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At 8:33 on March 14, 2011, Luna said…

I am famous for rushing things when it comes to spiritual matters. I'm relearning the basics of things but I keep dipping into Astral projection/journeying and had been trying some channeling myself but I've always had a problem with letting my logical mind let go (hence, back to the basics lol). I'm so fascinated by the things I've found on this site and alot of which I experience in some way or another.

It's interesting trying to put things together now...I have a dragon side to me that I connect with on another spiritual plane and recently had wondered if it had to do with my higher self. But it's a very complicated story...I have all these natural abilities such as visiting these other planes of existence yet I still don't seem to have the confidence I need to trust what I see. I hope things will start making more sense soon. I believe this site will help me a great deal.

Thankyou for the welcome, I hope to learn lots more!

Blessings ~ Luna

At 15:01 on March 13, 2011, BarbaraJean said…

thank you so much for the warm welcome. everyone here is so loving. i look forward to working with all of you and i am very grateful for being led to this wonderful place.


At 5:45 on March 13, 2011, Josh Hagerich said…

Thank you very much for the warm welcome it means a lot! The content in the email resonates with the very reason I joined. I have so many questions and am not really sure where to direct them! I wish with all my heart that this community can be my saving grace and ease my mind. Im not really sure of the confidentiality or disclosure on this website so for now I'll keep my questions vague. But is it possible for someone who has no known prior relation to a foreign entity to begin to feel an inexplicable tie with them? I guess to rephrase... Is it possible that I am from another species or planet and not aware?

At 15:57 on March 12, 2011, Justin Case said…

In going through my Comments Back to the several people who welcomed me here, I had to save yours for last.


I have to claim ignorance at the moment with respect to terms like ascension, density and such within this context.  I guess I'll have some reading ahead of me.


I'd already deduced that someone (let's say aliens) have been here for roughly over 200,000 years so I found your "250,000 years" comment to be rather interesting.  I wouldn't mind hearing more regarding this figure.


Anyway, I'll be around.  I've posted a few times in the crop circles group and will now go post in the thread that brought me here originally.  Thanks.

At 7:04 on March 11, 2011, Nancy Innes said…

Thanks for the welcome and offer of help Chewbit! I am trying to find the blog you recommended Assention Wisdom. Is there a seach around here somewhere?



At 17:10 on March 8, 2011, Lisa Jones said…
Thank you for the invite and I look forward talking with you!
At 2:12 on March 4, 2011, Linda Van Twist said…

What a cuety...Y

At the animalshelter they told me that Antaro was a horrorhamster. His previous owner thought the animal was disgusting. After two days of blowing like a cat and screeming like a piglet, I noticed Antaro was a female, and Antje - Antoinette- turned out to be the loveliest of dwarfhamsters. See for yourself

   MMMMm lovely sunshine here: first signs of Spring for you too...
At 1:54 on March 4, 2011, Nancy Thompson said…

well put! again! and after much contemplation last night I had come to that exact same conclusion. I have been parenting alone and this is an issue I had been avoiding with him.  It is difficult and I had up till now felt incapable. I'm ready to face it now that I am feeling stronger.  thank you!  Peace and Love!


P S is that a Maine Coon you are holding?  I have had two.  They are the best!  I love my cats!

At 16:55 on March 3, 2011, susan mMac said…
Scotland? I liked the movie, The Eagle, although the moral content was a little sophmoric. Land of the Picts was the remarkable part of the movie, that's the second half. My husband's family is from that place. He still remembers. I went to Scotland once. Got pregnant. The baby is 25 come April.  I find the weather blue and cold, like the Picts. Nice to hear from you. Susan
At 2:42 on March 3, 2011, Nancy Thompson said…

Thank you for your advice Chewbit.  I have recently started meditation and it has been terrific.  I was focusing on expanding my light of compassion and love as this is where I have been guided to.   As far as my diet is concerned, after having cancer in 2000 and having "Dr.'s"  I  found a "healer" who introduced me to the fact that I was not merely my physical body but that I needed to attend to my spirit and emotions as well.   Since then I do not take into my body anything that couldn't be essentially hunted or gathered.   I don't drink soda and I run from anything that has been altered from it's natural state.    This although can be difficult at times since the economy has been bad and there hasn't been much cash flow and we had to a couple of times had to go to the food pantries for food.     When I started to feel this awakening, it was while I was walking around on our beautiful land and was bombarded with ideas and plans for utilizing the land for survival.  Ideas about self sufficiency.  Not just where and what to plant,but also tools to use, contraptions to build, irrigation systems, green houses and so on , all out of recycled materials.   A lot of info about setting up a community of bardering for foods and services, who to reach out to and to do it now . I thought at that time I was having a nervous breakdown but now I can see what's to come. 

