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At 5:01 on August 12, 2011, Felicityserenaperfection Parson said…
Yes, you're right, I won't rush into anything! One of lifes toughest lessons is patience, and I'm always working on it, or it's working on me! lol Joy and Bliss!
At 15:54 on August 11, 2011, Felicityserenaperfection Parson said…
So can one CREATE a twinflame?  How is that done and how would one know that it's not possible with a certain person?
At 15:41 on August 11, 2011, Felicityserenaperfection Parson said…
Thanks so much for the great info.  I have a lot of questions, but am a bit overwhelmed by all of it.  I saw a youtube vid as I was looking for music to meditate to, it was an interview discussion about twinflames, it really did resonate with me.  I realized it may be the reason I've felt driven to search for, not just a spouse, but the true other half of ME.  I've been on a journey of discovery and reflection the past several years.  It seems the past year and a half it has begun to fast forward in a way that both excites and scares me a little.  I used to live a life of mundane normality, but saw things in my life that did NOT resonate with me and decided I was going to take control of my universe. Namaste'
At 22:38 on August 8, 2011, Rosemary Gabriel said…

Thanks for the reply Chewbit.  It is always such a blessing when people get healed. Praise the Lord!

I will gladly partake in the prayers for whoever needs prayer.



At 17:33 on August 8, 2011, David Malloy said…

Thanks for dropping by and giving me more info about OV. Coralie has been a member here for awhile and have some awareness about the diversity of the site.

Best regards,


At 9:20 on August 8, 2011, Earthgirl said…

Hiya Chewbit, Thanks and Good to be back...

I'm fine, feel like I'm waking up after a bit of a spiritual

We all need a rest now and then from trying to hard...

Hope life is treating you well... 

Much Love and Light xxx


At 5:31 on August 7, 2011, Rosemary Gabriel said…

Dear Chewbit,

I am enlightened and wish to remain that way. It is good to know that you all are as well. 

Can I pray for Noel Potter as well?  Since my childhood I have laid hands on people and also pray for them.  I have experienced many miracles and am privileged and find it an honour to help in the Name of our beloved Jesus.

I have also had many dreams, visions and apparitions.




At 0:31 on August 7, 2011, aKuna Kumara said…
Thanks for the warm welcome.....Interesting very I'm finding and of course any enlightenment is up to how open my mind is to it............
At 19:46 on August 2, 2011, Dorothy Peer Promiscuo said…
Thank you, CB--I will get in touch with Pam in the near future--Love and Light, always, Dot
At 13:37 on August 2, 2011, miks love said…

Hello there

Thank you so much for your letter

There are a couple of comments in there that are very appropriate and are mentioned when I was asking a question within myself

so ....



sending you love

At 8:17 on July 31, 2011, Barbara U'ialoha Petersen said…
Can you tell me how to navigate this site, Chewbit ? In your welcome msg, you said to look at Hidden Truth mini group, and Ascended Wisdom blog. The Mini Blog is for the OV MART and admin. and I'm a bit concrete when I search, so if  you could help me, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to check on certain topics, but can't figure out if that's possible.
At 6:47 on July 30, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…
Thank you CB. Much appreciated. Namaste Carol
At 5:35 on July 30, 2011, Carol Fazakas said…

Hi CB ~

Just a note to ask you if you have heard from Charles Magus lately... He sent me a note over a week ago saying he was sorry he wasn't answering messages. He had hurt his shoulder. I sent a message back to him asking which shoulder as I would do some absentee healing and never heard back from him. I am a little concerned.



♥ Carol

At 13:45 on July 28, 2011, Barbara U'ialoha Petersen said…

Mahalo  Chewbit. It's nice to have a few special places to check. This facepage is quite busy...........I'll take time, read and like you said, follow my inner compass. I really appreciate that you honor the reality, that not everything resonates with everyone. I also hope to find out more about my history're right about that too.

