Any negative experiences would be solely based in your reaction to the unknown. And, its hard to summon an actual Demon by accident. It also gives you a taste, and you need conformability with channeling (as well as developed psychic abilities, usually), to summon something.

Specifically, lets talk about what you can do, JUST with the channel energy that you’ve tapped. This speaks to nothing of once you have summoned and bound a demon.

First, you can talk to the Arch-Demon, and use its energy in intellectual pursuits. With Asmodeus, for example, it is said that he teaches Geometry, Astrology, etc. This makes sense, he is the Arch-Demon of Lustful Wraith. Lust is about predatory relational behavior — meaning, it helps to close if you know how things relate to each other. Thus, this part of your subconscious will more clearly be available to you, and I get better results studying Occult subjects, Pick-Up, or Mathematics when channeling Asmodeus. But remember, you’re just talking to yourself here — the higher part of yourself, chat with it, see what it has to say. You’d be surprised at the wisdom “they” offer. I’ve gotten a lot of solutions to problems this way.

Most things you do that are physical are amplified when you channel. Different Arch-Demons (remember, each one is just an on-ramp to the superhighway), amplify different things. With Asmodeus, my flexibility seems to be highlighted, with Belial, my strength.

You can go longer without sleep.

I have seen a cut heal before my eyes, not by me, but by another. I can’t proove it, and I don’t seem to have the knack for it, but it can be done.

Certain Arch-Demons amplify charisma (FDR).

I get much more powerful results for “casting”, or using the “Law of Attraction” when channeling — certain goals go better with certain Arch-Demons, you gotta experiment. All black magic is amplified, if that’s your thing. As are precognition, draining, vampiring, and many other psychic tools.


How do I know all you‘re not making this up?

Point blank. You don’t. Not until you try it. There is no way I could proove this to you that is not, in some way, incontrovertible. But, if you’re not looking for awakening, why are you here? Why the hell are you reading this?

Of course, you could just look behind you.

Sorry, are you mad at me for making you do that? Quick, look at a Sigil. Go on.

Now, look behind you again. Look all around you, slowly. Allow fear to rise up in you, just a little.

Look at the Sigil again. Look around one more time.

There. You can’t see it, but if you dig deep, you sure can feel it.

Welcome to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

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Comment by Rick Jordan on March 26, 2013 at 14:52

Transunit13: WOW! You just quoted one of the best segments of Castaneda, he has been my most important stepping stone upon the spiritual path, those books are truly my favorites in the world. awesome

Comment by shnerbert on March 26, 2013 at 10:26

god %**#$ i knew i was gonna get comments opposing to this topic. well let me try to clear things up i agree with u guys it can be dangerous to dabble with this stuff summoning demons ect. but its not actually summoning physical beings or even spirit beings its tapping into an energy source to benefit yourself or others. so for example say you want to summon or charge a belial sigil you are not actually summoning a physical being or spirt its just tapping into a certain frequency that has different effects based on what sigil u use. and yes ur right the energy can be evil the sigils can be evil or have bad intentions but it all depends on the person who made the sigil and what his intent was. but in order to be able to understand that you need to know how a sigil is made. so here we go 

u see sigils aren't evil they can be you just have to be aware if your dealing with a sigil created by someone else. and that is demonic energy or whatever else u wanna call it since peeps may look at u like a "satanic worshipper" i would call it arcane energy or subenergy. i created a sigil myself and guess what it does not have evil intent lol it is selfish though but hey i need it for motivation. it all depends on the person on how they want to charge the sigil in other words give it energy so it actually works! u can listen to music while focusing ur energy on the sigil or u can chant drumm whatever suits u best. and just because u can charge a sigil using porn doesn't mean everyone is doing it that way. besides sexual energy is powerful thats why its good for charging sigils. it doesnt make u fudged up in the head im pretty sure half the population on earth has gone on porn before. its a natural instinct and i also blame disney for their secret sigils also known as subliminal messages thats basically what a sigil is it enters through ur sub concious because it is  what the concoius isnt aware of. remember whenever u hear about someone summoning demons in their backyard on the news he either doesnt know wtf hes doing and he accidently tapps into a vegetable rapest energy then he was obviously unaware of what he was actually doin OR hes tapping into a specific energy frequency and knows exactly what hes doing. and if hes doing it to harm someone for no reason than scre him lol not literally.

