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How has your belief changed your life?

I am curious to know how many OV members truly believe that the New Earth or the New Age will arrive by the end of 2012? And if you believe this, how has your belief changed your life? Has anyone decided that it's pointless to save money for retirement since we won't need money after the shift? Has anyone changed their educational or professional goals because you realize those particular skills will no longer be required? Has your belief changed any of your relationships with significant others who do not share your thoughts?

As for me, I am writing a book that I think would help some people to prepare for the shift, and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to keep it brief and get it finished before it's too late! I'm tempted to take out our IRA money to buy the trike my husband is pining for, but that seems too radical, especially since his main fear is that we won't have enough to live on when he retires. He has mixed feelings about my decision to write instead of working at a "real" job that would bring in a regular income. I say that I wasn't able to find such a job because it was not my soul's purpose to do that kind of work. He has said that people work to earn money even if it means doing something they hate. But he also believes in my writing and recently said that it MIGHT be part of his purpose to support my work. Since I've been feeding him my spiritual thought bit by bit over the 34 years we've been together, he is gradually growing to understand them better.

Is anyone else willing to share their decisions and/or experiences resulting from their knowledge of the coming shift?

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Comment by Ronald Brown on November 21, 2010 at 5:37
I also believe as anki, in living one day at a time. My employment situation the last 3 1/2 years has been challenging, to say the least. I feel some of it is karmic, and some of it I my higher self chose during my last between physical lives period. As I told a good friend, whatever happens job wise, happens. It's like Jeshua said, become like the lilies of the field. I definitely feel my vibrations are increasing and possibly DNA is being increased. As far as ascending goes, I believe what Barbara Hand Clow writes about in her book "Alchemy of nine dimensions". Also I always look forward to reading Chewbit's posts, because he is very knowledgeable.
Comment by donna nikzi on November 20, 2010 at 19:16
I really enjoyed reading Chewbit Wing's commentary here. I believe deeply in the ancient wisdom - much of which is coming to LIGHT now. Many indigenous peoples have seen an end to the present cycle...of separation and duality, disconnect from the Great Mother. I believe that the Earth and the Heart are one, and these are the times of the great awakening...from the long deep sleep/nightmare of lost sovereignty and great trickery/black magic.
My advice is to be ready for anything and everything and to embrace the change. Our small minds cannot grasp the immensity not the importance of these times of disintegration and reintegration - I like the term 'paradigm
shift' cause the old programs are now obsolete and the new installment is much needed and appreciated Grace. I am very hopeful that humanity will choose Love in these times, but I have no idea how the journey is going to happen or what it'll look/feel/be like. For now, my constant companions are Mr. Trust and Ms. Faith, and my guide is LOVE....Love for Everything. What is solid is failing and what is spirit is saving us....from ourselves. Yes, I'm very hopeful that we can and will all choose LOVE as our Truth and compass.
Comment by Emily VanLaeys on November 20, 2010 at 15:01
Sally, the book I'm working on is not like that at all. Here is the intro if you have the time to read it.

