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How the Human got to Ascend.


Now, please understand that there are infinite timelines in play at any moment. So, this explanation is as valid as the next. It is my truth, my experience and I do not ask that you accept it as your truth. I only ask that you keep an open mind. The story takes place during the last stages of homo sapiens in the third dimension of the twentieth century on earth.


The overall objective of the current class of this experimental school called earth was for Source to “push the envelope” in Free Will on a third dimensional planet (limitations) during a Period of Duality, in which Source sent out fractals or probes of itself. Similar to wearing a diving bell helmet 


on the sea floor, so you are a probe, dressed in a high-density suit to accommodate the pressure/density of the third dimension….and explore your infinite nature on a planet of limitations. You are only limited by your imagination IF you give yourself permission. “Anything is possible if you know the principal and how to apply it, especially if it is necessary and good.” (Rolling Thunder)


As spirits arrive on earth to have a human experience, the veils effectively block their memories of who and what they truly are, individuated expressions of Source.


I will not go back hundreds of thousands of years into the Dark’s history of how this class devolved its energy to a critical state, other than to say “It wasn’t your fault!” 


Fast-forwarding, as you may know, 28,000 years ago our feminine nature was paramount and the goddess was revered as the source of life. With introduction of the written word 5,000 years ago, the influence became masculine  (, while time accelerated and the Dark’s negativity compounded in lock step. Gaia was in trouble, and this became particularly pronounced over the past 500 years.


Finally, in the l930s there were many dictators trampling on the people’s rights. The “Guys Upstairs” were concerned that earth had become so dark with heavy energy that it was appropriate to end the class and begin over. It was understood by all souls coming to earth that such a possibility was held in reserve. Consequently, a “Death Star” was set in a trajectory to intercept earth and cleanse it of most life.


In response, a collective of souls addressed the issue and said in effect, “Now hold on. This is an experimental school, correct?”

Source affirmed that it is.

Souls: “We’d like to see if we can turn this around and ascend into the higher dimensions in full consciousness.”

Source: “You are welcome to try. As you know, several attempts have been made and it has never succeeded on a planetary scale. The clock is ticking.”


So, imagine that you are Source, viewing our planet from an orbit midway to the moon, the “bleachers seats.” Now, you observe that virtually millions of souls meet to determine what will REALLY turn the tide of events.


Given that

• the planet seems like a “black hole” of energy from which light doesn’t escape,

• virtually every spirit or soul on the planet is a fractal of Source, whose nature is PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and

• Gaia has specifically asked Source for help,

the meeting concluded that the collective of souls would volunteer to incarnate specifically for the purpose of raising the level of compassion in the heart of every person on earth to such an unprecedented degree. Collectively over the generations the compassion of our class would propel us out of the “black hole” like gamma rays bursting from a quasar!


To raise the level of compassion of the heart of each person on earth to such an unprecedented level required the coordination of two major events, designed to deafen like echoing thunder “that would never EVER be forgotten!”


Send your mind back to the bleacher seats: On one side of the planet hundreds of thousands of souls volunteered their bodies to be vaporized by nuclear explosions in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan, or die of radiation poisoning and health complications for generations yet unborn.


Simultaneously, on the other side of the planet, millions of souls volunteered their bodies in the Holocaust to be gassed and cremated in the Nazi ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau, among others.


These two events became the paddles of a global defibrillator, as photographs and reports of this horrific inhumanity shocked the world’s hearts to beat again.  The last generations of children in this class were then ingrained by their parents the lessons learned in preparation for our final exam by Source.


Finally on August 16-17, l987 many of us around the world gathered to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence. Source asked, “Are you ready to graduate?” Enough of us enthusiastically cried,  “YES!”

And it was done!


Source diverted the trajectory of the Death Star so that it would be consumed by Jupiter and conveniently witnessed by our satellite probe. Known also as “Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9….that broke apart and collided with Jupiter in July 1994, (and provided) the first direct observation of an extraterrestrial collision of solar system objects. This generated a large amount of coverage in the popular media, and the comet was closely observed by astronomers worldwide. …


Calculations showed that its unusual fragmented form was due to a previous closer approach to Jupiter in July 1992 (when) Jupiter's tidal forces had acted to pull the comet apart. The comet was later observed as a series of fragments ranging up to 2 km (1.2 mi) in diameter. These fragments collided with Jupiter's southern hemisphere between July 16 and July 22, 1994, at a speed of approximately 60 km/s (37 mi/s). (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) This was two to four times faster than the meteor that struck the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years earlier. Tyrannosaurus Rex ultimately found it didn’t pay to be a tyrant then either.


