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2010 : The Quickening - Year of Contact.


"What makes a wheel a wheel is the space between the spokes."
~ Lao Tzu.

He claims to live in the 'Holographic Universe'; lists his occupations as - Influencer of Dreams, Unplugger of Minds, & Evolutionary Muse. He states, "We are the Fractalated Tendrils of Reality, Forever Undulating Towards the Realm of Evolution & Great Mystery." He goes by the name of 'soundlessdawn'... And I happen to think he is very, VERY, excitingly switched on : an interpreter of metaphors, a decoder of symbols, an astute reader of Life, and its gradually rising vibration. It's like he's a galactic Higher Dimensional who has inserted himself into Simulation Earth...and is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on the forest floor for us to follow - if we so choose. His act of Re-Membering is a wake-up call to us all...

Watching this clip, I'm amazed that I've seen nearly every film he mentions in it. He really does seem to encapsulate the energies (zeitgeist) of the moment.
VERY usual.

This clip touches on : Avatar, District 9, Surrogates, Matrix, The Holographic Universe, The Norway Spiral, UFO/Alien Contact, Disclosure, Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment, Ascension, 2010 - A Space Odyssey, Symbolism, Mysticism, Meditation, Time Travel, Stargates, Nibiru, Annunaki, Ancient Egypt, Consciousness, Kundalini Energy, and much more.

His many interests include: Crop Circles, Film Symbolism, Synchronicity, Tarot, Astrology, Archetypes, the Collective Unconscious, 11:11, the Pyramids, Galactic Alignment, 2012, Earth's Ascension Process, Vibrational Frequencies, Aliens, Stargates/Portals/Wormholes, Time Travel, Sacred Geometry, Ritual Magick, String Theory, Duality, the Unification of Polarities, Chaos Theory, Fate, the Occult, Numerology, etc, etc, etc.

Quite simply, I AM in awe of his work.
It's like he puts pictures to my words...images to my current thoughts.

Sweet Lucid Dream ONE'in'All.

Another Point ov You : OM...

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Comment by Carol Fazakas on February 16, 2010 at 13:28
Hi Om...thanks for sharing yet another amazing piece. I am in awe of his fluency and clarity...and yours...almost speechless...and for me that is saying something. Everywhere I turn ..everywhere I look, I am seeing evidence of the en-folding of the One. We are Love.
Comment by Cozmikat on February 10, 2010 at 16:13
That was a brilliant clip! Thanks OM. Bites of many relevant pieces of the divine jigsaw as the puzzle unfolds and the Truth is enveiling... 'soundless dawn' Rocks!
Comment by mosean on January 14, 2010 at 8:39
such resonant relevance!!!
Comment by donna nikzi on January 14, 2010 at 6:03
I AM also in awe of this delivery of deliverance - this pulling together of all the strands that elegantly encircle each one of us each moment - but whose presence and meaning can slip away when one is.... ....distracted. I have also seen these films (more than once) and appreciate the ability here to see the OZ behind the camera's intention. I saw "Invictus" recently (with all its brutal rugby scenes) and loved the message of sovereignty - Be the Master of Your Destiny. has some "relevant" info as a result of his 300+ near death experiences! I watched his 2 hr talk on 2012 and he feels similar to this beautiful being here. I am so grateful for this post! A product called "Rising Sun Farms" came into my reality recently (a balsamic drizzle) while on a trip to California. When I got home, I began to look for it....and I discovered that it is produced in Phoenix, Oregon - where I had just spent the night. Phoenix is next to ASHland. While on the call, I realized I had friends on their way to see me. I called them, and they were approaching Phoenix - and were able to purchase this product. The product, of course, is fabulous, but the message is, for me, Divine - Rising Sun, Phoenix, Ashland. It's right here, right now, as we step into the new paradigm which I like to call RIGHT makes
RIGHT - from the Knights Templar. Blessed journey we are on. Thank you for this enlightened perspective!
Comment by Pamela Heyen on January 14, 2010 at 2:34
Yes, I see.....and isn't it exciting to be a part of it all!
Comment by Maria on January 14, 2010 at 1:38
this is amazing. 2010 has seen many positive changes almost like a quickening. thanks for posting this Omnitheus.
Love and light
Comment by Charles Magus on January 14, 2010 at 1:27
Interesting Post Omnitheus Oneironaut, I do feel something peculiar is going on all right! What ever it is, it is getting stronger and more frequent!


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