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Comment by Guy St Hilaire on January 16, 2011 at 7:50
I remember reading about this event a number of years back.Thank you for the video.You can feel the truth from their expression.The children were probably chosen to give the adults the message.
Comment by Hohongwitutiwa on January 14, 2011 at 20:01

Ngungu'taota erik, honeybee, and MyKey, Tutskwa I'qatsi,


erik-- I will make a blog post to discuss the matters that are in your mind and heart, according to the knowledge of my people.


honeybee-- according to our Mongko, our Law of Life, the "ascension" you speak of is known to us as the Sacred Path or Pattern of Migration, a natural process/cycle that occurs in nature throughout ours, and other sun systems. We have entered this cycle again, which my people and others have been instructed to openly speak about now.


It is very important to understand our true relationship to the Earth if we are to progress through this period to the Fifth World, which is not automatic. It is vital that we follow the laws of the universe, which in some sacred texts is referred to as "maintaining our covenants with God." If we stray from those laws, breaking our covenants, we can lose the wonders of the Fifth World our Earth Mother will soon become. I am here to speak of these matters with all of my brothers and sisters as best as I can.


MyKey-- Ta'a, yes, we cannot hide from what is transpiring, or ignore it, as nature will take its course no matter what we choose to believe. For our own welfare, as well as our children's, this is a time to search our hearts carefully to find the best roads for us and our loved ones to follow. Our knowledge holds that each person will need to make a choice in the days ahead that will place them on one of two roads: one road takes us home to the Fifth World with our Mother Earth; and the other road leads to darkness-- that is the meaning of the two roads shown on the Hopi Prophecy Rock. That is why it is important to go within, meditate and humbly pray for guidance during all that is to come.


Umumi pam taaviningwu - may the sun always shine upon you,

Upaava - your brother Hohongwitutiwa

Comment by erik fantas on January 13, 2011 at 23:26
thankyou to all who have shared your ideas with me i have taken it all in and will do my best to be a being of love and light....there are many questions to which i hope to have the answers to some day...but lately i have had this very strong urge to have contact with another race of beings like so many others have had....i feel that having that contact will be very important for me and my growth...i dont understand why i have not had an experience because i am full of love and have a very gentle soul is this not what they want from us....i know my angel of a daughter will be ok as it is promised that all children will be ok when the time comes...i guess i want to have this contact so i can ask them that they take care of my baby even if i can not be with her...if you know what i am trying to get at....but yes i will live a life of love and i will try to get out in nature and be with its beauty as much as i can....thanks for listening and peace be with you all xox
Comment by Hohongwitutiwa on January 13, 2011 at 22:16

Nakwa erik, Land is Life,


I'tupko, for some reason I cannot reply to your post individually, so I will reply to you here.


My brother, rather than troubling your mind too much with many ideas, it is good to live a kindly life with love and generosity to all our brothers and sisters as best as we can, being the best people that we can. This our hearts will tell us if we quiet our minds and "listen" within. My Hopi father would often remind me that a very good road to walk is "to make ourselves small and our hearts big."


According to the Law of Life preserved by my people and others down the ages, as long as we trust in our Mother Earth, always holding fast to Her, She will one day complete our ongoing progress that will allow us the stars. But to reach that place we should always trust in Her patiently, trusting that She will allow us that freedom when we have completed our evolution with Her.


Offered to you with an open hand.


Umumi pam taaviningwu - may the sun always shine upon you,

Upaava - your brother Hohongwitutiwa

Comment by erik fantas on January 13, 2011 at 8:28
honeybee...i still dont really understand the whole 5th dimensional change that we have to go through...i cant get my head around how i will transform from 3 dimensional matter to 5th dimensional energy so will this effect my transformation not knowing exactly what it is i have to do..also trying to figure out if this change will be sometime in my lifetime or is it after death...which brings me to another perplexing problem...if this change happens soon what will happen to the living beings at the time do we suddenly all vanish from earth and what about all the people that have died in the past...i feel i have a great purpose in life but have no idea as to what that is...all i know is i have this strong urge to want to venture out into the galaxy and explore...and i hope i have a chance to do so
Comment by Eileen Coleman on January 13, 2011 at 6:20

Out of the mouths of babes . . . perhaps that is why these star beings chose to show themselves to the children. They were not harmed or abducted but superimposed their thoughts on these innocents, knowing they would speak the truth. The little girl who spoke of the trees falling down and people dying, surely this speaks volumes. They are here to help us if only we will listen!