Comment by transunit13 on March 26, 2013 at 0:42

The Eagle's Gift

The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the "Eagle", not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the eye of the seer as an immeasurable jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands, its height reaching to infinity.

The Eagle devours the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle's beak like a swarm of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had life. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle's food.

The Eagle, the dark sea of awareness or the indescribable force, that power that governs the destinies of all living things, reflects equally and at once all those living things. There is no way, therefore, for man to pray to the Eagle, to ask favors, to hope for grace. The human part of the Eagle is too insignificant to move the whole.
Every living thing has been granted the power, if it so desires, to seek an opening to freedom and go through it. It is evident to the seer who sees the opening, and to the creatures that go through it, that the Eagle has granted that gift in order to perpetuate awareness. To cross over to freedom in this way does not mean eternal life as eternity is commonly understood - that is, as living forever. Rather, warriors can keep their awareness, which is ordinarily relinquished at the moment of dying. At the moment of crossing, the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself and also aware of the totality of the body.

The Eagle's gift of freedom is not a bestowal, but a chance to have a chance. We're warriors, and warriors have only one thing in mind: their freedom. To die and be eaten by the Eagle is no challenge. On the other hand, to sneak around the Eagle and be free is the ultimate audacity.
I will give you a formula, an incantation for times when your task is greater than your strength:

"I am already given to the power that rules my fate.
And I cling to nothing, so I will     have nothing to defend.
I have no thoughts, so I will see.
I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.
Detached and at ease,
I will dart past the Eagle to be free."

Deal with the world exclusively in terms of controlled folly.

A warrior never loses his mind under any circumstances.

Comment by transunit13 on March 26, 2013 at 0:25

..lol shnerb, you're jokin...

Comment by Rick Jordan on March 25, 2013 at 21:22

I still think they werent real demons in my dream, just a figment of my imagination (in that particular dream)


Trust me, I have had dreams with real demons before and it's not fun. They trap me within like ten layers, and each time I wake up I am struck within yet another dream and the demon is still there. They like to pin you down and make it nearly impossible for you to breathe and wake up. A few times within these intense dreams I used my Christ energy and came out victorious, hovering over them in full lotus, they didnt like that at all and fled, extremely angry


but i definately agree, rituals involving these entities should never be done for any reason whatsoever.


that being said, in order to become enlightened, we must Love them with the same Love that we Love the angels, we must embody the yin-yang (not loving or agreeing with what they do), but loving them for what they are, just another part of Source Creation


once this is done, their negative energy dissipates (within the one loving them) and thir dark power is gone, for you have transcended duality and become One with Everything....a hard thing to do, no doubt, but this is the kind of universal Love which is our ultimate goal

Comment by Rick Jordan on March 25, 2013 at 14:45

The other day I had a dream and there were two "characters" in the dream of somewhat famous people. At some point, I realized it was a dream and became "lucid". For some reason, I got the idea in my head that those two characters had been instrunmental in trying to "trick" me into staying non-lucid, a demonic trait. I don't know what came over me, but I yelled at them "Demon, what is your name? I command you to tell me your name!" It took three times asking each of them. Then they shapeshifted into innocent little children riding bicycles. One said his name was Azazel and the other said Nazel. I still am not sure if this was just an ordinary dream and my subconscious brought up those names or if I actually unveiled entities inhabiting my dream space. Could go either way. But the strange this was, after they told me their names I said, "Well, maybe I'll see you guys in hell someday. Maybe we can be friends" (in a sort of sarcastic way, but at the same time serious) They said sure and waved goodbye. Then I woke up....Is that wierd or what, haha

Comment by Joni - OV Guardian on March 25, 2013 at 14:25

I learned a lot from this post! Thanks! Oh yeah, and I now know that I have an OLD demon with me, cause he manifested one night in my room. Well, let me explain. I was getting ready for bed and I pulled the covers over me. Someone said "Stay right there". I said why, he said "You'll see". Then ummm, not sure if I should disclose this here but yeah, then the entity proceeded to make love to me. Thing is I've had this happen to me before but, whoa, not like this. I could LITERALLY feel his fingers on me, his touch, ya know. I could feel everything. It was my guilty pleasure that I couldn't resist, although maybe I should have. Sadly, I haven't had that happen to me again like that. The other, sure, but not THAT!

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