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At 22:21 on January 21, 2013, Christopher OV Admin said…

At 9:54 on January 21, 2013, Illumination OV Admin said…

Happy Birthday Ronald! Hope you're having a wonderfilled time :-) Blessings

At 6:35 on January 15, 2013, Red Wolf OV Amin said…

Hello Ronald,

I am honor to be your friend.

Blessings  ( early birthday wishes)

At 6:29 on January 22, 2012, Sally said…

At 23:08 on January 21, 2012, Christopher OV Admin said…

At 18:49 on November 17, 2011, Eugene OV member Admin said…

How to defrag ourselves you say?

Take LSD LOL. We have a lot of comparmentalized reality all in little boxes in seperation, pigoen holed I think is a good term.

Its good to learn and to dable with science and all that but beware, mind can get so caught up in itself that it begins to view semantics as reality and then tries to find its way through a maize of words and meanings that to every individual is different.

Dictionaries can give meanings to words and that can create a kind of unity in understanding but in reality not every one values a dictionery and even if they do, not everyone has the edition that you do. Live languages keep changing and then there is also the stigmatric and emotional meanings of words.

Take the word "Judgment" It simply means discernment and it is innocent as long as the one doing judgment has no prefference over how reality should be. But when we  judge and we "condemn" what we judged with prefference........well that is the real meaning of judgment to most people even though the dictionary would beg to differ.

So mental frolicking and dabling with words and semantics can get confusing  but it also proves telepathy works. When you are in a resonance match with a good friend or lover then very few words suffice. "A good conception only needs a half a word" is a saying in my country. I believe it proves telepathic communication don't you?

Drop the mind. The easiest way to do that is to trip on LSD or Pcyllicybin or to smoke GOOD pot.HAHAHAHA!!!

But if you read the works of Osho or TAO or A course in Miracles you also gradually drop the mind and then it is more profound because then it lasts longer and one can return to that state in thought again without using any substance.

When you drop the mind profound integration happens where the walls of the pigeon Boxes dissappear and melt away and suddenly everything integrates and relates.

Suddenly everything begins to relate to everything else in various ways and you can see the within-without relation and the above-below relation and you begin to merely "know" things without any real reverence or "proof" about how you know it but you will be spot on every time.

The connections and relations are so multitude that you cannot use MIND/brain to even talk about it because there is simply too much information flowing through you and using mind will only trickle it down to a thin data srtream that is poor in comparison.

It is more like intuitive emotional data that flows in Broadband where the mind filters and trickles reality like a 56K landline modem.


Well I hope my anwer is good enough for you because we can type on this for the rest of the day.

At 12:37 on November 17, 2011, Illumination OV Admin said…

Hi and Welcome to OV! I'm so pleased you've joined our light-minded community :-) Blessings

At 10:13 on November 17, 2011, Claudia McNeely said…

You are welcome to see my reports as negative if you choose. For those who are Earth Sensitives, it helps us to understand why we are feeling as we are. Yes, we chose this, but don't always understand that the headache we are having today is part of the changes and not just a headache. Namaste

At 9:12 on November 17, 2011, Sally said…


Thank you I will do that grateful for your concern.




At 0:36 on November 16, 2011, Bruce said…

Hi Ronald, Welcome to OV. It is an honor to have you join us on our journey in this time of great awakenings.

Love and Peace, Bruce

At 23:00 on November 15, 2011, Eugene OV member Admin said…

Ronald.You said a lot and I agree

Wecome indeed. I think we are going to appreciate your company.


warm regards

At 22:51 on November 15, 2011, Christopher OV Admin said…

Hello and welcome to OV. I hope that you enjoy it here as much as I do and I look forward to talking to you in the future.

Love and light.

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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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