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Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population

The government of Iceland has forgiven the mortgage debt for much of its population. This nation chose a very different way of stopping the crisis from the rest of European countries. It decided to hear the requests of the population and to put politicians and bankers on the bench of the accused three years after their financial excesses would sank one of the most prosperous economies in 2008. teleSUR

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Comment by Patty on April 14, 2012 at 18:25
0Yes, let's give them so much love to heal their souls.
Comment by Sheila on April 14, 2012 at 3:29

At long last a goverment with some sense.

Yes I will send Love to all the corrupt Elite, governments, greedy bankers.

Boy do they need it.

It would be great if the rest of the world did the same, people would be free of dept every where.  Wow what a thought.  I don't have a mortgage, but it would be nice for the rest of the world to be mortage FREE.

Comment by Paula Botwinick on April 13, 2012 at 16:21

Another outrage is that AIG is the insurance company that protects the mortgage companies. All the banks still get paid when the loan defaults and the banks are still foreclosing even though they are compensated through the insurance company AIG. And AIG gets bailed out by the Fed and the Fed gets their money from the taxpayers. So the tax payers have now paid the banks for their criminal activities. And many of the tax payers are also the ones losing their homes essentially paying twice for nothing but heart ache.

What a scam! Praise to Iceland. I actually have been to Iceland in 1971, but it was only a brief stop over. I would love to go again.

Comment by Reginald Reeves on April 13, 2012 at 15:55

OH wow!

The Icelander's did it first.

Well maybe they did not have all of those settlement papers to fill out when they brought their houses in the first place.

I call them the grand weasel clause feasko.

You sign a bunh of papers 7 or 8 copies deep so that the lawyers who are tricking you into signing papers that are legally incorrect can be used as proof of your guilt in case you go home and see that something about all of it seems not right for some reason or another.

Lets see, there is the roof inspection and the basement hiding of the water when it rains that allows water to leak into your basement, but wait ! there is nothing to cover your basement with insurance unless you know that it leaks water when you buy it.

And don't forget the house inspectors assesment.

He or she signs a paper that says that your house is safe, even if there are toxic fumes rising from a gas leak that he or she does not seem to be able to detect because they don't have modern tools to discover this because fir some reason the house that you are buying does not require that information to be on your settlement papers, and on and on cha ching cha ching.

Money for everyone on their way to the bank.

Wait ?

What about the poor home owner who just brought the house ?

Oh yeah!

the new home owners gets to pay for all of the things that go wrong that nobody found during the inspection as he or she sinks into a money pit of homeowner horror.

Oh well !

Everybody else got their money, to bad about the poor suckers who brought the house.

Such is life in the real estate game.

Ho Hum!

To bad new home owner.

We will help you out after we spend all of your down payment money in a few years and then qualify you for a new home owners loan when its time to turn you upside down and shake more of your hard earned money out of your pockets and into ours.

Ho Hum!

We all just love the real estate business here in the states, because it is all so crooked and criminal.


Write your congressman or congresswoman, and they will tell you that when they get the time, they will get help for you and make everything wonderful in your house.

Yeah Right!

The Icelanders have done well, lets see if we can poise ourselves long enough to get a law passed in the House (Washington D.C.) that will help our citizens to be able to get just a little help with straightening out our Real Estate becoming accountable and honest.

Well done people of Iceland.

We all salute your success with your real estate woes.

Our country is  having a little bit of a  problem with our accountability policies in terms of real estate and honesty.

In fact, during the 1990's up to now, our mortagages where sold so many times back and forth to cooperating companies that most of us don't even know who actually owns our mortgage's.

Wait a minute ?

Do you think that we own our houses ?

One day, we just might find out before everybody in America gets their house forclosed on so that the banks can rape more money from us so that they can pay for the mess that they made.

Why don't we create another stock on Wall Street kind of like a junk bond, that we can sell to the world, and we can call the new stock bonds "Anybodys Guess"

Sounds like a great way to finance the next financial world debockle.

Anybody want to buy some bonds called "Anybodys Guess" ?

I love it when we can just make stuff up and pretend that it really is worth something.

THe best part is that we the people never get to do it, but there are some people out there who get rich by just making worthless stuff up and getting people to believe that it actually has worth value to it.

What a nation!



Living the American Dream is a wonderful thing indeed.

Comment by Rick Jordan on April 13, 2012 at 14:39

Great!! Yes, I would love to see this happen in the US, but Paula you made a very true point, people's greed and selfish interests cannot be underestimated...I see this as a catalyst, the first domino to fall, soom other countries will follow, and finally as the final Days of Darkness fall away, there will no more room for selfish interests on New Earth, and all debt everywhere will be forgiven as we start a new society of co-creation

Comment by Illumination OV Admin on April 13, 2012 at 12:21

Hit the nail on the head there Paula. If you check it out on the forums some, presumably from other countries, are already saying how unfair it is! My partner has a big mortgage but he's cheering them on. Some people are just so mean minded.

Comment by Paula Botwinick on April 13, 2012 at 11:37

Wow amazing. I am stunned and hopeful. Can you imagine that happening in the US? 

I think that many people would become outraged here though because  there are too many folks only interested in their own self interest. People that paid huge sums would be angry that others were forgiven more than them. They would fight because some people got bigger debts forgiven. 

But I love the idea. Can I move to Iceland? Any one want to marry me and move me to Iceland?  

Comment by Lola Reinhart on April 13, 2012 at 11:00

I do it also Sally Jane.  Once your in the habit--you do it all day too!  Rainbows

Comment by Guy St Hilaire on April 13, 2012 at 10:36

What a good example to the world !

Comment by Sally on April 13, 2012 at 7:36

I do this everyday and night sending earth , all living beings and especially our enemies love

I truly hope their hearts can be changed and I'm not just speaking of earth humans but all beings that have never felt loved .......time creation injected this for all to experience

haven't we all been mad upset horrible feeling angry selfish unloved  no being should have to endure that for all time my dream is change in a huge was for all existence

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