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Remembering the Earth on Mother's Day

Ngungu'taota (greetings, we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are one),


I am extending a reply I made on another blog so more people may read and reflect upon it. It speaks to the power of thought and prayer, and particularly upon our Mother Earth, Gaia, Tuuwaqatsi as we know Her.


The power of thought, of the mind as the "builder" to create with thought, is the same "power of prayer" many of us know and use.


Regarding thought as the builder of the crop circles (suggested by the blog showing the work of Russian scientists, and the author's 3 yr. old son), may I suggest the question: who is doing the thinking that creates the crop circles? If the universe is living, and all the stars and worlds are alive and capable of thought, what of our Earth Mother? What of Her thoughts? Who do you think is the "thinker" creating crop circles upon Her body?


When we recognize that the Earth is a living, conscious entity, a whole new appreciation of the Earth begins to dawn on us, and many mysteries can be better understood.  Then the deep meaning of our first spirit law, "Tutskwa I'qatsi"- "Land and Life are one" (our Mother Earth) can more clearly be understood, and taken to heart.


It is hard for people not to be ruled by their former ideas, hard to see the world in a new light.  When raised within a particular worldview, it is difficult to step out of it into an entirely different one: in this case, one in which our Earth is our creator, filled with the life and power of the godhead, from whom we are given life and all we possess; one where we can we see the Earth as a great being who has been carrying us through the ages, evolving us from stage-to-stage toward a perfected form in the Fifth World orbit-- heaven, paradise, morning star. But this understanding is what we need to safely travel through this purification time. This knowledge is being restored, so each of us has the opportunity to make use of it. And so we are asked: who has ears to hear?


Pray and meditate upon these matters. Think upon all the Earth is to us, then give Her what She is due-- the loyalty and gratitude of a good child who will never desert Her. Today is a good day to send Her your message-- Mother's Day !


Offered with an open hand, for you take or leave as you wish.

Upaava- your brother Hohongwitutiwa

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Comment by Hohongwitutiwa on May 8, 2011 at 12:55

Nakwa Christopher, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

I'tupko, I am only one of your brothers, travelling the same course as yourself and others visiting here. Please allow me to respectfully share my understanding with you. When we appreciate all the Earth is and means to us, we naturally give Her much more than our respect. We give Her our fullest love and gratitude. I know it is difficult for most modern people to understand the Earth is our creator, but when we do, we bow to Her in loving devotion and appreciation as the giver of our lives, and everything else we have. Do not many religions teach their followers to love god with all their hearts,  minds, and souls?


My brother, we understand that the Earth will make it through this purification regardless of what humankind may do. She will be purified and fly to the Fifth World with or without us. Our ability to live together more peacefully and lovingly can ameliorate Her birthpains, and thus the suffering they will cause, but we cannot change the course of nature, God's course.


What we need to understand is being sent to us for us to recognize, or not, so we can see through the misleading voices and deceptions that would steal us from our Earth Mother, and our bright destiny with Her. The Earth is in labor to birth Her core-egg. As Her birth pains become more intense, disclosures will be made by those who know what is really occurring.


Those who wish to steal us from the Earth will mislead humanity to lure us to their god forsaken place, where they need us. They need us there because they no longer have Earth Mothers to nurture and evolve them as God intends for life. The warnings of diabolical beings who prey upon us are not just myths; they are remembrances from the past of those who have deserted God and their Earth Mothers to another place. A place where one devolves following death, rather than progressing forward toward heaven, as we do on Earth and Her calendar Time.


Our Mother Earth does not want to lose the children She has carried so long and so far. She sends us this knowledge to help us find what we need to progress with Her, rather than be utterly lost.


In the days ahead, when these disclosures are made (much more than the existence of UFOs and their involvements with us), we will need to recognize what is true from the lies and deceptions provided by our leaders, as well as channelled entities that promise to guide us through these times. Beware of anyone who, directly, or indirectly, advise us to leave our Mother Earth for the other place, when its existence is made known to the world.


The Earth is our Land and Life, the one who has nurtured and carried us through the ages. Let us find the truth of these matters in the peacefulness of our minds and hearts, so we may walk the good road home with our Mother Earth.


Umumi pam taaviningwu - may the sun always shine upon you,

Upaava - your brother

Comment by Christopher OV Admin on May 8, 2011 at 11:44

My friend Chris Thomas says the Earth's vibration is increasing from 7.56 Hz to 3500Hz by November this year as part of her ascension process and we have to adapt to this. We have to keep pace with  this raise as part of the human ascension process.

I so hope that once this level of 3500Hz is reached that we as humans finally respect the Earth and repair the damage we have caused over the millenia.

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