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Subject; OV’s Helpful Hints and Guidelines for Mini Groups.

Dear Members,

OV continues to grow and remains online, because of the enthusiastic participation of our members. We appreciate you’re continued efforts, participation, and support.
Our OV site is growing very quickly, as we are getting more new members every day.
In order to keep up with the demand of this fabulous growing population, the time has come to make some helpful hints and add a few guidelines regarding our Mini Groups.

OV supports “The Spiritual Arts”, “World Awareness”, “The Ascension Process of Self” and. “The Lightworker Purpose”.
We welcome members from all countries and cultures here at OV, and we allow individuals to express their views on modern day spirituality. We encourage members to read all the different articles and discussions whether they participate by comments or not.
We embrace all forms of spirituality, while remaining neutral.
We do not believe in indoctrination, just discussion, and leave all decisions to the individual.
We believe that freedom of speech includes responsibility; we don’t condone verbal attacking or maligning one member because of their views and/or beliefs.
OV’s foundation is enlightenment and encouragement; “One Vibration”!
This same foundation should be kept in mind when starting a mini group.

If someone starts a mini group, it becomes the creator’s responsibility to maintain it. If for some reason they cannot, they should advise an admin member and then find someone who will host/ co-admin the group. They should add the proper changes in the group’s description, introducing the host/co-admin to the group.

The person who creates a mini group and their co-admin are responsible to keep it active. It’s their responsibility to encourage group participation. Keep things moving along, encourage friendship, and introduce new material for discussion. Also the group creator has a responsibility to the safety of its members; they have the right to remove any member of the group that is creating havoc within the group.

If a group creator leaves OV they need to notify Admin they are leaving and give us the name of the group they’ve started.
Then we can find a host for the group, or mark it as inactive or do whatever action is required for that particular group.

If a group is inactive for more then 3 months OV Admin has the right to delete the group or mark it as inactive in the group description without notice to the creator. Mini-Group creators are required to be actively posting in their groups at least one posting per month.

Group creators have a responsibly to keep the interest of the groups energy flowing. A stagnant group is stagnant energy.
Groups that belong to the Ring are welcome to encourage our members to visit their groups, but please Let our admin know you are starting a group.

Keep in mind the reason for establishing a mini group in OV is to encourage discussion on a topic of interest to the group.

Linking of groups to external sites requires prior consent of OV administration as pointed out in our Guidelines document which every member must agree with for acceptance into this network.

Our mini groups are not your own personal advertising space on the net.

If you want to advertise your own group and it fits into the range of acceptable material, please use our Spiritual Goods and Services group for that purpose.

Obvious advertising of an outside group in our mini groups will not be tolerated and if this practice is continued after being warned the member would be removed from OV.

What subjects make a good mini group?

The subject matter should cover a wide enough range to support a variety of conversations and sub-topics that comfortably fall into the basic group. (Some subjects make better forums then mini groups, if you have a pet peeve it might be a better forum or blog then a mini group.)

The group’s description shouldn’t be a novel, nor should it be so short that it appears that little thought was put into the group by its creator.

Before starting a new group, check to see if the subject is already in an active group. In some cases your new idea can be incorporated into the group you’ve already started.
Use common courtesy towards the other group creators. (More isn’t always better it’s just more.)

Before starting a new group sleep on it, don’t allow emotion to be the total driving force in creating a new group. Again some subjects make better blogs or forum postings then mini groups.

If a mini group is started and the subject is deliberately antagonist or inflammatory towards any race, or gender, culture or religion, OV admin has the right to remove the entire group without notice to the creator.

OV admin is committed to expanding spiritual awareness, and it is our deepest desire to continue towards the balanced ascension of our members.
Thank you!

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Comment by Kathleen Beening on October 27, 2013 at 2:46

Being NEW to this forum, I am anxious to discover new insights I hadn't considered before.  I'm grateful that I was led to this site..... I know that there are no accidents who it brought together.  Everything is in Divine Timing.  It will be interesting to explore what is being offered and shared, and look forward to being a part of this community of light-workers and meeting all of you.

Blessings as you move into your next present moment...

In Peace, Love and JOY!!!


Comment by Coralie Raia Darsey-Malloy on August 4, 2011 at 18:39
Good information and guidelines Michael. As new Guardians here it will be of assistance. David told me he let you know about us shutting down HBTL on Ning and that we need to sort things out with the group you have here.
Comment by Sally on October 1, 2010 at 21:38
I would just like to say I was scrolling through our library of videos wow we have a very nice collection I am so impressed, thank you everyone .
Comment by Shawn on September 30, 2010 at 17:04

Well PUT,


Comment by Red Wolf OV Amin on August 29, 2010 at 9:14
I have read and understood what this is about. I will try and keep my group alive with new thing everyday.
Red Wolf

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