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I know that you cannot interfere with a lot of what happens on earth, because we have free will to make our own decisions and mistakes, and learn from them, etc. That is part of the plan, and it is 

a good plan, a strong plan, a valid plan.

However, in recent months and years Galactics have been telling us that they have been helping us clean up chem-trails and nuclear waste, etc. (or so it is claimed) so why can't they, using their vast technologies, direct deliveries of rice and wheat and milk powder to the poorest villages on earth? These places where humans are daily starving are not near air-force installations, or highly secretive test sites that might be compromised or react in violent ways.

I cannot understand why the Galactics can't use their technologies to make sure people eat. It is so basic. Getting food into people's bellies HAS to be more important than cleaning up chem-trails, doesn't it?  I mean, where are their priorities? Surely they know about Maslov's hierarchy... how, until our basic physical needs are met, we cannot be expected to evolve in more spiritual ways.

It is things like this that cause me to doubt much of what is being channeled. Benign Galactics have supposedly been in our airspace for at least the last 50 years, and increasingly more each year. They are highly-evolved, compassionate beings, and yet they are watching some of their 'family' starve to death? Or watching them die from cancer and malaria, from infections and malnutrition...... and doing nothing except to track down members of the greedy elite. The Galactics are apparently able to justify contacting our various leaders in government, and members of the elite, to talk about MONEY, and to threaten them with financial collapse, but they can't talk to the people in Chad and Niger about how to distribute food. Do they really not understand that doctors and farmers are our leaders too? I feel there is something very wrong with the picture I am being asked to accept.

Either Galactics are choosing to interfere or they are not. Or do they get it both ways? Is it simply their free will to choose which problems they will help us with and which they will not? And if so, have they forgotten what it is to be hungry, or cold, or ill? Maybe they never knew? I have read that ETs and Higher Beings know already what is in our hearts and minds. None of you have to look far to see what is in mine. My life is an open book. No matter my failings and shortcomings, I have ALWAYS wanted EQUALITY for every man, woman and child on this planet. So I ask them to find a way to deposit a large sum of money into my bank account, and every cent will go towards the purchase and distribution of foods and medicine to those in need, and in the most efficient manner possible. If they don't fully trust me, they can put the money is another's bank account and make me available to help.

I'm sure I am not alone in this. I dare say that 92% of the people on this site would be happy to do the same. You ALL know this. If the Galactics and You have only been waiting for us to ASK, I hereby ASK on everyone's behalf. PLEASE. NOW. Make this happen before another child dies unnecessarily, before another woman bleeds to death in childbirth, before another soldier kills his brother, before another human becomes disabled by blindness or MS, Lupus, Malaria, Diabetes, hunger or AIDS.

To Sananda and SaLuSa, to St Germain and Metatron, to Gabriel and Michael, to Gaia, Horus, Telus Sekhmet and Ashtar, I say, PLEASE ....

Help us to help one another NOW. We are ready. I am more than ready! I do not want one more man,
woman, child, animal or plankton on this planet to suffer a minute longer. Let me (let us) help you to bring the suffering to an end! Now. Help the Galactics to get their priorities straight. Help them to see that bags of rice and beans are far more important that dollars and rupees in Swiss Bank accounts. Yes, we understand the need for transparency and honesty in banking and government, how that will bring about positive changes for all, eventually in a very big way, but right now our brothers and sisters in poor countries (and too many within not-so-poor countries) are in desperate need of our help for the most basic supplies. PLEASE, if it be God's will that we have resources to help one another, give us those resources before the end of April 2012. And thank you for listening to my heart. 


Star Flower

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Comment by Gloria Morotti on May 9, 2012 at 13:10

Hi Gary~

Sorry to take so long to respond to your post.

I have a hard time imagining a large group of people spending a lot of time just observing.  I can see how you could see this. 

I watched some of the videos for the crop circles.  Most interesting.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on May 4, 2012 at 16:08

"Of the thousands of sightings of craft, there are two choices.  They are either good or bad.  If bad, they could have fried us long ago.  If good, they are of love and light and the Galactics."

There is a third choice: Some of them could simply be neutral, objective observers as curious about us as we are about them. You know, kind of like going to the zoo to look at exotic animals.

