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Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:08

(part 8 & conclusion)

ultimately, some limitations are indeed mere illusions that must be recognized and eliminated, but it seems that other such limitations are not illusions, but rather are real restrictions that are the necessary consequences of our nature...

and so, in conclusion, in my opinion, it is not simply a question of more people deciding to « see it your way and getting inspired » ... to me, the issue is deeper than that... we cannot decide to ignore our interconnectedness, and we cannot decide to ignore our needs, including our needs for growth and self-realization... therefore, first and foremost, we must ensure that everyone's needs are met... then the vision of a joyful civilization can become reality... but until then, as long as we disregard the needs of others, wittingly or not, as we attempt to satisfy our own needs, it seems disagreement is unavoidable... and so it should be as this is what will show the way leading to the materialization of the vision...




and that being discharged, best wishes and blessings to all !



Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:07

(part 7)

moreover, it seems that many of us naturally reach a point in our respective trajectories where life somehow forces us to make this decision, because nothing really feeds our enthusiasm apart from our ideal... perhaps it is so because self-realization is truly a need and not just a possibility... for some of us, like the caterpillar that cannot even be a caterpillar while in the cocoon, that means having to make the hard choice of letting go of the security we have worked hard to gain, and accepting to withstand the uncertainties of the transition... but if we don't do it, will we ever discover that we can fly ?

Trembling on highwire

Goaded under duress

Across straits so dire

That I had to witness

Known doors becoming walls

So walls could reveal doors

To magnificent halls

And infallible floors

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:07

(part 6)

i find the following quote by Igor Stravinsky aptly summarizes this point : « My freedom will be so much the greater and more meaningful the more narrowly I limit my field of action and the more I surround myself with obstacles. Whatever diminishes constraint diminishes strength. The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one’s self of the chains that shackle the spirit. »

in my experience, much like the caterpillar, it seems that if we are to realize our full potential, we must accept to undergo phases of severe limitation, in order to allow our latent abilities to unfold... manifestly, one can learn a trade and stop there, and presumably, it will be enough to ensure their survival... it is a totally justifiable choice... but if we feel we have the potential to do more, then don't we owe it to ourselves and to others to realize this potential ?

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:06

(part 5)

presumably, should we be successful in seeing through this illusion of separation, then we might be able to avoid all actions that cause harm to others, and thus to ourselves... but still, this doesn't mean that we would thus be freed of all our needs... and therefore, we would still experience restrictions...

an analogy would be that of a plant, which, to grow, must remain rooted... it cannot simply strive to reach the light of the sun, regardless of how attractive that light might appear, because if it uproots itself in doing so, it will wither and die... having to remain rooted might seem like an unfair restriction, yet in fact it is a necessity not only for growth, but indeed for survival...

similarly, we need light, but we also need to remain connected with the whole... our connections are our roots... and what that means is that we must give attention to those who need us, we must tend to the needs of those who look up to us, because if we don't, then we uproot ourselves... and at the same time, we must be supportive of those who we look up to, because they are those who bring the light that we love to experience and need to grow...

thus, although it might sound paradoxical at first, it seems that restrictions are necessary for our development... in fact, this can be seen in various domains of human activity, and also in nature... the weightlifter needs barbells to develop physical strength... the footballer needs opponents of equal or greater caliber to develop skills... the politician needs opposition to find solutions that are more encompassing... and if the caterpillar doesn't remain within the confines of the cocoon and undergo metamorphosis, it will never know it can grow wings and fly, nor will it know the full extent of its beauty...

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:06

(part 4)

another point i'd like to address is your use of the phrase unrestricted freedom, which obviously recalls the title of the video posted above, breaking the illusion of limitation...

although the idea seems appealing, i am not convinced it is possible for a human being to know unrestricted freedom, and even if it were possible, i am not convinced it would be desirable...

if indeed we are one, if we are all interconnected, in other words, if what we experience as separation from each other is only an illusion, then in my opinion this implies restriction... for instance, it entails that we cannot hurt someone else without hurting ourselves, either directly or indirectly, intentionally or not... if, in this context of oneness, in an attempt to claim complete individual sovereignty, or unrestricted freedom, we disregard the needs of others, which are really our needs, we are acting against our very nature... and the ensuing response of the world around us is simply a metaphor... it is ourselves telling to ourselves that we are hurting ourselves...

therefore, this oneness, this interconnectedness, defines the mark that we must hit... we must respect it at all time, in our actions, our words, and even our thoughts... and when we miss this mark, and thus act against our very own nature, we create repercussions that we experience in our own subjective realities as hardships, setbacks, meanness from others, diseases, personal or global calamities, and other such apparent injustices... in those circumstances, it is tempting to blame fate or bad luck, or attribute ill intentions to others around us, but at all time, it is simply the response of a benevolent cosmos, which is really ourselves, trying to make us recognize that we have committed self-injurious deeds...