Creation and History Reimagined

by Emily VanLaeys


Isn’t it amusing to listen to the endless debates about Creation, when whatever happened, happened billions of years beyond the reach of human memory? How can anyone actually prove that the universe was designed and created by a divine, benevolent intelligence, or that it was just the result of random chance? Many who believe in the Intelligent Design of the universe still do not credit any of the world religion’s images of God with the creation and evolution of everything. Not a surprise, because there is no one religion that can satisfactorily answer every question that an inquiring mind will have. Perhaps this is because each religion was designed to meet the spiritual needs of a particular section of the human population. If there is an omniscient cosmic intelligence, it would recognize that the immense diversity of human capabilities, worldviews, environmental and cultural backgrounds, interests and experiences, would make it impossible to present the whole world with one pathway to understanding creation and the meaning of life.
Every religion, every culture, and nearly every individual in the world, embraces a different image of God -- an image that may be worshiped, adored, revered, feared, claimed to be dead, or to be a fabrication of the human imagination. But there is no single human brain that can possibly fathom the entirety of the infinite cosmic mystery. So each person chooses the portion of truth that he or she can comprehend, and each portion of truth is embellished with details either fabricated by the individual, or by one of the founders or perpetrators of that particular brand of faith. Those who deny the existence of any Divine intelligence frequently do so because they see the fallacies in the religious doctrines they have been exposed to; and then instead of going a step further to explore the possibility of a divine mystery too large to be explained by any theology or philosophy designed by the human mind, they disregard all theism as an invention of the imagination. Some atheists may dismiss the existence of God because of the limitations of the human brain that cannot conceive of an intelligence greater than its own, or the existence of realms that cannot be seen or heard with the human senses.
In these times of widespread famine, war, and natural disaster, we often hear people ask: “If there was a god, he wouldn’t allow these things to happen. Others say: “How can God allow these things to happen? Where is God when people are suffering?” Or they echo the lament of Jesus as he cried out from the cross: “God, why have you forsaken us?”
Many people believe that the current catastrophes signal the inevitable end of the world as predicted in the Bible and by the Mayans and other prophets. Those who proclaim that there is no god say that it is the wishful thinking of childlike minds to believe that any higher power actually cares what happens to our race and our world. Whatever happens to the world is totally up to us. We'd better make some big changes, or it will be all over soon, whether by environmental destruction, nuclear holocaust, the disappearance of the honeybees, or a wayward asteroid – take your pick!
More and more people don't even want to hear the word “God” spoken. They connect “God” with childhood images of a stern old man sporting a long white beard, who tallies their sins, and deals out punishments accordingly. “God” is also the one who instructs certain factions of society to be excluded from grace: homosexuals, atheists, and anyone or any group who differs in belief or lifestyle from those whose image of God is exclusive to them. Some people confuse the meaning of “God” by saying that God is not the same as Allah, Brahma, or the kami of Shintoism.
“God” is just a word. In fact, it is an abused and over-used word, which might be understood better if it was replaced with another one, such as Creator, Divine Light, Omniscient One, Universal Mind, Heavenly Parent, Eternal Spirit. The possibilities are endless! However, the one word that I believe best sums up the essence of the One in whom we “live and move and have our being“. . . is Love.
When God is thought of as pure love, I find it a little easier to separate truth from fabrication in the religious teachings and doctrines of the world’s faiths. Would love intentionally create a world where greed and violence are a natural part of life? Would love allow any of its children to spend eternity in despair? Would love give up and cease to extend lifelines of hope to any wayward ones who have lost their way? Would love reveal the truth about itself to one segment of its family and then leave it up to them to make sure the other family members get it right?
So the main character in my story will be called Love. Love is the energy, the creative force, the One who created this world; the animals, plants, and people who populate it, and who has nurtured us throughout history as we have been learning, ever so slowly, to be more like Love ourselves. Divine Love does not have a single personality, but is expressed in the multitude of personalities that burst forth from the Divine Heart. I don’t know how to write about the role of Love in the world without assigning it a personality, since the actions of All-That-Is are beyond my ability to imagine or verbalize. However, I have, as much as possible, refrained from ascribing any particular characteristics or gender to Love. I use the Spanish pronoun “su” to refer to Love, since the English language does not include a single pronoun for both sexes, and “it” sounds too much like an inanimate object. Also, I have tried to show how Love’s work is accomplished by created beings, both physical and spiritual, who reflect Love’s various aspects.
The purpose of this book is to demonstrate the possibility that one divine intelligence created the universe and everything in it; and that this universal mind, which is Love, has always been active in the evolution of Creation, manifesting in the multiple ways that have helped to transform us from primitive warriors to the seekers of enlightenment that so many are today. Creation and History Reimagined is a modern fable, a combination of facts and fantasy that sprang from the author’s imagination. It is the author’s hope that readers will be inspired to let their imaginations step outside the confines religion and science have built around our minds. Just imagine that all of Creation was conceived in Love, that the universe is a safe and friendly place, and that a world at peace is a probable and attainable goal.
Comment by Sally on November 20, 2010 at 14:12