From the moment that the Death Star was deflected, our solar system has received special energetic pulses from the Great Central Sun. These pulses are preparing our solar system, our planet and our bodies to make the shift into a higher frequency. NASA is puzzled to explain what is causing the planets and moons to heat up. Mars is losing its ice caps to global warming for the same reason earth is.


Twelve Elohim were delegated by Source to create this world and solar system. All twelve are embodied now to experience and shepherd the conscious ascension of the planet. Some of us are Archangels, under cover. Everybody is here! We are ready to PAR-TEE!


Remembering that "As it is above, so it is below," Source channels to one of the Elohim the sacred geometric artwork to manifest the portals, calendars of events and the transformation of Homo sapiens to Homo luminus., aka Homo dei, meaning man-god. These patterns are expressed in automatic art on large pieces of paper in crayon and colored pencils. December 21st, 2012 is now completed with an infinity loop that measures 6.5 feet wide by 72 feet long, supported by two 9-foot high pillars of additional instructions.


Both the changes in the DNA and the 144-akanaic cells behind the thymus, expanding to virtually every cell in the body… create a Christed body. Compound that by billions of people on the planet and you have the true Second Coming, predicted by Christians. You may become Christed. Plan on it.


In-depth explanations of this process and its consequences are provided by Ekara, a cosmic sovereign being of free energy, in the no-cost on-line course, Mastering the Grand Illusions, found in Vimeo. There was much that Ekara does not explain and is offered as a complement now.


Many of you know that the human body is morphing from a mortal carbon-based body to an immortal crystalline-based body. You may also know that the dormant DNA strands are being activated. Ekara explains that humans have two bio strands, the double helix, plus 71 strands of energy and 71 strands of Spirit. The 72nd strand controls time and space. This is the strand that governs the body's immortality. Your ageing sacks will be restored to youthful bodies. Plan on it.


In addition, Ekara explains how the strands are connected with infinity bridges to one-another and to ALL conscious matter everywhere. The Atlanteans had over 2,000 strands. Homo luminus will be more advanced than the Atlanteans and Lemurians. You can visualize that the DNA of Homo luminus will appear to be a flower opening. (Reminds me of the Flower of Life).


Homo luminus will be communicating with the consciousness of stones and bedrock, the waters, the clouds, the animals and the plants. Partnerships and agreements will be forged between Homo luminus and the four kingdoms of protists, fungi, plants, animals, as well as minerals and energy. Love, aloha and cooperation will be the basis of the agreements. Homo luminus is empowered to manifest whatever it wants… to meet its needs.


The following is not widely known and certainly will be soon after this writing. Since the Period of Duality is over, the two hemispheres of the neo-cortex are growing together as one brain. The corpus callosum that bridges the hemispheres will be obsolete and will disappear. There will be no “fight or flight,” so the hypothalamus, may also disappear. The limbic brain will remain, but the veil between it and the neocortex will also disappear. The reptilian brain will disappear and leave a conical empty space, which becomes the resonance chamber of the Divine. The pineal and pituitary glands, located in the center of the head, are growing significantly in size and function. Thinking is replaced by feeling, which creates a spiraling energy, almost like a galaxy, instead of being compartmentalized. The major decisions will shift from the brains within the skull to the neurocardial cells of the heart, where they currently comprise 65-70%. The original function of the remaining brains in the skull will be restored to receiving divine instructions through the crown chakra. Once all are in place, the pineal gland will be an ignited by a brilliant emerald green light in the center of the brain,.


In short, Homo luminus will be making heart-centered decisions from its immortal crystalline-based body.  Its attitudes will change radically, as will its choices about food, partners... Virtually everything will be affected, as will the multiverses. Homo luminus and its spherical feeling will create an unprecedented heaven on earth, which Homo sapiens’ linear thinking are simply incapable of imagining.


Physics prevent the heavier energies to accompany us on our journey. NOTHING that vibrates at the lower frequency will follow you. Not GMO, nor the companies that produce them, not the military industrial complex or war, not prescriptions or Pharma, not churches or religion. There is no religion in heaven.


 In short, you cannot take your baggage with you. NOW is the time to learn how to surrender it, if you plan to join us. Again, may I humbly refer you to take and master the internet course, Mastering the Grand Illusions on Vimeo.  And “Be the change you wish to see on earth!” BE heaven on earth NOW.




