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Spiritual Preceptor (Guru's) Glory by H.H Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji - Part 3

Dear All,


Peace is the only rare commodity in the world. An unemployed will secure a job one day or the other. Wealth can also be earned. An unmarried son or daughter does not remain so for long but is sooner or later blessed with a partner. But all of us are suffering from dearth of peace (of mind). Peace is not a commodity that can be purchased in a supermarket. Neither are we smart enough to earn Peace on our own.

In the scripture Bhagavatam (Important classics of India describing the life and times of Lord Krishna. It is verily the Hindu Bible) Lord Krishna tells Kuchela who comes seeking Him, "Neither the wealthy nor the poor enjoys Peace in the world. A wealthy man who enjoys all material comforts envies the man on the street because he thinks that the latter enjoys Peace. This wealthy man is unable to enjoy good sleep, as he is faced with innumerable problems in his life. He enjoys no peace of mind. As he passes down the street in his car, looking at the people on the platform he craves to be like them for he feels that they are free from all kinds of troubles that he himself faces in day-to-day life. He thinks, "How free and relaxed these people are. They earn for the day and enjoy a square meal. They do not suffer from anxieties. "Whereas, the man on the street envies the rich who whizzes past in an air-conditioned car!. The rich man envies the poor and poor man envies the rich. In reality none in the world enjoys Peace. Without Peace all of us experience anxiety.

Lord Krishna tells Kuchela, "It is you who exemplify poverty in the world! You are a personification of poverty. I, Lakshmi Kantha (the consort of Lakshmi - Goddess of wealth) am the wealthiest. But both of us enjoy peace! Do you know the reason behind this?

You and I studied in Sandeepani Gurukula. At the end of our Studies we prostrated to our Guru Sandeepani. He blessed us, "You shall always enjoy peace!" - 'Guroh anugrahenaiva pumãn purnah prashantaiye'. It is only because of the blessing of our Guru that we both enjoy Peace (Shanti).Only through the blessings of such a genuine True Guru is Peace enjoyed.

What is the Greatness of this land of ours India(Bharata Bhoomi)?

A long line of Saints lineage has been coming down the ages. There has never been a break in this line of Saints. It is not as if there was a Saints in days gone by and none today. What is the reason for this uninterrupted line of Saints?

One loses faith in that not seen outright. Tiruvalluvar, in Tirukural, describes a deer that was known as 'Kavariman'. Even if a single hair of this deer was pulled off its body it amounted to dishonour and it is said that the highly sensitive deer, unable to bear the pain of humiliation, committed suicide!

The poets of yesteryears have sung on such a kind of deer. The wafter used in Temples in days past was in fact made only out of the hair of these Deer. Similarly, there once was a bird called 'annapakshi'(they are said to be mystical white coloured birds that live in heaven, known for their purity.)If water was mixed with water, this bird had the ability to separate the milk from water and drink it up. But if to-day's children were to be told of the existence of such a deer or such a bird and their habits they refuse to believe it.They think that all these are not facts but a story spun by someone. The reason for the loss of faith is because it is not to be seen now.

Likewise, be it Adi Sankara or Govinda Bhagavatpada or Sage Vyasa or the innumerable other Sages, it is not enough if they declare that there is a state called 'Jivan Mukti'(Liberated state) and that those who have attained that state realize the Self (Atma) to be different from the body.

They are 'Muktas' (liberated) even while living in this world. It is not enough if the Sutra Bashyam or the Upanishads or the Gita declares this. But even today such great Mahans move about in this land of India (Bharata).

Only on seeing them do we believe the words of the Shastras (Scriptures). Great Mahans such as Ramana Maharshi, Seshadri Swamigal, our Kanchi Swamigl have walked on the soil of this Bharata Bhoomi and a sage parampara is being carried on, in this land of India. So the life history of Mahatmas carries such wonders.

The life of Andavan Ptichhai was one such that contains great wonders. When we read the life history of a sage we wonder if such happenings could have really taken place. The Shastras say that at the end of their lives the Brahma Rudram opens out for the Sanyasis and the life goes out because of 'Urdva rejas'. If this does not occur by itself then while burying the sanyasi in Samadhi, a coconut is broken on the head of the sanyasi and thus the Brahma Rudram is opened out. But it reads as a great wonder when we see the life of Andavan Pitchhai. We find that many a time She has had this experience and the blood gushed out like a fountain from her head!

I have said that death is only of the 'mind. The Advaita philoshophy terms annihilation of thoughts, destruction of vasanas as Liberated being state. Without annihilation of 'mind' any kind of intense Tapas would only take you to liberated but the state of liberated being state cannot be attained.

!!! Will continue !!!

Regards & Chant the Maha Mantra:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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Comment by Prem Lulla on June 25, 2012 at 2:58

Being an Indian by birth, I know the effectiveness of the mantra mentioned above.

It is regarded by Hindus as Mahamantra, meaning A Great Mantra!

Reciting the mantra itself creates vibrations in the energy field which enables one to see through the illusion .

Comment by Zora J on June 23, 2012 at 15:25

This sounds wonderful and wise.  I wish I understood a bit more about the Hindi culture, but from what I know, it's a beautiful, peaceful, profound spiritual practice.  Thank you for sharing this.  Namaste

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