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Channeling with Merlin 27/4/2012

Dear Ones, I bring today the Lady Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada and the Goddess Maya. These Divine Feminine beings are here with you all during 2012 to help anchor the Divine Feminine, not just into the Earth Mother, for She is already receptive, but to assist humanity in accepting and integrating these energies.
There is much to be done still, to awaken souls during this year and especially as you move closer to the Venus Return on 6th June 2012.
You see the planet Venus as the planet of Love, and so it is, but humanities perceptions of love have become distorted to mean sexual. This is not so, the Return of the Feminine, which Venus initiated in 2004, has been about relationships, how you communicate with one another, male to female, female to female and male to male, within social groups, work situations, the media and global communications.
The energy of the Divine Feminine is about the awakening of Compassion within the human consciousness, expanding your heart centres, allowing forgiveness to flow, to bring about a state of emotional healing for all, on all levels. Forgiveness towards others, of others, and of the self also.
Many of you have been through deep emotional trauma’s with loved ones during this 8 year transit, some of which has been the clearing of karmic energies from past lives, and these will continue to come to the surface for cleansing for another 2 years, until Venus is well clear of the magnetism and energy field of your star, the Sun.
When you are fully liberated from your emotional traumas of the past, then will be the way forward for new relationships form and bond in unconditional Love and awareness of each other, many new ones, and a few old ones, will be ignited, but always in a new and balanced energy signature.

There are some of you now on the Earth Mother, woman especially, but not exclusively, who have a mission to spread energies of Love and Light, and in so doing, open themselves to feel and experience the pain and traumas of the masses. But the role is not to let these negative energies bring you down to lower levels of being, but to purify them, to bring balance where there is disharmony, to bring unity where there is separation, awareness where there is none. This makes you hyper sensitive and many are feeling unwell, mysteries aches and pains, cold and flu like symptoms as you work to throw off these lower energies.
This is not necessarily a reflection of yourself, but rather the role you chose and rather than something you need to suffer and endure, it is for you to purify, cleanse, and raise the vibrations of, to bring into harmony once more.
As you heal t his within yourselves, the raised vibrations reverberate into your environment and impact the lives of those around you, healing others, even without your awareness of this.
Many of you are again being awakened to the Feminine energies, men are becoming more sensitive, patient and understanding, women are having the core of the feminine awakened within their womb and yearn once more for the companionship of the circle of women as healers and creators. They hear the call of the Grandmother Elder Wisdom Keepers, of the Earth Mother, Moon and siStar Ancestry. In answering this call you empower not just yourself, but the men around you who are struggling to embrace the feminine essence within themselves.
Women throughout your history have been strong in their gentleness, strong in their companionship with each other, but then they lost their way, thinking they had to fight the masculine way, to become physical warriors instead of spiritual warriors. Men have forgotten the role of the feminine within themselves, as have some women, and shut this side of themselves away for too long.
The coming Return of Venus will unlock this, the process has already begun but will heighten now. Few men, and some women will not be ready for this and so the journey will become powerful and disruptive until it clears and they understand.

Women who have opened their wombs to their soul selves, we urge you to assist others through this transit, to assist your sisters as well as brothers, to allow the harmony and balance to be returned to your own hearts and souls, to the Earth Mother.
The next few months will bring many alignments, heightened solar flares, significant numerological dates all producing a powerful time for creating the future you desire for the greater whole, for they are urging humanity to awaken on at the deepest level of their soul selves. Use this time to light your candles both physically and within in, hold sacred ceremonies, move your bodies in rhythm with the Earth mother, the Moon and Stars, allow your body, mind and soul self to come into alignment within you, for only then can it begin to come into balance in your outer world.
Call your circles of women together, invite the men who would awaken to their feminine, to join with you at significant moments, for their balanced energy is much needed at this time. Call in the Power of the Feminine to awaken within, no matter what your physical form may be. You are creatures of Spirit, a flame of Cosmic consciousness, within you, you have no separation, only oneness and wholeness.
Awaken to this powerful time and use your powers to awaken others by the very glow of your own beautifully aligned flame of spiritual purity. Embrace the Feminine and become whole once more.
Blessings to you all Dear Ones.

Channelled through Avalon Whitefeather

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