I AM   EL RA MIN RAY of the B’Hai Elohim.

(aka Tek Nickerson)


PS. Here is an ironic demonstration between linear thinking in the 3D and spherical feeling in the higher realms. When souls volunteer their bodies to be destroyed, someone has to volunteer to be their destroyer. Think about it. Who do we have to credit for destroying more lives than anyone (the critical mass), in order to trigger the explosive compassionate reaction? And literally save the world from being taken out by the Death Star…







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Comment by Tek Nickerson on May 28, 2011 at 22:22

Thank you, Melody, for posting the video by Vena. I will not comment one way or the other on its veracity. That is entirely up to you to discern for yourself. You are selecting the appropriate time line for you. No one else can do it. HOWEVER, while it is true that the Pioneers College closed, the original UNCONTAMINATED videos were archived in Vimeo. Here is the URL for part 1 of at least 14 parts. Take your time in digesting this information and do pass it by your discernment. I repeated each part until I could practically teach it and then moved onto the next part. Once I completed the course, I downloaded the entire course in dreams 144 times. It is part of me. Enjoy the journey!

Comment by Melody Henriksen on May 28, 2011 at 21:03
The Secrets of Humans

Comment by Melody Henriksen on May 28, 2011 at 20:57
Tek: Thank you for your response and I have made a copy to follow through. It appears the Pioneers College site is shutting down. I was unable to quickly ref. Considering the Anu information of our development, Anu being in charge of the Annukai, is barely known and the extensive amount of disinformation available, I spent extensive time trying to re-locate what I was referring to. I understand when you are referring to the heart, the soul, being separate from the brain and also it is your God connection. Since I haven't found what I was looking for re mind vs brain entrapment, I found similar from the same portal source. It's basically the creation of Earth humans before they existed and how the creation extended via 4 alien groups. One video slowly goes into part 2 to 3, etc.

Comment by Lea Groot on May 28, 2011 at 11:53
I love your Ps Tek. So Judas, Hitler et al volunteered to be the fall guys. Judge Not moves into a new dimension!!
Comment by John McKee on May 27, 2011 at 17:36
Thanks, Tek, for your posting.  Your information really rings true for me and really feels right.  I'm going to check out the course "Mastering the Grand Illusion."  It should be very enlightening.  In Love and Light, John
Comment by Tek Nickerson on May 27, 2011 at 16:35

Tek’s Blog on Truth discernment

 Have you been confused by conflicting voices when you ask a question? You may be hearing your mind/ego, your heart/soul OR an entity* with its own agenda.

 Discerning your own Truth is the KEYSTONE to any personal advancement towards your ascension. I am not aware if anyone in these virtual hallowed halls has taught how to discern accurately. However, the message cannot be restated too frequently. Since one of the members has asked me for this coaching and since this issue may be the most common skill that we all must master to get traction, I’ll post the exercise/practice now. Like anything worthwhile, you improve with practice, so I strongly recommend adopting the exercise as a discipline and form a habit.

Only your soul has your highest and best interests at heart. Everyone else has an agenda, which may not be perfectly aligned with your own. The voice of your heart/soul is your Inner Voice of YOUR Truth. And this is the ONLY reliable source of your truth, including the Bible, the Koran and Torah.**

Discerning the Inner Voice of your Truth.

Please close your eyes and center yourself.

1) Ask to be in contact with your Inner Voice. Feel the energy that resulted. How does it feel? Fascinating? Sublime? REMEMBER THAT FEELING.

 “Fascinating” is the Mind. “Sublime” is God. Your soul is your individuated expression of Spirit or God, the Inner Voice that you seek. Only the inner voice approximates the contentment or sublime feeling. So, distinguish the difference between the feelings of “fascination” and “sublime.” The mind will maintain your prison with fascination. The heart will release you from the mind’s prison when you turn the key of free will towards the heart and away from the mind.

(This is just a restatement of the conversation about sin. Sin literally means to “turn away from God.” Turning towards God or away from God is your free will.)

 2) Apply this exercise of discerning YOUR truth to virtually every decision you make throughout your day. That may be a continual conversation with your Inner Voice, non-stop. You will not find better company than your soul.

No matter how insignificant is the decision, ask to be connected to your inner voice; discern that it IS your inner voice and ask if “such and such” is

• an appropriate question and

• is it “in your highest and best interests with harm to none, yes or no.”