Regarding crop circles, I've just posted a blog entry showing what I found to be perhaps the most comprehensively informative crop circle documentary ever. It's called Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth. It's the work of a most respected researcher, Richard Hall. Most of it covers the information that close followers of the phenomenon are already familiar with. Still, it's quite detailed and great stuff to see. The part that I found really fascinating, however, was how Hall's investigation brought him to the clandestine world of the group known as The Circle Makers, also known as Team Satan, and the possible involvement of MI-6, the British secret intel organization.

Here's the intro:

"Richard D. Hall's no nonsense expose of the facts behind the modern day crop circle phenomenon cuts through the pseudo science, the rumours and the disinformation leaving the viewer with a clear picture of the true situation. The film features the most objective British crop circle researchers in the business: David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy Dutton. Until now, their work has been kept largely out of the public eye, and is unleashed in this extremely telling and poignant documentary which leaves no stone unturned. The evidence presented will leave you in no doubt that there are two entirely exclusive instigators of the modern day crop circle phenomenon, one of which is non human. The results are chilling and could change your view of the way you see the world's media organisations and the powers that control them."

Comment by Gloria Morotti on May 3, 2012 at 14:26

There have been over 7000 crop circles, each one more intricate than the last.  Man-made attempts to copy them have been easy to identify.  In the true crop circles, the plants are bent, not broken, and continue to grow.  There is no way that mankind could copy this feat.


Of the thousands of sightings of craft, there are two choices.  They are either good or bad.  If bad, they could have fried us long ago.  If good, they are of love and light and the Galactics. 


As I look around at the complexity and the diversity of life around me, I must admit that there is a higher intelligence.  It matters not what I call it, The Great Spirit, God, The Force; it is always there, churning out plants, animals, humans, and doing its dance with the air, water, fire, and earth.  Denying this intelligence denies my imagination and brainpower. 


Perhaps our free will is asking for Ascension at this time.  Perhaps the free will of those of the dark forces is asking for what is happening right now.  Perhaps the dark forces no longer wish to accumulate bad Karma.  I simply see a carefully orchestrated movement for change for the better.


The promises that were made that were dated and did not happen were always accompanied by a more-than-reasonable explanation.  As to the generalized promises, the Galactics are working to change the entire world, to bring down a power structure that has existed for a long time.  Twenty years is barely an adequate time to accomplish these maneuvers.  Some gratitude and encouragement might be helpful, instead of constant criticism that it isn’t happening fast enough, etc.   


Of course, these are all only my humble opinions.  

Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on May 2, 2012 at 21:00

The way I understand is because we chose this illusion/drama to experience this drama as it is.

To me its like playing a computer game. We can leave the game and walk away or we can finish the drama of the game and learn whatever the experience of finishing it brings us through experiencing it..

In this game we have rent and bills and nutritions, spirituality and even Aliens and dna strand activations and everything..We can widen it spiritually to Akashic records and past life regression and all the rest, but all this is only appropriate to the one's who decided to believe in and play that part of the game.

Some people want to save animals, others trees, others souls while some people want to focus on their own growth. Thanks to this wonderful diverse reality we created here we can experience it all. Everything is allowed.

I like this game and it is easier to play it with the knowing that you don't really have to play it if you don't want to. It's easier for me to know at the same time that it is just choice for me to get my undies twisted or not. At the very worst I simply die and return to source energy. Only to re-strategise and come try another angle LOL

Comment by Star Flower on May 2, 2012 at 19:39

If everything is illusion, the cabal is illusion also. Why are we getting our knickers in a twist over any kind of illusion? 

Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on May 2, 2012 at 19:28

Yes that may be true but it is a drama playing out in illusion. Everything in illusion has to end sometime. "Everything that has a beginning has an ending Neo"

Maybe we are here now because we chose to be here when the burden drops to experience the elation and birth of a new age. But I think we are going to be the ones to make the changes when we come into our own power. I think the benevolent aliens only remove the disastrous to make it easier for us to help ourself.

I can remove the symptoms of ailments to make it easier for the patient to heal themself in the meantime. Sometimes when the symptoms impose too hard on someone then it becomes near impossible for them to heal themself without help. So I believe they help with that but they leave the bulk of the work up to the creators (us) comming into their power.

On the brighter site of mass death I can say that the weak powerless and helpless die off first and that leaves the creators or the awakened people in a higher numbers. The square root of one percent where change begins then becomes more and more in number and sets powerful critical mass in motion.

Its not just survial of the fittest but also empowerment of the remainders.

Comment by Star Flower on May 2, 2012 at 19:06

Wow, Eugene, talk about planting a seed! I love that part!