Comment by erik fantas on January 13, 2011 at 0:17
 i am at a great stage of confusion because over the past few years i have been changing the way i see the world and see whats going on around the world where as before i cared nothing about any of this....anyway the disclosure project has made me think even more deeply into this and im afraid because i hear of all these people that have had an experience yet i have not the only thing i have experienced was a ghost figure some years ago and it was a 7ft black shadow and it leaned over me and i was so afraid i pulled my blanket over my eyes then i felt it was ok to look and when i did i saw the black figure go through the wall...this is the only thing i have seen that is not of this i am worried that i wont be able to go through this change because i have not had contact with et's like others have....and i am even more woried about this 5th dimensional change in frequency because i am afraid i wont be able to do this..
Comment by David Canning on January 13, 2011 at 0:05
There are many YouTube versions of this story made by various TV News teams with many different interpretations. Listen hard to John Mack's questioning the kids. Does he angle his questions the way the TV reports and YouTube titles suggest? I think not. The John Mack Institute has survived his assassination and carries an interview with John and Whitley Streiber on Dreamland (the original Coast to Coast version) which mentions the incident in passing, and demonstrates his scientific dedication.  John Mack interview
Comment by Hohongwitutiwa on January 12, 2011 at 21:49

Ngungutaota, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

There are many signs about us indicating that our world and sun system are going through profound changes. According to the knowledge preserved by my people and others, these changes are natural, part of a recurring cycle that progresses life as I have described in prior posts. The dreams, revelations, and other sources of this knowledge (such as received by these children of future events) that portend these changes are signposts to all of us to reawaken to what we need to safely navigate these times and coming events.


I am here to fulfill our instructions to speak of these matters now, during this period, and as other peoples have likewise been instructed. We live in an age that has forgotten our deep rooted connection to the Earth-- all She is, and all She does for us. Besides providing us with everything we have, She is our lifegiving source, our Creator, our Tutskwa I'qatsi-- Land and Life. She is our ALL. This concept may be difficult to grasp in this materialistic age-- that our Earth Mother is a great living being within whose life our own is received, and with whom we have been progressing towards a perfected form of life for many ages. This we are being called to rediscover, a momentous truth that has been lost to us, but which is gravely needed now!


Many mysteries are being solved during these times, and ancient truths restored to us. The most important truth, the one we need most according to our knowledge, is to rediscover our Mother Earth for all She means to us, and hold fast to Her once more through all that is to come. Our knowledge holds that if we will remain immovable from the Earth once more, we will reach the Fifth World with Her, and receive our crowning life. The knowledge we have preserved holds that there will be deceptions and lures to remove us from the Earth to another place we know of that is not meant for us-- our Earth and Her calendar time, that allows life, death and our spiritual evolution IS meant for us. If we will trust in our Earth Mother one more time, rejecting any lures to take us from Her, or fears meant to drive us from Her, we will be walking the road home to what we call Taalawsohu, the Fifth World/Morning Star. This is the paradise spoken about down the ages, the destiny hoped for each of us by our Creator.


Offered with love and respect, and an open hand to take or leave as your minds and hearts guide you.

Upaava Hohongwitutiwa

Comment by Zora J on January 12, 2011 at 16:46
Where does one find the actual date this was filmed?  I did not find it anywhere.  And yet...there are comments below the videos that show just how far some have yet to go to understand what is happening right now.  "satan and his minions"????  Geez Louise!!!  lol...and the aliens they were describing are most definitely NOT reptilians...they were greys, even depicted as greys in the pictures the children drew.  Nonetheless, a great video, and really shows where we each are right now in terms of our evolution.

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