I face a new challenge now though I have 3 children.  My oldest has no fear and can embrace what is to happen.  My two sons are terrified.  One cries if I mention any thing.  My biggest concern is my middle son who has Asburgers.  He is just so angry! everything that comes from his mouth is hate this and that.  He repeats that anything I say is fake and that we are all just gonna be dead.  I am stuck here because I feel responsible for him as his mother, I should protect him. It is causing me to doubt what I am doing.  I need guidance in this area.

Thank you again for your help. LOVE Nancy

At 21:11 on March 2, 2011, Yenan Ragsdale-Winston said…
Thank you for my warm welcome.  Based on some of the topics you touched on I have ALOT to learn.  I am here with and open heart, mind and spirit and I look forward to this journey.
At 4:29 on February 28, 2011, Nancy Thompson said…
I find the advice you give so useful and reassuring.  I was especially relieved after reading your comments regarding the grey agenda...It left me shaking and afraid which I know is counter productive.  I thank my guides who have immediately redirected me to more positive thinking.  I have been a very insecure person for many years which is one of the things I am trying to let go of.  There is also a lot of emotional healing I am trying to let go of as well.  I was just going to type that I was not experiencing any type of release in this area until I finally am feeling wells of tears arising.  I have spent my life choking down my emotions with self medicating (which remarkably I gave up as of 1/11/11) and have left my self in poor health.(adrenal Insufficiency, chronic IBS, chronic Lyme disease and have overcome a bout with cancer)  I desperately want to let them go.  Any thoughts for me?  and insadently I never released those tears.
At 10:48 on February 27, 2011, Leila E said…
Thank you for your warm welcome dear Chewbit Wing :)
At 22:25 on February 25, 2011, maria jose ochs raggio said…

Hello Chewbit

Thank you for your words and warm wishes

Is a pleasure to be in touch with you.



At 10:38 on February 25, 2011, Nancy Thompson said…
thank you for your welcome...I need to figure out this site a little...not sure yet how to join in.
At 3:23 on February 23, 2011, Susan Leybourne said…
Hello Chewbit, thank you for your encouraging welcome to the OV community. Best regards Susan
At 20:18 on February 22, 2011, Michael said…

Thanks for the welcome Chewbit :-)


At 14:31 on February 22, 2011, Mark Plosila said…

Thank you so much for your warm welcome!  No need to apologize for the delayed response; as you can see, my own response to your comment was also delayed.  Glad to hear that you made it to Scotland.  I haven't been there yet, but I have a number of friends who live there.  Take care.  Mark Plosila

At 13:40 on February 21, 2011, Merle Marks said…

Greetings Chewbit~

May I begin by thanking you for the warm welcome and words of wisdom.  I was guided to this site inadvertently, but I believe with purpose to be in the company of those not unlike myself. 


I am pleased to hear you have arrived in Scotland and know your time there will be fruitful and adventurous with much knowledge to be gained on your journey.


Thank you for the direction within this site.  I accept your advise to explore, share and learn as I continue my ascension.   In this life here on earth I have always felt different and as if I do not belong, so it is with joy that I am in the company of others as myself.  In my former lives I have always been a healer, teacher, and seer.  In this life I am now understanding that my purpose is greater than I have allowed.  Time is of the essence for me to find my place here.  And so my own journey grows and gets ready to blossom.  


Wishing you peace~


Namaste           Merle





At 8:17 on February 21, 2011, Lauren said…

Thank you, Thank you for your introduction.  I look forward to exploring the site and getting to know the members. 

Light and Bliss.

One Vibration chat box is the bottom right of the page or on the main menu The beeping can be turned off or come in and join the link share.

THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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