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dear sisters and brothers of the ligt,
after the first encounter with Onimentals introduced by Nicole. In the same night I had again spiritual experience and went through different dimension at the same time. So the next morning when I went to my work, I had a presentiment and I took with my camera.
I have to tell you that I work as guide in the National Park off Garajonay on La Gomera,
its a very old forest, pure and still without any pollution, so when I arrive to my work
in the heart of the forest, it was unusual for that time to have such dike mist.
this is the view when I arrived at 8:30 pm ( totally unusual, we are in July)

then I went to my office inside, to make some coffee, and feel attracted to go outside
when I went out, I dint know what I saw, it was unbelievable, what I saw and the feeling was something, that until yesterday, I couldn't describe it, it was and yesterday during a chat with Tina, I couldn't explain it. And believe me, normally I always find my words. Ok , not to keep you longer in a feeling of curiosity, that the second shoot,

and believe me this light was big, I estimate with a diameter between 30 and 50M, it was not possible to see or to evaluated the size, and it was below this mist, and then it start to spread up all around the clairiere, totally surrounding me. It was, it was impossible to find a word to explain it, and believe me, without any arrogance I was thinking that I was use to to have the most deeply spiritual experience, I already get in touch with my reincarnated father, I have been in initiation with Jesus, Saint Germain and my Grand Ma, and I was thinking, that I will never find something who could impress me ( wrong and a bite arrogant). To be honest, until yesterday and still today, I feel so strange. the only feeling that I can explain with this encounter of yesterday, I have felt the perfection. To feel something that take you for few second or minutes in one totally perfect energy field, a total harmony, even this word is no strong enough to explain the feeling I had when I was in the midden of this circle of divine light, see by yourself this photo,

and how long I have been in this light, I really don't know, and still I am impress from what I have see, because through my camera lens I saw, light silhouette , 4 or 5 and when I look on the photo, they are not more, only a light ray, and this light ray ware forming a circle all around this clairiere. And i can sure you that it was amazing experience. I had really the feeling that I saw the light ( like people say :-) ) I am glad that I can share this with you all my sisters and brothers of the light. HO, yea , a small detail, the sun came on at 12:00 pm.
be blessed by the love and the light from the new Atlantis,
and special blessing to my beloved Tina,

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Comment by Christopher OV Admin on July 6, 2009 at 4:28
It must be the sort of experience that would be difficult to put into words due to it's overwhelming feelings. Must have been wonderful for you.

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