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messages of love and peace July 17, 2011

A channeled message from the Elohim.  I had been wondering about a post on facebook where there was much discussion about justice and what do we do to respond. This was the message I received:

"wisdom teaches that there is always greater truth at the end then at the beginning. what does this mean?  that you will understand all after it has happened instead of before it does.  this does not mean to not (want)home or dream or plan or intend.  this means that the full impact of any action or choice is not known and does not need to be known for humans to practice faith trust and intentions for highest good.  in your case, Helen, there is a reason for you to not know what is coming for this is how you build trust within your self and with your relationship to spirit. 

Anticipation is not your friend. Detachment to the outcome, after setting intention, that is your friend, that is a new paradigm concept that you can work with.  This is the practice that we would like to see you do, more. There are a hundred ways to do just about everything and so it is not fitting to demand one clear path. You are not yet as free, as you will be, to choose and for you, like many choosing, deciding - is not a fun activity.  We want you to become friends with choosing.  we want you to become friends with ambiguity we want you to be comfortable in your body as a sacred temple of wisdom and power.  This is not the message you received about your body in the earlier part of this lifetime or in most of your lifetimes in linear past.  This is a truth we share, bear witness to it, for you shall see the results of holding your body in this way.  All good and abundance will attend to you as you make your body and your daily accountability to self, earth, Light humanity, your practice.


The practice of love is the practice of choosing from within one power and heart. 

The practice of love is the choosing of present moment awareness and consciousness.  There is no past or future in this practice.  There is no expectation or regret, no memory or fantasy in it.  The now is far more infinite than you may realize and therefore a more potent magical experience than you give it credit.  Within is much depth and magic, as without. Both are active, potent and creative ground for the following moments of now you may choose.  The words here are not quite getting to the ideas we wish to be conveying, but it is a start, and so we will take this and “run with it” as you say. hahaha.


there are several fields of endeavor that we wish to explore with you today.  fields that are emerging as the energy makes them available to you.  One is the field of cracking shells of beliefs, popping balloons of fears /beliefs that are scary and not useful to people anymore. pop pop crack crack. any ideas that cause anxiety or suspicion.  thoughts that bring up regret or indignation count as thoughts that are to be discarded, with love, saying “thanks, but no thanks, I am not interested in thinking that, any longer.” 


Thinking that the world is healing, free and filled with Light will go a lot farther for you than thinking there is so much to be done to finally arrive at having a world that is healing and free and filled with Light. Do you see the difference?  The discussion about “FIGHTING is an important one, because it is the oldest most entrenched dark idea on planet earth.  It is a fear based idea.  It is not a love based idea.  In Oneness and Light, there is not duality conflict, there is a broad spectrum of approaches and infinite creative solutions, there is contrast, which IS useful, but not right and wrong, black and white, the duality views you have been immersed in for so many centuries of linear time. 


So you see something that doesn’t feel good or look good, that triggers a feeling of danger, fear, and injustice. What do you do?  Ask spirit to put love into this scene, and be the presence of love in this scene, not as passive as but as love in action, love blowing away anything else, love filling, building a scaffold of healing upon which new outcomes can be supported.  New outcomes you can’t even think of, just see the structure of love, the support there, to be used.  Ask for help in this, the Light responds immediately.  That is your active chance/choice to respond, to assist another, to assist a situation. Ask for love to come to the scene from everywhere including from within your heart and power. It will be there.


This may not feel like “fighting injustice” but it will work a whole lot better and as you practice this, you may find you will begin to prefer it.  It also has the advantage of putting you in a position of “allowing” rather than “resisting” and we all know that “resistance is futile . . .”  haha yes, a cosmic joke indeed. 


the star trek concepts of the borg, the collective consciousness, are useful in that they portray a kind of existence/effectiveness in collective consciousness, however, the foundation of love and light are missing and therefore, distort the benefits and the outcomes of every encounter scripted within the scope of that program.  So close were the concepts to what you are headed for but so often kept in fear based themes that they never achieved outright ascension scenarios, although some have come close, and soon, more benevolent scripts may be seen as have been written and are being written, and the interest to produce them will increase as the Light does.

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Comment by Joni on August 7, 2011 at 18:20
You know.. I saw a quote the other day that stated "We judge ourselves by our intentions but we judge others by their actions."  It really made me stop and think...
Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on July 17, 2011 at 20:06


This is most uplifting for me to read. Especially the reminder of letting go. No matter how much I hear it and think of it I know I am not "letting go" enough. There is always a part of me that hangs around saying "where when?"

I know that part only falls away when faith turns my trusting into knowing, and then trust falls away. When I KNOW its going to happen because I asked for it or intended it. For no other reason, simply because I know I can have it.


People often think this thinking is blasphemous but when you know you can have anything you normally take deep responsibility even before you ask.

Comment by Rashida on July 17, 2011 at 15:38
you are all most welcome, and yes, it is a big shift we each make in our own timing.  I had a huge "fight" with myself, (haha) when I realized I had to let go of being right, cause, it doesn't matter, and I wanted it to! I learned that it should, and in the new times, as well as in the old, it doesn't matter.  When I finally surrendered to me (or rather my ego and I came to an understanding. . . ) It was a huge load off!
Comment by Patty on July 17, 2011 at 14:28
This is exactly right! I love hearing it. TY
Comment by Kathy Baxter on July 17, 2011 at 14:24
Back in the old energy when I did political consulting, I used to ask my candidates to reframe the idea of "fighting" for x, y or z, into "working" for the same thing.  It was often unsettling to their opponents when the resistance of the "fight" went away, and the energy of the vision replaced it.  Now I might ask them to replace "working" with "embracing".  Thank you, Rashida, for this stimulus to deeper feeling for the truth and the new perspectives.
Comment by nettis_ on July 17, 2011 at 13:31



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