However, you also wrote:

>> People dying of hunger is not really critical for we don't really die. It is just another experience probably chosen by the individuals soul for some reason that might lead to more compassion in the next incarnation.

Isn't this also true of the cabal? They cannot really hurt us in any way because we don't really die. So why all the Galactic help to get them to stop cheating, lying, deceiving and killing? Maybe their mistreatment of us will lead to more compassion in our next incarnations. 

Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on May 2, 2012 at 18:48

I see it as a kind of prime directive.

As a healer we know that some situations are chosen by the patient currently. So it is not the healers place to impose and remove the obstructions the person chose to grow through. Some call it Karma but I believe that even Karma is something one can let go of NOW through forgiveness.

Thus I suggest it is up to the collective humanity to implement these changes, but I also believe the aliens might only act in places where they are directly or indirectly responsible for what happens. Like they are bending the prime directive or maybe just interfering when it becomes critical.

People dying of hunger is not really critical for we don't really die. It is just another experience probably chosen by the individuals soul for some reason that might lead to more compassion in the next incarnation.Maybe I died of hunger myself a few times?

I also know here in South Africa that many of those people who starve are starving on their own fertile soil. Maybe their lesson is to learn that they have the power to turn their fertile soil into nutritious sustenance like many others do. There are many factors in play here and I don't consider myself knowledgeable enough to place judgment on anything I did not affect myself.Therefore I do not bother.

But if a beggar or hungry person appears in front of me I do what I think is best to do given the situation. That is all I can do. Sometimes I buy seed and pay him to help me plant it. I buy an extra variety for him to take home and try his hand on what he learn't by helping me.

Life is an inner journey and the stuff that happens outside my sphere of influence is simply not worth giving my energy away to. Simply because it is impractical to do so.

Comment by Gary Val Tenuta on May 2, 2012 at 15:45

Hi Gloria,

Thanks for the reply. :-)

I don't know that God exists. But then I suppose it depends on how you define "God". Faith and intuition is just faith and intuition. Neither one is proof of the existence of anything. But I'm sure you know that.

Videos of UFOs (the type that seem to be unlike any known human-made craft) might be strong indications of the presence of some sort of non-human entities but they're not proof of the existence of the GFoL. I've seen one of the big black triangle crafts at fairly close range (500 feet or less, directly over my head) and my affidavit attesting to the details of the event were entered into a legal suit against the Dept. Of Defense in an attempt to extract information from them. But the existence of such craft in our skies doesn't tell us anything about where they come from or who (or what) is piloting them.

As for the crop circle phenomenon (one of my all time favorite mysteries on the planet), they're not proof of the existence of the GFoL either. For that matter, they're not proof of the existence of any group of ETs. All we really know about them is that some are human-made while others seem not to be human-made. And, aside from the crop anomalies identified by Levengood the BLT research team, that's about all we really know. Everything else is just speculation.

As for the GFoL announcing their presence in 3 months, or 6 months, or 12 months, or whenever, I have to say it's not likely to happen, based on the "no shows" of the past. I've been following the alleged "channeled" messages of the GFoL (from all the various sources) for about 20 years. Nothing those messages have predicted or promised has ever come to pass. If you're interested, read my article here on OV.

NESARA, The Galactic Federation, and the 3-step pattern of deception.

I also wrote a blog post about my perspective on the channeling phenomenon, based on years of observation and after giving it a lot of careful thought. Channeling: An Alternative Explanation.

I'm genuinely interested in all the various topics that are covered here on OV and other similar sites. That's why I'm here. But I consider myself more of a "truth seeker" than a "true believer". That seems to put me at odds with some OV members. They often tend to feel that I'm attacking their beliefs when all I'm really doing is questioning their beliefs. I know what they believe. But what I'm really curious about is why they believe some of the things they believe. The phenomenon of "belief", in and of itself, is an aspect of human behavior that has intrigued me for many years. But that's another discussion, altogether. :-)

Thanks, again, for your reply to my question.

Comment by Gloria Morotti on May 2, 2012 at 12:38

Gary, you may indeed be sorry you asked.  Do you know that God exists??  My knowledge of the Galactics has to do a lot with faith and intuition.  For more positive affirmations, check out the videos of the ships and the crop circles as well.  If you require even more, just wait a short while (3 months tops is my guess).  The Galactics will announce their presence. 


Wish I had heard Waylon doing MacArthur Park.  I'll put it on my list.   

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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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