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When Will You Use Your Power?

Michael Love, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

You are 5000 times stronger than the Corporations and Bankers. When Are You Going To Use Your Power?

Perhaps you are aware of plans for total fascist control over the world. If not, it is easy to catch up. This film covers those nasty things but makes clear humanity has the power to create a wonderful world instead. Please take time to watch it and share it so friends and family who are sleepy heads, can wake up and show up at what is going to be an incredible party (as you will see at the end).

We have been pounded into the ground with messages from corporate media that the world is falling apart, we are helpless, we are the prey of forces greater than ourselves, that things are hopeless, that doom is near.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. But those behind the plan for a replay of fascism, now on a global scale, absolutely need us to think it because they need to subvert our innate power.

And our power is that we create reality. It’s that simple. And that astounding.

We generate an immense energy field with our consciousness. And when we are focused on love, amazing things happen.

But the vibrating energy field we generate has been used parasitically by them to harm us, rather than by us to free ourselves and make the world fabulous.
“We have the power, more than the power, to bring down the vibrational prison walls if we understand even the basics of how it all works. ….
“[What they are doing] is structured [intentionally] to generate incoherent heart energy and low vibrational thought and emotion such as fear, stress, anger, frustration and depression. ….”

The banksters and corporate elite who are seeking a new world order in which they control the entire world, require a low energy, chaotic field to operate in.

They work to achieve it in controlling what we feel and focus on. Think of the Colorado shooting (now considered a staged event to frighten the public to override the 2nd Amendment). Think of the heavily militarized Olympics which arranges for billions of people to their attention in unison, to such things as the bizarre opening “ceremonies” that included children in hospital beds cowering beneath a giant demon.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

(What are they attempting to get us to imagine, and in vast numbers, about harm to the world’s children with such a monstrous display?)

What we’re looking at is a mental face-off between those seeking to take total control of humanity, with propaganda machinery, governments and even weapons, and humanity itself, which is rapidly waking up and discovering its own tremendous strength – its consciousness.

“We have to break [their] circuit and transform the individual and collective energy field [we have participated unwittingly in] from the incoherence that the Control System depends upon to the coherence and harmony that will set us individually and collectively free. …. [Emphasis added.]

“We can manifest energetic harmony from the manipulated chaos. We will do this if enough people get involved with Awakening the World – Every Heart Makes A Difference.

“We want millions, tens of millions and more.

“People would be amazed if they knew the impact that humans are having on the Earth energy field minute by minute. ….

Obviously, the fear and emotion generated by the 9/11 attacks would have suited the goals of the conspirators, but we can have an incredible impact on opening the Earth’s energy field to the love, peace and harmony ….

“[Love, peace and harmony] will bring down the house of cards that depends on imbalance and incoherence for its very survival.

“Every day [David Icke's website] will post a picture to aid that focus. It might be an image of the Earth, the ocean, Tripoli, or an individual that requires healing and harmony in the face of the onslaught of evil and chaos. [But people can also generate love through meditating on their own or in harmony with others.)

"[David Icke is] also encouraging people all over the world in every town, city, village and community to step forward as organisers of groups and gatherings of people willing to come together regularly to connect their energy fields and project love, peace and harmony into the atmosphere.

“The more that come together the better.

“[He] also made an appeal to those that are increasingly going out on the streets to protest …. to be streetwise ….

“If the protests are angry, aggressive and hostile they are doing exactly what the manipulators want – producing still more of the energy on which they depend.

“Imagine the power of replacing stand up angry protests with sit-down silent focus where thousands join their hearts together and send out the energy of love and peace which has been measured to be five thousand times more powerful than anger and resentment. [Emphasis added.]

The heart is the centre of everything – consciousness, health, emotional balance and so much more. This is why the heart is the constant target of the Control System. ….