So, onto doing/reading and learning more,


At 2:28 on July 28, 2011, Maxpayne Lee said…
Thanks for the kind welcome.
At 11:08 on July 26, 2011, Marie E. LeBlanc said…
Happy to know Noel is doing well !! ....How would I go about asking for a healing for myself ? I fractured my right knee in February and have only been able to start physio, recently. I have to move in a few months time so it would be very helpful if I could walk ! Thanks !
At 10:15 on July 26, 2011, Marie E. LeBlanc said…

Thank you for your welcome, Chewbit Wing. I do not know where I am from, or, where I am going. I only know that I wish to travel on my future path with like-minded beings. ....In regard to Noel Potter, he can contact John of God: a href=">">>; or, Adam McLeod at: a href=">">>; Healing is ultimately, up to him.

At 20:26 on July 23, 2011, John Muchiri Wachira said…


Thank you for finding the time to give me a prompt reply.

Regrettably i do not seem to have acuity for my past lives but one thing is self evident,the constancy of the creator in all things.

That  the creator cannot fully   understand itself can only mean one thing,that everything including that which  we call the ALL must be some work in progress.Does this mean that perfection is open ended,something that we have to eternally determine spontaneously.You do not belief in predestination and by predestination i mean a situation where the creative energy has already mapped all that that will manifestly unfold eternally.

It's only now that  I am mastering to enter into deep meditative states and I am most grateful to the all great minds from various  schools of thought that have touched my mind because  answers to almost all mundane concerns  that have always been a source of great  distress for so long are increasingly becoming simpler and simpler and the cycles of my daily reincarnations more clearer as they become shorter.  

I would wish to take your word that we are all the same and at  the same level spiritually with our creator but unfortunately there is this nagging feeling at the deepest state of my being that there could be something  beyond these worlds,beyond the eternity that we can be able to construe in our highest imaginable state of being even with the  highest consciousness that we can be able to touch in our deepest meditative states.

Perhaps there might be something ,some power beyond what  we can presently fathom with the highest creator consciousness from all beings that have ever reincarnated in this world.I know my musings may seem very far fetched but  my constitution is that i cannot  as for now  rule out the possibility of  a higher consciousness that already experienced and graduated from our present  eternity,an essence that cannot  yet be transduced by/in our present creative faculty.

At 21:36 on July 22, 2011, John Muchiri Wachira said…

part two
Your prose "does the neutrino extend backwards ever so subtly till
eternity dissolves into the nothingness of God.
" is so poetic that I am

Your tribute is very generous. Trying to come to terms with the issues at hand is daunting enough without the necessity to kook a fitting language.
Backwards ever so subtly till  eternity dissolves into the nothingness of

If we belief in an infinite universe then the converse must be true. For God or (whatever) you wish to be the power that emanates all creation, to maintain control of all his manifestation, then, as a must of necessity the reins are obligated to become forever tighter as infinity unfolds.

A statement so true I have never read from human hands.

Infinity must of necessity extend in all directions including inwards.

Whether we choose a scientific term such as neutrino or something
as simple as "spirit energy". We all were all one time part of that
energetic nothingness and from which we all came.

Indubitably we are the one eternal essence  in  that transcendental ‘energetic nothingness’, dubiously mesmerized in our present state of being only by the ignominy of our faithfulness to the fading memories of a fleeting experience in our flowing consciousness.

At 21:33 on July 22, 2011, John Muchiri Wachira said…

Part one.

“John, You honor me with this question and I now must answer
through tear filled eyes.”

The “franking privilege’ is indeed mine. You have selflessly accorded me a’ lauter tun’ to distill the pur’ee that I am feverishly mashing in my quest for enlightenment.

No my brother there is no chasm, only that which we build
through ignorance borne out of an inadequate system that we call life.

The brotherhood of all this, as you have aptly put it, ‘system that we call life’ is in the fact that everything from the minutest substance that we call space to the most expansive cosmos is in that all is made from the same spirit. The inadequacy of my understanding is stepping up from the highest cabbalistic wisdom that ‘God is neither spirit nor matter but the creator of both’. Now, if by spirit (life-force) we mean the essence of everything then you understand my confusion about this God (the unknowable head) who is the creator of this life force.

One Vibration chat box is the bottom right of the page or on the main menu The beeping can be turned off or come in and join the link share.

THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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