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At 7:53 on June 3, 2012, Carol Fazakas said…

Happy Birthday, dear Friend ~

May your special day sparkle with Love and Laughter ...

and be filled with magic !

Love's blessings of abundance to you  ♥ Carol

At 21:08 on June 2, 2012, Christopher OV Admin said…

At 4:05 on June 4, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vilad ~

I have been busy with writing. moves in sight.

It sounds lovely where you are located..on the Indian Ocean.

Such a perfect spot for re-birthing into the human butterfly !

...enjoy your new wings.....

Love's Blessings ♥ Carol

At 15:14 on June 3, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vlad ~

How are your adventures coming along? Are you still in Australia or have you moved by now?

Love Blessings to you  ♥ Carol

At 7:02 on June 3, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Happy Birthday Vlad !

May your special day sparkle with love and laughter...
and may your birthday be filled with surprises in all shapes and sizes...
...remember to make a wish before blowing out the candles !
Love Blessings ♥ Carol
At 21:15 on June 2, 2011, Christopher OV Admin said…
At 5:01 on April 10, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

H Vlad ~

I am not familiar with the two phrases you used. What does "at the little jack" ...and "that we will steer" mean, please? It is "jack" a kind of target for a game?...and is "steer "a word for share or make? not sure just what it was you were saying . Sorry. Colloquialisms change language meaning drastically so I am not going to do an interpretation but will await your kind I am waiting too ! ; )


I went to the inbox area but until y ou are a "friend" I can't send you any mail that I clicked on the friend button..and if you would be so kind as to "friend me" I can writ to you that way.

Love Blessings ♥ Carol

At 4:44 on April 10, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vlad ~

(I will try this on for size ;)...tho' leaving the "ik" off your name gives it a much softer sound. Have you ever done the numerology on both versions to see what is different for you? Using your name Valdik is still not your total name. I like the sound and feel of is a more now feeling of your energy where using Vladik gives me access to your ethnic background as well. It is something I just recently recognized I could access the energetic difference in the vibrations by name changes)

It is interesting that you have actually been a waiter. Youmention entertaining the people you served..Could you share more? By your poems? ..or was it something else?

It sounds like you carved a career for yourself by following your name...or did your name follow your career? ..a name is just a name until we vibrate its' energies into reality in some way. Sounds like you had fun doing what you were doing. Waitering...Owning a bar... You mentioned following your family's gift of ths something your family does in your birth country? ..Hotel or restaurant business?  Your hospitality is an innate part of a graciousness and a way of holding space for... and allowing to unfold..there is such a beauty in just BEing...we get to see things that others who are in a hurry... always rushing, never get to see. Like watching a butterfly break free of its' cocoon. People miss the magic in life when they rush so!


I am going to answer your messages in teh email box section as my messages here tend to be too long for the comment section of our I will see you there.

Love Blessings ♥ Carol

At 20:22 on April 9, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

I do believe you have become my muse...this just gets better and better. Jumping out Z Box sounds intriguing.

I love story telling. I had a great teacher. When I was very young we would visit my grandparents at holiday time. My great Aunt Jean lived in the other half of the huge old victorian house with my grandparents . She was grandma Louise's sister.  While I was there she would invite me into her living room and sit me down on her settee and cover my lap with this wonderful afghan that  she had crocheted out of all the colours of the rainblow..and offer me a choice of objects from her curios. She and her husband had been missionaries and had friends in the mission field all over the world who sent them souvenirs...And I sat there with a glass of milk and cookies and a favourite object gently held in my hand, I would sit and listen to her tell me stories. The stories were real ones that had happened to her in her life. One of her favourites was the story of when she and Uncle Mark had been invited by the Queen Mother in England to Buckingham Palace for afternoon tea to receive an honour from the Queen Mother. She never tired in telling that tale and I never tired in listening to it...or any of the others she would tell me. Such precious memories.. Now you know that  a part of my background is english from my father's side of the family. I was born with the name Archer..and the meaning fo that name has me creating a target and aiming and finding its' home. My last name now is Hungarian in origin...and means potter. It is curious that in that family I was the only one who actual worked with clay and for me it is about being a creator... Carol means song/singing..and as I was born just after Christmas time, my parents named me Carol for Christmas Carol...and later I found that it is the song of rebirth. My mother's side of the family is Scotch Irish and Welsh. My late husband's family is from Hungary...