 I find that my heart/soul prefers to answer yes or no, while my mind may want a discussion or provide a more conditional response. It is up to you to rephrase the question repeatedly to get a yes or no answer. Sometimes, an answer is not forthcoming.



3) FOLLOW THE GUIDANCE OF YOUR INNER VOICE. Don’t debate it. It is not there for a discussion. It is a sign post, guiding the direction you seek.

 *If your mind/ego insists on speaking, ask that it appear as an image before you in your mind’s eye. Regardless of what appears as an image, ask “it to stand in the Light of God.” If it remains, it is from God. Otherwise, it must obey Universal Law and must disappear. (Occasionally, some entities can be very stubborn and may need a push. You may need outside help along your journey. There is the compassionate way, and failing that, there are alternatives to return them to their universe.)

Then ask for your soul/heart to appear as an image before you and ask it to “stand in the Light of God.” Repeat the process until the image before you approximates the sublime feeling that you associate with God and then repeat your question, asking for a “yes” or  “no” answer, whether a certain action is in your highest and best interest with harm to none.

 4) Like anything worthwhile, you get better with practice.


So, practice, practice, practice! Eventually, it will become a habit in 10 days, if you apply this vigilantly. The process is much simpler to apply than to state in words. Eventually, you may not even have to do this, as you will have established a a direct line to Source. I have, which is why I amuse myself to call myself a Sourcerer. :)

** Once you have mastered discerning the truth, check my statement: “Several of my former incarnations wrote or channeled a handful of the books in the Bible, both old and new testaments. I don’t rely on any of the current translations, as they don’t align well enough with my memories or my Inner voice. And Constantine had his own agenda, when the books were compiled.

 Most importantly, all the prophesies of the Maya, the Hopi and especially in Revelations were modified by the outcome of the Harmonic Convergence in l987. But that is a delightful story for another time.”


 Lastly, I set my Inner Voice to alert me to whatever incoming information may be out of alignment with my truth. Call it intuition, if you like.


 Also, I find that the faculty voices of Pioneers College* are flawlessly aligned with my truth. I am eternally indebted to the team upstairs to help me along my journey. I ascended on July 23, 2009 during Ekara’s exercise in one of the lessons of Mastering the Grand Illusions. 

*, Holoroom, Mastering the Grand Illusions.

Signed: Tek Nickerson,

aka EL RA MIN RAY of the B’hai Elohim

Comment by Tek Nickerson on May 27, 2011 at 16:33

Aloha Melody, 

I will answer your questions in  three parts. They require your active participation.

1) The ascension process takes approximately 5-6 years.

2) I am not a guru. You must trust ONLY your truth. To Discern your truth, I strongly suggest that you invoke the Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and Silver Grace Aloha, naming yourself. This will initially cleanse you of entities and some baggage. 

3) then read and apply my blog on truth discernment, which I will post momentarily.Use this to answer your questions. My truth is not necessarily your truth. 


Lastly, I strongly recommend that you go to Bashar is the real deal. but pass his information through your discernment, as well.


Here is the Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace Eloha


I/we now call upon the Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace Eloha to wash through all my/our bodies:


Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, causal and astral, and any others that I/we have not mentioned in this, or any other language, but which you know needs to be called upon, I/we call upon the Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace Eloha to please now:


Release, dissolve, remove, gather and transmute


All negativity, negative thought forms and emotions,


All parasitic entities, energies and thought forms and emotions,


All that keeps me/us in the illusion of separation and unconsciousness and anything else that I have not mentioned in this, or any other language, but which you know needs to be released now,


Please release, dissolve, remove, gather and transmute it all, now, into the purest and clearest of light energies, and send them back to the Creative source of all that is to their next highest level of evolution in the Divine Creator's Plan.


Now, FEEL this process of transmutation is done. Don't follow the energies to the Creator! Given acknowledgement of feeling that it is done, say: "Amen. So be it, and so it is."



Comment by Melody Henriksen on May 27, 2011 at 10:12

Ted:  Much of what you write here resonates with other writings I've read.  I would like to ask you some questions, a few at a time, if OK.


I have read that during the ascension process there will be 2 Earths and that one will be going through the white hole of the Sun.  It's also my understanding that this will be the first time ever of this type of ascension process with the life still on the planet has occurred.  I have also read that a black hole and white hole are both portals to various parts of the universe, one to the edge of the universe.  I've also read that Earth is now birthing, a live entity, that is ready to advance into 5D.  That in order for humans to ascend that their bodies are being crystallized to withstand the energies and to bring them into a light body.  My understanding is also that the many earthquakes and volcanoes incurring now is also part of Earth/Shan releasing the pressures that has been incurred upon her due to the dark.  I've also read that numerous space ships are in the skys wanting to watch this event, cloaked, dimensional.