this is the message that we should heed
Comment by Sally on November 20, 2010 at 13:47
My spiritual growth and higher intelligence has grown. I have become aware of the illusion the governments of this world portray. Mother earth's changes, ancient histories, personal visions of reincarnation etc. With that being said, no one is coming to save you bail you out give you a barrel full of money the journey is still yours to forge forward "Your Lessons to Learn". To all of sudden become irresponsible to stop work , spend your savings not work ...really NOT good advice to be giving people. LIfe goes on the earth will have physical changes we are doing this now to think a system right after 2012 is going to be in place and you won't need currency is ridiclous for those that are in vessel form. Your advice should be this and this only concentrate on raising your vibration for ascension seeing the world through the heart/love thinking with love not ego.Continue your daily task as always showing stability , responsibility paying your bills going to work be like a boyscout staying prepared, don't go hog wild buying this or that. We don't know exactly what may or may not happen fearing the worst isn't the answer either living in fear is no way to live. Count each day as a gift ,blessing ,living in the moment laugh a lot at yourself enjoy the things in life you like be grateful and continuing living as your normally would. To promote anything other than this stearing folks down a road of quiting their jobs spending their savings very poor advice I hope you do not write a book suggesting anything like this.....focus on spiritual growth instead .
Comment by Janet Aldridge on November 20, 2010 at 13:07
It seems according to NASA who just upgraded their silent warning from 06, that we will be experiencing solar storms strong enough to take down all electronics... Of course that will end the world as we know it. It will take many years to come back from such a global meltdown... I can only do what I have always done... Hold the Light, and pay attention to my own truth....
My belief, has nothing to do with the world I create.. as I have always believed what I believe. There are so many dire warnings, One persons truth and belief is just that, and I try not to be effected by anothers........My feeling is that we work on being all we can be... here in this life time or another...Would be the more valuable thing to do. But hey things do change...
Comment by cheryal jefferson on November 20, 2010 at 12:51
I definitely believe that there will be a polar shift. It will leave only a remnant population to repopulate the Earth but it will provide Mother Earth the time and ability the heal herself of mankind's rape of her body politic. I look at the changes as a time of GREAT ADVENTURE!
Cheryal Jefferson
Comment by fay joy roth on November 20, 2010 at 12:12
My first blog. What wonderful comments I can see myself in everyone of them and it is very comforting to hear so many people articulating just about everyting that has happened to me and how I feel.
I am still in the closest so to speak where a lot of my older friends and family who I have well left behind and I let them see the me that they are comfortable with. I love them all very much but there is nobody very much that I can relate what goes on very much not only in my inner world but what I do everyday. Which is try and feel and be in the higher energys and make endless dvds to try and get the message out. I am interested in everything and dont find any of it negative from the reall in depth illuminati stuff right back to the reverse of being a light worker. Most people have a particular path they are a healer (I do that too) or the are an organic gardner or they dont want to know anything about the NWO as it is negative. Me I am interested in the lot. However, everyone has to find their own way and I have just handed my shop over to my son where among other things we sell books and anyone who showed the slightest interest on anything spiritual I would pounce on them. Webb sights like this show that of course there are people out there but in my shop and I met a lot of people the more awake ones were very few and far between. I believe it is so important to think breathe and jusst be this stuff as much as possible and that will create the hundred monkey "human" I dont know any of you of course but I would love to meet you all in real life. Imagine all that high energy in one place and what that would do to the matrix. fay
Comment by Emily VanLaeys on November 5, 2010 at 9:22
Thank you for all of these great responses! Yes, I do feel like I am living in two realities: The material reality where I take care of the everyday needs of life, and the spiritual reality where I meditate, read, and write. I believe I am in the right place for now. I receive confirmation early in the morning when I wake up and feel an expansive, peaceful, tingly energy envelope me. I just wish I knew how to help my loved ones to stop sending so much negativity into the world as they react to the evil that they see around them. I'd like to know what Yhin says to his friends that is so convincing. Do tell!
Comment by Janet Aldridge on November 5, 2010 at 7:54
I love your open posts.
...Some thoughts from a flounder.
We read, we explore and we dream.. We are always coming up with concepts, that we resonate with... This can be a endless river, when we have to sort out our own from so many others ideas and ideals...
( just because someone is published, or is educated a certain way, doesn't make them right)
change 'your; mind, ( belief) change 'your' world....
I was given a real opportunity about 9 years ago to challenge my belief system.. to prove it to my self...being a explorer at heart, I was elated.
I guess I had it easy... but the Energy or power one receives, when s/he, discovers, then lives, their own truth, ( creating a belief system) is

There happens to be a group hiding with in several political party's right now, throwing out energy-less ( but still dangerous) false beliefs right and left... hoping that they will stick, and they once again can regain their power....trying to confuse, we the people. Fear, their greatest tool.
( already did it, smiled, waved, and walked away)
They are trying to make us think we are not kind, and compassionate, That their powers of acquisition are more important then our children s or neighbors future or health.... and that we just live to serve our over lords...
(old paradigm).. They will say anything to get what they want.... ( your devoted energy and a open, undeveloped belief system would be nice)

These are the same folk, I saw in vision several years ago, hold up within a huge pyramid,... as it crumbled, and some folks walked away fell to the ground, and with it , their control ( and our History ) all based on false beliefs vanished like a puff of smoke... All Illusion.
With vision we are given a choice... I choose to believe this vision, with all my heart, and in my world that I now create so it is. it is a thought form I nourish. Since the 'devil is in the details'. I also in-vision a world of Self-responsibility in which we grow food and share commodity's... Where animal and humans get along... and where my grandchildren are happy.
( and money is used as toilet paper)

One's own truth, or belief, should come with fan fare... It should make you feel loved, happy, and content, not angry and confused. It comes from our own inner power, and our own truth...Not any one else, no matter how wise or powerful they may seem can create a valid belief system for us that is true for us...
and I feel if you ask for it... more will be given, and also It will be proven to you.... Its not cold turkey if we pay attention.

You speak of the shift...I feel that there is nothing that folks can do, from the old paradigm that will be of any consequence to or even 'be' in the New. It is shifting away from the material world in which we live... Most of the ancient masters had the same idea... Let go and let god... be ye as the Lilly's of the field. Suffer the little children to come unto me... If you have belief as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains, etc...
We are shifting away from the material world, No matter what happens in this 'shift'... it will be the energy that we have put out, as to what will happen to us... We will learn from it what we came here to learn, or not.... We each, chose this.
We have so many ( old) partial thought forms & beliefs our there in the cosmos about what will or won't happen... We have to pic and choose carefully. Just thinking good thoughts is really good beginning.
For me, it is the one who I know loves me more, and cherishes me more then other, there I will put my my faith and trust...There I will find my Truth... My Inner, and Higher Self, Me. I know this.

It the Force against the dark side ( again)... Your thoughts, the weapons....
lets face it,... if you can't get over all the old crap, forgive all the injustices, and not only think good thoughts but also, project them out on a daily basis.... you are not ready for the New any way. Another time per haps.
Are you now at this moment, happy and content...? or are you stressed and anxious?... This is the world you are creating for your next experience.... make it a good one... Love, Light and Laughter for us all...

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