Awakening the World – Every Heart Makes A Difference is asking you to ‘protest’ (run at them energetically) in vast, vast numbers all over the world by sitting down and focusing on your heart and joining with thousands of other hearts - tens of millions, hundreds of millions worldwide to send out love, peace and harmony into the energy field with which we constantly interact.

“And then to DANCE together with love, joy and laughter. The energetic impact of this on yourself and the world is going to be fantastic. …. [G]ive that energy of love and harmony even more power as we swirl and twist our electromagnetic fields to whip up the electromagnetic energy sea and make it dance with electrical power on the vibration of love and harmony.

This dance gives a great example of the kind of joy that can be created at any moment. The wonder is that in dancing and focusing our attention on love, we can take down the prison that has been built by evil. That dance is particularly wonderful and funny since the song mentions the Rockefellers, who are behind so much harm, as part of a dance that contributes in its own way to undoing that harm, simply through love and joy and bringing people – even happy, balletic military.

Add consciousness intent to generate love to heal the world, and as the formula shows, it becomes immensely powerful

Are you tired of what the Bankers and Corporations are doing to our world?

Then, be stronger than fear or anger or depression or despair, no matter what they do to try to provoke it in you. Be aware they are not done with their thefts or with doing terrible things to try to generate terror. Do not react. Instead, act with love and equanimity.

Jesus and the Buddha were right – love is everything. That is the power you hold. And quantum physics has made clear it is physical force.

With it, you are 5000 times more powerful than they are. Act like it. Act on it.
You can sit quietly and mediate every day on love, sending that consciousness out into the universe to harmonize with others’ so a force field is created. Invite friends to do the same, at the same time.

Or you can get together with friends and strangers and dance your heart out, sending love and joy and music and dance into the universe, seeing the glorious world that is ours, and creating that reality in relishing it.

Waking up is the key.

“When we look at the world of bacteria, for example, there are 10 percent good bacteria, 10 percent bad, and a majority of 80 percent opportunistic bacteria that could go either way. In looking at the various environmental issues we are faced with, and the tasks that we need to fulfill for the planet, if we could get more than 10 percent of the people consciously aware, than I believe we could pull the 80 percent in that direction, too.

“And so I believe that the people who are following a spiritual path are promoting peace for the planet and for other people. If we could only unite on this level of consciousness, then we will be there.”

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Comment by Patty on January 28, 2013 at 2:56

The People know him and his works and deeds and they love and respect him.

Comment by Patty on January 28, 2013 at 2:55

If we get Jesse Ventura to be the lead man i know the people will follow him. 

Comment by Illumination OV Admin on January 13, 2013 at 23:45

Isn't it ever the way, simple methods work best.

Comment by rose on January 13, 2013 at 18:32

Gianni Truvianni has removed due to soft porn being posted on OV. 

Thanks for drawing our attention to him Ted.

Comment by Debby on January 13, 2013 at 17:20

50 Awful Things About The Illuminati

Comment by Ted Osmundson on January 13, 2013 at 16:53

Gianni...  What rock did you just crawl out from under?  You obviously have never heard of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and others that engage in a power trip with demonic demonstrations that killed tens of millions.  The list of corrupt actions our governement in just the last 15 years is astounding.

As far as making the world a better place through clever inventions the sad truth is many technologies remain secret.  In recent American history alone we have technological breakthroughs that would dramatically change our energy system and the money that fuels it.  As the man said that spoke about the car that ran on water ( and died for it )  he said, Western Union will never replace the Pony Express again.  I am suprised your last name isn't Morgan, Rockefellar, or Rothschild.  Check out Morgan and Tesla way back when they had a working relationship... it didn't end well.

Comment by Sandy Saccomanno on January 13, 2013 at 14:54

THIS IS POWERFUL and a practice that is easy to incorporate ... thank you for sharing!  I know many of us can succomb to overwhelm and discouragement at the number of issues facing the planet and the pain and suffering we witness around us. What a beautiful way to contribute to the healing of the planet -- simple, profound. -- we just need to do it and model it for others.  Sandy 

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