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:05

(part 3)

and in my opinion, being in a hurry is no excuse for wronging someone, no matter the importance of the now moment... as much as now is « of an essence, » it is no reason to forget the long term view either... i know for having managed my own music distribution site for about four years that there is an astonishing quantity of talented artists who must work the equivalent of two day jobs (i.e. the proverbial day job via which they earn a living, and their artistic work) in order to bring beauty into our worlds... many of them give up along the way, because they realize that when their creations are complete, there is still a tremendous amount of work required to merely ensure that the fruits of their efforts receive the attention they deserve, not to mention generate income... and this is not because their artistic output is sub-standard, but rather because of the state of play... there is untold beauty waiting to enter our realities, but it is struggling to stay afloat in an ocean of creations that shouldn't be available freely... considering the essential role of art as a vehicle for new thought and innovation in individual and societal development, in omitting to ensure that this beauty enters our worlds, we run the risk of sentencing ourselves to stagnation... by using what is available to us respectfully, and by carefully directing our attention, each of us can do our part and help bring this beauty into our worlds...

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:05

(part 2)

when creating contents, such as the above video, regardless of the nobility of the intentions of the creators, and no matter how tempting it might be to use material coming from someone else, the same principles apply... manifestly, using already well-known material from already well-known creators very likely makes the final product more appealing... but still, unless that well-known creator (or more precisely, the rightsholder, for instance, a record label) approves the use, then such use is not legal, and perhaps more importantly, not consensual... furthermore, if recourse to such methods is required, then what does it say about the message that the creator is attempting to convey ? in the present context, to which extent does Bjork's song enhance the message ? would the video be as impressive if another song had been used ? and if not, what does that tell us about the message ?

it's not as if creators are short of options... there is free music available on Jamendo, on Wikimedia Commons, and on several sites where users can download royalty-free music to use in their projects... Broadjam, among others, serves as intermediary between people who need music for their projects, and musicians who are willing to license their compositions... also, there are countless independent musicians who struggle daily trying to promote their music, and who would be more than happy to allow their compositions to be used in such creations, in exchange for the exposure...

similarly, from the perspective of the sharers, there are options too... for instance, many artists maintain official channels on YouTube, and thus consent to the sharing of the contents released therein... and if they don't, they can disallow embedding of the videos...

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:04

(part 1)

one important misconception related to the question of sharing contents is the idea that whatever is published on the internet without a copyright notice is not copyrighted... in fact, to the best of my knowledge, the opposite is true... ever since the Berne Convention of 1989, in most countries, creations are copyrighted de facto, without need for registration nor explicit mention... thus, when people assume that content without copyright notice can be used freely, or is in the public domain, they are mistaken... if an assumption should be made, it should be instead that all content is copyrighted, unless specifically stated otherwise...

another misconception that seems frequent is the idea that, once someone has bought music, they own it, and thus they can use it as they see fit, including uploading it onto the internet and sharing it with whomever they like... but this is not the case... in fact, they have only bought a copy of the content on a support (i.e. a CD or a digital file for instance) and a license for personal use, which does not allow sharing copies...

also, there is the notion that sharing contents helps the creators because it promotes their work... this is possibly true in some cases, but from what i have found via a quick search, it seems that the studies that have been conducted thus far demonstrate that either such activities hurt the sales, or that there is no correlation between the two... so either way, it appears the argument doesn't stand...

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:02

@IaAY : as much as i appreciate your positive, enthusiastic attitude, i must disagree with some of what you express...

but first, i have to mention that i don't question your intentions, which i know from past interactions with you on this subject, are noble and praiseworthy... and in my experience, likewise, the vast majority of people who engage in such sharing activities on the net don't do it out of ill will, quite the contrary... still, sadly, it seems good intentions offer no guarantee against wrongdoing...

also, i must point out that i realize the following reply is rather lengthy considering the present venue, but despite my hopes for concision, i must also express what i feel needs expressing... arguably, posting it in a blog or a dedicated discussion would be more appropriate, but still i think it should be published in the present thread, from which it stems...


(and it seems the platform limits me to 4000 characters, so my reply will be posted in parts)

Comment by Christopher Stewart on June 25, 2012 at 7:01

@Dorothy : it's a pleasure, thank you !

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