♥ Carol

At 19:54 on April 9, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vladik ~

A waiter is also one who is of service to others, serving them nutrition and beauty for the body and spirit.

I love that you see waiting as a state of Being. I have been going thru that state myself... The waiting state is a kind of cocooning in a solitary state...and when the coming out begins the dream is clear..and the way shown.

Living in and from the Heart Space has me living a whole new way where the connection with the Divine in me ...actually in each of us fills us  with inspiration that flows easily and is easy to flow into action with Spirit as partner.

Thank you for sharing and allowing that vulnerablility. You haven' t asked but if you want me to share about myself I will  be glad to do so. I find it interesting the pot pourri we have in our physical beings...a blend of essences and races and beliefs...across the time and space we have spent evolving on this planet.

I wish you Peace, Joy and Love in your journey-ing.

Love Blessings ♥ Carol


At 14:43 on April 9, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vladik ~

I wasn't referring to your Soul linage but your familial blood line. I KNOW that you are a citizen and be-loved Spark-le of You-niversal LIGHT and LOVE. I can feel that in you.

It is interesting you say ruler, because the first time I saw your pic, that was the image I got of you ...was as a ruler...and not just once but several images came forth.

Your name sounds Russian to me so I had thought perhaps that is some of your background but Kelner doesn't sound Russian to me. IS it?

Since you have had me playing in my mind with possibilites about Know's family, I now even have another story about a family that moved in next door. Their last name is Box... hahaha

Love Blessings ♥ Carol

At 5:23 on April 9, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vladik ~

Thank you for your wonderful,playful comment...


I hadn'thought of doing a sequel but I love your idea. Over would certainly be an interesting twist for the Edge family....especially if Z became his 'nickname'.


...and speaking of names. What nationality is your name? and it's meaning?


Love Blessings ♥ Carol

At 15:26 on April 8, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vladik ~

I am honoured by your shower of words...

I love your use of language...quite juicy and de-light-full !

Thank you for sharing your gift !

I love how you turn words inside out and back again where they dance summersaults and play.

The consciousness that flows thru the language feels like the rush of a prism clear mountain stream-ing....

Fun !

 ♥ Carol

At 5:41 on April 8, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vladik ~

Thank you for your kind comments. It is interesting that you liked that particular message. I almost didn't post that one. I love word play. I guess you have noticed that. How fascinating words often they mean other than  what the word is truly saying. eg the wor        co-incidence is thought to mean by chance..but when you look at the word what it is actually saying is    two incidents coming together at the same moment.....just like the meaning of co-inciding. curious ! Another one is Sane and insane. They both are saying we are in sanity... I love it when words within words pop up. or a word having a variation and yet is meaning ful in    both ways ina situation. You will often see me doing that with language in my writings.

If you go to my page...I wrote a story about words on my blog. You will find it easily as it is the only blog post I have added on this site. It is called the 'Story of Know'. Enjoy !

Love Blessings ♥ Carol


At 14:21 on April 7, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi Vladik ~

It's lovely to meet you...

Welcome to  'Whispers From The Divine'. I am honoured that you have joined the group... I hope you will find nourishment here and a place of peace and inspiration. You are welcome to ask any questions, leave any comments or discuss any thoughts the messages bring to mind.



Love Blessings ♥ Carol

At 23:51 on August 30, 2010, Yolanda Brand said…
Dear Vladik,

Thank you for the acknowledgement to what I am saying. It is so true what you are saying re how our experiences and learning makes us stronger. And the stronger we are within ourselves, the more we can achieve, for ourselves and others.

Love back at you,
At 20:46 on June 2, 2010, Christopher OV Admin said…

At 23:40 on January 12, 2010, Omnitheus said…

Halo Vladik,

We'll-Come Divine ONE! Your presence here on OV is truly a gift to us all. Explore, share, learn, teach, discOVer & grow. Aah - a fellow austrALIEN! I'm from Melbourne, OZ myself...where are You from exactly? You'd be surprised how many of us are here. Am very much looking forward to getting to know You better.
In-Joy : I AM

"Within the drop, the Ocean is.
Within the ocean, the Drop becomes."
~ Omnitheus Oneironaut.

May You have an OMazing 2010.
Here's to a New Decade of infinite ONEders.
Onwards, Forwards & forever Upwards!

Blessed Be,
Another Point ov You : OM...

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