Is this accurate and can you further explain, for example what is the time length for this ascension event?  Is our calendar off where we are now in reality in 2012?  What is the time process where we receive our prior memories and abilities?  My understanding is that there is 3 generations, maybe more, of clones on this planet.  Will they ascend.  According to the Divine Plan there will be 3D, 4D, 5D and 9D, one for what we call Heaven on Earth, the other for the Reptillian Luciferians that are here.  I am in understanding how the DNA was mixed with Reptillian DNA before we were born because the humans were too passive and that it was said a mistake, that many have the negative blood type that are of Reptillian mixture.  I have also viewed a channel from Anu who bragged where he said he entrapped our brain to create fear and negative thoughts to keep us as slaves.  I am confused whereas the brain vs the mind having it's own memory but scientific evidence showing the heart having it's own memory.  You are saying the Reptillian part of our brain will be removed for the God connection which I have read that Earth school was to be an experience without that connection.  Yet with the ascension shift of becoming 2 Earths, various densities and dimensions, I am confused because one is saying the pick-up of the dark during the stasis period and the other side of the coin is saying 2 Earths and that Earth is birthing now, that the Earth is to go through the white hole of the Sun for the process and the other Earth will be for the Luciferian Reptillians who are not to destroy the planet. What is the time period for this event, ie how long does the Earth ascension process take? 

Also what is your understanding and explanation of Phoenix Rising? I am concerned where the dark Reptillians and Greys here (not all are dark) have plans on entrapping our souls and the Olympic event coming up had a mock ceremony of this event.  Is it accurate that equipment was put on the Moon to entrap our souls and bring up back to this Prison Planet of duality.

Another question is you mention Jupiter and I remember seeing pictures of Jupiter being hit.  There was also an issue of turning Jupiter into a Sun and now many people are seeing a second sun.  Did this process complete.  I had felt that the Reptillians may have been doing this to turn Earth into more of a tropical atmosphere that they require but is only a summarization, hypothesis, whatever you want to call it. 

I accidentally found this blog.  Again much resonates.

Thank You, Melody




Comment by Tek Nickerson on April 22, 2011 at 21:24
Thank you, Eugene. I agree with each of your points, except that I was shown my many lifetimes because I was asked to remember the attributes of these people and draw upon them in this experience. At least this is the way the guys upstairs explained it to me.
Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on April 22, 2011 at 21:02

A very enlightened point of view Ted.

I have my own take on this and I feel that anytime we "remember the past" we are dealing with neurosis. Dr Wayne Dyer was my teacher. LOL He calls a lot of victim type behaviour neurosis.


Affirmative action, war tribunals, who'se to blame and all those things are to me a complete waste of the present in preperation of the future. We become what we think about.


Don't think of flying green lawnmowers for the next minute..............

See what that sentence causes? I bet you couldn't think of anything else. And your thoughts create. The best approach would rather be to have a beacon or a goal in the future and to go TO it instead of making a list of things we DON'T want. (Like heaps of frozen dead starved Europeans.)


Often I get that propaganda email with doctored photos of starved frozen dead Europeans that says "Lets not forget the past lest we repeat it" It might as well have said. "Lets remember the past so we can recreate it." This is like saying. "Keep in mind what you DONT want to re-create" You might as well blatantly say "Recreate the past by remembering it" with the added propaganda photos to illustrate just how intensely we can recreate what we think about or what we should never forget.


Archetypal victims, rescuers and sympathizers, live off such information but when one moves off of being a victim or rescuer or sympathizer to one of being a creator then the past is the past and one creates from here onward with a clean slate to work on in a perfect universe where nothing happens "by accident". Everyone gets what they came here for and we each create our own realities. There really are no victims in this life drama of ours. We play those games but ultimately there are no victims.


This is a checkerboard of nights and days where the pieces will enter at their time to play their dramas out and exit at their time. The pieces go back into the box but the players live forever. This is the way I see it and sometimes I forget and feel like a victim until I remember again and then I feel better.


In love and light.


PS: Then there is also the knowing that every single thought manifests on some dimension of reality and if many people believe something it definitely exists somewhere in some dimension and becomes a joint "memory" or reality.


One Vibration chat box is the bottom right of the page or on the main menu The beeping can be turned off or come in and join the link share.

THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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